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    The Russians would laugh it off. "To prevent mistreatment of ethnic Germans in the region of Czech Sudetenland" said Adolf Hitler last century. The same excuse was used in Georgia in 2004. We don't have the money, and we don't have European backing to intervene. The Russians know this, and that's why they're doing it. It may be 60% ethnic/National Origin Russians in Crimea, but what will happen to the 40% ethnic Ukranians? If I were them, I would charge North to Ukraine. It would be suicidal for the Ukrainians to try to fight off the Russians, and the atrocities that would committed against them would be horrific, with no one willing to help them.
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    And that was no 'armed militia' occupying government buildings and the airport in Crimea initially. That was Russian SpetsNaz GRU and President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry know that damned well. That was another omen I had when I saw that clown skateboarder with 'GRU' on the bottom of his snowboard. On the other hand, that Mother Eagle successfully fighting off a Raccoon that was after her eggs in Pennsylvania gave me a good feeling- with the Eagle, of course, representing the USA.
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    @GedankPol -- What do you think Putin's next Hitleresque move would be. I can't imagine he likes having Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia much. That was a hotbed of the independence movement back in 90-91.
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    The same will happen to the Ukrainians that happened in Georgia. Putin is slowly piecing the old USSR together and I believe after Ukraine is under control, his plans will definitely gain momentum.
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    @GedankPol Unfortunately we're closer to being a game hen than an eagle at this point with President Hussein Obama and SOS John Kerry.....

    At least Putin as the guts to put action behind his words, which are few.....
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    It's the Hungarian Revolution all over again. We have no leverage. We can nothing of any consequence. The plain fact of the matter is that the balance of power is in Russia's favor. Russia needs the Ukraine more than the Ukraine needs Russia. I doubt Russia will back down.
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    They don't need Ukraine as much as they need a buffer between them and the radical Islamic states. I believe Putin is putting the old Soviet Union back together and Ukraine is the second step in his plan. The neutering of Georgia was his first.
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    I'm not sure if Putin has actually stated that he wants to reconstitute the Soviet Union but his policies certainly imply that he does. The Ukraine has traditionally been Russia's breadbasket. Tsarist Russia was a net exporter of food. A lot of it was grown in the Ukraine.
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    @Ryunkin I hate to say this maybe we need some of those radical Islamic States to keep Putin on guard as they have done with their bombings. He would be forced to guard most of their infrastructure. The mothers of many of the soldiers do not want another war and you can bet if Russia goes back to it's former dictatorship, there will be plenty of high ranking officers willing to change the leadership.
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    @Adolf You show a very good ability to analyze a political situation, and it's very true, Russian mothers are probably scared stiff for the safety of their sons. After the Russian experience in Afghanistan, there is little sentiment in Russia for any major conflict.

    I would however, point out that, although Putin is a scumbag and a dictator, his interests may not be so adverse to the best interests of the American citizen. My fear has been and always will be the repercussions of a United Europe and the expansion of that concept in globalization on the personal freedoms that we hope to enjoy.

    With advance of globalization, borders are disappearing and so is national autonomy. In the world's one percent of one percenter's reach for total power, and because of their clever indoctrination of the rest of us, we are being mislead into a focused antagonism toward the right hand, while the left hand continues to work its evil against us.

    To be sure, Putin is reassembling the Soviet Empire, but the hidden leaders of the West are assembling the rest of the world into theirs. Putin may stand in the way of that world hegemony from happening and that does not necessarily represent a bad thing for the citizens of the rest of the world.
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    Obama has no leverage against Putin. Obama needs Putin to help with Iran and Syria. If Obama does anything except cry in his beer I will be surprised.

    I listened to the other big Wuss John Kerry babble on about the Crimea. He can talk for hours and never make any sense.
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    If NATO decides to act, (there are 28 countries and Russia is not one of them)Obama will have to also or risk looking like the coward he really is. He will have to put it all in the hands of Chuck Hagel. Obama knows zilch about war. I have no confidence in Chuck Hagel either.
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    @BelinKS Nato will never act against Russia, the Europeans need Russian natural gas and oil too much and they know the consequences for them could be disastrous above and beyond the loss of fuel supply.
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    I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

    From what I read a bit ago, it was changed, post-production, from Chinese to North Korea. I just can't remember why.
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    O I'm sure Obama(and/or) his cronies not showing up to a conference, will just make Putin scream with agony, raise the white flag, and then break out in the chours of "We are the World".
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    But, I tnought Putin was bullying Obama?

    That's what the nitwits at CNN are saying!

    In terms of imternational politics, Obama is like a guy with ED in a brothel...limp and useless!
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    So Obama spends an hour and a half on the phone with Putin and this is the outcome? Has a sitting U.S. President ever been punked like this before? It's so embarrassing.
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    Man, you sure have a one-track mind. Everything in the world is about you and your opinion of Obama.
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    The cold war has never gone away, it has been held in abeyance awaiting just a scenario such as this. When the KGB in the guise of Vladimir Putin was "elected" President of Russia, the handwriting was on the wall. Our government abdicated its role as world leader when "the Great Leader" was elected as amateur golfer-in-chief. He then selected ineffectual people for the state department and all the errors that they have committed are finally coming to fruition.
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    The cold war has been going on for the past ten years. The only difference between this one and the last is that the Russians have insinuated themselves into our economic system which may turn out to be our Trojan horse.
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    @Joshua9241 The biggest mistake was thinking that Communism was our biggest enemy. Russia is. They can call themselves the USSR and Communists all they like, but the Russian bear will fight us tooth and nail whether they're socialists or capitalists. Oddly enough, what the KGB couldn't do with spy craft, their oligarchs and bankers have done with money, injected themselves into our economic system and position themselves to do more damage to us than their nuclear weapons. We have the "capitalist" Chinese now to our East and the rising "capitalist" power of Russia to our West. Has anything really changed in the past several decades except titles?
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    This is Putin, not Gorbachev. There will be war and a Cold War both. Putin wants the USSR back. He has already taken countries and it never hit the national news! Going after the Ukraine is especially highlighted because the Ukrainian's had just ousted Putin's puppet president who immediately fled to Russia, to Putin. He claims he is still the rightful leader of the Ukraine, yet is helping Putin to take the Ukraine. He will either end up back in the top seat of the Ukraine or Putin may decide he has outlived is usefulness and we will never see or hear from him again. A typical KGB move. I don't care how many Russian speaking people are in the sovereign nation of the Ukraine! If they are actually in fear they can move to Russia. We all know that they are not in fear, but these people still keep putting out Russian flags to further allow the Russian military to move further to "protect" the Russian speaking people of the Ukraine. These people decided to remain in the Ukraine after the USSR collapsed. That makes them Ukrainians, not Russians! Russia has no right whatsoever to have their military in the Ukraine! Putin is using the same reasons he used when he took over those two other nations. The Ukraine is key to him and he was happy having his puppet as the leader! Now that he no longer has that puppet and the people of the Ukraine want to vote in their own leader; this is the opposite of what Putin wants. He now wants the Ukraine completely under his control. A big part of re-building the USSR. Putin was part of the KGB during the Cold War. He wants the 28 countries of the USSR back under his control, effectively rebuilding the USSR. Do we really know how many of those countries he already has under his control, while flying under the radar by participating with the UN in Syria, his ally? He also wants a continued standoff with the US with nuclear and military strength, at the same time Obama is destabilizing our military and wants to destroy 30% of our nuclear arsenal. I hope Obama now understands why he cannot go through with either, destabilizing our military or destroying our deterrent, our nuclear arsenal. The Cold War actually staved off any nuclear war. Neither country wanted to be who started a nuclear war. I don't know if Putin plans on staving off any nuclear confrontation. He is keeping his largest intentions close to the belt. Putin's actions in the Ukraine should make him lose his seat in the G8 and Russia's seat in the UN. I know they are supposed to be permanent seats, but the UN has to have contingency plans for occasions like this. A permanent member invading a sovereign nation. If no help comes, Russia can probably take the Ukraine without firing a shot. Fear of confronting the now most powerful nation in the world. Obama has let this happen. We are no longer the most powerful nation in the world. Obama, Kerry and Biden still think this can be handled by diplomacy! The Ukraine needs NATOs help. They need the UN to take decisive action and knock Russia out of it's seat of the five permanent members and call on militaries everywhere that can to step up against Russia! Except for Iran. and of course Syria! The time for diplomacy is quickly ending!
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    "prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate Russia"
    So then Russia gets Syria and some of it's old communist buddies together and then hell breaks lose? Placing sanctions on Russia and possible military strikes? Why don't we just ask Putin to press the button?
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    Now I wonder if in a moment of hind-sight Obama might see how important it was to bolster Israel's position instead of backing the Arab Spring. If he had Syria and Iran might have been more behaved...instead he made Putin the Middle East power broker, and now it bites his ass big time in Europe as millions will pay dearly.
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    @BravoJuliet Obama listened to his minister the Rev Wrong go on and on about how evil Israel is. He knows the truth. He has done his best to bring Israel down. Now he is getting his just deserts. Unfortunately we all have to pay for his extreme lack of wisdom.
    There is a German phrase I heard but do not remember in German. In English it was "He is an over-educated Ass (Donkey). It fits him like a glove.
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    If I am Putin and America starts to piss me off, I sponsor some outside terrorist to become my cover pay back agency. Think that might be a stretch," THINK AGAIN"
    with proper financing and intelligence , how effective might terrorist become and who's economy would really start to suffer? Not a pretty picture your liar and chief is inept in positive end results.
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    All he has to do is send some of his Radical Muslim buddies into a few American military and key industrial installations in the name of Jehad and claim responsibility themselves...and it won't be long.

    Heck, he can even use Iranian nuclear bombs in the not too distant future since he's weakened our relations with our one best defense against that too, right there in the Middle East...Israel.

    I think many don't really get the implications of poor diplomacy and a "Wussie in Chief" can really mean yet...but they will one day, too late!
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    No, but we should do it anyway.
    And, what does Obama do? Threaten Israel over the waste-of-time known as The Peace Talks.
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    It might aggravate the situation. Russia is heavily dependent on Ukraine for basic grain necessities. I don't know. I wish I had the answers. These people know the answer.!!!!!
    It's freedom to prosper under autonomous rule.
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    You have a former KGB tyrannical sociopath who wants the world in his hands; who has an estimated 8,500 nuclear weapons, 1,800 of which are strategically operational (Federation of American Scientists) and an unknown number of chemical weapons (as of 1997 a supposed 57% of a boasted almost 40,000 tons had been destroyed - which leaves a LOT); who is key in ending the disturbance in Syria; and who controls the supply routes needed to transport US military and equipment out of Afghanistan. A man who has blatantly disregarded warnings from the UN in the past; who is currently working on securing access to bases is eight countries in strategic locations around the world for "refueling" for his warships and bombers. Do you REALLY think he gives two shits about that summit? He knows the Obama administration is weak. Mr. President...he's got you by the short hairs. What are you going to do?

    No one wants WWIII. But if left alone, thats exactly what will happen. He's just gearing up right now. Putin needs to be handled swiftly and carefully. How?? I don't know but I think the world together needs to put aside differences to do so or there won't be anything left to fight for.
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    But so far, there has been no public consideration of an armed intervention by USĀ .......

    That's right. And let's keep it that way. Obama, stay the hell out of it!!!!!
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    I agree but I feel much for these people who live in the same latitude and can be self sufficient. There is much evidence that has accumulated today that an armed intervention is probable. I'm not a war mongerer but should we really let fear dictate freedom??!!
    I don't think so! I totally relate to these people. I think they should fight the good fight. You are looking at your future.
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