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    As I have stated many times, Most liberals are against cigarette smoking in public, But think its perfectly alright that they have to smell some one else's POT Smoke.
    Because POT is good for you, BUT cigarettes are bad for you.
    Liberals are the absolute worst kind of hypocrites.
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    Considering we have had stories of people being thrown off planes for body odor and workplace lawsuits for over-use of nauseating perfume...

    ...I'd say this business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone that he finds offensive smelling.
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    Yep if you are a business owner you have the right to refuse...That is one of your given rights as an American
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    Boy I bet that would be your ULTIMATE nightmare wouldn't it.

    Like the Republicans version of Freddie Krueger...

    a pot smoking homosexual atheist on welfare.....oooh it just makes your skin crawl doesn't it?
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    @boombatic the only thing that would make it the ultimate nightmares if they were so doped up they asked the barber to make them a cake for their wedding
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    @boombatic If they are smoking dope on welfare they need to be in prison for committing fraud against the American people.
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    Stinky old man smell is TERRIBLE.

    Worked with an old engineer on the railroad who WREAKED of "stinky old man" smell.

    He tried to cover it up with some sort of scented toilet water cologne.

    It only made the cab of the locomotive smell like scented toilet water cologne and "stinky old man" smell. BLAAAGH!!!!!!!
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    That is the mistake many there are making.Being reasonable of its use and not flaunting it would do more to promote other states to legalize it.The eyes of the nation are on them.With that said the barber has the choice to restrict odors I would think.Not that the constitution matters to some but to delay court rulings I don't believe it is a right to smell offensive under the constitution.
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    That got my mind working there, mike. I guess some odors can be controlled and restricted.
    Nonetheless, if that same person farted a particularly vile, heinous, nose hair burner in the barber chair , I might violate his constitutional rights.
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    Ive read it many times but think I missed the constitutional right to pass gas.Doing that is one thing smelling like sh-- is another.
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    Right now they are in a drunken or drugged stupor and just want another hit. I don't know, it's awkward to see even one drunk stumbling around, it must be very awkward to see a lot of drugged out pot smokers floating around. Some things really should be done in private or at a club, not walking down the street.
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    You wrote one of the funniest post ever.

    "Not that the constitution matters to some..."

    You had balls to write that under your picture of someone who pretty much threw out the entire constitution and thought nothing of it.

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    @Tralee wrote:

    "it must be very awkward to see a lot of drugged out pot smokers floating around."

    What I find awkward is seeing someone who thinks ALL pot smokers are drugged out and "floating around".

    Took my first toke back in 1967. When I went out in public high, nobody could tell if I had a little buzz going or if I was really stoned; even people like you who are paranoid about those "damn pot smoking hippies".

    Go watch "Reefer Madness" again. For the 2045th time.
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    Seems like they are wallowing in it. I've smelled it, I don't find it a pleasant smell, just like cigarette smoke. It's a service to his customers is the way I see it. I also don't want to walk into some business that if full of smokers. Before DE banned indoor smoking I often had to wash my clothes and take a shower after being someplace where a lot of people were smoking, I don't want to smell like that and I don't want to smell like pot. I guess if they want their hair cut they'll have to wait to get high until after.
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    I see a business oppurtunity in this.
    A barber shop that caters only to high customers.
    Get your finance money ready.

    Welcome to " Happy Heads"!!!
    Where our scissors can be used on sticky buds or yo head.

    A place where professionalism reeks and everybody likes it.
    You walk in, fire up a doobie( no blunts allowed. Health issue) and wait your turn. The barber is high as a kite, too. Doritos and Reese's peanut butter cups are on the house.
    The barber cuts about two hairs so everybody keeps coming back.
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    @BravoJuliet of course there'd have to be on limit on the munchies. Gotta have a draw but gotta keep overhead down because there will always be users and abusers of a good thing.
    Default food will be those unbranded Cheerios that come in a hundred pound bag.
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    Putting the stupid sign up is his prerogative, but really, how many stoners still go to the barber shop? And, how can he tell it's not the patchouli? But, hey, look at all the attention he's getting! LOL
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    @dances-weebles I saw the lines at those pot stores when the opened up. alot of those people desperately could use a haircut and a shave.
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    The fact that he's been met with hostility is sickening. A rude pot-head beat down is in order.
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    LOL.... I guess even a toke doesn't get rid of the politically correct belief that they have a right to offend others but others have no right to offend them.
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    pot smokers aren't rude... in fact, by denying them service if they smell like they've smoked pot is beyond rude. i doubt seriously that this guy extends the same courtesy to cigar smokers.
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    Cigar smoke doesn't cling in the air like a ripe stinch.

    Bottom line, "I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."
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    I like my pipes, especially my Petersons loaded with a black Cavendish.
    The smell of vanilla fills the room.
    I also like quality hand rolled cigars, those don't smell cheap.

    My experience with marina is the better it is, riper the smell. I don't mind the smell other than the instant craving I get. It's been 25 plus years since I've indulged and I do remember the smell being offensive to some. Barber shops are becoming something of a rarity around my area. Saturday haircuts at the barber shop brings mom, dad and the kids.

    I don't blame the barber a bit for refusing service to those reeking of pot or of cheap cigars for whatever that's worth.

    If a fella is going to take an hour to smoke a cigar he shouldn't smell like manure when done.
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    Its his business, his choice. He could always say that he doesn't want to cut someone's hair who is under the influence. Most tattoo artists will refuse service to people under the influence... why not barbers and hair stylists?
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    @bbbong999 I'm aware, I have quite a few. I still wouldn't want to have to walk around with a goofy looking haircut because I had a dumb idea when I was drunk or high. It's still basically the same concept.
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    Actually it has nothing to do with tattoos being permanent.

    It is a medical issue. When you are intoxicated, you simply bleed more. Your blood is thinner, so the ink has a harder time staying in.
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    Few people would be obnoxious about it. The pot heads should be shunned by all the businesses because of the actions taken by some of them.
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    Want to proofread what you wrote?

    Did you REALLY mean that because a few (maybe just one) acted badly, ALL tokers should be shunned? That would cost a lot of businesses a lot of money as well as just being plain stupid.
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    @bbbong999 All that carried the strong smell. I called them pot heads as opposed to all marijuana users.
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    That can be said of cigarettes, as well. If you want to smoke, do it in private and take a shower after and WASH your clothes.
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    @BobSmith Yeah, but that is not a standard to follow. In the Dark Ages, people were more used to sleeping in a hut that doubled as the animal pen, with all that feces and urine ending up on the floor each night. Just because people are "more used" to something does not mean that that is a good thing to continue. Of course, for conservatives, the past is always better, so I guess you should enjoy the goat poop...
    (And yes, that last was meant as humor, which seems to never come across on these boards...)
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    I wonder how long it will be before the PC police will be on his doorstep? After all, it's illegal for a bakery to deny making a cake for a homosexual couple. Those cases were decided by liberal judges and the legalization of pot in the state of Colorado is the brainchild of the liberal Colorado legislature.
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    @Joshua9241 To make marijuana legal in their state. See what you have to do is read all the comments and whom I replied to. If that is to tuff for you then have your mommy help you to explain it better
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    I've gotten to the point where if you're going to marinate yourself in cologne or perfume, smoke a pack of cigarettes on the way to the store with the windows up in your vehicle, or fail to realize the usefulness of soap, shampoo, and deodorant in the summer, I have absolutely no shame about covering my mouth and my nose with my sleeve to try to filter out your stink. Yes I get dirty looks but one good turn deserves another.
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    Well, its more so people trying to figure out what you are so weird and let things as simple as a smell bother you that much.
    Good small bad small, smells are subjective. What is bad for you might not be for me.
    You have the right to act like a freak in public and cover up when something you "feel" is bad for your nose, but others have the right to try and figure you out as we all stare at "crazy" people.
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    @BillS I'm understanding you did NOT read what I posted. Patchouli makes me throw up. I also have this thing called ASTHMA. I'm happy you enjoy the smell of body odor, fecal matter, chemicals and carcinogens. In my book that makes YOU the freak. Enjoy!
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    @jamayla Actually jamayla, do you know even what you said? I replied to this comment.

    I've gotten to the point where if you're going to marinate yourself in cologne or perfume, smoke a pack of cigarettes on the way to the store with the windows up in your vehicle, or fail to realize the usefulness of soap, shampoo, and deodorant in the summer, I have absolutely no shame about covering my mouth and my nose with my sleeve to try to filter out your stink. Yes I get dirty looks but one good turn deserves another."

    The word "Patchouli" is no where in what you said.

    I never said I enjoy any of those smells, but I can tolerate them, why? Because what is bitching going to do? That person has the right to smell bad just as they do good. Its a thing called freedom.
    This topic was on marijuana "smell", and a smell dont make a chemical or carcinogen.

    But Patchouli is a flower, and you can never expect nature to roll over because you puke.
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    @BillS Allow me to school you thusly. Patchouli IS a perfume/cologne. The smell is equal to that of guano. You do know what guano is right? And hey, they are free to wreak all they want and I am free to respond with disgust. Some people don't have a problem spreading old lady farts on a cracker and gobbling it down. However I prefer not to. As long as they aren't ashamed of their stench I'm not ashamed of filtering it out right in front of them.
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    can't blame him one bit, i cannot stand the smell and it just as well be someone who slipped in and is covered in dog crap.

    it would be one thing if these folks kept their crap in their own home. look for more problems.
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    pot doesn't effect breathing... not only that, but the barber's objection is about people who smell as though they may have smoked pot... not who are smoking it in his shop.
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    It is a flipping smell.
    It is not the smoke going into the air. This article talks about this mans bitch about a smell, not that dudes are actually smoking it in his shop.
    People do this about cigarette smell on people, but never heard of one being refused service because he reeks like cigarettes and that proprietor can't stand the smell the same as this man does about marijuana smell.
    I have smelled some smells that have annoyed me. Womens obnoxious perfume, carbon monoxide and so fourth, and some of these smells can kill you, carbon monoxide.
    But people are worried about the least harmful or what they ONLY think is a bad small, not what another person thinks might be bad.
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