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    Fracking is bad no matter where its done. There are other methods of recovering marginal hydrocarbons that are quite effecient. Fracking should be used as a last resort in most instances. Fracking works well ( not for you or me) in shale sands as a means for cheap recovery.
    There are many reserves of oil and gas here no one here's heard about any more. The greatest one is the Tuscaloosa Trend. There is enough gas and condensate there to power this country for 500 ( just estimating like politix ) years but the oil companies pulled out a long time ago( saving it till the price is right) because it not feasible to drill down to 18,000-23,000 feet at the price of natural gas. 3-D seismograph has pretty much mapped every available deposit at every vertical and horizontal level in this nation.
    What you don't mention is that these wells are not located offshore as you would like us to believe. They are located "along the coast" on land and the discharge first ends up in rivers and bays and ultimately in pacific waters.
    If Cali would wise up and go full blast with offshore deep water operations these kinds of problems wouldn't exist. The refineries are already in place statewide. I know I worked in quite a few. There would be no budget deficit with Cali's immense shoreline of state waters and federal leases.
    I love your photochop but the article is disingenuous and misleading. What the hell is filling up a football stadium?!
    Doors that mean three inches on the field or all the way to the top!! Some figures on cubic discharge and cubic capacity of at least one stadium one be nice. I gotta love , son. Lol!
    I've never been on a job where any well product has been allowed in the environment. Never.
    It's recirculated or tanked for injection.
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    @BobSmith No, even more so like that. Conservatives have made Benghazi into a propaganda joke. I feel bad for the victims, but conservatives have smeared their names badly in a backfired attempt to make political gains.

    BENGHAIZI, Benghazi!!! Haha
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    This is outrageous. If it can not be done properly, then don't do it at all. What hypocrites people are. One the one hand they desperately seek cures for cancers and then do this sort of thing at the same time. Never mind damage done to wildlife. Disgusting.
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    I don't understand how anyone can't see that by damaging the environment we all share, those corporations are infringing on the rights of every single person in this country that must breathe that air, drink that water, or eat food grown in that contaminated soil. No amount of money is worth all that.
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    @AtsilaKamama This reckless dumping of toxic fluid would never be condoned on land, but the apparent huge expanse of ocean which will dilute it makes it OK in the minds of some.
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    Mean ol' oil companies! I guess it has to go somewhere. Well, I gotta go and get into my diesel rig and head home.
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    It seems most peoples thoughts are that they will be dead before the full impact of destroying the Earth will be felt by them so they dont care.
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    Exactly. I said up the way that anyone polluting the air, water, soil etc. is infringing upon the rights of anyone who has to breathe, drink or grow food in it, but for some odd reason, a lot of folks don't seem to see it that way. We deserve protection from poisonous chemicals in the well water, in the soil in our fields, and in the air myself, my family and my livestock breathe.
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    Greg Zeeman stories almost always omit critical information and are thus impossible to take a knowledgeable position or to comment intelligently on the topic. In this case the critical information that is missing is the amount of actual pollutants in each 'football stadium' of water is present in each. The numbers might be tiny and insignificant. There is no way to tell.
    But the story is sensationalist yellow journalism in its current form.
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    I have a problem with your picture. It is NOT Obama who had the EPA nuts cut off it was Dick Chenney and his goons, so they can contaminate the US while they frack.
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    Instead of subjugating that " investigative report" link , you should have copied it for what it is, MR Z.

    In the ancient days , I was riding with a friend who was on a great weed adventure. At least in HIS mind. We were in a large city and I was in charge of directions. So I had the old map out and as we approached a major interstate interchange , I told him to go straight which he did while looking at me very strangely.
    About two minutes later when he realized everything was cool, he thrashed me good and told me to never say that again.
    His words were,
    " Dude, never go straight, go forward "
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    Yes, banned, if for nothing other than the people get no relief at the pump or in home heating cost from this oil production and it damages the environment. It's like rubbing salt in an open wound. Energy companies are dictators, imposing their will as they desire.

    Any resource that allows for as much unbridled influence over the nation as have the oil and gas companies, should be nationalized.
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    Profit is not evil... just the lengths that men will go too, in order to maximize profit. The use of certain poisons should be banned and there should be some sort of filtering process taking place... however I find it difficult to believe that responsible offshore fracking is not possible.
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    "When the last tree is cut, when the last river has been poisoned, when the last fish has been caught, then we will find out that we can't eat money."
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    California's ocean= There is no such thing, as for that said though there needs to be regulations on the dumping of pollutants like that, but at the same time it can't be industry and job killing. It can't be i am going to kill coal etc
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    @tomincali I have a few friends living in Japan, I feel for them. In a nation that's main diet consists of seafood, radiated water is a death sentence. Many people and celebs over there protest, but nothing is done by Abe and his crowd.
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    Over the years I've known a few people that have worked off shore.(Granted it has been a while since I've talked with any of them.) I've always been under the impression that they were overseen more strictly than land based rigs. Could it be that the EPA isn't the only oversight happening here?
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