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    You must like those novels by democratic socialists.
    Poor Orwell, the man is probably rolling in his grave from the sheer number of people who just read what they want to instead of what was written.
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    If you’re like most cable news viewers, you probably think the channel you favor has a monopoly on the facts and the other ones are nothing more than a bunch of ranting. In fact, which cable network is the most opinionated is not a matter of opinion. It’s MSNBC.

    A full 85% of the Comcast-owned network’s coverage can be classified as opinion or commentary rather than straight news, according to the authors of the Pew Research Center’s annual State of the News Media report.

    CNN and Fox News Channel, meanwhile, fall much closer to a 50/50 distribution, with Fox News skewing somewhat more heavily toward opinion.
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    Barr gets Arpaio endorsement

    For The Sake Of Our Constitution, Holder Must Go

    Barr Responds to House Leadership Immigration Plan:“No Path to Citizenship”

    U.S. Automakers and the NSA – Peas in a Pod

    Bah Humbug! Barr Blasts Obamacare Marketing Gambit — Scantily Clad Gay Elves Video

    Barr Blasts A&E Network For Dissing Duck Dynasty Star — Calls Network’s Action “New McCarthyism”

    We Need Meaningful Immigration Reform – Not “Obama-Gration”

    From Time Magazine: Bob Barr: I Miss Bill Clinton

    all from
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    That's a great list of talking points from Barr, and I hope his constituents are paying attention, however, on a personal level, I am really, truly bummed that I missed that "Scantily Clad Gay Elves" video. Sigh ... ;-)
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    "a perpetually-apoplectic radio host who's made a career out of constructing and promoting sprawling global conspiracy theories that make Glenn Beck's chalkboard seem like a serene oasis of sanity."

    I wish I could spin a phrase like that, it's almost poetic.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @Cincinnatus, aw shucks, thanks! There's poetry hidden in all kinds of unusual places — even Jones' rants have a sort of intoxicating, William S. Burroughs quality to them at times.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
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    Never ever ever ever has he said clockwork elves carried out 911, at least make an effort if you are going to lie about somebody. You jokers.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @heyheyhey perhaps you could provide a more concise analysis of Jones' 10-minute rant on the matter, because my eyes sort of glazed over when he got to the part about strapping monkeys into neurotransmitter-filled helmets and forcing them to watch episodes of "American Idol."

    Thanks for reading and commenting!
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    @GregZeman Clockwork elves is what people report seeing after taking DMT, it's actually grey elves by the way, and that's what people who have taken the stuff and been in studies report seeing, without speaking to one another, supposedly proves a higher conciseness, he is telling you about studies, not saying he did them. You're a lier mate, if your eyes are glazing over, then don't bother doing stories about the guy. Just proven you can't do an unbiased report. What are you going to report if that Bob Barr wins? That everyone in the district is a freak? Alex Jones has fan's all over the world lad, do you? Are you saying all the millions of people who watch him are weird and you are normal, pretty arrogant that isn't it.
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    @GregZeman Write out the paragraph he claims clockwork elves were behind 911, prove you've not just made something up.
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    @GregZeman Type in DMT machine elves on Google, and see the many forums where DMT users talk about the machine elves, I wouldn't mind mate but he puts up the news articles as he talks about a certain subject, you take the words 'clockwork elves' and somebody who doesn't know what DMT is, is just going to assume he's randomly saying clockwork elves. Cm'on man, behave yourself please squire.
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    @heyheyhey I go this guy on alert as a fraud he's done and washed up, there is a reason why he's only an assistant editor.
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    Rand Paul, 1st class idiot, someone needs to clean his closet. I'm sure it is not as clean as he acts., I guess this is the only way he can put Bill Clinton down, is by draging up old things that have been buried and forgotten.., and who cares - He was one of our best Presidents ever.
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    When YOUR Media LIES TO YOU, you have to question the media. They have a license to lie to you. Being skeptical about the news does NOT make you a conspiracy theorists.

    Alex JONES doesn't not represent all conspiracy theorists. He rants a lot and some say he's just a government shill. Either way most people stay away, as he uses the same tactics that Fox news used during 911. FEAR MONGERING.
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    I happen to enjoy Alex. Yeah, most of it is completely over-the-top, but every once in a while, he hits on a good point or throws out an interesting piece of info in an article that deserves further self-research. NEVER EVER take every article on there at face value.

    I laughed my arse off when he was hollering 1776 at Piers Morgan LOL I thought the guy was about to have a coronary LOL
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    Editorial Assistant
    @AtsilaKamama I hope my article didn't make it seem like Jones isn't entertaining, because he definitely is, he's just completely off the wall in both style and substance.

    I got a VHS copy of "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove" as a gift from a friend the year I graduated high school. I don't even know where my high school diploma is, but I still watch the video sometimes — its impact on my life was that great.

    And yes, the Jones appearance on Piers Morgan is one of the funniest television moments of all time. Future generations will visit some sort of holographic museum of human culture, and right next to the "Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory" exhibit will be one called "1776 will commence again!"

    Thank for reading and commenting.
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    @GregZeman I love conspiracy theories personally. No matter how far fetched, at least they get us thinking outside the box, right? My fav is the whole Lizardmen infiltration LOL

    I've never watched that video, but I've heard about it! I'll give that a view :) THANKS!
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    LOL That was pretty funny, piers morgan is a complete moron at times. IDK where he get's his crazy ideas.
    I think Alex has pretty much gone on a permanent rant, probably because people stalk him all the time, mess with him and threaten to kill him to the point where he's unhinged. But there is some good points that he puts out there as well.
    The thing that many people suggest is that he is a government shill. Whether that is the truth I don't know but it's possible.
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    @One-Eye_Panda2 Well, his website would certainly be a good place to identify some potentially dangerous crazies if you've ever looked at the comment section on some of the articles, although I assume most of the worst are trolls.

    Problem with the shill theory though is that many of the articles are very much, at their most basic level, based in verifiable fact but just taken to the most extreme example possible- for example twisting or creatively finding loop-holes in the wording of certain legalese in bills or executive orders.
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    @AtsilaKamama I agree, there are some people trolling and take "conspiracy theory" to new heights, but healthy skepticism is always a positive thing, never blindly believe everything the media tells, you and never blindly trust a government. Especially a corrupt government.
    They've lied to us in the past (both media and government) and it would take complete naivety to believe them, and take what they say at face value.
    Wasn't it bush who said... fool me once... can't fool me again?
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    @thhutton not really there's nothing scary about Alex Jones he's an entertainer with no real power.. it is much more dangerous to have a president who doesn't believe his own statements.
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    I got ahead of myself... I ment to say that is the scary thing about them...

    As for Jones, he's not scary dangerous, he's scary bat shit crazy...
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    @thhutton I agree... and I think Alex steals most of his material from an overnight a.m. Talk radio program that runs I think out of LA... " coast to coast"

    ... its a favorite among over the road truck drivers to keep them awake at night listening to stories about lizard people live in the core of the earth and only come out to set one world government policies... it wouldn't be half bad if it was safe to drive and drop acid at the same time
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    We don't need to believe in conspiracy theories. The truth is much scarier. When we accept what is real, then we can start serving the 100% and save the future.
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    I agree Jeffrey, but when the truth is ignored by mainstream media, and distraction news becomes the main course for the day, people turn to conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones.
    I like your post, it's very positive.
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    I would have bet that Bob Barr had nowhereto go but UP after his Clinton Impeachment sermonizing and "leadership"........ ..but the road DOWN to Hell is paved with the best of intentions.
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    Well the media is constantly lying to us, so yea people turn to conspiracy theories.
    Re-appealing of the Anti-Propaganda Laws and Federal court rulings in favor of media that give them a license to lie, lying about WMD's in Iraq, lying about the U.N. report on Syrian chemical weapons use, lying about Monanto GMO seeds and GMO milk, and you believe these guys? Lol and people say Alex Jones is nuts.
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    @One-Eye_Panda2 …… I don't know how the power establishment hopes to keep ruling when so much distrust and loss of faith is occurring in the populace.
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    Oh, that's really not a good idea. Government survives with the cooperation of the citizenry. Otherwise, it implodes. It happened to the USSR; it happened to all those autocratic Muslim nations; it would have happened to China if they hadn't relaxed a bit, but there are still popular uprisings and discontent there also. It would happen to North Korea if China wasn't propping it up. And so on. I would think the establishment knows these lessons of history and stop playing us for fools.
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    @CharlieFeather It's not a good idea, but it's happening in America and the police state, fema camps, buying ammo for public sector, pushing more laws through the government are all great examples of this.
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    that is truth.. all you have to do is realize the false flag that took us into Vietnam was exactly that. how many terrorist attacks have turned out to really be false flags? lol isn't it just insantiy
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    They aren't! If you take a look at 911 there are tons of legitimate questions.

    Gun control advocates constantly use Sandy hook as a platform to launch fear. You can check out any comments section on it.

    Weather "Weapons" like haarp and chemtrails are constantly being deployed and the extent of the effect that these instrument have is not known.

    AND YES THERE ARE FEMA CAMPS, the government has overreached by pushing the limits and building fema region camps across the nation.~Death camps may be exaggerated, but don't discredit it until you can prove otherwise.
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    @RobertHReaper It's when government creates a problem to draw people out and react to that problem. The governemnt offers a solution to that problem that is what their goal is in the first place.
    False flags such as Operation North woods, Gulf Of Tonkin, and even Iraq's WMD's are all example of government lying and getting us to react (in these cases) by panic and supporting war, in which the government had wanted in the first place.
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    @bsking I voted for Jesse Ventura....... The sad part was that he was still the best of the three candidates.
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    Ventura being elected as I interpreted him being elected Governor was a wake up call for status quote.

    The shame of it was Ventura didn't take the office he was elected to as seriously as those who elected him.
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    What's funny is the fence sitters that listen to him, agreeing with lefty authoritarians (progressives) that he is crazy, when they "secretly" agree what he says. That's the problem with adult Americans, they're like high school kids afraid to have their own view in fear of being banished from their clique.
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    Well everyone. I lived through the 9/11 "terrorist attacks" and I hands down without a doubt believe our government was responsible. So if you want to write all your praise of our government from Boise or where ever you are from. Ive lived through it. I know what Ive seen. I know whats changed because of what Ive seen. So please keep sheltering yourselves and keep believing some spooky terrorists are after you. The only people "after" you are your elected officials, grow some glial cells.
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    The same government that's been unable to hide the NSA spying program (or anything else for that matter) was able to cover up the largest conspiracy in history? Yeah, not buying it. If the government had been responsible for 9/11, somebody would've leaked by now.
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    If Bob Barr goes on a talk show and states what he believes is important than so be it. Your feelings about Jones are yours and I for one respect you for that. But why spend so much print space on it. You know better most that people know what he believes. I was interested in Bob Barr and not Jones. I thank you for finally getting to the point as to what Bob Barr had to say.
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