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    This wasn't a violation of the first amendment. But it wasn't right all the same. His use of social media isn't relevant to how he does his job and is not means for termination. People should be able to use internet freely and not free repercussions, unless they perform illegal activities. Which he didn't, I didn't know we weren't allowed to criticize our employers in the comfort of our own homes with a close circle of friends. If the school doesn''t want to be criticized, maybe they should change the way the operate. SURPRISE SURPRISE, PEOPLE DON'T LIKE IT WHEN YOU STARVE CHILDREN.
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    "This wasn't a violation of the first amendment."

    Normally when somebody gets fired for something they said on Facebook, that would be true. But in this case, we're talking about a GOVERNMENT AGENCY firing somebody over what they said on Facebook.
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    @Cal Public schools are government funded institutions. The 1st amendment reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Statements made by public employees pursuant to their official duties are not protected by the First Amendment from employer discipline.
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    Bureaucrats do not appreciate being exposed for what they are. When there are so many in this country going hungry and a institution of learning is denying students food that will end up being thrown away doesn't say much for their supposed liberal values.
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    Im in alignment what with what Ironic said. its not a constitutional violation to fire him I have no idea where they are alleging that. However it was plain wrong to fire him.
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    Not every legal action by a public entity is well-advised.

    If the school district didn't have this policy this driver wouldn't have had a reason to express outrage. Hopefully, this incident will lead to more humane treatment of hungry children.
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    Wrong all the way around. We see to much of this. Our teachers seem to have great deal of something, "lack of common sense" these days. Pop tarts, fingers, throwing away food and embarrassing children, it's the school boards in these districts that need some correcting.
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    Doesn't the wrong doing usually come from the top? The school now offers free breakfasts and lunches to all students. He achieved what he wanted! Now the school needs to give him back his job, give him back pay for their mistake and apologize to him! They knew their guilt in this or they would not have gone so far. Now it's time to finish fixing the situation by giving the bus driver his job back, giving him back pay, and apologizing to him! He was just standing up for this student and others like him.
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    @BelinKS Exactly, agree. My point is that this shouldn't be a reflection on teachers. Of course he deserves his job back, as he was doing the right thing...
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    You are so right about the school boards! Ours here decides the mileage rate you pay on your property for school taxes,one of the highest per student in the state.And with kids attending classes in mobile homes,they decide the football team needs a new changing house! Of course they were kind enough to let the kids have the old changing house for classes.
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    They were wrong. But not for the reason the ACLU gives.

    People need to understand that the internet is a public square. You can't bad mouth your employer from a soap box in front of his business in the public square and not expect a response. Employers ought to be able to fire people who intentionally bring bad press to their business. This is their livelihood we're talking about.

    This is a public school. He works for the taxpayers. He was telling the boss how the other employees are treating their children. He was a whistleblower against government.
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    Imagine if the principal or whoever saw that post and responded with something like...

    "You're right. That was ridiculous that county red tape and inflexibility is causing this to happen in our school. I will assisting Mr. Cook as he takes his own initiative to make sure that none of our children have to experience this again. Thank you for thinking of it Johnny."

    Imagine the press they might've received.
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    You could not be more wrong. "People need to understand that the internet is a public square. You can't bad mouth your employer from a soap box in front of his business in the public square and not expect a response. Employers ought to be able to fire people who intentionally bring bad press to their business."
    Picketing by employees and Customers are Constitutionally protected as long as it is public property and they do not cause damage to property. If you were even 1% right, no news organization or Consumer would be able to speak negative about a company.

    You find spoiled food or a dangerous product you could not report this. There would never be a recall on Dangerous Cars or products. What part of the Constitution that protects free speech do you not understand?
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    This man is also a taxpayer and is entitled to speak on how he wants his tax dollars spent. It does not look to me like he is bad mouthing his employer. It looks to me as if he is criticizing bad public policy.
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    @PNWest Something we can agree on! This is outrageous. Children going hungry at school is completely crazy. I applaud this man for his courage to speak up.
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    @PNWest -- My point exactly. He's not bad-mouthing the taxpayer... the employer. He's informing them of the craptacular way their children are being treated.
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    This school bus rider should not only not be fired but should be praised for offering to help the children...what the hell is a "social media policy" anyhow? should be allowed to say anything you damn well please on your own Facebook page...
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    No, read the small print on Facebook. You have ZERO rights, and can and will suffer repurcussions should you badmouth your boss, regardless of the reason or whether or not your employer is acting in a criminal manner. All that is left is for you to fund your own wrongful termination lawsuit, which since the laws are made by corporations, you almost certainly can't afford, and no laywer will cover those costs, up front. Isn't America as run by corporations wonderful?
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    Stupid all the way around! The school district for not letting a kid eat and the district again for firing this guy for stating what is nothing more than common sense.
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    Well said, URBS! Stupid is as stupid does. The fact that the school district doesn't want to be criticized means that they've got a lot to hide!
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    I do not believe someone's posting on Facebook or elsewhere should result in termination unless it is a credible threat of violence or harm. To post your opinion on any matter should be considered free speech. Unfortunately the consequences can be dire so I would encourage people to be careful what they post online under their own name.
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    Those dire consequences should never be from the government or any of its agencies. If this were a private school they had a right to terminate if the policy were posted and also if the driver were told that if he did not remove the post he would be fired.
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    @fraps although I understand your point I still think people should be able to speak their minds without fear of job loss. Otherwise free speech is not free but directly under censorship of corporations and business.
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    @Speedieg Free speech is free only as far as the government is concerned. It does not apply to individuals or businesses. If it did then we would be subject to censorship and all other government directed evils.

    If you say things your boss does not like, and you knew he did not like it, to bad if he fires you.

    Congress shall make no law.... People can make any rules they want.
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    Then don't vote to give businesses and corporations the power to fire anyone at any time, as they do now.
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    @Speedieg Not at all true. Freedom of speech also is allowing people to fire or not hire others who are counter to your beliefs. The first amendment only protects yu from legal and government action against your speech. Not the citizen. That's like saying I can't tell you to leave my business or property when you start sounding off something I don't want to support.
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    I think you would have to be crazy to start or maintain an Facebook account. Or be a "twit" who "tweets". Why are so many folks so vain as to think the mundane events of their lives need to be recorded..........especially when anyone can see and use that information? Yesterday, in Target, I see a woman on her cell phone agonizing with whomever she was talking to over whether or not to buy the 1LB of hamburger she was "evaluating" in the store. Have we fallen so far as a species that we must consult someone else when we have to make decisions every Kindergardener should be able to make? Should I wipe my ass after using the toilet? Better call someone! Afterwards, I'll post my ordeal on Facebook and hope I get some "likes".
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    I use my facebook account to keep in touch with family and friends who live a long distance away, to post and/or read funny pictures that friends post, not to tell a daily story of my life :)
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    Not really enough information here to decide. Just what is the school's 'social media policy"? How does the school know the "incident never happened"? Why would anyone create a fake story for a Facebook post? What would the bus driver gain by lying about an incident like this?
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    "Why would anyone create a fake story for a Facebook post?"

    Some people get hungry for attention. I see all sorts of nonsense go by, from harmless- but-false Photoshopped images of giant animals to really awful things like "Watch out for this guy, he's wanted for molesting children" without anyone in the chain checking to see if that's true or if it's just some poor schmuck who ticked off his girlfriend.

    Facebook makes me check Snopes more than any other site.
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    @Zazziness You have some interesting friends then, because my Facebook feed has nothing like what you describe. I still don't see anything in the story that would lead a man to create a story he ought to know would get him in trouble. He is more likely in trouble for exposing the school's stupid policy to public scrutiny.
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    @Realthinker I have a lot of friends with a lot of different interests and by the time you start counting in *their* friends, the list gets lengthy and the content unpredictable. Sometimes I think my cousin was right, though. She said she joined Facebook to see what the grandkids were up to and then she was sorry she found out. lol.

    As for this gent? I have no idea if it's true or not but Snopes is full of anecdotes that could be true but aren't. Some people mean well and want to make a point, others just want attention.
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    @Zazziness "she was sorry she found out". I can relate, although at this point it is our son-in-law's grown kids and not our younger grandkids..........yet.
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    @Zazziness This story has been on the local t.v stations here in Ga.for some time,so am assuming it it true.
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    If the incident happened, they were wrong. If it didn't, they terminated a liar. It's that simple
    And if a kid is hungry it's their dead beat loser parents fault.
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    "Free" lunches aren't free and if you gave them to everybody, even more money would be required. I say end school lunches and make lazy ass parents provide for their own.
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    @Ets101592 Ending school lunches will not make "lazy ass parents" provide for their own.

    Did you know that lack of proper nutrition during childhood has negative effects on brain development and when you let a children starve, you have damaged them in a way that will limit their abilities for a lifetime?
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    That's what I always thought was included in my county taxes...there's supposed to be some for the schools. It's something I'll gladly pay a few bucks in taxes on each year. God knows we don't need more idiots around than we already do and for those who chose to stay idiots...well, at least they'll be able to read.
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    If he is lying he should be canned, it would be horrible to lie about something like that for attention. It would be right there with making up a fake hate crime.
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    Not impossible. I dislike those as much as any other chain mail. "I hate animal abuse. I'll bet 90% of those reading won't repost this because they like animal abuse."

    No, I won't repost it because I don't like blackmail or blatant pandering for likes.
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    @Zazziness The most recent one I saw was regarding child abuse. Oooooh the temptation to create my own meme. A picture of a hag next to a cauldron, insert some infants bobbing in the water, and prompt people to Like it if they enjoy boiling babies on a Saturday afternoon. I'll bet 90% of you won't Share!
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    Free speech is punished once again. rebellion will come soon if the government doesn't start reading the constitution and obeying it.
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    What constitution are they violating. Libs don't pay any attention to that anyway. Are free school lunches in the constitution? Just asking. Anyway Cook should not have been fired
    according to the face of this story.
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    "social media policy"

    If he signed a contract it wouldn't be a constitutional issue. Of course, it was wrong to fire him.
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    OH POOR CHILDREN give me a break, it's not like the parents aren't notified repeatedly through their account and even called. This is a PARENT PROBLEM not a school policy problem. There is lots of reasons why they were forced to doing this as well. Get the whole story.
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    There is no excuse for letting a child go hungry while food is thrown in the trash. If there are problems that need to be solved, solve them without starving children.
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    @Zazziness lol. I hardly think they're "starving" the children. If the child didn't get to eat, it's the parents fault.
    If the kid goes home and tells POS mommy and daddy, "I got to eat even though you won't pay for my food", that tells PO mommy and daddy not to worry about it. They'll never pay. Btw. If they're not taking care of the child's nutritional needs, why not stick them with a child neglect charge instead of demanding more "free" stuff?
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    Different story about throwing out food, this isn't it. He had no money, I suspect the first couple times they gave him food anyway but when do you stop? Possibly they the right answer is to refuse to let the children come to school that have no money so the problem isn't the schools then.
    99% of America's problems would be solved with PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, it's time to take America back from the bleeding heart liberals and force some.
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    @Ets101592 " If the child didn't get to eat, it's the parents fault..."

    So? Since you don't feel responsible, you just let the child go hungry? As I said, if you think there need to be other solutions, take them but do not let that child starve in the meantime. And starvation is exactly the right word. A person has to be pretty insultated from the reality of poverty to think it isn't.
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    @DrSilicon "Possibly they the right answer is to refuse to let the children come to school ..."
    So they grow up illiterate and as unable to lift themselves from poverty as their parents were? No, I don't think that's the right answer.
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    if I were an editor on politix I would have used the space used for this story , on something about the Russian army invading another country.
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    They're getting tired of the ass whooping Obama's getting all the way do know this is a pretty low event for the Dimoocrats and Progressives to have "Dear Leader" outed as a pud and getting "punked by Putin" ...again.
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    It's a public institution punishing an employee over expressing his opinion.

    Though the 1st amendment does not apply to private institutions I'd say we ought to have a law limiting employer's rights to fire an employee over things they say on Facebook. Unless they are posting slanderous lies on Facebook or threats they should not be able to be fired.
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