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    Like you I care less if Reid apologizes, really hope he doesn't.

    Reid was doing much more than bitching and moaning about Koch's. Reid is voicing concerns to ACA's future, which is no doubt in trouble. Reid is feeling pressure from within his party from Democrats who've distanced politically any support for ACA and anything Obama related.

    Oh, well. I can watch Reid go down with the ship. Problem is, Democrats up for re-election can't afford to go down with Captain Harry and they're bailing. So what I read is one Captitan Harry Reid lashing out, poor Harry.
    Maybe her Nancyness Pelosiamost would afford Harry some "cry on my shoulder time."
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    On of the things I get a kick out of is the media's portrayal of our "do nothing congress". I see Reid as a big part of that by blocking legislation that is unfavorable to the administration.
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    The biggest problem is billionaires from Kansas or anywhere else using their money to decide who is going to represent you in your home state. I have no problem with them giving to the party of their choice and letting them help pick the best candidate to represent you. But it's a lot different when they set up PAC's with patriotic sounding names and yet they are the sole financiers and brains behind on how and who it will be spent on.
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    "The biggest problem is billionaires from Kansas or anywhere else using their money to decide who is going to represent you in your home state."

    I feel the same way about union political activities.
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    I think the editors are great at bringing debatable topics but I mean, really...

    Harry can get Repubs fuming with just the mention of hia name without saying anything.
    Same-same Obama, Pelosi,...
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    @Rocker I think the editors beat too many dead horses, but you're right about the personalities. I'd prefer it if they'd cut back on the Gun Control and Gay Marriage stories and had more headlines like these (with very short stories and a poll):

    Nancy Pelosi - witch or angel?
    Karl Rove did it again!
    Harry Reid did not steal that money!
    Koch Brothers financing a military coup?
    Obama actually sucks at golf?
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    harry Reid.... LOL says the man who is in George Soros' Back pocket. Reid took over $220,000 from Soros, the Soros Fund Management, and various Soros family members.

    But don't worry Harry- we all laugh at you.
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    Here is the thing about Reid, he is the face and mentality of the democratic party. Their whole ideology is based on false and misleading statement, belittlement of anyone and anything that challenges their agenda. Keep in mind that the majority of their voting populist put very little, if any research into what they are being told. They are the poster children for the truly uninformed. Reid and his people know this and that is why they treat them like mushrooms.
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    Isn't funny that just about a decade ago Harry Reid along with Hillary Clinton and a host of other Democrats were guilty of disagreeing with President Bush. Of course what Harry Reid considers pro American is agreeing with everything Harry Reid says. Which means to him that being against the Democrats is un-American.

    Sorry, but to paraphrase Reid, Clinton, and other Democrats. It is not un-American to disagree with Harry Reid, Obama, or the Democrat agenda.
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    Dinghy Harry is probably the most disgusting creature in all National Government. He is also the most un American of all in government.
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    @BravoJuliet Truly some sad leadership. Then again It'd be hard pressed to find a single good Democrat in the House or Senate... so maybe it fits them!
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    @BravoJuliet Both are clear disasters for us but neither is anywhere close to Dinghy in the disgusting category.
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    What I find even more disgusting is the constituency that actually like these people and think they're doing a good job!
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    Watching Harry Reid is like watching old Scooby-Doo reruns...

    “... and we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those darned Koch Brothers!!!”
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    Yes, he should apologize to the Koch Brothers and to all those people he stood on the Senate floor and called liars, and while he is at it, how about an apology for the lie he told about Mitt Romney, once again on the Senate floor. Being the lying coward he is, he knows that anything he says on the floor of the senate can not be sued over. He can say anything he wants, on the floor of the Senate, and be safe from any repercussions. No wonder he yammers and lies and denigrates and slanders ONLY on the floor of the Senate. He should be ashamed, assuming any Democrat knows the meaning of the word.
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    @Wafflecone: I don't care for Romney, and I especially don't care for Reid.

    I believe Tralee is referring to Reid's lies that Romney didn't pay taxes or paid little taxes in the past 10 years.
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    @N0rthman unfortunately it's all conjecture, no proof that Mitt paid any federal taxes. Mitt could have proven Harry wrong but he decided to keep his tax returns secret.
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    Harry Reid is a liar... I would like Harry Reid to face the people he called liars from the well of the Senate the other day... Harry Reid is unpatriotic and in fact his example of a United States Senator brings shame on the entire chamber.
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    How could ANYONE in he Senate or the House "bring shame" on themselves? This makes no sense. This is an entity that "enjoys" a 9% public approval rating. If Harry Reid is standing up, moving his mouth, and words are coming out, and even proposing passing bills or writing legislation, that makes him a champion and hero amongst the rest of the fools elected in both chambers........most of who can't even be counted on to show up to vote, much less do anything remotely close to earning a salary. Despite whether you agree or disagee with Harry's ideology or Party, he is by far outperforming anyone else in either chamber.
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    I want my representatives do to absolutely nothing. I want them to block everything, and that includes pretty much everything you want your representatives to do. If they do those things, they are earning their paychecks as far as I am concerned.

    I intentionally vote for gridlock in the Congress.

    No man's life, liberty, or property is safe while the Congress is in session.
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    @Ryunkin so you consider people who lost their insurance coverage because of Obama's on affordable health care tax plan unpatriotic?
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    @Unfit2serve is nothing more than a boot licker for the statists running our nation into the shithole. he is a spineless coward and wretched man. the only reason he came up with this latest statement attacking the Koch brothers was to distract from his previous ridiculously asinine cowardly statement calling people who lost their insurance liars.... this is the same turd who claims to have been able to tell when tourist season was at its height in Washington DC by the smell of the people there.... this piece of shit Harry Reid is one of the biggest reasons they have a9 percent approval rating.
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    Dirty Harry is such a liar, any attempt to apologize would be seen for what it is, another lie. The more that this Feces Face speaks in public, the happier I am, as it says more for age and term limits for politicians than anything else. It is really a shame that his parents were not practicing safe sex at the time he was conceived.
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    When is Obama, Reid & all the Democrats going to apologize for the lie of Obamacare? It is literally hurting millions of middle class families with huge premiums, deductibles & the amount they will pay when we do get sick. I wont hold my breathe, Obama never apologized about the condescending remarks of how Americans cling their God & guns. Never apologized about benghazi, about going to Las Vegas the day after our Ambassador was murdered, about no one being fired for the IRS scandal, about forcing people of conscience to pay for abortions, etc.
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    Uh.........just a iota of ledological FAIRNESS, anyone? if anyone in the shrill mob of whiners on the Right had a shred of integrity and character, then they'd FIRST agree to show some accountability from themselves.... and ask that the Democrats apologize to all America for that nasty 'ole ObamaCare problem.......but only AFTER the RIGHT "mans up" and apologizes for their criminal Iraq War and the WMD lies they told the world, which STOLE 4 TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS from our kids, grandkids, and greatgrandkid's future. Oh yeah, and that pesky 1,000,000 inocent people that got murdered for no reason, including 4000 precious American soldiers. Despite the weakness and stumblebum mistakes Obama has made, Republicans do not have even one leg of a three-legged stool to complain about ANYTHING the Left or Obama has done..........because as y'all preach continually, REAL accountability starts at home, and once you clean your house, THEN you get to start pointing fingers.......unless of course, you haven't the stones to own up to the Republican dirt, shame, malfeasance, and sedition that Republican "leadership" indelibly stamped upon the history of America.
    Oh well, non-GOP America can always hope for some accountability from the RIGHT.......instead of their petulant whining about Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.........oh and yeah, I forgot, now we are whining about Bill Clinton's blowjob.
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    @Unfit2serve I am so sick of hearing Democrats bring up the Iraq war when these same hypocrites VOTED FOR THE WAR!!!!!!!!!! Democrats supported the war & not one shred of evidence shows that Bush had any knowledge of no weapons of mass destruction. But here we are 5 years after Bush & STILL this is all they have to deflect the facts about our hideous Liar & chief.
    No one has yet to answer me, why on earth did Hussein not allow the inspectors to go where they wanted to if there were no weapons? Why would he give up his life for a lie?
    But there goes the Democrat party. Liars who have been taken over by Socialists.
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    @Unfit2serve What left? No elected politician has been left of Genghis Khan in our country's political history. Calling Obama left is like calling the pope a dictator.
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    Are you really holding a washed up heavy metal guitarist to the same standard as the Senate Majority Leader?
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    I find that statement grossly offensive! Ted Nugent is not, nor has he ever been, a heavy metal guitarist! You conservatives are always distorting the facts so you can slam people. Hard Rock or Classic Rock is Ted's genre. ;)
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    thing is ted is not in office,he is just a citizen speaking his mind,dirty harry on the other hand is in office and is against the citizens of the USA.
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