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    Lots of people criticize Walmart for selling imported goods, so Walmart announces it will spend 250 billion dollars promoting American made goods, and they still complain.
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    The should be encouraging that Wal Mart will invest more later AND so other companies would follow suit.....

    THAT'S why Mike Rowe did the was an ad not necessarily for Wal Mart but for AMERICAN workers and jobs.....
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    They complain simply and purely because Walmart is not unionized. That's all there is to it.
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    @Tralee Which shows that progressive liberals really aren't concerned about actual real jobs for American workers, just getting money from them for unions so that unions can contribute unethical amounts of money to corrupt progressive liberals to get elected.....
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    The problem is that Wal-Mart is the main company that sent U.S. manufacturing overseas in the first place. Now they are flip flopping? Have to wonder why?
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    No, Mike Rowe is the spokesperson (not literally all you libs.) for working class America. He is the one telling anyone who will listen that technical jobs and Tech. Schools are a great way to go. There are companies desperate for machinists and all those skilled jobs going wasting due to lack of skilled workers. They don't need someone with a college degree in Gender Studies or Art History or Trampoline, they need someone who can run a machine, program a computer and so on. He's one of the most likable people on TV and those who denigrate him are so far off the rim of the real world as to be truly part of the Loony Tunes Fringe.
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    Hear Hear!! Well stated. This is a noble cause he's pushing for and anyone who's against him for it is most likely some loser living in his/her mother's basement doing nothing with their pathetic lives.
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    @Tralee - I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Rowe in 2006 in Hutchinson Ks. He was filming the episode on the Underground Salt Mines near Hutchison and stayed at the same hotel as my wife and I.

    He was sitting alone at the bar chatting with the bartender and saw we smile and approach. Mr. Rowe stood up and extended his hand before I did mine. That meant something to me.

    In our conversation I felt that Mike was a very genuine individual. He was cordial, likeable and down to earth.

    We talked about his show and some of the work experiences he had as a young man and then he was very interested in our demolitions and construction work. He later did an episode about demolitions with a colleague of mine in another state.

    I believe that Mr. Rowe earnestly believes in the abilities and importance of American workers that provide American made products and services.

    One of the nicest "famous" people I have ever met. Real class act.
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    @AntiPorcheria You are a fortunate guy! He'd be my pick for a next door neighbor, if I had next door neighbors. Loved Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch!
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    @methinks Good point, but I lump the same ilk in w/each other. They prefer to "0ccupy" a protest, yet they refuse to "0ccupy" a job (or a bath/shower for that matter)...
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    So that means that everyone in Philly is a raceteering criminal? Or all men are? Perhaps every tradesman?

    I'm just curious who else is guilty by association for the actions of a few dirtbags.
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    Of course. I also know what the weekend is. What overtime pay is. What sick leave is. What a living wage is......

    You are attempting to smear a lot of people who have done a lot of good with the actions of a few dirtbags. People who actually stand up and fight for the American jobs you're paying lip service to while shopping at WalMart.
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    Shooting up political rallies, theaters, schools, and making death threats against anyone who they don't agree with. The loony left in this country is dangerous.
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    They are a dangerous bunch! Who could forget bombing the pentagon, various police headquarters, banks, court houses, etc., by the Weather Underground fruitloops.
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    Wow. You just tell flat out lies without blushing at all. Where is that article on sociopathy? It definitely pertains.
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    Yeah, they sure aint no bombers like the loony right. Don't you just love wide paint strokes to feel better about your political dogma?
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    Exactly. They could have elected Romney. At least he had a plan to get rid of illegals, break the trade giant known as china, and decrease costs of goods here all in one swoop. Nope they chose Obama again. We continue to borrow more from china.
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    @DrNickels Unfortunately Mr. Romney did not have a plan to reward criminals and parasites. Since there are more of those these days and they are allowed to vote by default instead of earning that right, they sell their votes to people like the welfare prince Obama.
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    @DrNickels Are these people happy with what they got? Are they happy with their Lying POS Barry and all his Lying puppets? All the welfare Queens and illegals sure are.
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    So the Liberals don't want jobs created? Maybe the ad was a little naive but the Liberals don't like the sentiment? When was the last time a Liberal gave you a job? They have no openings for protesters anymore.

    I'm going to buy stuff at Walmart. The Liberals can drink there lattes elsewhere.
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    And how does a commercial enterprise destroy manufacturing jobs? This is going to be interesting. Liberals hate success on the part of anyone.
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    I am a huge fan of Mike Rowe and his foundation. In case you hadnt noticed, i am also a liberal.

    Rowe's non-profit org is one of the best ideas i have heard of in decades, and my wife and i have even contributed to it.

    I am an operations guy in a Tech firm, we currently have 39 open machinist positions because we cant find people that are qualified to fill the slots (its a tech firm so some of the specs are literally .001 tolerance, it takes a good machinist)

    My wife is the Social Worker (imagine that) at a Voc-tech high school in the city...and they cut the machinist program due to budget concerns. That is just so stupid. A machinist with a C average is employable out of high-school. The B student without a trade needs a college degree or he struggles.

    My point being this isnt a liberal-conservative thing. Rowe presents himself in a very understandable and important manner and his cause is one of the best in the country IMHO
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    I am thinking two things. One is the simple fact that complainers want to be complainers. That gets afternoon, not nodding heads in approval.

    Second, Wal-Mart, upon starting work, "devours the souls of those that accept employment." Their existence is considered by some to be a primary reason for poverty in many towns, so if "man-of-the-working-class " Rowe promotes such evil, then he must actually be evil.

    Third, the article mentions automation of industry, and the argument would be whether jobs of any value are short term or long term and how much impact it will really have (sort of like the Keystone pipeline).

    I'm sure you can see the logic, as it happens here every day.

    In the end I would think some work and some new tax base revenue versus none would rally some liberals. Maybe not.
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    It's a PR stunt. It will have close to no impact on American jobs, but that's no reason to blame Rowe.
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    @AceLuby no it's no reason to blame Rowe. ALL the blame lies with American ck summers for enabling foreign goods to outsell American products in our own damn country. You want Walmart to sell American goods then buy only American goods and leave all others sitting on the shelf. That store would be wall-to-wall American products within 60 days.
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    The opposition stance is Walmart, not Mike Rowe.

    Leaving Rowe's AWESOME foundation out of the picture, we libs dislike Walmart for a multitude of extremely valid reasons. Walmart is worried about the large loss in market share over this past Christmas season, all while they were fighting to keep wages below poverty level. The bad PR (remember the Poltix story about the Walmart food drive for their own employees?) has WM scrambling to reshape its Image.....AcelUby is correct, Its a PR stunt.

    I simply disagree with anyone criticizing Rowe over doing an ad. Any Liberal who has actually checked out his foundation should support it 100%. Its about the working man (and woman of course)!
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    And I thought liberals would be for jobs....Sheesh. I'm not a fan of WallyWorld either but I would rather pay more for a product made in the USA than the same product made in China. This was for American Jobs in America. Made in the USA. I get that liberals don't care about that anymore, but I sure as heck do.

    Good on Mike Rowe for doing this ad. I hope WallyWorld is successful in the push for Made in the USA, and I hope other companies follow suit.
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    Such a short memory the right has, Wal-Mart started the run to manufacturing overseas.
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    It's a drop in the bucket for how much product they sell. It's a good sentiment, but it's mostly for PR. That being said, blaming Rowe for making money doing an ad is absolutely stupid.
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    @AceLuby a drop in the bucket is better than no drop at all, but we agree it is good sentiment and that Rowe shouldn't be taking any blame for doing this ad. A vote up from me on this reply Ace.
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    @MarkJM I think it would show a hell of a lot more if they raised wages instead. It'd make me respect them more as a business looking to improvie its image with policies that help people they employ that are currently using public services to make up the difference.

    In the end though, I don't care because walmart sucks as a store. Went to one last week and the shelves were empty, the store was dirty, and the service was TERRIBLE; but you get what you pay for.
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    Automated machine jobs or not, as long as those machines are being built in America I'm glad walmarts supposedly phasing out buying Chinese slave labor goods.
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    @truthsayer @AceLuby Ace has a point truthy. The Chinese practice a weird hybrid Communism. Economically, they aren't even close to being Communist, it exists mainly in their government.
    I had a very interesting discussion on this issue the other day with a Med Student from China. He was telling me about the families that run China. Cool stuff. I love talking to people who actually live in the places we talk about on here. ;)
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    @truthsayer @AceLuby Apologies guys, I responded to your comments above these ones and for some reason the page jumped down when I hit return. Politix has been a bit wanky lately on my devices.
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    @Fishbone345 No problem it has been acting weird on my device as well. I think both post were similar in nature anyway. I'm interested in hearing about the families who control china. If you don't mind will you share some details of your conversation.
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    Wal-Mart forces their partners to sell at nearly no profit, it doesn't matter at all if they buy American. People just need to stop buy from them.
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    And that's the other side of the argument. I've read Mr. Rowe's take on the matter -- he believes in encouraging American manufacturing and if WalMart wants to promote it, too, he sees that as positive.

    I don't disagree, as far as that goes, but as you point out -- WalMart is notorious for substandard wages and Orwellian control of its suppliers. It's debatable whether WalMart jobs are really going to be all that helpful or if they will set a new and terrible precedent.
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    He's just an actor....trying to make a buck like anyone else. Actors don't turn down jobs until they're filthy rich or so in demand they can afford to be picky. He has bills to pay too, I would imagine.
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    Does he deserve criticism over the ad? Not in the least bit. Post the interview Mike did with Glenn Beck, he such a great man. Truly likeable with a kind heart, I can't see people hating Mike Rowe.
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    Sam Walton refused to sell anything that wasn't made in America. Then he died and his kids set about destroying as many American jobs as possible.

    At least it's turning around, I suppose.
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    I was questioning what Cincinnatus was saying, he was implying that because he was being paid, he was in the ad. I was trying unsuccessfully to ask him if being paid meant it was not a sincere belief the host of dirty jobs. I guess I said it bad. sorry! But thanks for your very polite question.
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    " I guess that proves he does not really believe in the ad."

    No, no such inference can be made. He'd do the same whether he believed or not. That's what actors do.
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    Oh, I see now, he's an actor! I somehow missed that, what did he act in? I know he had a TV show on tough dirty jobs, but I never ever knew he was a actor.
    I also did not know that actors are that way, doing things because that's what they do.
    Is that a flaw they all have?
    I have news for you, I happen to know about 200 actors, and about 30-40 really well, and they happen to be some very great people.
    You would be shocked if you knew the ones I have known, they, everyone of them, have dedicated several years, and plan to continue for quite some time to help their fellow man, and be a person the young can look up to.
    Now I know there are a lot that are not that way, but is that not true in almost every profession? Yes, I know about the bad ones, but you can't paint all with the same brush.
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    @Bobolinsky Chuck Berry is 87 years old and still performing. Roll over Beethoven, the original Johnny b Goode is still in town.

    Here's a suitable Chuck Berry quote from one of your heros:
    "If you don't know every Chuck Berry lick, you can't play rock guitar." - Ted Nugent
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