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    @Libertyiskey If the Republican party becomes more Libertarian and the Libertarian Republicans get enough say in Congress it can happen. But they will not have the ability to override a veto unless there is a miracle and no democrat wins any congressional seat. So, if you believe in miracles.....
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    @Knightkore Beautiful song. I did not understand all the words. I think some were not English.

    I did recognize the Hebrews leaving Egypt.

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    As Dan Quayle said to the United Negro College Fund: "What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is."
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    I want my representative to do nothing more than block the Democrat and Republican expansion of unconstitutional power, and vote for war when we are directly attacked by a nation-state. If they do nothing else, they will have earned their pay.
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    Sure. That would include laws by both Democrats and Republicans. No way that's going to happen. Democrats won't vote to butcher their sacred cows. Republicans won't vote to butcher their sacred cows. As long as those two parties own the process, nothing good is going to happen, so I'm going to continue to vote for gridlock.
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    major legislation ? what major laws are needed? we have laws for everything already.
    I believe we should close down the government for a period of 2 yrs.
    Government is too large and too tyrannical already.
    and this corrupted Obama admin has made it ever worse.
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    Yeah I'm surprised there's not a law that says you gotta wipe towards the back. It is for the greater good after all.
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    Indeed, we certainly do not require anymore laws.
    We have been bombarded with them enough!
    Send these liberal socialists law makers home.
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    believe we should close down the government for a period of 2 yrs.

    Really?!? It wouldn't take that long before your house was overrun by looters.
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    No, I believe the people would be fine.
    We as a people shouldn't be held hostage by The Government.

    I could live my everyday life without the so called Government.
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    Saying,"I believe", and then adding some sort of silliness doesn't alter reality.

    "I could live my everyday life without the so called Government."

    No, you couldn't.
    It would be good for you to figure out why for yourself.
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    No but it is a baldfaced lie if anyone says it is Obama debt when the official records plainly show the national debt when he was sworn in January 2009 was $13-trillion.
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    When Mr. Obama became president in January 2009, the total federal debt stood at $10.6 trillion.

    So you are wrong. And lied.
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    @drpeeper so why did u state 7 trillion before ,?? ur the same then and your words go right back to you !
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    Passing legislation just to be passing legislation is irresponsible too!

    Unless the legislation has meaning ... what's the point ... it's better to do nothing than make things worse as the Left has clearly done!
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    Every day conservatives bitch and whine and moan and cry about how bad things are.

    "The ACA (they don't call it Obamacare anymore) is no good" - For the first time in America history we have a national health care plan for all Americans.

    "Obama is destroying the economy" - Unemployment rate is down 1.2% since Obam took office, the stock market is at all time highs, real estate has rebounded.

    "Obama has been bad for foreign policy" - Bush's 2 unfunded wars have been wound down, Osama bin Laden is dead.

    While bitchin', moanin', whinin' and cryin' about all these horrible things that were a thousand times worse when the republicans held power what exactly have the republicans offered as an alternative?...... NOTHING! That's right nothing. The republicans got us into the mess and now they are complaining because Obama isn't getting us out of them fast enough. Do they offer ways of making things happen more quickly? Nope - because they have no answers other than blame Obama for republican messes.
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    They like to change oboma care in name as a tool to make it sound better than it is.. its a sales game man.. I guess you have not seen all the health care dot gov commercials.. its not being called the ACA or obumer care.. you can take that feel all warm and fuzzy junk and push it somewhere else.. no1 should be forced to pay for anyone ones health care.. its a personal choice thats made not 2 be given 2 everyone as some fake its my right crap.. its my right to say No I want nothing 2do with it if I chose..
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    The only person I read bemoaning, crying and bitching everyday is you PNWest.
    Your fault your married so don't take it out on the rest of US.
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    @daclark1911 the thing that bugs me the most is if you join the military you get that great health care that all these libs want.. my family & many of my friends that have served choose not to go to the VA for their health care.. its a very simple reason !! Government health care sucks balls.. I guess its a thing they have to find out the hard way like they always do...
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    Irresponsibility seems to run rampant in all of government but the republicans of late have given new meaning to responsible failures. The sooner they get off their high horse and the Democrats get off their merry go round, maybe this country will stand a chance of becoming a world leader again.
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    first sensible thing i have read , both parties are supposed to work together for the good of all americans , it is to their advantage to have you bitching at each other and not direct your anger where it belongs , the congress @, but i think congress is a millionares club and they don't give a rat's ass for anything but their own ego's , as a canadian i joined this site to kinda get a consensus of what kind of scary country your seem to be headed and in your downhill slide i wonder about the effect up here ,
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    Just because congress is in session, doesn't mean they have to pass new legislation. There is enough legislation not being followed or enforced. Passing laws just for the sake of passing laws is completely ridiculous.
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    i will agree with that,we havel aws that have yet to be enforced. didn't folks take an oath to enforce laws,if so we have a lot of criminals from the president down who need a cell.
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    I guess you don't want Republicans to keep voting on repeal of the ACA, then? That's new legislation.
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    Then what exactly do they do for all that money and perks they receive? Would seem to me we're paying a bunch of worthless, lazy-ass employees who haven't done a good day's work in decades.
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    Perhaps our endeavor should be to throw these lazy, wastrel good for nothings out in the street. People say that the democrats are bad, well , the republicans are just as bad. I wonder if there are SIX elected, so-called representative in that cesspool that really wants to save this country. So far, I don't see too many.
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    NONE of Congress will accomplish anything til 2017. Obama's already made it abundantly clear he doesn't need ANYONE in Congress, neither Reps OR DEMS! He's got his pen and cell phone, after all...
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    Without the effective guidance of congress, don't be surprised if the Pres takes advantage of the power vacuum.
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    " comprehensive immigration reform" We don't need that. Good.

    Although some tax reform, health reform reform would be good - but Obamacare is beyond fixing.
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    @Now_What Yup, that's the age of the earth. And Illegal aliens, as well as anchor babies, of all ages must go.
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    Why would this year be any different than any other year? The Republican/Teabagger Party has been without any new thought for a couple of generations now..... it is why they are known as the Regressive Party now
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    Slowing or stopping Obama's rush to disaster will be adequate for "productivity" this year!
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    The best thing for the GOP is to do everything possible to keep Obamacare front and center in the news. Every thing I read about it is that it is a total disaster. There are a few well publicized cases where there is a good result. But most of the news shows it to be a disaster for the country. The Republicans should stick to their guns and wait till after the election for anything of consequence. The first smart thing they have done in a long long time was to pass the credit line increase. I hope they manage to keep it up. BUT, the Republicans have one overriding talent of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I doubt if they really have the discipline to avoid it again.
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    Every thing I read about it is that it is a total disaster.

    Then you read the wrong stuff.

    If the GOP doesn't expel the tea partiers, then their list of failures will grow longer.
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    @Cincinnatus We shall see in November. Would you care to make a wager about the outcome. Do you really want me to bombard you with the news stories about the absurd failures to date. I do not want to do the work, and can't today. But there is always tomorrow.
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    @Cincinnatus Also you can do some simple research. Google "Obamacare Failures". Read a couple of the stories. There are many stories. One in particular I remember is not being able to add a new baby to an existing policy. So far Billions spend by the Fed and various states and I do not think any but CA and CT have working systems.
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    Also you can do some simple research. Google "Obamacare Failures".

    You can do some simple research too, Google "Obamacare Failures" and look at the sources.
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    "We shall see in November." That pretty well sums it up.

    I might bet a bitcoin on it, if I could figure out what a bitcoin is worth.
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    Well, did anyone think they'd do anything? They haven't exactly been knocking their socks off the last four years. Why would anything change now?

    And my question is this. If this statement (not planning to accomplish anything much this year) were said about you or I concerning our jobs, how long to do you think we'd be employed?
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    What good would it do for the House to pass legislation when the Senate leader just sits on bills so that they will die with no senate discussion. How many bills are still setting on reids desk that he will not bring to the floor because they do not conform to the desires of the King.
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    What good would it do to pass bills when all the Senate does is ignore them. The House passed a number of good bills last year only to have them ignored by Reid who is not going to bring up anything that comes out of the house.
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