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    Not surprised when we talk about this Congress.-_-

    But, thank you, Seth. I had a grandfather pass away about 3 years ago from Alzheimer's. It needs more attention and research.
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    Typical of our Representatives...once they get on The Hill, they don't act like they're there for you any longer. With most of them you might as well be talking with a brick in the wall!
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    Alzheimer's research is required...My wife's mother has it, and My grandfather had it.

    However, It isnt up to the Government to do it.

    Our Government ruins all that it touches.
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    We spend damn near 700 billion dollars on Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, and Fighter Jets that we've been asked to stop making..... but we can't find a little wiggle room for the disease that killed Reagan.... and kills thousands and effects millions of people?
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    Oh great, a snarky "OBAMACARE" remark, who didn't see THAT coming? Hey you want snarky, I can do snarky too..


    Oh that's right, they don't have one.
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    Kneejerking foolishness. How does a private free enterprise medical insurance requirement have anything to do with longterm care as a loved one disappears day by day right before your eyes. Anyone not a psychotic serial killer or sociopath political operative would have empathy. Consertivism kills compassion.
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    Gotta fight liberal snark with their same tactics. Then they see how stupid people were for supporting this law.

    @Phreakwars Sorry fewer doctors- more patients with higher costs takes $ away from research. Or better yet "You're too old, it's not worth it- go home and die" Because that's what's coming. Plenty of good market based plans that favor the people over gov't control. But the progressive folks who hate your freedom don't want those. Congrats !
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    @Phreakwars Actually good healthcare is one of the best ways to diminish the risk of getting dementia of any kind. And good healthcare also slows down the process if you do have it. So maybe it was a spot on comment.
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    A pox on both their houses ... that was quite rude, only two showing up. Curing devastating diseases apparently isn't very important to our illustrious leaders. Where was everyone?
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    Congress didn't care because Seth is a comedian so of course they took it as a joke when they heard about him showing up, also it had nothing to do with them making money, it had to do with elderly people that weren't them or one of their relatives, the topic was about Alzheimers and not al-Qaeda or war period. I can go on and on but no need to, but that goes to show how much our government cares for us.
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    Congress and modern medicine don't take research for many ailments and diseases. One in particular is glaucoma, or the destruction of the optic nerve due in part by elevated interocular pressure or IOP. Optimologists have to get the leftovers from all the research that's being done to regrow nerve cells for the war wounded. Blindness is a serious condition and one of the most debilitating and all the people who are afflicted with this terrible disease can do is to take the most poisonous prescriptions in medicine and live with the fact that that eyesight will only get worse and eventually they'll go blind.
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    I don't believe government should be the major player in any cure for anything. A government who holds cures has too much power. It's not appropriate. Leave cures up to doctors and researchers who have an ethical obligation and a (supposed) genuine desire to help people. No government official is going to develop a cure for anything. So their only possible role would be legislating administration.
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    @Slowmo As far as I can see, many, if not the majority of doctors and researchers have lost their moral way. Ethical standards are dictated more by the pocketbook today than altruism. To be fair, much of the doctor's change of heart has been the result of the collaboration of our legal system with the insurance industry to ensure that a physician's overhead has become staggering and I have often sympathized with the medical people that I know about their deteriorating condition.

    A common complaint that I hear is, that like cattle, the corporations are herding them into for profit hospitals at salaries that do not make paying the cost, both for college and medical school, and the constant continuing education to keep up to date. To fight this tyranny, individual physicians are forming corporations of their own, partnering up with multiple colleagues in the same specialty.

    In the long run, either way, the patient receives less personal attention and turns them into units instead of people.

    I have checked myself into two medical facilities in my life, one in Canada and the other in Mexico with amazing results that I have never seen matched here. Having observed the domestic hospitals in which many of my relatives have been treated and comparing them to the skill and personal attention I received elsewhere, the thought that I no longer can afford to seek medical attention elsewhere scares the hell out of me.

    One thing that my experience has taught me is that there is always more than one path up the side of a mountain. It has also been my experience to run into some opposition when I condemn the standard American medical practices. Many people say, "well my doctors cured me of such and such, so I'm satisfied with the results." This is where the many paths come in. Yes they might have been cured, but how much damage to the overall immune system did that cure incur and how much pain and disability did they have to put up with?

    I'll cite one example. In 1981 I discovered I had popped a double inguinal hernia. Having seen the suffering my father went through with same problem here at home in the Valley Hospital, I decided to do a little research. I discovered a hernia specialty hospital in Thornhill Ontario called the Shouldice Clinic.

    The original Dr. Shouldice had perfected a means to repair hernias in 1947 that guaranteed no pain and a ridiculously quick recovery time. It also was a hell of lot cheaper. So I hopped in my car and drove to the clinic.

    Sure enough, there was no pain and I was playing pool 2 hours after surgery. Not only that, but I was lifting weights again a week later. I tried to convince a pathologist at Hackensack Hospital to make the trip, but he assured me that he had the best care here at home even though he admitted his nuts were hanging down the ground and he was in constant pain. I guess even a doctor can be brain dead.
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    Second paragraph read and the constant continuing education to keep up to date worthwhile.
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    I lost my mother in law to Alzheimer's at the tender age of 61. Not enough research and early diagnoses of Alzheimer's is happening. Too bad we waste time sending billions of dollars to countries who hate us when wet don't have the money to send.
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    Our poor pitiful congress----so exhausted from all their hard work.
    Only 239 days off last year. No wonder some of them need a nap.
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    I read a physician say if he had been asked twenty years ago, he would have said he didn't expect to live to see a cure for Alzheimer's but now he thinks it could happen within twenty years. I hope he's right.
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    Stem cells can do lots of amazing things, but unfortunately the crazies on the far right said no. I mean abortion isn't going anywhere so why not use the discarded fetal tissue to save and change some lives.
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    @DrNickels Whoops, didn't mean to vote you up on this one.

    Fetal stem cells are useless compared to what they're working with now. Turns out the unintended consequence of the crazies on the right is that we advanced beyond that stage of stem cell research quicker than we would have.

    Think of it this way. Everything has a bright side... even right-wing crazies. They're the ones worried about and defending freedom of religion for the rest of us and on top of that they made a contribution to science.
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    @Bobolinsky sorry, but no. They pretty much blacklisted ALL stem cells and all the progress that was made was after the ban was lifted. No progress was made as a result of the ban and, if anything, it only put a taboo with working with stem cells.

    You also seem to confuse defending freedom of religion with defending Christianity. Take Tennessee for example with their plan to state fund religious schools until a Muslim school applied for funding and they decided to trash the program with the creator of the bill being quoted as saying "we never intended for it to be used for that".
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    @Bobolinsky My mother had Parkinson's Disease. Stem cell research is the most promising hope for a cure. People who opposed stem cell research didn't advance anything but they did condemn hundreds of thousands of living, breathing, conscious adults to suffer.
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    @Bobolinsky I lean more right than I lean left. They way I saw it with the fetal stem cells was abortion was occurring. More of a sin to not use the life wasted to improve the lives of others.
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    The pimps in d.c. Would rather spend multi billions of tax dollars on diseases that are easily preventable (aids), and only inflicts those living a dirty lifestyle, than spend on something that nobody knows how or why it strikes.
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    I'm not usually one to care about a situation involving a celebrity and politics, but good for Rogen showing some balls and calling these 'Representatives' out.
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    Politicians care very little about their constituents ( except at voting time) and perhaps even less about their own family members. They have money, power, and great insurance, so why should they care?
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    The way this country treats the elderly is a disgrace. The folks who spent their entire working lives paying into Social Security got a paltry cost of living raise of 1.5%, while those collecting food stamps have gotten a 30% increase under Obama. The United States ranks #19 in the treatment of the elderly.
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    It was really appropriate to make an impassioned plea to members of congress, arguably the single greatest repository of lost(selective) memory in the world.

    In fact with as many potential patients wandering ailmessly around those halls, two senators should be viewed as an overwhelming turnout.
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