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    The pollution problem over there is good news for the US. In order to battle pollution, manufacturing plants will be forced to install and run expensive equipment to reduce harmful emissions. This will drive up the cost of manufacturing, making it less lucrative for US corporations to outsource manufacturing to China.
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    The corporations will just move to another 3rd world country where they will be allowed to freely pollute. They don't care about the environment or people's health, only profit.
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    I would disagree that China will "be forced to" do anything about their pollution, except because of widespread interest and pressure from their own population.

    It's the US that has actually the opposite problem - our EPA is a magnet for any green activist zealot with an agenda. They don't work WITH businesses to help them and move them forward, they target them and punish them.(see the comment from Darkdreamer below)- The idea that "coporations" are the enemy and evil is, for the most part, absurd. You local plumber is a corporation, and same for the bakery in your town. A FEW, a very small few mega-corporations are amoral, but even of the mega's most are not.

    But, back to your point - China will not be forced to do jack squat - their goal driven to the point of blindess to unintended consequences.
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    @Darkdreamer That's why our tariff system needs to be restructured to make it uneconomical to relocate to areas where pollution isn't regulated and workers don't enjoy decent wages and working conditions.
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    @steven_beene What I meant by "forced" was that they won't be able to see 2 feet in front of them. People won't be able to even find their way to work each day. Their work force will slowly begin dying off. It will be clean up the air, or stop manufacturing stuff. Not because of any law, but because of physical limits.
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    Yeah, we should loosen regs. That will solve things. Then we can compete with them economically huh? I know, lets get rid of pollution regs so we can be just like China!
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    Not completely useless. As in a great many things, the U.S. can and should be leading the way for the rest of the industrialized world to clean up its act.
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    Looks like China is about 30 years behind the US in how they are addressing pollution.

    On a global stage until China and the rest of the 3rd world gets on board with pollution controls, stricter U.S. regs are pretty useless.
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    @Ric_Hornsby If that was true we would actually be doing something about pollution instead of considering another disaster waiting to happen, the Keystone pipeline.
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    GO KEYSTONE . The U.S. needs you as does thousands looking for a real job. Wadda ya tink Ric ; Another brain dead Obama supporter ?
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    @Darkdreamer that pipeline is certainly a disaster since it would provide jobs and oil for the needs of this country.

    I mean seriously we all should just sit on the couch and allow the government to take care of us, while talking on our Obama phones to schedule free health care appointments and noshing on Doritos bought with our Food Stamps.

    Obviously you happen to be one of the left I was referring to earlier.
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    They got our jobs and the pollution that went with it. It isn' t good though and the world needs to work on environmental issues for the good of everyone. We can't continue to just keep polluting this way whether in the US, China, or the many other countries that pollute.
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    I was wondering if the Chinese would ever catch on. They seem to be about where we were in 1960 or so in terms of concern about pollution.
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    Hmm. I think it's actually the beginning of a flash mob, and they are just doing some really cool smoke effects.
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    China went with the fastest and cheapest method of attaining growth: fossil fuels. And now, to paraphrase Emperor Palpatine, they "have paid the price for their lack of vision".

    Can you blame 'em, though? They're simply following OUR program from the past fifty (50) years, and figured they'd break off a chunk of that growth to clean up whatever mess was made.
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    The people have little or no say in the running of the government.
    They may be involved as victims.
    They can't really "work together" - because, the dumb ass government is going to keep on doing dumb ass things.

    The battle - such as it is - is the result of the government - not the people.

    Stupid is as stupid does.
    China had a full and complete example of what not to do during an industrial revolution.
    They had the British/European example of the steam punk era.
    They had the American example that didn't show much improvement.

    Individuals and governments are similar in that they must be able to learn from the mistakes of others.
    They simply won't live long enough to make them all themselves.
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    This may be all be part of a grand strategy. According to the Sun Tzu, the successful Chinese Warrior should : "Let yourself be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, strike like a thunderbolt". Maybe they are creating such a huge air pollution haze that satellites will not be able to pick up their troops invading Taiwan after they've disabled Taiwanese telecommunications and computers through an electro-magnetic pulse. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? lol
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    All those troops will be huffing and puffing half way up the beach. But I don't doubt they can take it if they have the will to do so.
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    There's nothing in China that the few remaining billions of dollars of present and future U.S. Taxpayers can't fix.
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    China wanted western technology but seems to have choosen, so far, to ignore developed western technology to prevent pollution so I'm not feeling a lot of empathy for China's pollution problem.
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    China's pollution problem is what happens when businesses are given free reign. I suggest to all those conservatives who whine about the " business killing" regulations of the epa to take a good long look at that picture. Without the epa, that smog would be your neighborhood.
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    HMMM.....I consider myself conservative with a touch of liberal in me ( Independent status). I don't think ALL the EPA is bad, but, the EPA has gone down a road (in some aspects) that has killed business.
    Buying carbon credits.......WTH. Doesn't that sound like you can kill people as long as you can afford it? Or better yet, a money making scheme?
    What we need to do, for the environment, is get certain big business out of the lobbying business. Does anyone truly believe that the combustion engine, first designed some 140 years ago or so, is still the best technology around? I don't!
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    @stepped_in_it first, I don't agree with everything the epa does.
    Second, carbon credits is be.
    Third, I agree about the lobbying.
    Finally, the reason the combustion engine is still around is bc of the power of the oil companies.
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    @mtkopf No, it's around because it works. If you don't like gasoline, tie a box fan to the back of your car.
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    "Does anyone truly believe that the combustion engine, first designed some 140 years ago or so, is still the best technology around? "

    "Best" is a very subjective term. Given it's usage, ease of operation, and support infrastructure, yeah the gasoline fueled IC engine is still the best way to go. That's not to say we shouldn't look for the next possible best way to go. IMO we're screwing up by not pursuing hydrogen powered vehicles.
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    One of the lures to the industries that moved to China was the lack of EPA type regulations and requirements. They left excessive regulations to no regulations. China is now paying the pollution price for no regulations and the United States are paying the economic price for over regulation. There has to be a happy medium somewhere in the middle, but the tree hugging EPA will never go there. I just heard that the EPA has proposed egregious regulations on wood burning stoves and fireplace emissions. Is there no limit to this regulatory abuse?
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    They don't care about animals, people, air, water, regulations or personal responsibility toward our planet and its wild animals.
    They only care about profit and control. They illegally capture endangered animals (tigers and bears), make them live in totally inhumane environments and kill them off to sell illegal elixirs, wines and body parts, for profit. No regard for natural life or clean life. Nothing will be done until it hurts their bottom line.
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