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    Because she thought America needed a President who looks and acts like Carrie's mom in the 1977 horror classic.
    "I can see your dirty pillows."
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    I agree. Although in fairness looking over this article she didn't say America isn't ready for one she said there isn't a pent up desire for one. Im not saying she is right. what I am saying is the article suggests she said something that she didn't actually say.
    I think the public would be fine with a woman president. a pent up desire for one... well among some perhaps. I will support a woman president if she is the best candidate. Bachman isn't and neither is Hillary.
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    I'm trying to figure out who worse.

    A. Michele Bachmann
    B. Ann Coulter
    C. Laura Ingram
    D. None of the above
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    Probably because agreeing to step down was part of a deal to keep her ass out of prison for violating federal election laws.
    Then again, since this deal was made behind closed doors like her hearings on the subject we'll never know but can always assume.
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    Maybe because she says things like this.
    "I don't need government to be successful."
    Michele Bachmann
    The clinic, run by her husband, received nearly $30,000 from Minnesota government agencies between 2006 and 2010 in addition to at least $137,000 in federal payments and $24,000 in government grants for counselor training.[48]
    "In personal financial disclosure reports for 2006 through 2009, Bachmann reported earning $32,500 to $105,000[49] from a farm that was owned at the time by her ailing father-in-law, Paul Bachmann. The farm received $260,000 in federal crop and disaster subsidies between 1995 and 2008.[54] Bachmann said that in 2006–2009, her husband acted as a trustee of the farm for his dying father and so, out of "an abundance of caution", she claimed the farm as income in financial disclosures, though it was her in-laws who profited from the farm during that period.[55]"
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    She CAN'T be this stupid! If no one's "ready" for a woman President a few years from now, what the hell was she doing running a few years back?
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    Michelle isn't able to connect the dots, Twin. She brings new meaning to "somewhere there's a village missing it's idiot".
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    I don't see sex or race, I see qualification. If you're fit to lead the country in the right direction I don't give a damn what's between your legs. When people like Bachmann claim to be conservative.... she gives the whole group a bad name. Extremists are ridiculed, and when one is the face of your ideology then your ideology will be ridiculed.
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    "I don't see sex or race"

    I hope you always take a very trusted friend to bars with you then...

    Seriously though, I agree with everything you just said...
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    @BravoJuliet Yeah, but unfortunately sometimes we elect unqualified people. Like 5 year Texas governors, or 3 year Illinois Senators.
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    @BravoJuliet i don't see anyone who's qualified but I definitely do see a lot of characters.
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    Give us a stay at home mom who ran her household on a fixed income while raising three kids and watch the shit hit the fan when she takes office. Hope my wife doesn't see this post, it could end up being a ramen life style for the federal clan.
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    I wish she would just shut up and get lost. I have IN NO WAY EVER felt at a disadvantage in this country because of my plumbing. Perhaps the fact that she comes off as an idiot and has views that aren't attractive to male or female voters alike has more to do with it? Don't be a poor loser.
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    Would someone please just dump a bucket of water on this retarded witch, so she can melt and we can get on with our lives. Its like a reporter just follows her around all day with a mic just waiting for something stupid to come out.
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    A reporter follows her around all day just waiting for something stupid to come out.

    Why not go for the easy story...
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    we the people are it is just those in power who are not.

    we need someone with values and respect for the country no matter the gender or ethnic back ground. yet when anyone with values run they are attacked by those with no values .
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    Yeh PMS changes women into demons, or worse yet flakes.
    It's good to know that Hillary has never had this problem, Bill excluded.
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    I would think that an older woman has been through menopause and therefore doesn't get PMS wouldn't be a problem.
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    I don't see why We wouldn't be ready for a woman as president... We've already had a retarded one. "Dubya Bush" . A president so terrible, Americans said screw it, give the Black guy a shot.
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    @Cal What do you have against success? We're you victimized by Margaret? Did you dislike her because she was a friend of Reagans?
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    Yes, her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton, just 180 degrees in the opposite political direction but all of the same character and personality traits of Margaret 'The Iron Maiden' Thatcher to the googelplex.
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    She's wrong about not being ready for a female president, but she's right about Obama. Any non-Black candidate with his lack of qualifications and mysterious background would never even have been in the primaries.
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    No, America just isn't ready for a female commander-in-chief named Bachmann.

    Competent women are always encouraged to run.

    "I don't think there is a pent-up desire" for a woman president."

    That's correct, she'll have to show us she can do the job, like any other candidate.
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    What few people here realize evidently, is that Hillary was the Clinton who ran the Clinton administration. She's a realist who acts like one. She'll only be as liberal as the times allow. For some on the left she may be a disappointment and for most on the right , they'll have their heads so far up their asses that they won't be able see how conservative she can be when she has to be.
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    I agree that Hillary defines pragmatism.

    I wish there were more of her on both sides of the aisle.
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    @Cincinnatus I guess I'm ignorant of Paul Braun, but I think I remember his sister Ava, you know, Hitler's girlfriend.
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    Absolutely brilliant.

    There are plenty of quality "black guys" & women out there who could do great things for our nation while in office... just none that wear the (D) badge.
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    @Dralger There are not "plenty of "black guys" and women at all the wear the (R) badge, so you are saying the vast majority of them are not qualified right?
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    Anyone actually read the article? Saying there's no "pent up demand" for a woman president is not the same thing as saying "America isn't ready".

    Another case of a misleading headline. Read beyond it.
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