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    Lol she's lying her @ss off. Taking a page out of shObamas playbook...when all else fails, just lie to everyone and deal with the problems later.
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    Oh libs just jumped on her bandwagon just because she wore tennis shoes....and was pro abortion. Other than that, empty suit- and skull.
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    She just proved she's a typical pandering politician who will do or say whatever it takes to win votes. I'd have more respect for her if she would have just stuck to her guns on her abortion position...but she knows that won't fly very well with independents and conservatives in Texas.
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    Kind of like how she lied about her past.. "Single mother who put herself through school" when in reality her husband paid her school and she divorced him the day he paid the last loan then she gave custody of her children to him so she could "focus" on politics. She's a scum bag.
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    Many pro choice adherents have no problem restricting abortions after twenty weeks, its not an all or nothing proposition.
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    New name......WINDY WENDY. Maybe she needs to carry a roll of toilet paper around to wipe her mouth after she speaks.
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    What you say is truth no doubt.

    But isn't this what politicians are supposed to do? Promise to push/further your agenda in exchange for your vote.

    How else is the politician supposed to get the vote in the absence of no promise to push the potential supporters agenda?

    Now I think where the REAL sleez comes in is when a politician promises one thing and then when elected, does a COMPLETE 180'.

    Those are the ones who are scummy.

    The RINO/DINO. The political SKRULLS who assume the appearance of holding one position when in reality they are truly holding the OPPOSITE view.
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    Wow, the vitriol in the comments here is so over-the-top! Sheesh! Davis gives an honest answer to a question on this issue, and all of you condemn her or immediately assume she's lying or pandering.

    IMHO, if you can't get pregnant, your opinion on this issue is both annoying and meaningless.
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    I assume you mean men. But what about infertile women? What about women who have gone through menopause? Are they allowed to have an opinion? This idea that you shouldn't comment unless you can have a baby is really just a way of telling people to shut up, right?

    I mean, has a man every agreed with you on the abortion issue and you've turned to him and said "you know what you opinion is both annoying and meaningless."
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    @TravisV - allow me to rephase.

    If you have never been, and could never be, pregnant. In other words, it's a woman's issue, and after reading many comments on this site over the last year or two from men who think they have the right to judge any woman's choice about what happens in her body, I'm feeling free to vent.
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    No Kate, not honest, just a pandering flip-flopping opportunist politician.

    As I said in my other post, I'd have more respect for her if she would have stood her ground on the abortion issue...but she knows that won't get her enough votes, so she now has an "evolved" position...just like Obama and Romney flip-flopped on issues to pander to voters.

    I'm not impressed.
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    I can't think of ANY politician we can whole heartedly trust. Most have only a 24 hour commitment to their promises and even that is not written in stone. Chip away politics has been in place for years and you see where that is getting us.
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    Seems this lady will say or do anything to get elected. She filibustered to keep abortion on demand up to and including the hour of birth and now, NOW!, she says this? Yeah, sure, if she was reciting the alphabet I'd still have to check it out to make sure she was telling the truth.
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    What you are seeing is, in effect, a high class hooker.....considering the diseases that one might get.....Texas taxpayers might need to get protection and soon.....
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    Her filibuster covered a huge range of restrictions. Being pro choice myself, I agree with the 20 week ban with the exceptions. The thing is, I will not speak for every woman and her personal decision to carry or terminate a pregnancy. Of course I would love if abortion didn't even exist at all. But again, not my decision. Not my situation.
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    "She filibustered to keep abortion on demand up to and including the hour of birth and now"

    This is, of course, complete nonsense.

    You can make your point without making things up. In fact, you might even change someone's mind.
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    If a politicians (Republican,Democrat, Socialist, whatever party) lips are moving he/she is lying.
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    Her basic attitude on the issues can best be described by the weatherman - which way is the wind blowing today!
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    I agree with Wendy Davis and hope she wins in TX. This really isn't a big issue since most abortions don't occur after 20 weeks and the ones that do are for medical reasons most likely. There seems to be a lot of hatred for her on here by conservatives and yet if anyone says anything about their beloved Sarah Palin they go crazy.... Go Wendy Go!
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    I would trust her as much as I trust Obama. Oh, sorry. I forgot. Obama is a proven liar. Wait, I guess my statement stands. She is to.
    I think she is trying to attract votes with her new stand. If by some bad luck she wins the election I doubt if she will do as she is now saying.
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    You know what's funny, the left wingers won't attack her for being a flip flopper like they claimed Romney was. Talk about hypocrites.
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    goes against her party on gun control now back tracks with "qualifiers" on abortion. She has just demonstrated she is a run of the mill vote grabber with no values unless it looks like making some up will get her a vote or two..
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    How about this - she thinks for herself and tries to represent her constituents rather than blindly follow her party line. Seems like you haters would admire her for being independent.
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    @r_mcg AAAAAahahhahahaha She's held staunch steady beliefs til election season and you expect people to believe she all of a sudden had a change of heart against her party lines? LMFAO. I was born at night, but not last night.

    I wouldn't vote Dem OR Rep anyhow, but still, SERIOUSLY?
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    @r_mcg are you toking a bowl of crack??? thinks for herself?? did you happen to see the low life commercial on abbot she partake in?? shes scum.. she would be better off being hit by a truck...
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    Only about 1 percent of abortions take place after 20 weeks of pregnancy and are usually performed because of a major threat to the mother's health or a severe fetal abnormality.

    {Absolute MYTH!}

    Based on data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CBO estimates that, each year, about 11,000 abortions take place 20 weeks or more after fertilization,” said the CBO’s analysis of H.R. 1797, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. In a 365-day year, 11,000 late-term abortions works out to a little more than 30 per day—counting weekends and holidays.
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    2 words, KERMIT GOSNELL:

    Baby doctor and abortionist who made sure the little tykes were dead on arrival ------ or shortly after.
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    How is that a myth? There are ~1.2 million abortions a year.... 11,000 / 1.2M = 0.91%, meaning it was exactly right, and you CONFIRMED it was exactly right. Why are conservatives systematically bad at math?
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    I replied to the numbers you posted. I don't know or care about the abortion rate whatsoever. I just like that you *literally* posted proof that what you called a Absolute MYTH! was *exactly* correct by your own numbers.

    Congrats on finding new numbers. I don't care if its 1.5%....but I looked for that 18,185 number all over their site and sources anyways and never found it. i have no idea what years it is for, nor how the data was collected. That's not a source, that's a partisan flame job. It might be true, but posting it as a source is a joke.
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