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    Have you not stopped to think that with $10 an hour many of these minimum wage job holders will now move above the poverty level?Many will lose the large child tax credit they once received,a cut in food stamps ,and other government programs.Sadly they will be making more and losing even more.Sounds great though doesn't it?
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    @miketost - Why should taxpayers be contributing to Walmart's employees through welfare, medicaid, and food stamps? Why shouldn't Walmart foot that bill by paying their employees enough to live on?
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    @Denizen_Kate The point is those like you make it sound like $10 dollars and hour is going to magically make their lives better.The poverty level according to the U.S. dept. of health and human services is as follows 1Person$11,670 2 persons $15,730 and 3 persons $19,790 all below the amount first time job seekers or uneducated workers would receive.Why would wal-mart pay more or be expected to?Not many their have left skilled labor or jobs a college education helped them to achieve.Think about it.
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    @miketost I didn't expect this reply from you and it surprised me, but you're right. This increase in minimum wage is the same as all of the gifts the government gives you, the sleeves off their vests.
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    @miketost - I have thought about it, and read about it. I've never believed in magic. The increase will help a lot of people, it will circulate more money through the economy, and will increase tax revenues. I don't think an extra twenty five cents for a cheeseburger is going to hurt all that much. I also don't think it will hurt companies like Jack In The Box, McDonalds, Walmart, etc to put a teensy portion of their enormous annual profits towards the betterment of their employees.
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    Math was never my strongest subject in school, but even I caught that. Anyone who didn't should never be in charge of determining the tip when dining out.
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    @Denizen_Kate This article is very misleading, Kate. It says that a California increase will have minimal effect, not a national increase. I don't know all the dynamics of their company as far as how many stores are In each state, but this is heavily weighted.

    Let's say they have 1000 stores. Lets say each store has 10 employees, where this will have an effect. Let's say a full 10% of the stores are in California, where if it was "equal", it would only be 2%(1 state out of 50). That's 10,000 employees making $7.25/hr with a raise of 2.75. So if currently 10,000 employees make a total of 72,500 per hour, then after the raise, the employees will make a total of 75,250 per hour (1000 employees getting a total of $2750 more per hour). This is a net increase of only 3.7%. Of course, it's nothing. But if EVERYBODY eligible got a raise, that would amount to $100,000 per hour or a 27.5% raise. That is a HUGE difference folks.

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    @Firestorm the percentage increase would be slightly lower in California as I think I read in the article minimum wage is $8.00/hr.
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    @HawkTheSlayer Yes, I was NOT using any numbers from the article because I wanted to try to make it a little more generalized for other businesses. Obviously every model is different and no one in here knows a single thing about the finances of these companies to be even close to exact.

    It also doesn't coved the fact that the minimum wage group is just a subset of total payroll, and that would need to be factored in (in minimum wage's favor) to determine to total impact on payroll for the company.

    I was really just trying to illustrate that this story is cheating, by taking a small sample increase but applying it to a national dollar amount.
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    @Firestorm very well done, I might add.
    I still have some problems justifying the inequality that develops when you give the lowest paid workers a $2.75/hr wage increase without offering the same pay increase to workers in moderate income brackets slightly higher than minimum wage.
    In other words, if a worker is already making $10/hr and minimum wage is raised to $10/hr shouldn't that worker deserve to get $12.75/hr or a worker making $15 get $17.75 .
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    "increased prices by 20%, bringing the cost of a $16 meal up to $16.32"

    Wrong! That's only a 2% increase. A 20% increase would raise the cost of a $16 meal to $19.20.
    16 x 1.2 = 19.2.
    It's very simple math, 20% of 16 is 3.2, 16 + 3.2 = 19.2.
    Anybody with a 5th grade education can do the math in their head without a calculator.

    Another major fail by Greg Zeman.
    Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
    Apparently not.
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    I believe the increase was meant to be 2% not 20%. In Ca. It is a 1.4 % increase, most other states is a 1% increase.
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    Yeah, a typo. But some are so insecure that they are just stalking, waiting to pounce, to show how "superior" they are.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @WMCOL Now, now. Clearly I'm an idiot who just doesn't know the difference between two and twenty percent, and pointing out that fact by alluding to a five-years dead television program is a really sick burn — let's not split hairs.
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    I once frequented a chat board where one person claimed to be a professional proof reader.
    His "typos" errors and misspellings were comical.

    If one writes in somewhat of a professional manner on a public forum one should at least reread and spell check before posting. This claimed typo stuck out like a sore thumb and should have been noticed immediately.

    As for my math, while my 7th grade geography teacher was writing on the chalkboard in 1967 he said "I don't know how fast the earth turns" and before he could say another word I said 1,046 MPH at the equator... approximately.
    I didn't know the answer, I did the math in my head. The only reason I said approximately was because the diameter of the earth was estimated to be approximately 8,000 miles in diameter at the equator. Very simple math, 8,000 x 3.14 = 25,120 miles divided by 24 hours per revolution equals 1,046.7. I missed it by .7 due to rounding down to two digits right of the decimal point while making the calculations. I was only 11 at the time. It got a lot better with age.
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    It doesn't change my view that the wage increase was the right thing to do, but the fact that Jack In The Box isn't jumping on the bandwagon of whinners does give me a more favorable opinion of the chain, and makes me more likely to go there then the fast food places that spew anti-wage increase propaganda.
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    I read in Forbes that ethical corporations are noticing increased sales as a reward. When Americans vote with their dollars, it makes a difference.
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    Conservatives dont really care. Facts do not matter to them, its all about ideology

    Any mildly intelligent person knows we could raise the min to $12 will have little to no negative impact. It all comes down to their hatred of the poor. They hate the poor for needing social services, and refuse to give them pay that will negate the need for said services.
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    And just imagine what opening the gates of hell would cost, especially if the hell gate openers are union...
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    @Poltal lol you are another that can not see what this will do for the working poor.At $10 dollars an hour that brings them to over $20,000 a year and now above the poverty level.They can say goodby to the hefty child tax credit they received,a cut if not total loss in food stamps and other government programs for the poor.But allowing them to make more money per hour while making them poorer sounds good?Stop and think.
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    @Poltal leftists don't care for facts. What is the prevailing wage at the two establishments listed? Are they both paying min wage and will be raising to the new min wage, or are they already paying a higher rate and thus an increase will not impact them as much?
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    @miketost so the conservative solution is to pay them less because that will pull them out of poverty? Lol
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    No, because I was already for an increase to minimum wage. The rich and the republicans want to try to scare everyone into thinking that somehow, the middle class making enough to actually live on, would be a bad thing.

    Smart people didn't buy it.
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    @ahsum99ss Talking about politics isn't for morons, that's for the people that made it through school....

    so you're here again....why?
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    @ahsum99ss I have 3 kids. I am a single mother. I worked at Arbys for the last 6 years until August of last year when I had to quit for medical reasons. It was difficult to scrape by after my divorce and thankfully my grandparents were here to help me out until I got on my feet. I got a 50 cent increase for every year I was there. But that start pay of $7.75 was awful. I was lucky my grandparents allowed me to live in their house rent free for a year and a half.

    During school, I accumulated close to $60,000 in debt. I will pay on it until I am well into my 60's. I will be working somewhere for the rest of my life well past my age of retirement. My children will not have college funds. i wont be able to get them a brand new car when they hit 16 or take them on vacations very far from here.

    So dont you DARE act like it is MY fault that no one here is hiring above minimum wage in my field. Dont you dare act as if its easy to uproot my children and move. I am obligated to stay put because of their father. And dont you dare act as if life doesnt get in the way of all the plans you make for your future. You are 100% wrong about this. Minimum wage allows us to live barely floating above poverty.
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    Unfortunately a lot of these folks like to take the outlier and claim it to be a proper representation of the sample.
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    @DrNickels heck if folks wanting to push the min wage up would take a look at what min wage jobs are asking for now they may see those jobs are seen as a career by the employers or at least in my area. for the most part do to the job market those jobs around here are not starter jobs,min wage jobs wanting years of exp and proven skills.
    there may be a few starter jobs that do not require a full resume though not many.
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    Ma and pa lawnmower shop probably hires no one unless it's their nephew or some guy who gets paid cash under the table, so don't worry about it.
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    @PayThatCEO more liberal rubbish, I worked at one years back and I was not a relative and every time the economy dipped we got a day cut
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    I wonder how many fast food workers actually make minimum wage. When i was running fast food joints, almost everyone started at minimum but stayed there a very short time.
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    Switzlerland may raise their minimum wage to $24 an hour soon. Their cost of living may be higher, but look at it this way and you'll see that while things may cost more when you put it against our minimum wage it really doesn't matter. A Big Mac in a Switzerland McDonald's costs $7. That means you can work an hour and buy 3 Big Macs and a small fry. A Big Mac costs about $4 (at least at my local McDonald's) and our minimum wage is 7.25 so you can't even buy 2 Big Macs comparatively.
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    Nope It just means the executives will have to live without the luxury sedan and will have to settle, for a lesser model, like most Americans already do. I say tough sh!t or let them eat cake, that's what they have been telling us for years.
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    @DARSB They don't have either in my local. The nearest Jack in the Box is 800 miles from my hometown. Smashburger is a local fast food place? I have never heard of it. It seems they are into NY but that is still a good 6 to 7 hour drive. It would have to be a hell of a burger to make me drive that far.
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    @JohnVicky There used to be a Smashburger near me. It was pretty good but somewhat overpriced, the place went out of business. If you encounter one when you're travelling you might as well try it.
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    Raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do. It's a good thing that we have people that want the best for everybody instead of just for themselves. Let's start paying people a livable wage.
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    It should be..However

    In America, you have these kinds of people who at 30 yrs old , all they know is Mc Donalds.
    They havent went and got more education or other related job skills.
    Basically they are truly just weak and lazy types.
    McDonalds and flipping a burger is truly all they will ever know.
    Its really a sad culture.
    However they leftists do not want better for them, They will not tell them that self reliance, being motivated to do better, Is the right thing.
    So now, You have an entire culture of folks who want that big car, want that big house, want that big boat, From the tax payers...aka Government.
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    There are thousands of recent college grads who have only been able secure minium wage jobs.
    You can look down your nose, but flipping burgers IS, at least, an honest j-o-b!
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    I agree...who ever we all have to start somewhere right.
    I had several jobs when I was young.
    However I also choose to advance myself.
    So think a minimum wage job is a forever thing.
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    Did it change my mind? Nope. I could care less if a restaurant or any other business wants to pay the minimum wage or above the minimum wage. If I like their product I will pay the small increase in cost for said product. I think though it should be completely up to the business and not the state to determine whether they pay more than the minimum wage. Also I think that if the fed or state is going to force the minimum wage to be raised then they should make all business increase all wages above the minimum wage by the same percentage!
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    Good thing we don't have to count on Greg to do our taxes, only to write drivel like this. $2.50 x 1% = 2.5 cents, not 25 cents, Greg. Go back to remedial math.
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    Editorial Assistant
    @Thinkpeople ok, you got me — I erroneously read 0.025 as 0.25. I've corrected the example to reflect that the price increase is even less substantial.

    Let me know if you have time to write my drivel for me while I'm in class.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
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    ABOLISH THE MINIMUM WAGE LAW! It only helps Wall Street and mediocre workers, hurting good workers and the unemployment rate.
    Germany has NO minimum wage law! Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and now Italy don't either.
    Minimum wage laws increase the illegal immigration demand for human trafficking, worsens unemployment, gangs and drug culture.
    NO min wage would:
    Make employers compete for best workers;
    Workers would work where better rewarded for good work;
    Reduce illegal immigration, human trafficking, welfare dependency, high school dropouts, gang and drug violence (especially if welfare is also cut).

    Another opinion:
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    ! what do you think would happen if there was no minimum wage? I think we had such a system in America once and people were working for pennies. Can you say Triangle Shirtwaist? Is that they type of America you want again?
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    The only people that want the minimum wage to go up is people making minimum wage. When the minimum wage goes up so does everything else.
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    That excuse has been used every time the minimum wage discussion comes up and somehow when it does go up we all seem to survive. I've never seen a McDonald's close yet.
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    In thriving fast food and regular restaurants, these percentages will not change much. Especially when their minimum wage is $0.75 higher than the federal minimum wage, for now at $8.00. It will go up by 20% to $10.00. I definitely think the raised percentages should only be raised in California. Sooner or later all minimum wage will go to $10.10 per hour through Obama's coming executive order. Do the states that already had a higher minimum wage want to pay for the percentage increase from the federal minimum wage and the minimum wage of the majority of state's of $7.25 per hour. I didn't think so. But that may happen anyway to keep the cost of goods lower throughout the majority of our country. 39.31% is how much the wage increase will be from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour. A raise of 39.31% I repeat. How much of this percentage, which is quite high, will end up being passed off on to the consumer instead of coming from the profits? My guess is that the majority, if not all, will be passed off on to the consumer. That means the raise in minimum wage will end up with higher prices of what percent the businesses refuse to swallow. Or maybe fire how many people it takes to break even as of now. Not all businesses will be so nice as to how much will be passed on to the consumer as who was listed here. If all minimum wage workers are going to get a raise of 39.31%, so should all of the working class, but the demand will not stop there. If the working class also gets a raise of 39.31%, the class above them will a also demand a raise of 39.31%, and so on. Prices/inflation will also rise! No one working the hard, manual labor and dangerous jobs will want to work those jobs when they are not making the same 39.31% amount higher than minimum wage they were making before! We will have a domino effect and higher prices! Does this help us?
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    See that's that would be fair. Unfortunately when those on the left talk about "equality" and "fairness" they mean only the lowest common denominator. Of course they don't expect to give the working class a 30% raise or anyone else making more than the ideal proposed minimum wage. It's the typical idea of making us all equal by pulling the harder worker down to the lower level.
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    Then those working the hard, dangerous manual labor jobs will quit or "get fired" and collect unemployment benefits that will pay higher than minimum wage and get an easy job when benefits run out. I know I wouldn't do a lot of this factory and construction work for not much more than minimum wage! Employers will be forced to raise the pay if they want to keep their already well trained and conditioned employees! They won't be able to put their product out fast enough without them. I'm thinking of the factory my husband works at. They just couldn't make it without a lot of their key employees, like my husband who is a skilled worker in industrial painting. He is the best! And I'm not saying that just because I'm his wife. They've said many times that they didn't know what they'd do without him! He worked long and hard to be considered a skilled laborer. Most have to go to trade schools and they still will not be considered skilled laborers until they prove themselves. They make conveyors for factories all over the world.
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    What makes one person a "harder" worker than someone else?

    If you are comparing a fast food worker to a lawyer, there is no comparison. They both work hard at what they do, but the lawyer has education and professionalism on his side. But there is no comparison in their earnings either. Even if the fast food worker made $15.00 an hour, that doesn't even come close to the attorney. So what's the problem.

    I'm the one who should be griping because if fast food workers get $10.00 an hour they'd catch up to my salary long before they catch up to an attorney. But I'm not complaining. It's time some money "trickle down" and start to build our economy back up.
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    I'm also in a position that would be hard to replace. It would take a very long time for someone to acquire the knowledge that I have with this job. I don't feel I'm paid a bad wage, however, inflation is killing me. Raises aren't keeping up. Yet, the executives continue to make every higher salaries every year. For those of us in the trenches, this just doesn't set well.
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    1.4 % increase will cover the $10.00 minimum wage increase? The chicken nugget example indicates a 10 % increase. The math on the cheesecake factory example is wrong. Is it wrong to think the writer / editor of this article might be getting paid too much?
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