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    My son does need insurance, but the cost right now has led him to say he'll pay the fine. He's a new college grad building two businesses. He says he'll buy insurance when he can afford it.
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    @BelinKS says:
    ▌ He says he'll buy insurance when he can afford it.

    I hope your son isn't one of those who are under the false impression they can pay the penalty, and just buy insurance if they get sick because they think they can't be turned-down. The truth¹ is that you can't buy Obamacare after the Open Enrollment Period. From the official Obamacare web site we read:
    ▌ It's important to remember that someone who pays the penalty
    ▌ doesn't have any health insurance coverage. They still will
    ▌ be responsible for 100% of the cost of their medical care.

    ▌ After open enrollment ends on March 31, 2014, they won't be
    ▌ able to get health coverage through the Marketplace until
    ▌ the next annual enrollment period, unless they have a
    ▌ qualifying life event.

    ¹ The truth as president Obama say it when we went to bed last night. Subject to change with the stroke of a pen after payment, uh I mean campaign donation by unions or others is received by the 2016 Obama re-re-election campaign finance committee.
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    The worst part is, This Turd of a law is going to be delayed 90% of it, until our teachers assistant, posing as president leaves.
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    And young people, the Mtv crowd was a big reason he won a second term, because he knew they just didn't have enough experience to see through his lies, they see now.

    " It fact this poorly-conceived and poorly executed law has had the opposite effect. Obamacare has been particularly devastating for young people"
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    Remember those young idiots cheering him on. Crying at the sight of him? Now they are crying for another reason. Broke and no job.
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    @drpeeper ... And absolutely nothing positive in sight for the near future.
    Obama got what he wanted out of America, and now has abandoned the people.
    He had the money behind him and he promised to take from the rich and give to the poor (Robin Hood Complex or RHC for short) which bought him the Presidency. No one asked how he would do it. Obama never thought beyond being the first black President.
    And in a few years he will just go away and leave America holding the bag.
    Young people, and more minorities are are starting to see his lies and hopefully see that the entire party backed his lies.
    Although today many try to distance themselves from Obama.
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    "Hope and Change"

    That is the new standard in America, that's all we have left...Hope that one day things will be better and we'll have more than just change in our pockets...
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    "It fact this poorly-conceived and poorly executed law has had the opposite effect. Obamacare has been particularly devastating for young people"
    What's hilarious is that this quote comes from the geriatric Koch brothers, who haven't had a clue what "young people" think in over 50 years.
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    @NormalFlora well it seems that they have a clue. Obamacare enrollment showing exceptually bad numbers, and especially with young people, even though they call the age range of 18-35 the toung people, which is laughable.
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    I expect that too. I'd still like to see the numbers. When I ran mine the price tag was outrageous. I'd like to see what the subsidies are.
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    Raise the voting like 35? If we cannot have a president younger than 35, people should be at least 35 to be able to vote too....
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    @Wait-----what I might be able to support raising the voting age to 25 since that's the age at which one can run for the House ( but that would take quite a bit of convincing) but no chance for 35.
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    Of course Obamacare is hurting young people more. It's intended purpose was just that!
    The bigger question is:
    Will our young people learn from this?
    Most likely NO. All young generations are born with "rose colored glasses". Many learn quickly how to remove them. This younger generation's glasses appear to be permanently installed. They are now just waiting for their participant trophy to tell them just how good they've been. Sad!
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    Obama cares about power, changing this country into a socialist country, and Obama. Can't wait to see what crisis erupts prior to his leaving office that will require his staying for another 4-10 decades like his other commie dictator counterparts.
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    Odumbasscare is nothing but a scam. A bald faced liar sold this scam to a bunch of leftist fools and apathetic, ignorant people who believed his lies. They were warned time after time what this scam would do, yet they bought the bald faced lies of a corrupt and inept devotee of socialism. Now they will reap what they sowed. The only problem is that the scam, the corrupt lying messiah and the ignorant masses will bring the rest of us down with them. Alas, this is the outcome of socialism. It spreads the wealth and the misery.
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    Also people eager to believe his something for nothing lie are to blame.

    There simply is no gravy train, everything cost something.

    I would think all adults know that but I guess not.
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    Right, as Maggie Thatcher once said, socialists don't care if the poor don't get rich, they just care if the rich get poorer.
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    So, why is the USA one of the few industrial nationals without health care for all? And for that matter why is Massachusetts health care system work so well? Got facts t o support your position?
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    @maxpsfund1 what about my post is not true?
    Yeah, socialist countries have "free" healthcare for all. Now do some research and find out how long it takes to see a doctor(months). Do some research and see how bad the rationing is. In England if you need a knee replacement but are retired, you don't get it. You go to the back of the line to languish in wait. In mass., their wait time to see their GP is twice as long as it is in states without "healthcare for all."
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    WE all knew this years ago, we tried to tell them and they laughed at us, called us names and demonized us. Sorry, I am having a real hard time dredging up any sympathy for them. It's not like they weren't warned. But, no, Obama was "Kool", he went on SNL, The Daily Show, Leno and was soooooooo Kool and he was snarky toward those parental types (Us) who thought we knew better. So, sorry kiddies, you got duped, lied to and manipulated. But keep voting in more of the same, that'll make things better.
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    outstanding report, and now we have a new generation of GOP life long voters. happens every generation, vote for the liberal guru until you look in your wallet and then you run down to change your party affiliation.
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    Free collage for inmates and felons - if you break the law or climb the fence - Free education - Free healthcare.
    If your an average working - collage aged American - good luck - Obamacare was meant to ensnare the young and healthy - read about how the Obamacare system works - they need the young and healthy to subsidize the immigrant's and felons.
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    Except the only problem with their plan is that they didn't realize that SOMEONE has to be making money to pay for all the leeches ... if the college grads can't get jobs, who's going to pull the wagon?
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    The best advice I heard for the young was the advice a doctor gave to his three children all who were at the point they needed insurance. He suggested that rather than sign up for insurance which had very high deductibles they should set aside a monthly amount equal to the monthly payment for insurance and then use that money for their medical needs. He added that he would bet the amount they used would be far less than the deductible they would pay if they got the insurance. Sounds smart to me for young and healthy folks.
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    But then Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate will call you, and the Ohioans you speak of, liars.
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    Does anyone seriously care what Harry Reid says about anything? That impotent, mean little bag of bones ... he can call me anything he wants!
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    @Cicely53 That impotent, mean and despicable little bag of bones, wields enormous power in the US Senate.
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