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    Morality and legality are not the same for everyone or everywhere. There are many things we have as laws that are immoral in my opinion. All of the laws that restrict any willing interaction between two adults are immoral. All laws that forbid an adult from using drugs or alcohol are also immoral. Our legal system that gives prosecutors immunity for their intentional failures are immoral. We made our laws without regard to what any other country thought, why should any other country yield to our concept of morality.
    I am sure Ms. Marshall has no trouble with our laws that allow for the President to secretly abduct and imprison virtually anyone he chooses by the simple expedient of saying the person has terrorism ties and gets someone in his administration to agree. Nothing wrong with that.
    I also think it is wrong, immoral, and illegal that law abiding citizens not be allowed to carry weapons with them without government interference for both self defense and to help others by preventing crimes in progress. We actually have a constitutional amendment that seemingly allows it. It is the only amendment where a city! can write laws that limit it.
    Morality, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    I despise the laws like Uganda's. But I also despise many of the laws in the USA.
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    You do realize that the claims you are making about Obama have been in effect for EVERY U.S. President, ever, right? Do you honestly believe Barry is the first POTUS to wield power in any way, shape, or form legally or illegally? Barry is the first POTUS to jail someone illegally? C'mon.........America, like virtually every other Government has been secretly imprisoning people it doesn't like or feels is a threat since 1776. On an ostrich would believe otherwise. I'm not defending the behavior........just reminding everyone that we have never had any one close to Mother Theresa in office.........and I doubt Obama has done anything differently than the last 25 Presidents, when the need arose, either Politically or for other reasons. And frankly........Americans like it that way, once you remove Obama from the issue. We WANT our government to protect us, and we eally don't want to know the details. If you dispute or question the zero ethics, zero morality, or the zero evidence "fair play" that occurs during American Presidential Administration, just ask an American Indian, any person of color, or anyone who found themselves standing in the way of "American progress" when money, property, or power was there for the taking. America, via it's corrupt government and Corporate cronyism has either taken or stolen virtually every asset it has, almost always illegally, from someone else who had a prior, valid claim. It is the American way.

    As an aside-the LAST thing we need is more supposedly well-meaning, but almost certainly totally untrained and unsuited people carrying weapons around "so they can help administer justice". Our fine, law-abiding citizens can hardly negotiate an intersection with 4-way stop sign correctly and efficiently, or drive courteously, and sadly, our citizens are so far behind the rest of the civilized world that 1 in 4 think the sun revolves around the Earth. The last thing any citizen needs is an armed weekend vigilante who "is ready for trouble" to start administering justice at the end of his favorite hogleg. That is a recipe for chaos and anarchy. Rather than me, or my neighbor policing the neighborhood to make someone "feel safe", no matter how "cool under pressure and fairminded" we think we are, I know most Americans would prefer trained, effective Police officers making life and death shooting decisions, people who have shown via testing that they have both the emotional stability and societal acumen to use a weapon legally and with proper, reasoned, and cautious a last resort. No citizen should ever assume they have the authority to start policing society........that is the quickest way to end up dead.
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    @Unfit2serve What presidents may have done is irrelevant. Some were better than others. Obama has the 'legal authority' under NDAA. Also Obama is the first president to have a kill list and the first president to claim that he can execute an American citizen without any court involvement. So far he has killed four, all in violation of our law. He claims that he alone is able to deliver due process.
    As for your statements on guns is concerned people who are law abiding citizens are more likely than not to only carry a weapon once they have been thoroughly trained. The comparison you made about driving is a joke. The situations are so different that it is not even worth your having made them. Also your claiming they would all become vigilante's is ludicrous.
    Right now I would personally feel safer if law abiding citizens were armed and the police were not. There are more police killings than there are mass killings by law abiding citizens who suddenly went nuts.
    As to our history, ethics, fair play, etc. that is also irrelevant. The more interesting part of it is how we are now the HOLIER THAN THOU country trying to have our view adopted worldwide.
    THe only thing I find reasonable about your post is your name.
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    I wonder about people. In recent years, more than 2,000,000 people in Uganda have been massacred, maimed , raped and/or forced into exile, and people are worrying about anti-gay laws? There is GENOCIDE being committed against certain individuals due to their racial/tribal/ethnic affiliations. Yes, discrimination against ANYONE is wrong, but for the Love of G-d, let's try to focus on the ultimate acts of discrimination and human rights' violations that are going on in Uganda, and laws unfair to gays are the LEAST of their misdeeds!
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    How is this any different than anti-gay laws in Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, et al?

    How is this any different than anti-woman laws in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, et al?

    My point is that while this is newsworthy since it's a new law, it's not a new phenomena in our modern world. Maybe if the media and the gay and women's rights activists focused more on these issues instead of manufacture a "War on Women" and suing bakeries who have a moral objection to participating in same-sex marriages... maybe there would be fewer laws like Uganda's.
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    Yes that's the answer, don't fight discrimination here at home, go back in the closet and don't challenge anyone who wants to have the benefits of our laws but not participate in our society as full me members. I'm a Christian bit I only want to do what I want not anything else but I still want to be equal. Sounds about right. Right.
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    @Speedieg -- What discrimination are you talking about? The anti-gay marriage crowd is getting pretty darn tiny, sexual preference has been added to the list of just about every anti-discrimination law, bakeries who refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding are being driven out of business, gay soldiers can now get married in military chapels, celebrities coming out of the closet are a non-issue for everyone except the gay rights activists and the liberals who use it as an opportunity to attack conservatives...

    What discrimination are you talking about?
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    @Bobolinsky Don't try and mask the small number of recent progress for Gay rights as any sort of victory. Very few places ban discrimination for gays and lesbians. Most of these are local laws not state and certainly not federal. They have been 2 cases where so called Christians were found violating the laws of 2 areas. Gay marriage is not leagal in the majority of states and it has created a patchwork of are or are not married depending on where people travel. How would you feel if your marriage was only valid in certain parts of the country but then you loose your rights in another location. This country was not built on citiciens being treated differently based on location. You so called indignation is insulting and your "conservative values are lacking" You tell me how many Christians were beaten or killed in this country simply for being Christian. When that happens you will be able to say Christians are targets for discrimination not when you get a fine for not baking a cake.
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    @Speedieg -- What are you talking about??? This country is definitely built on citizens being treated differently based on location. That's what federalism IS. Ever heard of the 10th Amendment?

    And in case you didn't notice... The dam is bursting before your eyes. You're just refusing to see it.

    Another thing you might not know about the Constitution is that it has a thing called the 14th Amendment. That's all the anti-discrimination law that's needed at the federal level.
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    Whoops... meant to expound on the dam bursting comment. Gay marriage is coming to all 50 states and it's going to come in a flood. The dam is bursting. A similar thing is happening with marijuana. California, Colorado and Washington are some pretty big cracks.
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    Oh yes they are, we're importing them with our solve the world's problems by bringing them here. With our multiculturalist attitude, these cultural rules and regulations that caused the mess that these people purportedly are trying to escape, to be planted here. Without the return to a melting pot concept of immigration, this country is taking on the attributes of everything we allegedly despise, but many of our more privileged citizens don't realize this because they insulate themselves in their well protected suburbs and high rise office buildings. Anyone who lives in or near one of our cities will understand what I'm saying.
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    Although I don't really care about the homosexual agenda one way or the other here and don't really support them politically, I'm glad we don't do this nor allow it.

    Thank God for our Constitution folks!
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    You know what is more sickening??? The US, the "freest" country in the world, imprisons more people than any other country over victimless crimes!!!

    Instead of worrying about other countries problems, how about we take control of our own first!!!
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    No that's not nearly as sickening. There's basically a holocaust going on in Uganda, before they were jailing gays they were just killing them. It's estimated that as much as 5% of the population is gay, that's close to 1.8 million people. I know you wouldn't be okay with President Obama just deciding to imprison 5% of the population so that would be like.... all of Tennesse, Kentucky, Georgia and West Virginia residents being imprisoned just because.
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    One can't help what the anti gay laws are really about? Is it really an attempt to protect children, to uphold morality as has been claimed or just another way to demonize certain sectors of society who are made to symbolize the ills of society and to curry support for a long running president who needed to create a bogeyman that many can now rally against to the mutual benefit of incumbent elite and divert attention to the ongoing pillage of society, of those massacred, maimed , raped and/or forced into exile......
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    Well, normal homosexuals are no more a threat to children than heterosexuals, so I would say it is just a way to demonize people instead of coming up with constructive ways to help society. Leaders of governments throughout history have always childishly looked for scapegoats instead of doing what a real leader would do and try to come up with constructive solutions to the problems in their country(ies). Don't forget the history of Nazi Germany.
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    You know as much as i dislike homosexual acts in public ( Or hetero for that matter) this is absurd.
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    First off, the article was about Uganda and I immediately thought of this video:

    Secondly, it's Uganda. Let Uganda run their country the way they want to run it. And if (most likely we are) we happen to be forking over foreign aid to them, rescind it. That way they can be as anti-gay all they want and it won't cost us a dime.
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    The day will come when Africa will be an economic powerhouse. much the same way that Asia became an economic powerhouse in the last century. Someday people will be complaining about everything being made in some African country. Someday Africa will become important enough in geopolitics that most people will be aware that Africa can be divided into a few different regions with different climates, cultures, resources, and national interests. Hell, someday one African country will get the honor of being the first African nation to host the Summer Olympics.

    But if that video is indicative of the level of discourse in Ugandan politics? I guarantee that Uganda will not get that honor.
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    @Bobolinsky based on a world perspective, I absolutely agree with you. Many view Uganda's view as sick. And I don't think gays should be jailed simply for being gay. My point is based on a nation's sovereignty. If Uganda wants to be anti-gay, I say cut off their foreign aid and let them do whatever, let other countries intervene in this mess.
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    @MarkJM -- I wasn't disagreeing with you. What I wrote was in response to the video. That floored me.
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    @Bobolinsky - If Africa wants to become an economic powerhouse, they need to let go of their tribalism and develop a union of centralized governments, or better yet, have those countries become states under a single, central government. Every wealthy, powerful nation in the world, past and present, has structured itself with a large, central government: Egypt, Rome, Great Britain, China, Japan, the United States, Russia...
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    Where is the outrage at Saudi Arabia? or Bahrain?, or Kuwait?, or UAE?, or any other Muslim Country where holding hands in public can get you jailed?
    This is Uganda. It is Uganda's problem not ours.
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    Uganda has many more issues to worry about than this whiny "revolution" that the media seems obsessed on highlighting.
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    So Politix is going around the world to find it's "gay agenda" stories? We've got other, and much bigger, issues facing our nation right here at home, folks. Both gays AND straights are unemployed, on food stamps, facing a lower standard of living, paying $3.50 a gallon for gasoline, having freedoms stolen from us by government, are having to work two or three part time jobs to have a "full-time" income, etc. etc. There's much more going on that affects ALL of us to continue to be fractured by wedge issues. Maybe Politix should consider changing it's name to "Gay a Day". Good grief!
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    Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.
    The US has spent the last 60 years,tens of thousands of lives, untold amounts of treasure and given up huge chunks of liberty trying to bring the US concept of morality to the world and have accomplished nothing but the death of many, debt, frustration and tyranny. When will the US learn to mind its' own business.
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    We live in such an ethnocentric country that's it's sickening too. What goes on in Uganda is none of our business.
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    Obviously someone thought it was none of our business since it went on for years and we didn't go out of our way to stop it.
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    Uganda is none of the Christian Conservatives business either. Live and let live or live and let die, however one chooses to look at it.
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    @TheJimmy Agreed, but Americans helped set up this situation , and therefor have a responsibility to help correct it!
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    In my view, no ruler has the right to dictate the beliefs and private lives of individuals as long as they are not harming anyone. Not every religion has the same teachings on every issue and not all people are religious. The citizens should not have to accept the religious beliefs of their president being forced on them.
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    His nation has every right to it's beliefs & moral standards. No one should be jailed for life for consenting sexual acts but that is their people's fight, not ours.
    It must be a slow day in the world of Gay propaganda stories. This site had to go to another nation to keep pushing their pro gay agendas every single day. I wonder why all the Christians who get killed around the world for simply expressing their faith never seems to make it on this site. Oh i forgot, Gays are the only people in the world who deserve special mention.
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    I do not agree. Other types of people who experience injustice are also mentioned on this site. This is probably mentioned because the Ugandan president's point of view is so childish and mindlessly tyrannical. What normal person gets that worked up about the private sexual lives of people who are simply trying to live their lives in peace and harming no one? And if you think there is something wrong with a man kissing his wife, you need the services of a good psychiatrist (Obama should tell the Ugandan president to mind his own damn business). By the way, Christians might get more sympathy if they stuck up for justice when the adherents of other religions are treated badly by their governments. I never hear of a Christian sticking up for the rights of a non-Christian on this site.
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