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    Looks to me like just about anyone can be nominated for it, even if they don't do anything to earn Obama's! It doesn't mean so much now and I guess anyone can win a "CrakerJack Prize"!
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    Well, I want to understand the concept of how they decide who wins it.....I mean based on President Hussein Obama's shall we say infamous, illegal presidency and one of the most polarizing and dividing presidents EVER.....some just be need to define properly to the Nobel committee what exactly the word PEACE actually means.....
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    Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Barry Obama, Vladimir Putin..........nominees and one winner.
    The very reason the Nobel "Peace" prize stopped being the "peace" prize many, many moons ago!
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    Kissinger deserved a whaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
    Henry Kissinger: A war criminal Jew that worked out the details and logistics on America's USAF B-52H stratofortresses slaughter of 900,000 Cambodians (and wanted Nixon to (((nuke))) Haipong Harbour) in the 1970's.(Probably related 'by' blood' to Pol Plot <We're still researching to discover the name of Pol Plots 'Jewish' mother, jajajaja> and escaped 'by the skin of his teeth' on being (((charged))) by the ICC in the over-throw of prez Allende in Chile and also helped in the promotion of Gen'l Agusto Pinochets (Margaret Thachers, favorite war criminal <who once called Nelson Mendela a 'terrorist'> ) to be prez of Chile.
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    It seems you and your group( we) have some serious issues with anti- semitism. After reading your profile , it's clear you people have an agenda of hate. I find your post no different than that of proudvet in the propaganda market. I have never blocked a soul here. Mostly because people need to be aware of the danger that confronts the weak minds of racism.

    @bobolinsky @GedankPol @Firestorm
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    YUP, I hate the athiest ZioNazi cut-throats of Israel.(Mostly the racist and hateful Ashkanazi's)
    In 1980 I went to Israel to teach their young pilots how to 'fly-fight-and-win.(A-3D's)
    In 1982, using all the skills we had taught them to defend themselves with were used instead in the invasion of Lebanon, murdering 28,000 civilians and the IAF (Israeli air force) bombed and strafed hospitals, clinics and Palestinian refugee camps leaving carnage that would give you PTSD for a life time.
    Today, as I remember those dayze I hate those killers of innocents 'more than yesterday - less than tomorrow!
    Moving on.....
    Israel's Operation Cast Lead 12/2008 - 01/2009 brought on the massacre of almost 2,000 Palestinians <480 of them children and infants>. Palestinian mothers with their babies in one arm and the other hand waving the white flag of surrender were cut-down by the IDF killers (The Golani 'death squads' were the meanest and worst of the killers). US F-16's pounded the sewage/water works leaving the Palestinians homeless, knee deep in sewage water, no potable water was available, so sewage water was boiled and drunk to stay alive. Chicken farms were bombed and bulldozed and hundred's of thousands of chickens were killed to meet the starving Palestinians food demands.
    Merkava Mk III tanks fired US supplied 120mm 'flechette'(This shell <coming out of the tanks barrel> sends out thousands of steel 'darts' over the area the size of a US football field that (((tumble))) through the air at supersonic speed 'shredding' everything they hit. Human flesh turns into bloodied 'mounds' of shreaded fleah, heads are found 100 meters from where the body lays. You see crushed bones and burnt hair everywhere - the stench of blood and urine penetrates the air in a horrid manner that wants to make you vomit. These Pentagon furnished anti-personnal shells fired 'point blank' at Palestinians (((cowering))) in their gray block homes some 12 meters away from the streets as human flesh leaves huge streaks of blood and skin smeared against the walls of the destroyed homes as the shells explode. Yassar, I am angry and will stay angry until the Palestinians have the high-tech weapons to defend themselves with against the great Satans 'Bible' demons.'

    To be continued......
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    :Serious pronlem with anti-semitism?!
    Tell it to the apartheidnik Jews in Israel......
    They seem to be the biggest anti-semites, especially in Gaza and the West Bank.
    FYI: Yup, the Palestinian's are a semitic people. Often more 'semitic' that most Jews.
    Especially the ZioNazi AshkaNazi's terrorists.
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    The Left loves authoritarians. For instance Progressives liked Hitler so much they named him Time's "Man of the Year" in 1938.

    btw-- they gave it to Stalin in 1939.
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    And Sen. Preston Bush helped to build the Nazi machine.
    That was then, this is now. But I don't have to tell you that.
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    He called off the UNITED SNAKES (US/Israel/NATO) cut throats (fresh off of plundering Libya) with the Russian veto.

    Hey man -'He saved lives!'(Despite the fact that the UNITED SNAKES continue to fund terrorism in Syria, AF/PAK, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia, Mali, South Sudan and places known only to God).
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    "Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both nominated at one time, and neither of them won."
    Have they lived long enough, they probably would have. Pathetic.
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    Sorry chicken, like most American's, once UR out of AmeriKKKa -'You're fried chicken!'
    But, in UR case maybe ESL might work 4U, da?
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    Sorrry, I failed to tell you Thunderchicken.
    'TheAZCowBoy' is my 'Nom de guerre'
    It's DSalcido after I return to the phone booth 'after my mission!'
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    The Nobel Peace prize must be the greatest embarrassment to the Norwegian. The privileged white guys that make the decision have given the prize to our Dear Leader for getting elected??? Ya-sir Arafat fro killing Jews and anyone else he didn't like, etc ,etc. Talk about folks in Ivory towers!
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    Ohhh, but you didn't say "Jews murdering Muslims!"
    See how you are!!!
    I also detected a little streak of yellow...err...err..., I mean, racism in UR comment.
    Oh well.....

    BTW: If you put all the Jews murdered by Arabs on the head of a pin - you would still have room for Natanyahu, Peres, Ashkanazi, Shamir, Dayan, Sharon, Livni and a dozen more war criminal Jewish politicians - U bet!
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    Hell if obama could win it for doing nothing why could Putin not win for doing at least something,even if it is war.
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    The US murdering innocents and even terrorist 'suspects'(Wedding parties) with their predator 'extra-judicial' killing machines is 'even more' shocking.

    And so is the UNITED SNAKES (US/NATO)(((parading))) their 'Malala's', 3-ring circus style, to the UN and elsewhere, as the UNITED SNAKES 'Malala's' lay massacred in shallow graves throughout the Middle East with not a single journalist from the US Jewish owned and operating media 'taking notes.'
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    If this was awarded to our panty-waist leader why not Putin. He is a man and speaks his mind. Won't be sidestepped by any phony nationals or anyone else. We need a man like him with convictions. So, yes let him have the prize.
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    I love the pic Putin playing with big bad ass dogs, Barry would have a caged hamster or 2 in a spinning wheel. Putin shirtless on horseback looking all manly, Barry with his helmet and mom jeans riding a girly bike. Image IS everything.
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