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    Sad, sad, sad. There's no excuse for this. The shooter should be prosecuted to the VERY FULLEST extent of the law. He was in absolutely no danger of bodily harm. Nothing a garden hose couldn't have taken care of...

    We used to do that kind of stuff to each other in our day, too. Especially fun was collecting furniture and furnishings and setting up living rooms and kitchens on friend's lawns over night.
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    Or, my cousins taking apart a neighbor's split rail fence and turning it into a teepee in their front yard...
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    @AtsilaKamama There's that and the old "light the brown bag full of dog shit on the porch and ring the bell and run" stunt...
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    Haha, we used to do the same thing with furniture when we were in our teens. I remember that my brother and I and a few other friends did it to my best friend's house and got caught by the police. The police let us continue as long as we agreed to pick it up after the joke came to a close, to witch we quickly agreed. Wish video cameras weren't the size of a Mac truck and cost ten thousand dollars back then be cause the look on our neighbors face when he came out to get the paper sunday morning was the best, he also thought it was pretty damn funny. It was all in good fun, how times have changed, sad.
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    Agreed but not of the charge of first degree, first degree is premeditated and this should have never been charged thar. 2nd or 3rd degree at the very least are the properly rated charges.
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    @Arumizy - Good point. Charging Mr. Norton with First Degree Murder would give the Jury the same out as in the Dunn case.

    It would have to be proved that Mr. Norton did, with premeditation, plan and lay in wait for an opportunity to kill.

    Hopefully they will charge him with second or third degree.

    Also there is no mention that his weapon was a registered firearm. With the current political climate and the media that missing buzzword is very relevant.
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    Unfortunately for this girl. I feel this case will be very winnable for the defense team. Their defendant had no way of knowing who the occupants of the vehicle were before firing. Nor could he have know of their intentions on his property.
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    "Will certainly be found guilty'? Haven't you been watching the news lately? Shooting at a car full of kids is legal as long as you say you were afraid!
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    That area of Little Rock at 1 a.m. is dangerous as is. Bets that we won't hear much else about this as it was a black on black incident and doesn't serve to increase racial tensions.
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    I noticed that nothing was mentioned about whether the gun was registered or not. I wonder why?
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    @Ryunkin We don't have a gun registry in Arkansas. We also don't have a duty to retreat. In the natural state you have the natural right to shoot someone vandalizing your property in your front yard. I imagine he'll walk because of that law. They might have gotten a manslaughter conviction, but it's doubtful they'll get a jury to agree to charges of that severity.
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    I noticed that someone voted down your comment that simply explained your state's law. It must have been the headless horseman because he certainly can not be in possession of his faculties.
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    Too bad the shooter had the bad luck to be black, otherwise he would qualify for one of them there 'fancy' lawyers and would get acquitted on self defense.
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    Will CNN cover this trial 24/7 like they did the Dunn case? Will the pundits be expressing their outrage before the jury even started deliberating? I doubt it .
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    will the pro gun crowd be screaming he was protecting his property and defending his home... [crickets chirping in the background] I wonder what's different here. Oh, I notice now. I just saw his mug shot. Never mind.
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    @TRex84 What he did was stupid and wrong. His color has nothing to do with it and I doubt it would for most pro-gun people. I guess it's important to you?
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    @TRex84 I'm pro gun and I have no sympathy for this guy nor does anyone I know. My niece did protect her life with a big ol shot gun though, what's your point?
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    With the amount of violence NATIONWIDE, the media could easily devote a totally separate channel to 24HOUR coverage violence across America.

    New York

    It DOES NOT stop and it WON'T stop.

    Hell, here in Milwaukee we actually had a guy rob a couple of city sanitation workers while they were emptying garbage carts in a alley.
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    As covered in every 12-hour Ohio CCW Class, and inside every gun magazine, and on every gun forum: You are not allowed to shoot outside the car or the castle to defend or protect property. If you shoot outside the castle, it is going to be a hassle. If you are far enough away to aim your gun, you are far enough away to run. Are you in a gunfight or a fun fight? Are you looking for an excuse to shoot? Second Degree or maybe aggravated murder are the charges, I suppose. Kid will be kids and will do what they did, if not worse, but it should not end with a ride inside a hearse.
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    I'm thinking that Florida probably doesn't have that class. Good rhyming though, so I'll give you a pass. In Florida, the class says to stand your ground. Then be sure to reload, so you are ready for the next round.
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    No, Florida does in fact have legal CCW licenses with mandatory classes. I am not going to Google or Bing to research this least for free; because it is none of my business and it does not matter to me. Every CCW class and NRA instructor, and gun site, forum, magazine and radio talk show emphasize the responsibilities and possible and probable consequences of using and abusing and misusing firearms, for defense and fun. Even good gals and guys can and probably will be civilly prosecuted and sued, even after they are acquitted by a criminal court, of course; which circumvents and negates the US constitutional protection and prohibition of double jeopardy aka being tried twice for the same crime, depending upon who bitches an whines.
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    Depends on state law. Most have rid themselves of the duty to retreat as it does not always make sense. That presupposes no harm would come by retreating.
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    The Duty To Retreat ending is not Civil Lawsuit lawyer friending. Which means that they may now whine because they can no longer double-jeopardy sue with a lower burden of proof, to get some loot from a justifiable shoot; such litigious and judicial pimping and prostitution and prosecution circumventing that constitutional prohibition for the prevention of being tried twice for the same hate or dislike crimes, depending upon who whines for free newspaper space and TV time. I don't boohoo or sue because it is none of my business what you or other states do outside of Ohio, like ya know.
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    "you are far enough away to run"

    You presume that everyone has the ability to "run". Perhaps where you live there are no elderly or disabled persons?
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    Yep, the kids regret going there for a prank and the father regrets pulling the trigger. Sad,Sad, Sad day.
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    My sincere condolences to the Broadway family for the loss of their beautiful daughter, Adrian. May you find peace and justice in the months ahead.
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    When I took my hcp class, the instructor flat out told us, " you cannot shoot somebody unless they are threatening bodily harm to you.. If you do you will be subject to This means if somebody is in your driveway and you're in the house, unless they break into your house, or at least attempt to, you can't start firing away. Why would you anyway? You don't know who it is, they are outside in the driveway. There are to many unknowns to start shooting.
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    This guy should definately go down for murder and aggrevated assualt! But what is that terrorist charge about?
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    I doubt that's what it means. Al Qaeda never warned America they were going to attack but that was definitely a terrorist act.
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    @CommonSense - Had to think about it...and then I looked it up:

    "What are the Elements of a "Terrorist Threat?"

    The most commonly used definition of a terrorist or criminal threat has five elements:

    1.Someone willfully threatens to commit a crime that will result in death or great bodily harm. This means that the threat obviously has to be of a highly dangerous nature.

    2.The threat was made with the specific intent that it be taken as a threat. Although this certainly seems like a redundant sentence, it is meant to convey that the threat is a crime even if there is no actual intent to carry it out.

    3.The threat is so unequivocal, unconditional, and specific as to convey a gravity of purpose and immediate prospect of execution.

    4.The threat actually caused fear in the victim. People must actually believe your threat for you to be arrested for it.

    5.The fear was reasonable. "

    International terrorism is another thing completely.
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    To be fair, she shouldn't have done that. But this was NOT a fitting defense. This man is crazy to fire into the car! He should have called the cops instead!
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    Those charges seem odd. Shouldn't it be 2nd degree murder and 5 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder? Also what was the terrorist act?
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    You are exactly right! I have warned my kids many times and can only hope that they listen. I learned they were playing ding-dong ditch, and as harmless as it is, I have tried to explain to them that some people aren't stable anymore. We live in a very high-stress society…people snap.
    One of my own neighbors is a little worrisome- he is overly cranky at the smallest things. He screams at kids if they come near his yard, is rude to everyone on the block, etc.
    I've forbidden my kids to go near his home.
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    @TigerLandSC You have to. We had a neighbor who suffered from PTSD when my kids were growing up. They knew not to go near his place. The entire neighborhood called him "Grumpy".
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    Shouldn't your neighbor's gun licence be revoked or something ? It's frightening that neighbors like that can legally own firearms and express their frustrations with gun shots.
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    @C_Lassico I don't know that either one of us mentioned the neighbor owned guns. I don't know if mine did or not. Ohio does not license all gun owners, just CCW permit holders.
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    @C_Lassico Not at all. many time people will do things to watch another person get mad. They know better but think the person they are terrorizing won't do anything. Calling the cops never works as they ignore the problem. reading the riot act works sometimes but in some cases the adults egg on kids.
    Reminds me of the Clint Eastwood movie: Gran Torino
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    Now this is a case of first degree murder. The very concept that this could be called a terrorist act is disgusting.
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    Noble has been arrested and charged with first degree murder, committing a terrorist act and five counts of aggravated assault.

    First of all first degree murder means this was premeditated, this wasn't second degree should be the appropriate charge, i will leave out why i think they are over charging. Committing an act of Terrorism? Seriously? Five accounts of aggravated assult should be one charge per person in the vehicle. Now that i am done with this part.

    Those kids were stupid and should not have done that, that said the guy should go away for a long time. Deadly force is only acceptable when you feel reasonable that you will face death or bodily harm. their car backing out of the driveway is most certainly not reasonable.
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    I agree that it is probably not first degree (premeditated) murder. I doubt it will be prosecuted that way. It is typical of the police to overcharge and the prosecutors to negotiate something more reasonable.

    His attorneys will argue it down and plea bargain it down to a lesser charge - probably second degree murder and the other charges will probably be thrown out. Second degree in Arkansas is 6-30 years, but he'll be out quicker with good behavior (I'm assuming he doesn't have any extenuating circumstances).
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    He's got to stand his ground. I decided we have to support the gun nuts. It seems they can see nothing wrong with allowing morons the right to own a gun so we should just embrace it and everyone should just be smart like them and shoot people for any reason at all. Someone cut you off on the highway? Shoot em, you gotta stand your ground! I mean when a classroom full of kindergartners gets blown away and the gun nuts first response is to arm the teachers then we have no chance of ever getting through to these pinheads. Of course in this case I think the gun nuts might not agree that he was standing his ground, I see that the shooter was black so something tells me they won't support him .
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    Don't speak too quickly. This gets rid of two blacks, the killed and the killer. Another thing for them is this black female will never produce any offspring to become gang bangers and killers of white folks. Despite the fact that 85% of whites killed are killed by whites.
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    @WMCOL had this argument on Facebook last night. Guy claimed that if you take out gang shootings that hammers are used more for murders than guns and that blacks kill more whites than whites because blacks get away with the murders more because Obama is president. Just when you think these racist imbeciles can't get any dumber, they lower the bar even further.
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    The number of licensed hunters in the US is well over 10% of the us population. Those numbers indicate at a minimum of 34 million guns owned by the same hunters. Most hunters own more than one gun. Yet, you like to label them as "nuts". Seems to me that the crimes by guns in this demographic group is extremely minuscule. You gun grabbers need to beef up on your facts and figures and realize that most gun deaths are by those that totally disregard the law AND human life.
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