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    Not surprised at all.

    Public education standards have deteriorated.

    Teachers are forced to pass children forward that should be held back.

    By the time they are ready to graduate, about the same 19% can't read.

    21% of adults can't read beyond the 5th grade level.

    14% of adults can't read at all.

    Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Institute of Literacy
    Research Date: 4.28.2013
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    Why on earth would our stealth down voter, vote this remark down? Three remarks and all three voted down, why? Too bad someone doesn't have the courage of their convictions to actually debate their position.
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    @Tralee - Lol. The vote thing doesn't phase me one way or the other.

    In fact, I would be all for being able to cast my vote AGAINST the greater of two evils in a presidential election.
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    Thank You NEA. BUT they make sure our kids know about speech codes. get kicked out of school for having an aspirin, anal sex and how to put a condom on a carrot.....

    Along with a prez who guts NASA.

    Brilliant. Any wonder why private schools run rings around others? Let alone China & India.
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    Get back to me when it's democrats that want to change our science books to reflect bronze age war god worship and pass it off as legitimate explanations on species origin and cosmology.
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    @Poltal im pretty shure you won that trophy on who wines the most.. "HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA" people like you're self just bring a smile to my face.
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    The product of a school system that put ideology, free-thinking, and self-esteem over actual knowledge. Of course, the left's answer will be "give them more money!"
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    Isn't it funny how school officials blame home/family life for result failures but their solution is always more money for the schools...
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    @Slowmo Isn't it funny how conservatives, who supposedly value personal responsibility, immediately blame anyone but themselves for stupid children.
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    Wow, Want some cheese with that whine?

    Lets see which side denies basic science:

    Which side tells us the earth is only 6000 years old?

    Which side denies evolution in favor or religious stories from a 2000 year old book?

    Which side tells us that a woman cant get pregnant from a "legitimate" rape?

    Which side wanted to scrap the process of peer review at the National Science Foundation?

    It far more likely that 1 in 4 Americans are just extremely stupid regardless of political views. However, if you want to bring whining about liberals into the conversation, you likely wont do very well in that debate, as I have already shown.
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    @Poltal HMMM......Which side is the majority of this 1 in 4 not knowing about the Earth's rotational?
    That would be the better question.
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    @Yank That was already answered. Blue states are far more educated while the south has been the poorest and least educated part of the US for over a century and a half
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    Absolutely flabbergasted that anyone in America doesn't know that the earth revolves around the sun! Can this really be true? If so, what on earth does that say about our educational system? How could anyone get out of even the poorest high school or even middle school and NOT know this basic fact?
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    It's not a fact! In fact the Sun and Earth revolve around each other. Just that the Earth's orbit is much larger than the Sun's orbit because of the difference in mass. Viewed from outside the solar system, neither revolves around the other, they just have curvy paths through space with the Earth curving much more than the Sun. Interesting isn't it?
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    @Russell797 Speechless, completely speechless at this post. You rewrite climate change and now you rewrite a very basic fact, yes fact, that the earth does indeed revolve around the sun. In orbit, no matter where the sun floats too, if in fact it does, those circles remain, around the sun.
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    Are we sure the sun isn't moving through space on a straight line path as the planets revolve around it...otherwise wouldn't that have caused Polaris (North Star) to be off position in time...especially over the centuries from now back to when it first began being used in navigation?
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    Why would this flabbergast you? We have people even here on Politix denying other extensively supported scientific truths as well - like evolution.
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    @BravoJuliet Great insight there. The north star is only temporarily aligned with geographic north. With time the Earth's wobble (precession of the equinoxes) describes a circle in the northern sky. The circle takes about 26,000 years to complete. In about 14,000 thousand years the star Vega will be the north star.

    You are speaking of proper motion, which is a much slower shift in where the stars a positioned on the sky.
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    Doesn't surprise me. Hell I bet many when they enter the voting booth vote simply by the R or D behind the name and know nothing about the candidates or issues.

    I say we just do away with political party affiliation being listed on the ballots. I bet it would be interesting to see the results. Haha
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    "I say we just do away with political party affiliation being listed on the ballots. I bet it would be interesting to see the results."

    I think that would be a brilliant idea. I'll bet we would be dismayed at resulting voting patterns, if not surprised.
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    Could it be because they read it in a government pamphlet? Government credibility is at such a low point, people look up when a politician tells them the sky is blue!
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    But seriously, I think I first would have made sure that the people knew the meaning of the words 'revolve' and 'evolve'. A sampling of only 2,200? Other details about the poll?
    Just from the numbers alone, I would have serious doubts to its credibility. It sounds like one of Jay Leno's old 'Jaywalking surveys'.
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    @GedankPol 2200 is the biggest # used in most polls that are used to determine presidential approval ratings. If you don't want to take my word for it go the poll of poll site
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    @Frosty45 I believe you. It's not so much that as from experience and a graduate statistics course I once too, 2,200 isn't a large enough sample to take. That would account for all the times that polls 'have been wrong'. I would want to have at least 5 times that number of people scattered all over the USA and from different age groups not just the 'social website' generation.
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    @GedankPol They think they are careful to put together a cross section of people that demographically fit the profile of the group they are representing. The last Presidential Election they screwed up royally because most polls over represented Republicans and older voters because those groups voted in higher # then other groups. Problem was in 2012 that wasn't true & the most accurate predictions came from the blogger who uses a very different model.
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    "likewise revealed that nearly half of Americans didn't know that humans evolved from earlier animal species"

    We didn't do that!

    But the Earth does of course revolve around the sun!
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    @BravoJuliet Yes, but as viewed from outside the solar system the Earth would not be seen to travel around a stationary Sun. The Earth would be seen to alternately surge ahead of the Sun and then fall behind, or in other cases move from left to right and then right to left of the Sun in it's motion through space. Astronomers are using this observation as a means of detecting extra solar planets around other stars.
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    True, I see what you're would be like two space craft on a flight on a course yet orbiting each other...kind of like ice skaters through a rink during a dance.
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    The more I learn both the Bible and science and the complexity of creation and science...the more of God's hand and intelligence I see in it all!
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    Doesn't surprise me. Hell I bet many when they enter the voting booth vote simply by the R or D behind the name and know nothing about the candidates or issues.

    I say we just do away with political party affiliation being listed on the ballots. I bet it would be interesting to see the results. Haha
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    Its far more likely that these are the same conservative religious freaks who actually believe the earth is only 6000 years old!
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    Yeah, the ones that actually believe in science are the ones that wouldn't know this.....

    that makes perfect sense...

    to a republican
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    Do you believe all handout takers are highly educated deep thinkers?
    Or is it mostly those who want to wield power through handing things out who get educated?
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    @slayer98_l Do you believe the NASCAR crowd and Rodeo grandstand are filled with Geniuses
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    @Poltal To answer my own question I believe the handout takers are of genius level intelligence since they get other people to cater to their every need as well as pay for their existence and the best part is they never have to payback anyone for the goods and services they are given. It's quite a racket they've got going there.
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    Even major religions now recognize that this is not a geocentric universe, so before anybody makes the case that it's all them ignant religious folks, consider yourselves preempted. Personally, I wonder how many polled were idiot college students answering like idiots just for kicks. As for eveolution, saying someone didn't know about evolution is again insulting to those of faith. Not knowing is not the same as not believing.
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    You are right, I didn't see that coming at all. I guess some will pounce on anything to denigrate those with religious convictions. See the remark by EarnestPayne - just typical religion bashing by the very uninformed left. The percentage of Christians who believe his propaganda stance are less than those who handle snakes. Yet the left lumps all religious into the least common denominator to do what? And why?
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    @Tralee "Yet the left lumps all religious into the least common denominator to do what?"...that's right. They do. To undermine legitimacy.
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    @Tralee it's not the left that puts bronze age war god worpship into text books and calls it a legitimate explanation of cosmology and the origin of the universe and our species. It's not the left that said, don't bother worrying about where everything came from which in turn leads to the discoveries that are driving our society to push into new technologies and breaking the boundaries of our current understanding of the way things work. Everything just popped into existence because some guy living in the clouds wanted it to. That's all you need to know until the day you die. Thinking about it is actually punishable by eternal damnation because we all know the Fruit of Knowledge is what was forbidden anyway. It's not the left waging a war on science and knowledge. And it's most likely not the left that comprises over 90% of that 25% of losers who don't even understand something they should have learned just watching a cartoon or movie at some point, let alone in school.
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    @TRex84 i can't say that all of the morons who don't understand the sun revolves around the sun are right leaning republican voters. Hell, if I were to make a guess I'd bet half of them don't even know the name of the speaker of the house let alone bother voting. but if we're talking about those who failed and factor in their political leanings as well for comparison i'd have to say it's undecideds at number 1 as they have no idea about anything politically, conservatives at number 2 because lets face it, they hate science apparently. then democrats because lets face it, every party has a few fat chicks.
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    "As for eveolution, saying someone didn't know about evolution is again insulting to those of faith. Not knowing is not the same as not believing."

    As is usual with the history of religion, every time science manages to 'insult those of faith', those of faith eventually accept reality. The sun used to be the center of controversy for that very same reason.
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    Lets see, we have Liberal politicians who NEVER address the core root cause of our failing grades in schools. The broken home! Kids being raised with no father or mother at home, no discipline, told they are victims most of their lives & it is not their fault for problems when they grow up.
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    What this article fails to mention is that this survey (consisting of 10 questions) was performed in China, Russia, Europe, India, Japan Malaysia and South Korea. The US received the highest score on all questions except for #7 & #10 (which regards human evolution/big bang theory, which half of the US do not believe due to religious reasons).

    Here are the questions. Answer key follows:

    1) The center of the Earth is very hot.

    2) The continents have been moving their location for millions of years and will continue to move.

    3)Does the Earth go around the Sun, or does the Sun go around the Earth?

    4) All radioactivity is manmade.

    5) Electrons are smaller than atoms.

    6) Lasers work by focusing sound waves.

    7) The universe began with a huge explosion.

    8) It is the father’s gene that decides whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

    9) Antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria.

    10) Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.

    3)Earth around the Sun

    How well did you do?(give yourself 10 points for each correct answer)
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    Plate tectonics doesn't conflict with the Big Bang theory. And if it was written as "Did the universe expand from a single point (aka Singularity Alpha) rather than "The universe began with a huge explosion", then I believe the vast majority would have said true.(Science and Christianity both acknowledges that the universe began at a single point, however many scientists do not regard this expansion as being an "explosion").
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    I'm not active in Astronomy so I don't know if there is any evidence as to what the Big Bang was other then a fast start.
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    They are also turning out successful college students. My Son's HS circle is before their 10th anniversary has 3 engineers, 1 PhD in Geology, 1 PhD in economic history from Oxford1 MS in Biology (who understands evolution as do the others) and a BN. All but 1 are employed. That one is trying to decide if he wants to give u women and become a Priest.
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    So was it that almost half didn't know about evolution, or was it that they didn't believe in evolution? Because those are not the same thing.
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    ask the 1 in 4 about the new iphone. they can tell you all about it.....
    (even everything that goes on on honey boo boo)
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    Galileo was jailed for such sacrilegious talk. Obviously the earth is the center of the universe and all things revolve around it. I mean if we aren't going to let religion triumph over science, we are going to have to agree with such absurd notions as global warming, and evolution too.
    For the slow , that was sarcasm
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