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    Any word on if they are releasing those on prior drug related convictions? Should have never been a law to start with, "more addictive than heroin, leads to permanent insanity, uncontrollable acts of violence, uncontrollable fits of laughter, sexual depravity." A lie then, a lie now. Other states will follow, but how long till our incompetent backwards Congress takes notice??
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    If it leads to permanent insanity, I have no idea how I'm able to form a coherent sentence LOL Err... I mean, I didn't inhale!!!
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    First let me say that I believe that all drugs should be completely legal. But im kinda torn on releasing those in jail on drug charges, because at the time they were arrested it was illegal. It pains me to say that because of my beliefs, but the law is the law and we either have to abide by it or be willing to face the consequences. I'll freely admit that I have broke that law bit have been lucky enough to not be caught, but know that if caught I will wind in jail...
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    @Cincinnatus Yes, and still used for the very same exact reason. No sane person could look objectively at our drug law madness and conclude it is right in any way.
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    Very much so! States need more income and cannot tax residents any further. Marijuana is practically a miracle drug for those that are sick and is less harmful that alcohol. I know it's an old saying, but still true. How many men come home drunk and beat their wives? Now, how many men beat their wives because they've smoked marijuana? We all know the answers to those questions!
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    @HawkTheSlayer - I can see an entrepreneurship vision: "Rockers Ye Old Head Shoppe and Pot Emporium" store chain.
    One opening near you.....

    Pay won't be much but the 'bennies' are really kick ass.
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    @HawkTheSlayer - My new book goes on sell up there next month: "Doobie rolling for Dummies".
    Can't miss the NY Times Best Seller List!!!!
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    @Rocker I have a few dollars to invest with honest partners. Lol!

    Thirty four years ago, as I entered college, I decided I needed to be a bartender. This was a high class establishment which paid very well.
    Six dollars and twenty five cents an hour plus tips. Yea, right. Men getting tips! Lol. I'd work the 9pm- 2am slot. Spent an extra hour cleaning and mopping, so it was about 3am when I'd finish up. Got paid for six hours minus taxes. My daily take was about $25 dollars.
    Rocker , I'd never ever trade the memories or the " bennies" for anything!!!!

    It was a prelude to Politix long before its time. Talk about here some shit!
    And the ladies, and i do mean ladies were incredible.
    After a very long lapse, I renewed my alcohol servers license last month.
    I haven't settled on a particular establishment, yet.
    I'm also seriously considering music again. Bass or rhythm guitar, only.
    Here's some down home boys who had limited success but never really made it as many bands like Trapeze.
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    @HawkTheSlayer - Good tunes - Rocker LIKES!!! The old 'fangers' won't move like they used to. I'd have to apply for drums - good for the cardiovascular and coordination. I can still start a good lead riff but run behind. Still ought to hold to some baaaad blues and slide tho.
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    Imagine that.. now remove federal marijuana laws. And why are a couple of freaks pictured for this story? There are plenty of normal, everyday people the use it.
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    @CandleJack Well it seems they're being positive about all of the money it is making.. then they go and show a picture of a couple of girls that look like they just escaped from a horror movie. That is not at all an accurate description of reality.
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    98 million coming in from pot sales...99 million going out for substance abuse programs...Where's the big windfall for state coffers again?
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    As I said in post 28, I don't have a problem with the generation of additional revenues or the spending of them. I just don't get the earmark for spending the money in that fashion. It sounds like an admission by the state that legalization will cause more problems than it will alleviate. The article specifically states the monies will be used for treatment of marijuanna related abuse. Not any other drug such as heroin or drug abuse in general. It's confusing to me, also. There is probably some incomplete reporting here as this is politix. Lol.
    If the reporting is accurate it makes absolutely no sense to me.
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    Except that when the states surrounding Colorado legalize pot, Colorado's revenue will fall at least a little.

    I think.
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    Just like casinos. I think there's more upside to go on this. Many more potential customers out there.
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    I read an article a few days ago of Colorado pot going as far as Minnesota to the tune of one pound a week. 2 Minnesota college students
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    *via 2 college students*

    Nebraska counties have upped their jail funding for those caught transporting. I'd say a quarter of Colorado pot sales are shipped out of state.
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    I have said for decades that the government is losing money by not making it legal and taxing it just like beer or wine. I was still in the military when Nixon first declared his stupid "war on drugs". All he did was make it easier for the gangs and drug kingpins to control the flow and the money.
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    Typical politician, spending money yet to be received on people who created their own hard times. Seems like the truly needy are always overlooked by the political drama queens.
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    I'm all for marijuana legalization but am I the only one who noticed there on track to make 98 mill and the governor wants to spend 99???
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    Did I not read the last paragraph correctly ? All the additional revenue$ 98 million is going into substance abuse and treatment programs.
    For what? That would lead to no net gain for state coffers.
    Methinx there's some poor or omitted info and writing here.
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    @HawkTheSlayer - Lol. The same way Liquor companies put money into Alcohol Abuse awareness and Tobacco companies put money into Cancer Research.

    They know that the desire for immediate gratification far outweighs the risk of going out of looks good on paper.
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    Actually the prison population issue is a myth. the amount of people in prison for pot use is almost immeasurably small, on the low end of a fraction of 1%.
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    @sociald That's still 1% that doesn't need to be in prison. That's over 2,000 people, or an entire small town sitting prison.
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    @Ironicguy its not 1% as I said a small fraction on the low end. its something like . 1/5 th of 1%. not making excuses for it but im just saying its not going to relieve prison crowding or anything.
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    Definitely makes liberal sense. Take in 98 million, spend 99 million to combat the drug addiction. Yeah, that's why we are @ 17.3 trillion in debt with this kind of math.
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    Marijuana is against federal law. Attorney general holder, whose job is to enforce federal laws, opted out of enforcing those laws he swore to uphold.

    Par for the course with democrat administration in charge. Enforce the laws the only WANT to enforce.
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    Makes me wonder why anyone is willing to pay $400 an ounce...state law says anyone 21 or older is allowed to cultivate 6 plants at a time. Just don't try to sell any of it.
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    For a plant named weed most people have little knowledge of how to grow marijuanna. If what you state is true , six plants the law of probability will cut that down to three females. Quite frankly, in the grow community it's about 38%. Then you have to deal with hermaphroditic branches and plants.
    I'm all for grow your own in every state and defend your patch locked and loaded.
    A cupla Doberman 's won't hurt either.
    Just leave them chihuahua's inside. I don't like them little bad dudes.
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    Its easy to bring in the bread when your the only bakery! Should be interesting when it gets legalized in more states!!! Also this law was passed after crop time I believe,I predict revenue will go down when everyone can grow their own or buy from their neighbors who have been growing all along
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    "Colorado is Making Way More Money Off Pot Than its Wildest Dreams "

    A lot more stoners than the gov estimated. LMAO!
    Always better to under promise and over deliver.

    Anyone think Obama could learn something about managing expectations
    from Colorado?
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    Money should have nothing to do with it. Feed the need, give the chemical heads their fix, but basing it on the belief that it is rational to support programs to reduce drug use by allowing the selling of a drug is hypocritical and counteractive at best. Don't expect to reduce drug use by promoting the sales of a drug. Especially not to fill the state's coffers.
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