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    @slayer98_l Reid was the least popular senator according to a Gallup poll done September 2013 but this leftist rag ignored that.
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    Rino's run that risk.As a person I think he deserves respect for his sacrifice in war,as a political figure his time and respect has passed.Its time to move on John.
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    @DukeSnider So he picked Sarah Palin as a runningmate because he's brainwashed by the commies? Well, she does live close to Russia, can even see it from her house. Hmmmm, this explains a lot.
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    @suburbangeorge how short the rebuds memories are smh. The disrespect shown McCain from his own party is an excellent example of the reason they cannot win a national election anymore. They no longer embrace positive figure's even the ones in their party. They like paper tigers and loud mouths like Cruz.
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    @Poltal Reagan was senile for his entire presidency. His handlers would put executive orders in front of him and tease him with jelly beans until he signed them.
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    His seeming obsession with invading or starting war to solve every world issue of unrest or civil dispruption is starting to be a broken record with John..........that many years in a prison camp leaves a mark on everyone, no matter how brave, noble, valorous, or stalwart a person you are.
    He's served America; time to relax and retire before he strokes out in apoplexy.
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    Neat headline but you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to beat Glenn's people. The Blaze scooped ya by a few hours and spoiled any surprise I may have gotten by opening and reading your story.
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    My Son's are in their mid-twenties. Any story that broke 15-seconds ago is old and irrelevant news to them.

    I tell them that since they have been aware of the story for so long, they should have formed some insightful thoughts about it. No analysis is ever forthcoming from them. I'm like, so what good does it do you to know about the story?
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    McCain got the monicker "The Maverick" by bucking his party. IMO he bucked to the left too much. I would prefer his presidency over Obama's but the small government, Constitutionally oriented, fiscal conservative that this country needs, he ain't.
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    Well, I don't see eye to eye on him on some issues, but I don't dislike the man. The folks I truly don't agree and dislike are folks like Senators Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Charles E. Schumer.
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    Are you kidding? Harry Reid is in a position to do a lot more damage to the country ... he wins the title.
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    Why is he so unpopular now in Arizona?? Because all he has done is flip flop on issues.The biggest one was "finish the damn fence" to now he is for immigration reform knowing that many of the illegals that came across the border would be basically given amnesty.Hell lets give amnesty to everyone in prisons at the same time.a criminal is one who breaks he laws of this country and these illegals have broken our laws and now he joins with Obama and his immigration amnesty plan.No McCain ill not be in office after 2016 elections the same as many of the career politicians.time to tell those thinking in the 70's and 80's "ADIOS!!!"
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    McCain popular?!!!
    (like the clapp!)
    He needs a new X-box and a 'perptual war'
    game and a truck load of Cialas. His wife
    hasn't seen him in months!!
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    Oppps, here comes a GOPee'er!
    Where's UR viginal (((probe))) kit?
    (The 'bad' guyz always wear the
    black hats, notice, Pilgrims?)
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    I thought Harry Reid was at least in a tie for the worst, and there are a couple more that are running a close second. But I agree that McCain has let his party down. I think about 95% of our 2 houses need to be replaced including those in my State. We need some good back to the Constitution Tea Party types.
    I know the Democrats would hate that, but if the Republicans went towards the Tea Party in a big way they would sink the Left in a big way, and I hope for that.
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    The Tea Party types are not "back to the Constitution". But PLEASE, run Tea Party members in every election.
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    They are more of the "Back to 1620" party. Make that the "Back to 1720" party. That way women wouldn't have any rights and slavery would be legal again. The T-baggers would LOVE that.
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    I too want to "vote" for Harry Reid --- IMHO There is no contest! He should be the winner by at least 10 to 1.
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    McCain is INSANE and America's true life Manchurian Candidate ... I voted for him only becasue of Palin and even as nutty and vile as he is he would have been far better than Obama...

    But like Romney who listened to the liberal lying media HE WAS STUPID and tried to play nice and lost the election with his suspend the campaign BS that broke any momentum he had ...

    Reid and Pelosi aren't far behind in my book either... in fact I despise them more than McCain...

    Maybe that old Bas...d might finally get out of the way and let some young conservative step in and try to stop this mess before our economy implodes.... instead of his crossing the aisle and going down on the Dems like McCain is doing and helping to speed our destruction...
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    Me too... I only voted for him because of Sarah Palin. I am not fan of McCain... maybe he would be better than Obama, but not by much.
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    You voted for him because of Palin? That speaks volumes, given what an unqualified loon she is.

    And news flash, McCain NEVER had a chance of winning in 2008. That election was lost before the Republicans even picked a nominee.
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    And Obama was qualified how? A one time senator that wasn't in his seat 95% of the votes...

    But he was black so that made him what? S-P-E-C-I-A-L?

    He has doubled the debt in 5 years and will probably triple it by the time he leaves while gutting the military....that only makes up 17% of the budget...

    We saw what that got us... China is drafting 1 million more troops and Russia invaded the Ukraine...

    What a leader he turned out to be.... At least Palin turned Alaska around and gave the people their money back unlike the take-take-liberals ....
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    I bet if Palin was pro-Pot you would have loved her..... You're a liberal I recall from other posts...
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    Harry Reid is the most useless piece of shit who is 100% against the LEGAL voters he's supposed to support and 100% against the military..
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    I agree, but watch your language, some young people are reading this, it's something they are asked to read in hopes of educating them on both sides.
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    Jerbear, I'm sorry about the one word, but listen at the local pre school and you will hear a LOT worse coming from the poor little kiddies who hear it from and copy their parents language..
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    Hey, Jake baby, it's actually the (((little))) people doing the commenting.
    Tea bagger, I'm sure.
    You from Texas, BOY?!
    Austin, I'm sure.
    You can get a GED in Austin on an extended week-end for a kilo of Hawaii 'Gold' or a Davy Crockett 'coon tail' cap!
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    The TEA party makes more sense and has solutions for the problems than the Dems and Repubs do... Maybe you'll learn something if you listened to what they stand for instead of listening to the dang media....
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    @Jake92 Hi, any idea what TheAZCowBoy is talking about? I'm not sure if he agrees or disagrees, I'm too far removed I guess.
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    Hmmpf - I would have thought it would be Harry Reid, but I wasn't asking the poll question so I have no idea how it was worded and who was asked.
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    "McCain's major selling points were moderation and bipartisanship."

    I used to admire that about him and was so disappointed when he wooed the extremists during his presidential campaign. And that's what lost it for him, really. The moderates who supported him were turned off and the extremists suspected he didn't really mean it.:-(
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