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    Dog fighters have ruined the best and the most american dog there is around and it's sad. The american pitbull terrier has an undeserved tarnish on it's reputation bc trashy people use the dogs loyalty to make it do bad things for the there gain... I know the "pitbull" is the best type of dog that was EVER created!!!
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    I have a half-pitt, half-boxer. He's a great dog. Not violent at all but will protect me with his own life if I need him too. Once, on vacation, I had a total stranger offer me $400 cash for him. He admitted he wanted him to fight. I told him he could start by fighting my dog himself! He walked away quickly. This law is way overdue. No animal should be used for this kind of thing, not even roosters. It's disgusting. If humans choose to fight each other, that's their business. Animals can't choose.
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    I completely agree. The APBT is an amazing dog. Athletic, friendly, gentle, loving. They will protect you, play with you, cuddle with, or do just about anything else you ask them to (sadly, including dog-fighting).
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    I agree. We have a half pitt / half boxer and just adopted a blue nose pitt pup that was going to be thrown out in the field to freeze to death with the rest of his litter.

    At 8 weeks old he is already amazing!!
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    @SFWyatt I don't know much about fighting birds other than its wrong . Sub -humans that fight animals are scum of the earth.
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    @SFWyatt - It's a natural instinct. Every rooster wants to be the only one to rule the henhouse. Humans just decided to use this instinct for exhibition and profit through gambling.
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    @Locke_Wiggins You mean like if Sue watches someone get murdered or raped without doing anything? She isn't harming anybody...
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    She has a right not to get involved, so yes, exactly like that. Do you believe that someone else has a right to compel Sue to act in that instance? If so, what gives them the right to compel Sue?
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    @Locke_Wiggins ...I don't know why you would would even try to argue against this. Dog fighting is animal cruelty, why would you argue for it? If this was about child molestation would you still be putting up the same argument?
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    "all the bills have "extras" in them, and almost none of the congressmen read them!"

    Yup, even the ones who complain about it are guilty of it.
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    Certainly there is some corruption, but that isn't the problem.

    The people who get themselves elected are not generally intellectual giants, and many of them don't really have a good understanding of the issues.

    And look at this, which I picked at random. Read it and tell me what it says....

    H.R. 3578: To ensure that any new or revised requirement providing for the screening, testing, or treatment of an airman or an air traffic controller for a sleep disorder is adopted pursuant to a rulemaking proceeding, and for other purposes.


    (a) In General.--The Secretary of Transportation may implement or
    enforce a requirement providing for the screening, testing, or
    treatment (including consideration of all possible treatment
    alternatives) of an airman or an air traffic controller for a sleep
    disorder only if the requirement is adopted pursuant to a rulemaking
    (b) Applicability.--Subsection (a) shall not apply to a requirement
    that was in force before November 1, 2013.
    (c) Definitions.--In this section, the following definitions apply:
    (1) Airman.--The term ``airman'' has the meaning given that
    term in section 40102(a) of title 49, United States Code.
    (2) Air traffic controller.--The term ``air traffic
    controller'' means a civilian employee of the Department of
    Transportation described in section 2109 of title 5, United
    States Code.
    (3) Sleep disorder.--The term ``sleep disorder'' includes
    obstructive sleep apnea.

    Now read a hundred more...

    Do you get the picture?
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    All of these sort of brutal Animal fights, Should be against the law...Period
    No if, No and's, and No but's...Period.

    It is indeed too cruel...and un wanted !!!!
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    Dogfighting is horrendous. You do realize that not just pit bulls are tortured while being made into killers, any stolen dog or cat is used as a bait animal. This is where they tie the bait animals up with tape and rope and cut off their ears with scissors and lower them into a pit where the pitbulls who have been starved, had gunpowder insterted into their nails and skin, beaten, and made mean, are able to then tear the defenseless animal to pieces. Dogfighting needs to be stopped. The main reason it has not been stopped yet is because people have gotten to walk off free during swat team raids because only the "owners" are punished and they all know this, so all say the dogs are not theirs. Dogfighting also brings gangs, drugs, violence and crime of all kinds to an area. It's a disgusting thing and it needs to be fucking shut down for good. I am so happy this is now a federal crime to even be watching one of these things!!!
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    The losing dogs (if not killed in the ring) are literally tossed out in garbage bags while still alive. They hurt these dogs to make them into killers, they are NOT born this way. Might I also add that pitbulls were the number #1 FAMILY dog in the 1940's and 1950's, not a golden retriever. They literally were called "Nanny Dogs" because of their extreme love and devotion to children. The dog in the little rascals tv show is a pitbull named Petey. Out first military hero dog to win medals was Sgt. Stubby, a pitbull, who protected our troops from enemy German soldiers. The first ever cross country road race in 1903, was won by a gentleman and his pitbull, Bud, who wore goggles and was in all of the newspaper articles and pictures with the towns. It was not until the last 2 decades that these dogs were ruined by the gang culture, in my opinion. In the 80's the tough guy dog was a doberman. the 90's were the rottweilers. Now it is the pitbulls and cane corso's are next to be ruined and exploited. I am a proud owner of a rescued pitbull and he is literally the greatest dog I have ever had and I will protect him and his breed forever.
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    @Williams13 There are sites that dispute whether pit were ever "nanny dogs" . Regardless pits have been the dog of choice of scum for a while now and characteristics in dogs can be bred for in a relatively short period of time. I'll tell you a little antedote about dogs that will explain why I'll never fully trust pits even though I've met very friendly ones. We have aussies. Twenty years or so ago my Wife and I were on the way to Baja with our two dogs. 20-30 miles short of the border our Suburban ate it's transfer case. We were lucky enough to find someone equiped to fix it the following day. Moreover he had a vacant rental on the edge of town(Brawley) that we could stay in overnight. It had a large pen behind it where he kept a variety of farm animals. That night he came to feed them. We were standing around my truck drinking beer and talking. He had left the pen's gate unlatched. In a flash a large ram got out and chased my male aussie off into the dark. A minute or two later the dog brought the ram back and hearded him into the pen(no he didn't latch the gate). Popeye had never had any hearding traing. He was a frisbe dog. In a moment of stress he reverted to instinct. I would rather have a dog who's instinct was to heard you rather than kill you.
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    @suburbangeorge you rely on blogspot for inform? LOL Pitbulls instinct is NOT to kill. its bred into them by scum sucking losers
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    @NOObama I searched "Nanny Dogs". I found many results that disputed the claim that Pits were ever called "Nanny Dogs" untill fairly recently when a pit support group made it up. I just picked one of the many results. Search "Nanny Dogs" yourself and see what you get. I don't dispute that Pits could have been great dogs before "scum sucking losers" became attracted to them. You can change the nature of dogs' instincts in a relatively short time. Breed has been ruined. Moreover, regardless of reports that other breeds are more likely to attack than pits, there's no disputing that the results of such attacks are much more severe with pits than say Cocker Spaniels.
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    @suburbangeorge - I saw the article you just mentioned as the first item to pop up on a google search. I think that article is actually not accurate and needs to be taken down. Keep reading through other articles and let the pictures of pitbulls with children starting 100 years ago be the truth on the matter.
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    This is actually the only piece of legislation that came out of Congress that I approve of. About time the scum that thinks this is entertainment is dealt with. And I hope it is done as harshly as possible.
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    Dog fighting is bad, but isn't there more pressing matters our government should be dealing with? Like deporting some of the illegal aliens who host cock fights?
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    Cock fights? I wouldn't worry about the illegals, I'm sure there are a lot more cock fights going on in Massachusetts and California.-insert rimshot-
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    @Ironicguy there's something that sounds rather nasty about the term,'cock fights'. is that anything like a sword fight, only up close and personal?
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    To all the all the folks complaining about this law. First off why shouldn't dogs have protection? After all us humans breed them , and torture them , starve them etc. Also maybe you narrow minded people should realize that violence to humans starts with animals. Therefore a child raise to wwatch dog fighting or torture animals will do so to human's. So why exactly are u against this bill?? Nc your crying how us humans don't have rights? Please educate yourself on animal rights issues before speaking!! How bout this , treat everything with kindness and stop worrying vapor just yourselves and start giving a s hit about something other then yourself!! Selfish humans are the problem with this planet!! Oh boohoo dogs have more rights then you! Grow up
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    I was talked into attending a dog fight once. The cruelty was unbelievable, everyone there should have been arrested and required to serve thirty days of community service in an animal shelter. This law is long over due and will hopefully end this barbaric activity. Thank you president Obama for signing this into law!
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    RONPAULFAN....I swing more Libertarian than anything else, but I also volunteer for 2 national 501 C dog rescues...and the horrors of this practice is deplorable.....I do equate it as bad as child porn and the like, because as the superior beings, how we steward the animals with compassion, we cannot steward our own.
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    I've seen the results of dog fights. I say yes, absolutely.

    If you want animal blood sports, move to a country that tolerates them.
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    Where is the basis for federal jurisdiction for this affects interstate commerce? This is constitutionally a matter for the states.
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    Dog fighting is almost always a front for illegal gambling, drug dealing, and money laundering, and that is leaving out the horrific abusive aspects. If you have never seen pictures of the dogs that Michael Vick killed because they weren't "vicious" enough for him, then do a Google search and then tell me how dog fighting is not worth banning. People pitting animals against each other, know that both will be hurt, and most likely one will be killed in the most terrible and painful is barbaric. And what kind of idiot things it is appropriate to take children to this type of "event"?
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    Why would you want to have laws that would make it a crime to watch something? You really hell bent on giving up all your rights. What will the government say you can't watch next?
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