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    @Cincinnatus Yeah... they remember electing democrats also... which one was it that had to step down not too long ago because of sexual harassment?
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    I still have a couple months to decide.Ill let you know when I send the check.Wether here or personal message.
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    In just a few years, old "Governor Moonbeam" turned our state budget deficit into a foiur billion dollar surplus, then proceeded to strong-arm the state legislature (majority Democrat) into using that budget surplus to pay down existing debt, as opposed to refunding previously cut programs. He seems to be doing a much better job of it this time around. I'd like to keep him on for another term.
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    @klgrube - Firstly, please don't shout. It's rude.

    Secondly and more important, your link was to an article written by a well-known conservative with an ax to grind regarding Jerry Brown, so there's a slight drop in credibility.

    Thirdly, and most important of all, there is nothing in that article that refutes my previous comment. Last year's budget was 4 billion in surplus, and most of that was used to pay down overall debt. I would have to look it up to verify this year's budget, but the 9% increase in spending that Mr. Chen mentions is coming out of a budget surplus.

    As for Mr. Chen's statistics and the polls he cites in the article, I'm always skeptic where polls are concerned, but he does have a good point about the high speed rail fiasco. I don't know anyone who is currently happy about that.

    Finally: I notice you're new here. Welcome to Politix.
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    May I ask if you're actually from California,@Denizen_Kate? If you do then you know your taxes went up tremendously in order to even begin to pay down some of the state's debts. California has one of the most oppressive tax structures of any state save New York. Our revenues, because they are based so highly on personal income taxes, are way too heavily invested in the stock market, and we know how volatile that can be. How about we actually stop some of the ridiculous spending, like in-state tuition for those in this state illegally, provide a plan to get some of our bankrupt cities out of bankruptcy, deport criminals in our prisons here illegally, and find a way of stopping the business bleed-out from California? Brown has no intention of doing any of this. We really have to stop voting stupid in this state. He needs to go, big time.
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    "While California's economy has grown and tax receipts are up, the widening disparity between rich and poor, between coastal and inland and between whites and minorities is reaching yawning proportions."

    And you think the solution is to put a Republican in charge? The Republican Party is the one that thinks that income inequality is a good thing!
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    Although Jerry Brown isn't as progressive as he was in the 70's,after several republican governors, and the state being destroyed,Californians have learned to never elect a republican governor.
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    You want to regress and go right back to that deep red hole numb-nuts arnold left us in? Want to screw it up, yet again? Vote Gop! Republican motto, "No matter how well you've done - we'll manage to phuck it up all over again- as always". Oppressive, Suppressive, Regressive, just plain backwards party.
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    Really California is dying. Look at the bankruptcies, look at the infrastructure, look at the water supply, look at the power supply, look at just about everything the ordinary person has or deals with. California does not have to slide into the sea it will just rote on the vine, like everything else socialists touch.
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    There used to be a rule in California requiring 2/3 majority on any budgetary matters which gave the Republican minority in the legislature complete blocking power, combine that with the fact that California's governors over the last few decades have mostly been Republican, and yes we had problems.(From 1983 to 2011, when Brown was elected we only had one democratic gov. and he only served 4 years).

    But in 2011 the voters overturned the 2/3 rule and elected a true liberal and now we are back in the black, paying down the debt, increasing spending on education and infrastructure etc.

    You early ought to learn a little something about what you are talking about before you post.
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    @NolanVoyd What's happening in California is what's going to happen to the rest of America in the decades to come. The republican party reduced to insignificance. Their ability to obstruct removed. Things will be looking up for America.
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    @NolanVoyd LOL! 355 Billion in unfunded liabilities..........yeah.... fantastic.....

    First is the state’s precarious tax structure. More than perhaps any other state, California relies on a small number of very wealthy people to pay for its public services. This year income taxes from the richest 1%(including capital gains) may account for one-third of the state’s general fund. When the stockmarket is booming, as it is now, the state’s coffers spill over. But when things turn nasty capital-gains tax revenues plummet and the treasury is starved. Mr Brown understands the harm that such volatility causes, but resists serious tax reform; instead he has proposed a rainy-day fund. This is, at best, a palliative.

    California’s second problem is a mountain of liabilities: some $355 billion, mostly in the form of unfunded promises to provide pensions and health care to retired public servants. Mr Brown’s budget chips away at this debt mountain, but mainly at the short-term bit. CalSTRS, the teachers’ pension fund, is a particular worry; by one estimate it has enough money to last only until the mid-2020s. Yet Mr Brown proposes merely to begin discussing the problem this year. Meanwhile, the CalSTRS unfunded liabilities grow by $22m a day.

    The third problem is perhaps the most serious: a crisis of poverty and social immobility, particularly among Latinos (who will soon be the state’s biggest ethnic group). Under the Census Bureau’s “supplemental poverty measure”,
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    Southern California is an artificial environment, and it's in deep trouble with regard to resources.
    But they still recall the plague of Republicans, and they'll not be likely to elect another one.
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    Ok #1 Mr Cornhusker have u ever lived here?#2 i apologize for brown on the water thing, although he is a bit old to do a decent indian rain dance. Not like it isn't his fault the weather's being weird. Also brown is one of the stingiest spenders in the coubtry, so the whole "socialist" racket is somehow even more asinine than usual.
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    It should be left to the voters of California to decide who their governor is going to be... WITHOUT outside money or influence. Every election in our country should be conducted in this manner; if you don`t live in the area/city/district/state that`s holding the election, then you have no right to "contribute" to the candidate(s) or try to influence the outcome in any way. Enough of the corruption!
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    Donnelly stands for something. its a wasted vote to cast it for a middle of the line swing either way candidate...
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    I could not disagree more with this writer. Neel Kashkari is not the future of the California Republican Party...In fact his 'top two'ing' in the primary may be the final death blow to the CRP. And I say that as a CRP Delegate. The Grassroots GOP base is solidly behind Tim Donnelly...and that includes me!
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    @ReedGalen You wrote "Donnelly, while a patriot".....What exactly makes Donnelly a patriot?

    Has he served in uniform? Has he saved someone from a burning building?

    Or are you calling him a patriot simply because he is a conservative, because that would be pretty weak?
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    ANYONE but a Democrat. They have repeatedly lied to us & anyone who would vote for them is a charity case or very very very low end voter.
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    Kamala Harris the AG, ior Antonio Villaraigosa the former Mayor of LA.

    Really like Kamala, and she does not smoke.

    Smoking makes the most beautiful woman just downright ugly.
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