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    I like Carville. He has a way of getting to the point with little BS. And he presents interesting perspectives. I look forward to his segments.

    On a side note, I wouldn't be surprised to see Dana Loasch as a Fox contributor in the near future.(Her show just went national. <VBG>) She'd be a good debate partner for Carville.
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    That's the first I've heard of it. Her local show has been running for several years and got syndicated last year. I know she edited a Breitbart site for a while. But that has to be while her radio show was running.
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    People need to understand, there's a difference between Clinton and Obama Democrats. The true believers.

    Clinton Democrats- didn't want to fundamentally transform the country.....
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    Very few know the liberal vs moderate Dem difference, and most liberals in my experience are literally, clinically crazy.
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    Clinton Democrats are generally smart...

    Obama, I think he must have cut off his right hand cus he's all the way over there to the left
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    As much add I don't care for him, I'm not against them still continuing to bring the other side into the mix. They are the only news channel that offers as much from both sides.
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    Carville is a pragmatic Democrat. Very few of those today. he would be a throwback to the Zell Miller type days...close to that. The man IS brilliant no matter what side you are on. I'm sure he advised Hillarycare to be pulled- since it was a nightmare and unpopular. Plus Welfare reform, had to be shoved down Clinton's throat several times before he would sign it. He knew what battles to pick. Unlike the braindead putz we have in the White House now who just screams it's his way or else.
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    @drpeeper I agree regarding Carville. Pragmatic is a good description. as a strategist and analyst there is few better. his isn't so much the book smarts but he has the savvy from years of experience.
    I admire him and his wife where different opinions can be left at work so to speak.
    Plus Carville looks almost exactly like my favorite uncle.
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    He seems to have mellowed a bit under the influence of Mary Matalin. But honestly, doesn't Fox have enough horror shows already? I mean "Sleepy Hollow", "The Following", "Coven", "The Walking Dead" and now James 'The Cryptkeeper' Carville?
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    Haha, you are so lost, my friend. FOX "News" is the most obviously biased news channel on television. They attempt to take advantage of intellectually challenged hillbillies and "regular folks," such as yourself. You need to quit getting your news from a corporate propaganda source like FOX "News" and start thinking for yourself, little boy.
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    @arborweek gotta love those "ten foot tall, bulletproof" people online. Smh must biased, really? I guess you've never heard of MSNBC, nbc, cbs, MSNBC, etc.
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    Not exactly an accurate statement. Rachel Maddow, for example, has standing invitations to all prominent conservatives to be interviewed on her program (although I give Rand Paul a pass on his refusal to appear - if he wants to make a career of running for President he needs to stick with sympathetic interviewers).

    Besides, when the RNC decides boycotting MSNBC is a good move, it's hard to fault the network.
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    @DARSB ...Ricky Maddow is one of the biggest disrespectful, class warfare, hate mongers on TV, I can see why people would not not even bother to be on that show. Liberals on FOX get a fair shot to get their opinions out. And far more liberals appear on FOX because they are given a voice.
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    @Troyk "Ricky Maddow is one of the biggest disrespectful, class warfare, hate mongers on TV"

    Well, it's Rachel, not Ricky. I'd be fascinated to see your examples of "disrespectful, class warfare, hate monger" behavior from her.

    I'll wait.
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    @MadAmerican While it's true many conservative pundits "lack professional qualities" (that is what you meant, right?) it's still no reason to hide from an admittedly liberal outlet.
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    They've both stated every time asked they don't bring politics home. If you recall Carville's wife was a White House staffer within Bush administration.
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    @Rocker That's what I love about James and Mary...they are political polar opposites, but have a great marriage. They prove that partisan politics can be trumped by reasonable people!
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    @methinks - Wife and kiddies talk about their jobs around home. I rarely ever do.
    DIL had to ask what I actually do for paying work so I told her in generic terms.

    I just say they sound to have more exciting sounding jobs than I do.
    Must be a better listener than bitcher.
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    That's an interesting move. Liberals will have a fit now that they can't say "faux" anymore. That just ruins the issue on a none issue.
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    @CandleJack Which is why I used the word "none" rather than "non" because of folks like you who don't like anything that isn't slanted.
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    One of my all time favorites to not like. This will be an excellent addition to Fox News.
    Hell I might have to hook cable to flat screen for the show.

    Lefties will still scream how unfair and unbalanced Fox News is, what a laugh that will be with Carville on Fox !!
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    you know you have to pay for shows these days...things are different since the dukes of hazard went off air.
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    Just because 1 liberal joined Fox doesn't make it fair and balanced.

    Actually do you even understand why Fox isn't Fair and balanced, because you don't seem to understand. Its not because it right and the other side is left.
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    Obviously you don't know the difference between opinion shows and news shows, Fox has both.

    Carville is the first Liberal hired or employed by Fox for your information.

    Think Bob Bechtold and Alan Colmes. The guy who actually reports "fair and balanced" evening news is Shepard Smith. Go ahead, attack him as a rightie why don't you. Shepard's very much a left leaning Liberal.

    Oops !!
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    Having Carville on a panel where the debates 3-4 conservatives at the same time won't exactly be "fair and balanced".
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    James Carville is a clown... but people like clowns so he will do fine...

    long time Democrat strategist who is the one who coined the line " if you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park that is what you get" when speaking about a woman who was abused by Bill Clinton.... and everyone on the Left thought that particular war on women was a riot.
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    I wonder whether he will have his own show or if he will be part of a group show. I am hoping for him having his own show and replaces Kelly.
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    Even Carville sees reason by going to Fox News. Good for him. I'll bet this just makes LSDNC cringe that Fox is hiring Democrats to provide fair and balanced perspective. I wish Carville the best.
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    CNN has lost a good percentage of it's viewers ... must've had to take a pay cut and seek employment elsewhere .... lol!

    .... or maybe .... just maybe .... CNN cut his hours back to 29 hours per week .... lol .... wouldn't that be hilarious that were the truth (oh the hiposcracy)!
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    Carville, Combs and Beckle . CNN, Msnbc And PBS not only lack in news diversity and balanced op ed, they also have Nooooo balls.
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    This way they can't accuse Fox of being not fair. But I hope James doesn't do his usual by talking louder the the host to not answer the question.
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    Fox news is beating everyone in the ratings game (because they talk common sense & do not bury all Obama's scandals) so why would they add an angry Liberal Socialist activist to their show. Carville spews out hate & ridicule with every word out of his mouth.
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    Check your "data." Fox news is ONLY ahead in the CABLE news slot, with only about a million viewers. NBC Nightly News claims 30 Million.
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    @NormalFlora News flash, they are a cable news program. They beat CNN & all the other cable news for over a decade yet you would think with liberal media America is Liberal.
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    @NormalFlora Different markets. Network news is the Reader's Digest condensed version these days. Cable news is much more comprehensive.

    But, for cable, Fox leaves all the rest i. the dust in every time slot.

    Google "cable news ratings" and go to the TV by the Numbers site to see the breakdown.

    Btw, Carville is a regular commenter on O'Reilly.
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    @NormalFlora I tried to find out NBC's ratings that they brag about. Can't find a site anywhere that substantiates that.
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    I don't presume to know why Fox is successful, but as with most popular programming, the insertion of reality and facts are rarely popular with the American public.
    Pure escapism, vivid fantasy, and shows invariably designed to attract the lowest-common denominator American viewer seem to always do very, very well.
    Just an unfortunate byproduct of our instant-gratification society.

    Our most popular "News" shows highlight:
    -The public airing of someone's private lives or their dirty laundry, along with tawdry, obvious, and reprehensible attempts at shaming political opponents in opposition to the Network Boss's particular ideology
    -"headlines" designed to reinforce a desired political dialog that are invariably retracted quietly during the following 24 hours
    -spin, spin, spin.......with the worst of the worst examples on display as PrimeTime "no spin" news shows
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