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    Go figure. Leave it to women standing up for men to say that women aren't fragile, helpless waifs who can't think for themselves and victims of men who take advantage of the fragile naivete.

    Wasn't that the line that the first women's libbers were using?

    How did it devolve to women's lib groups trying to convince women that they're victims again.
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    It's all part of the liberal war on women. They are too stupid to take care of themselves, see the Julia story, so an all knowing and much smarter government needs to make their decisions and guide them. Eww - just writing that make my stomach churn! Meanwhile, the conservatives encourage women to achieve, to fend for themselves, to have some self-esteem, to be a proactive member of society and no ones burden.
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    @bobolinsky Nice, now women that claim rape are all obvious democrats.

    Does your party know no bounds for stupidity?
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    I'm assuming by your post, they all regret you the morning after?

    You're one of those "last-call" guys, aren't you?
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    @OlNoName not at all. Have been married to my wife since I graduated boot camp. But what does any of your rhetoric have to do with me or the article at hand?

    And I just stated a fact. Regret afterwards of consensual sex isn't rape.
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    Sad to say but many of both sexes have woken up the next morning and said "what the hell did I do". But, it's only the female that can cry rape after one of those nights. Maybe the regetful males should start crying rape after those nights. I never did understand the concept that a drunk woman can't give consent but a drunk man can. Seems discriminatory to me.
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    This, right here, is what they mean by 'rape culture'. You already have excuses for rapists without even hearing the victim.
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    Or prison...where 7 million Americans dwell...nearly twice the amount of millitary...wonder what the rape frequency is between those two lol.

    That would have little bearing on the male rape rate huh?
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    @Food4thoughts Why are you laughing - is rape funny to you if it happens to men?

    Now, I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly there are currently 2.5 million incarcerated in the US - approx. 90% or which are men.

    According to the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act approx. 10%(it varies btw, between 4% and 12% depending on the study) are sexually assaulted.

    So - 2.35 Million men x .1 = 230,000 cases - but many of these men are not raped once, but multiple times. There are more INSTANCES of men being raped per year than women.

    As to the military - um, no. I am IN the military, and am a SHARP representative. That's a rape victim advocate. The sexual assault rate in the military, as in all other places needs to come down, and we ARE dealing with it.

    But, let's not stab our military with an unwarranted accusation simply to score points, ok?
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    I definitely see it as a real problem, but it is the sort of self-prophecizing kind. Say it's a big problem, and eventually it will be.
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    I don't think guys are going to go around raping them...more might get in trouble from more false accusations though.
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    @BravoJuliet This goes way deeper than rape and into the whole culture and division.... Of Americans and non. Women and men. Christian vs non. The other day I was discussing the concept of the "poker hand" with regard to whether someone can discriminate against another and when it is okay based on the "chart". I have used Curves as a good example in the past, and I did here. Response? That was perfectly okay because of the inequality of women. So I said that using slavery even now was an okay reason to reverse discriminate? No answer, but the facial expression of yeah sure.
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    The supposed chasm between men and women definitely is a far left thing. In the real world, men and women know they are equal. Maybe not equal in brawn, but certainly equal in opportunities. Teaching young impressionable liberal women that men are brutes simply makes it harder for them to assimilate into any working situation. How on earth is this poor misguided girl going to go to work in an office with - GASP!- those darn predatory men? She will not be able to be part of the team if she is either scared to death of them or hostile to the other members of the team. This stupid mindset will do nothing but hamper her growth in any job. The hostile member of the team will be the first to go.
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    The only people teaching young women that "men are brutes" are the actual rapists. Fortunately, such men are rare. As for working on an equal footing alongside men, that's been a long hard row to plow, and it isn't settled yet. There are still many men who resent the very presence of women at work.
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    We're supposed to ignore that, because acknowledging it would mess up conservatives' belief that the magical free market fixes everything without need for government.
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    @Denizen_Kate I've worked in alot of places, and in alot of different environments from factory floors, to research labs and offices and I have not witnessed any widespread examples of mysogyny. I do recall one recent instance of a guy who could be classified as a mysogynist, and guess what, the company let him go at the first opportunity. If there a many men who resent teh presence of women at work as you say, where is this happening? What occupations? Is there any situation where a man's resentment is warranted? Because I can think of a few.

    Here's one...and one that i've witnessed first hand and have seen played out in a number of different organizations i've worked in. I as a man have to leave work early to tend to a sick child, or adjust my work schedule to pick my kid up from daycare. When I announce this to my boss, I get a "well if you must go", with usually an expression of disapproval. When my female coworkers go through the same thing, its usually like...OK.....I hope your kid is ok.

    For example, if we are talking a construction site and a woman is not physically strong enough to work as productively as a man, and the other men have to work harder to make up the difference, that is situation where resentment doesn't mean mysogyny

    You seem to think that there can only be "gender equality" when there is no resentment between the genders, or that every male chauvenist is erradicated. I say that is totally unrealistic.
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    @Denizen_Kate Not MANY at all, as a matter of fact in all my experience I never met one who resented my presence and I occupied a typically male or female type of job, accountant. The only place I have ever experienced any resentment about women taking a place is some very old men at the golf course.
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    That a pretty bold statement to make that all College men are closet rapist. That is so wrong period there may be a few sure but not all. I went to college I never ever wanted to rape a women while there for 4 years and my friends I was in College with didn't want to rape a women either so blows this idea out the window. They need to do more research before they put this type of article out in the mainstream media it's BS
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    No, you didn't. But there were others who did. Not many, just a few, but enough to get a lot of women frightened and angry, and frightened and angry people tend to be suspicious of EVERYBODY. You might be OK, but you look so much like the jerk who did this to their best friend, or whatever.

    When the guilty are not punished, the innocent pay.
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    @AdrianaP Seriously this is the best excuse they come up with. Oh please we have some really lost soles in this country that are lost and beyond repair with this kind thinking.
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    The "War on Women" is mainly in refernce to abortion rights. Are you saying, in light of the more then 1100 proposed new bills concerning abortion since 2012, most of which are trying to end abortion outright in all cases, that it is unsubstantiated?
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    Absolutely. It is 100% unsubstantiated and by the way if you listened during the last two elections you heard all kinds of stuff about war on women that has nothing to do with killing babies. So yes the so called war on women is BS.
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    @URBS 1100 bills on the issue is 'unsubstantiated'? At what point would it become substantiated in your view?
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    You see it is all a matter of prospective. You consider killing the unborn to be a matter of women's rights whereas I believe that killing of an innocent is not anyones right.
    That is what I mean by unsubstantiated. If there were in fact a WAR ON WOMEN as the libs would like people to think then there would be no laws governing women's hiring, promotions, health care etc. Yet there are lots of laws that protect women from discrimination, although they outnumber men they are still granted minority status. Now that does not sound much like a war to me.
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    @boombatic and 55 million unborn children being aborted since Roe - half of which were girls - is NOT a "war on women"? Interesting.
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    Excellent article, very well written and thought out. You are starting to rebuild my believe that there are still some sane people in this world.
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    To all thise femfashists : The only fact ist, that that number was completely made up by a 'study'- it's actually an insult for real studies to use that term - that was manipulated so much and so long, until they found a way to produce numbers they wanted.

    in fact in this study EVERYTHING is considered as rape. It includes : gettung hugged without consent, feeding deeply pissed ( emotionaly raped, lol ), cuffing.

    if one of thise has ever happend to you since the age of 15, the study includes you as 'rape-victim'.

    it's a prototypical feminist-study; made by feminists, financed by feminist, and completely manipulated ... its an insult to all serious science .... butht he femfashist have massive propaganda, so everybody believes those lies now...

    btw : the actual number of probability - over and over approved by NEUTRAL (real) science is : 1/1872 to ever get raped in lifetime.

    Thos all has a strategy everybody needs to seen and understand :
    - create and increas an enemy-image -> produce fear (emotion)
    - create and increase an victim-image -> produce fear (emotion)
    - strenghens those claims by 'approving' them with pseudicience ( see Hilter's pseudiscience on jews )
    - decrease tha value in the menbers of the enemy-group
    -> this all leads to externat attribution of responsibility ( see the ominous 'patriarchy'-dellusion )
    -> justify and legislate the taking away of rights of the enemy-group
    -> legislate advantages for the imagnied victim-group
    ->leads to konflicts that self-approve the claims above, self-strenghten the enemyimage and the victim-image
    -> leads more and more to dehumanisation of the members of the enemy-group
    -> as we all know from all wars and very impressively from the 3th Reich, the Nazis and the Jews, evidentially leads to fatal consequences

    I request everybody that sill has some sane mind and soul, to consider acting and voicing against all this horrible propaganda and to finally care about men'es rights which lie far far behind the rights women have.
    Debunk all those lies, expose femfashism ! they can spread lies, but with peaple knowing the real facts, every lie they clain is then only more a self-exposition !

    so counter their lies with facts and spread them, debunk everyywhere u can, their propagandamachinery is MASSIVE !!
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    This is all so sick ! A women doenst even neew ANY sigh of prove, not even the slightest plausible suspicion is needed ! this deep dark midevl violation of human rights, this deeply sich institutionaliced discrimination has to end IMMEDIATELY ! and this evil and ever-lying feffashist propaganda has to come to an end !

    Feminism is souley about not racing any responsibility wherever it's not comfortable and not having any shame not empathy at all not even breaking fundamental human rights over and over and over and over again !

    Too sick !

    I demand ALL MEN to stand up and fight this fashism IMMEDIATELY before it's completely to late !
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    I suspect that if REAL statistics were used it would expose the OBVIOUS cultural issues that surround this problem. But the problem with this article is that once again it only presents the worst side of the issue as if it was the norm.

    Yes, MOST rapists are men. But, MOST men are NOT rapists. It's that second part that is conveniently omitted from this issue. Demonizing men is easy when you only focus on half of the facts.
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    Anyone associated with Fox News is suspect as far as I am concerned. You can see the issue based in the posters already in this group, liberal this, conspiracy that. Blah, blah. I will tell you what I know and that is women in general have a fear of rape. Whether it is justified or not I can not say. I have experienced many times women rushing to lock car doors,or get the elevator to close in order to avoid having me get on with them. I am in no way unattractive, or scary looking and they certainly have nothing to fear from me. Raping a woman is not a possibility for me.
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    It's worse than that. @SuzanneVenker is the niece and protege of Phyllis Schlafly, and thus apparently thinks that any woman who's not a member of the Schlafly family should stay in the kitchen.
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    The fact is that by the age of 30 almost 40% of all American women will experience some form of sexual abuse. This includes; incest and pediophilia as well as sexual assault. Women in the military are extremely at risk. Considering the facts, women have every right to be fearful when it comes to rape.
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    @Smilingreaper The only fact ist, that that nuber was completely ade up by a 'study'- it's actually an insult for real studies to us that name - that was manipulated so much and so long, ununtil they found a way to produce numbers they wanted.

    in fact in this study EVERYTHING is considered as rape. It includes : gettung hugged without consent, feeding deeply pissed ( emotionaly raped, lol ), cuffing.

    if one of thise has ever happend to you since the age of 15, the study includes you as 'rape-victim'.

    it's a prototypical feminist-study; made by feminists, financed by feminist, and completely manipulated ... its an insult to all serious science .... butht he femfashist have massive propaganda, so everybody believes those lies now...

    btw : the actual number of probability - over and over approved by NEUTRAL (real) science is : 1/1872 to ever get raped in lifetime.
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    If you had said the actual science indicated 1/187 ever get raped in their lifetime it might have legitmate with your limited definition of "rape" . The actual fact is that "actual rape as it is defined by law occurs at a rate where 1/6 women will actually experience it by age thirty!
    However, sexual assault includes such things as: sexual fondling of minor children, non-penatrating sodomy (Rubbing against body with sexual intent with or without clothing). If you want to get a real picture check any major city's police department. Or if you really want to get a real picture have a talk with psychologist or psychiatrists that threat rape victims. Visit hospitals and view the statists on how many assault victims they treat. Your attempts to minimize the seriousness of rape by trying to ignore the magnitude of the problem says more about you than you should like anyone to know.
    Rape is not a new problem.
    Rape is the most under-reported and under-prosecuted crime.
    The toll that rape has on our daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives can not be measured with surveys or crime reports. Rape is not the product of feminism or propaganda, and its reality is not manipulated. As far as neutral science, try talking to a high school social worker and/guidance counselor to see how prevalent rape is!
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    "Women continue to play game of one upmenship"

    How? By going to school? By competing for upper level employment? Isn't this capitalism?

    I wonder if this woman has any daughters? Will she encourage "one upmenship"?
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    Well, not ALL men are rapists. But if the ones that are do not get prosecuted as they should, and their deeds are covered up or excused, then they make everyone else looks bad.

    The purpose of prosecution and conviciton is not to establish who the guilty are, but who the innocents are.

    (Reminds me of a SF story I read ages ago. Several evil people had secreted their consciousness in containers that our hero finally uncovers. He is about to destroy them when the physician in charge tells them taht there are innocets in there. So our heor seays "Tell me who the guilty are so I can destroy them" "I cannot. It goes against my ethics." "Fine, I will destroy them all, unless you tell me who I should spare". And that solves the problem.

    Also it is good to take a look at sports and the fact that too many players feel entitled not to abide by the rules everyone else lvies by.

    Failure to prosecute in a timely fashion and to identify the guilty only serves to persecute the innocent.
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    If the hook-up culture exists on college campuses today, it's because kids are taught from grade school that to have sex is no big deal as long as you use protection. When the condom fails, or is never used, that's not rape. What it is is dependence on a third party to give both the male and the female the excuse to have sex. If the female is on The Pill or the male uses a condom, it does nothing to protect the hearts of females, who are always hurt more by co-operation with the idea that "sex is no big deal." The unprotected hearts of women are being raped all the time by the hook-up culture, but you'll never hear that coming out of women's studies programs.
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    DO NOT trust the woman in this article or the article itself. Not only are all men POTENTIAL rapists..we are in fact ACTUAL rapists.

    Anyone in science knows that a thing with POTENTIAL energy has energy. Thus anyone that is a POTENTIAL rapist IS a rapist. ALso let us not phorget that pheminists say plainly that it is impossible phor a phemale to give actual consent because oph the power diphpherential between Men and women. What is that power diphpherential?

    Men are awesome and women pretty much suck at everything.

    So this dame comes on here claiming all men are not rapists and she is just phlat out wrong. We are ALL rapists...

    Let us not phorget that pheminists have claimed that the act oph a boy being born is rape... ergo ALL boys that make it to adulthood (ie all Men...) are rapists...they raped their mother by being born.

    So trust not this woman! ALL oph you are rapists. We Masculinists are PROUD RAPISTS....
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    Hey jerkwad it is not ACTUAL consent it is MEANINGPHUL consent... since women cannot give MEANINGPHUL consent..they cannot give ACTUAL consent.. thus they cannot give consent AT ALL....
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