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    The whole system, the whole country is in a mess. The Republican Party and the Democrats are both a mess. Some struggle to survive; some struggle to get even richer; some use those who are struggling to survive to build their political careers and dangle more carrots while at the same time restricting more and more liberties. Our country is in crisis, abroad and at home.
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    @Medicinebow right....his opinion of the Republican party.....he didn't say the whole country is a mess, he said the Republican party is a mess and his wife might vote for the Democrats next time and he might vote independent...

    So if you want to talk about it, talk about that.
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    The disease is the progressive liberal Democrat party pushing all kinds of demonically evil sin and antiAmerican and antiConstitutional policies and agendas systematically destroying America.....and even voting in an illegal ineligible radical muslim as president.....President HUSSEIN Obama.....
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    @Knightkore say "President HUSSEIN Obama" but how much do you want to bet you didn't refer to the previous president as "President WALKER Bush", or the one before that as..."President JEFFERSON Clinton"

    What is up with the foolishness?
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    @NolanVoyd Just his was President G. W. Bush. Though President Giant Oil Bush would have been far closer to the truth.....or President Illegal Iraq War Bush.....

    No foolishness calling a president by his CHOSEN name.....President HUSSEIN Obama.....
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    @Knightkore "and even voting in an illegal ineligible radical muslim as president.....President HUSSEIN Obama"

    LOL comedy gold! You birthers crack me up... least he WAS voted in, and didn't just lie and cheat his way into the office like some presidents we might mention.
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    @Knightkore His chosen name is Barak....Hussein is his middle are the only person who leaves off his chosen name and calls him by his middle name.

    It seems you are trying to be cute and emphasize the fact that he has a muslim middle name but it just makes you look kind of petty. But that is just my opinion.
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    There is no denying, He's right. The only folks that can screw up 2014 & 2016 for the republicans are the republicans.
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    The G.O.P. needs to distance itself from the Taliban, er I mean the Tea Party, as soon as possible. Republicans made a mistake courting these extremists, thinking the wave would take them to dominence. Instead, the T.P. infiltrated like a bad stomach virus and now the crap runs like water.
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    No different than courting the NeoConfederate vote, after Democrats left that constituency..........let's face it: the GOP is in descine, in total survival mode. To stay even halfway relevant, they HAVE to take in and excuse away all the uber-radicals and extremist haters, no matter how despicable, racist, classist, or profoundly un-American.
    And frankly.........perhaps the Dems would do the same thing if their platform, ideas, and social agenda wasn't so off-putting to those wonderful segments of our society.

    American Politics has NOTHING to do with truth, reality, fairness, morality, good, evil, liberty, patriotism......or any of a million other commendable human attributes.
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    Bob's no fool. He's been to enough parties to know when things have gotten out of hand, and he has the good sense to grab his keys and go home.
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    Yup, As duval stated, the GOP went way too far to the Right.

    Reagan would be called a RINO today
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    These are not the Republicans of old. They have taken a very sharp turn to the right by following the ideology of what was the more extreme faction of the party.
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    NO...I believe they actually intend to get back to the US Constitution.

    You see in our public school system They the radical union teachers and radical democrats on school boards.
    DO NOT teach or intend for the US Constitution to be taught.

    Democrats require their voters to not know their rights.
    Democrats require the folks to believe that the Government aka "The Messiah" knows what is best for all.
    So many liberals want the US Constitution removed from our lives.
    also Liberals in general intend to remove the right of Americans to believe in GOD.
    It is well known that People have to believe in Government and dis believe in GOD.
    In order to have a total and real Communist Country.
    We know, This is the actual Fundamental Change Obama spoke of.
    If people would just research this, They would find its all true.
    All Communist leaders were atheist, and believed in complete and utter people control.
    I certainly hope that more people wake up to these facts before America is lost.
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    @Vance1 I've seen strawman arguments, but Vance, you build giant CrapMan arguments. Give it a rest. If you have to make up crap about what you claim the opposition thinks in order to make your case, you don't have a case.
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    Good for him. He is one of my favorite actors. Couldn't see how he could stay brainwashed so long. When folks regains their sensibilities departing today's GOP is a natural move.
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    Acclaimed actor Robert Duvall is a good man.
    I agree..The Repubs cant get on message.
    There are only a few that make sense.
    Bring common sense back to the party.
    Get back to principles.
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    @SDBruce Exactly. The GOP is being sunk by the truly amoral, hatefilled, racist, anti-science, bigoted (I could go on for a while) ideology they have embraced. It is not their messaging it is their message!
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    Depending on re-pubic-lick-uns to save re-pubic-lick-uns is like dead men healing themselves. The U.S. needs at least 4 political parties, to get to truth. But the truth says no matter what gov'ts exist, money sways the direction of nations.
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    Looks like the rats jumping the sinking ship before it goes under. Self reflection and an appraisal of values is always a good thing, well done Robert Duvall.
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    @Unfit2serve Exactly, in order for the GOP to have any sort of an intervention, they first have to find the ability to realize there is a problem.
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    @Unfit2serve Right on the mark......being able to ADMIT one's is capable of having faults is apparently not part of the Progressive plan for America. The GOP and the Democratic Party are BOTH about to give up the ghost as we have known them. The next generation of voters who have seen their families torn apart by the Progressive political machine are NOT going to deny what they have seen with their own eyes. The DNC is in just as much hot water as the GOP. This is what happens when personal power, social agendas and furthering political ambitions are more important than providing opportunity for a productive future for the self reliant and motivated citizen.
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    Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped out half of our 401Ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, and paid no taxes? Yeah, me neither.

    who fights for higher wages? who fights cuts to programs that help the poor survive? who fights for education grants? who fights for equal pay for women? who fights for consumer protections and regulations? who fights for the rights of the gay community? who fights for the rights of women? who fights to protect our environment?

    Any clear assessment of the platforms of our two major Parties shows much difference between them. Some may call them the lesser of two evils, I call them the better of the two; the Democrats. Forget Republicans. It's all about Hillary and the Democrats from here on out. While the Republicans are shouting themselves into oblivion the rest of us can back to work on the important issues of our day.
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    Who fights for higher wages?
    Workers, owners, and their respective businesses.
    Who fights cuts to programs that help the poor survive?
    Wealth is determined by productivity. Abolish all welfare and stop subsidizing companies that pay shit wages.
    Who fights for education grants?
    The same people who complain about rising tuition, when it is subsidization that causes the cost increase.
    Who fought for equal pay for women?
    Feminists in the 1960s-70s and post-feminists in the 1980s.
    Who fights for consumer protections and regulations?
    Almost no regulations passed nowadays are for "protection", they're for control and monopolization.
    Who fights for the rights of the gay community?
    LGBTQIA-rights members and their allies
    Who fights to protect our environment?
    Clean tech companies, tree-huggers, and futurists.

    Stop with your bullshit dude.
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    Corporations fight for higher wages?
    Corproations fight for the environment?

    Bua ha ha ha ha...

    You say stop the BS? Wow... Corporations are here for ONE reason and one reason only. To make money. They are Amoral. They will do what ever they can get away with to make money. That is it!!

    Want to stop the BS?

    Corprorations don't care about fairness, or equality, or rights. or freedoms. Only money. PERIOD.
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    @infoinfo Ok then, let's assume for a minute that you are right. Do you have mutual funds? When you go to work, do you expect to get paid? Oh, so it is ok for you to expect MONEY (profit for your work), but not for Corporations to expect to make a profit? Almost all corporations are publically held Companies. The people who own them expect them to make a profit. If they don't, the ones who own them will eventually close them down. And then what will happen? Millions of workers will lose their jobs, that is what will happen. I know the next statement you will make is that the upper management make too much money. Well, dems sure enjoy money in their PACs from them. MAYBE, they make too much money, but that is an argument for another day. Most Corporations DO care about what are true constitutional rights and freedoms. As a matter of fact, me as a white man has rights of mine violated in the interests of Affirmative Action. It does not matter who it most qualified, at least 7 out of 10 times, a minority, whether they be Black, Hispanic, or Female (Females out number men by 4 or 5 percent in EVERY recent census, so they are not a minority) get the job regardless of qualifications.

    As for Corporations, they are not people. Therefore they can not legitimately be described as Moral, Amoral, or Immoral. The people who work there can be. Do you work for a corporation. Let's stop THEM from making a profit, and see how long your job lasts. Unless you own the company, your job will not last. And if you do own the company, and are incorporated, do your work so as NOT to make a profit, pay your employees more so you make little or no profit, and you will cease to exist.

    So, stop the BS. I do not know anyone whose job isn't to make a profit for the company who risked their lively hood and fortune to open the company. I have said before. If you don't like it, change it. Open a company with YOUR money, and then be sure not to make a profit, as to liberals, making a profit is slimey thing to do.

    Otherwise, STOP THE BS!!
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    @David_Waldrop If you want to STOP THE BS, you might want to start by not comparing people working shitty jobs for dirt pay to corporations making billions in profit as a start.

    The right... where false equivalencies build every argument.
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    You called my comment BS, but then you turned around and agreed with me on many fronts, so I am a little confused.

    Anyways, you and I see the world a bit differently. I see the Democrats as the center. They are not the "liberals" that they are made out to be by a news media desperate to play the center in order to profit from the electioneering of both major Parties. I have been voting for D's because they describe a world of nuance. I find that the positions of the Democrats in energy policy, health care, war policy, civil liberties and social justice are in line with my own.

    It is very strange to me that some dislike Liberals. Were it not for Liberals, you would probably be working 60 to 80 hours a week for subsistence wages, if you could find a job. You would have no Social Security or retirement. You would buy food in a company store to which you would be perpetually indebted. You would live in a tarpaper shack, owned by your employer. Your wife and children would be slaving in sweatshops. Women would be forbidden to vote.

    How could you not know that most of what we take for granted in America are products of Liberal thinking? The 40-hour workweek, Minimum Wage Law, Social Security, Child Labor Laws and Women's Suffrage are all Liberal ideas. The American Revolution was a uniquely Liberal undertaking. If you genuinely do not like those Liberal notions, there are countries where you will not be troubled by them. Try living in Russia, Saudi Arabia or Iran, for a glimpse of what your life would be without Liberals.

    Our country is only really a great one because of the blood, sweat and tears of our Liberals.

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    Watch all the right wingers, post the typical, "Like I care what some Hollywierd actor has to say." But if he was here ragging on Obama, and praising the GOP, they're be in love with his opinion.
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    But they worship a has been one hit wonder, draft dodging liar like Ted Nugent. Or the blonde bimbo has been from Saturday Night Live.
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    He might as well be an independent and vote "democrat" next time. He is right. Doesn't really matter what party you register for, it is in the voting booth that it counts. They are both screwing us over. Pick your poison. I am a member of the "None Of The Above" Party.
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    Next stage.....he'll come out that he's a sodomite and has always been.....nearly 100 percent of hollywood has gone that route.....
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    @Knightkore I guess that's where we differ. I don't choose to go full on insult on someone that would have the audacity to leave my party.
    Truthbetold, both parties are what is wrong in DC. Both need to cease to exist.
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    @Knightkore I was surprised at how many sodomites were posting on Craigslist who were attending CPAC last week.
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    My opinion of whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant. He is a free adult in the United States of America, and as such has the right to make up his own mind.
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    Duvall thinks very much the way many republicans are thinking, and that is why Republicans are leaving the ranks and don't appeal to the next generation of voters, The GOP has been hijacked yet again. First by the Christian Coalition in the 90s and then by tea hackers. This is not the Reagan Revolution GOP which the last time the GOP was truly the Grand Old Party.
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    You couldn't be further from the truth as far as why "we" are defecting. About 12/13/15 years, I used to consider myself a Republican. But I defected. The reason why I did, and we are, which is making the ones you say "hijacked" the party, felt the Republicans were not acting like Republicans. They were acting like tax & spend Democrats. But taxing and spending on Military and spending on subsidies for large and rich corporations.
    Real Republicans stand up against the Federal Reserve, stood for fiscal responsibility, they used to defend the Constitution. Not no more, and this is why. They aren't getting the enough of the "hijacked" types in there.

    What I say about Duvall is Bleeding_Blue, it is about time! Years too late. Surprising for a "wise old man", but The Republican party is mostly doing the same as it did before the "hijackers" go there, why, because we are a small faction and can't out power yet the establishment RINO Republicans.
    But imaging the Democrats that left that party, there has been more Dems leaving the party, than Republicans.
    And its because the old farts won't break down to truer American values and the coming younger (libertarian) generation, this is why!
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    @BillS What you fail to understand is that there are many reasons why people are defecting. Do you honestly believe that everyone is leaving the GOP to go farther to the right? Wrong. I know far more people who have left the GOP because of extremist views, and NOT because they want to go farther to the right. What Robert Duvall described above is a large reason the GOP is suffering at the polls and why Obama has been elected twice and the Senate is largely Democratic. The Gallup polls recently released, the next generation of voters (18-33) are leaning left...not right.

    The Reagan GOP contained Christians and contained conservatives, but they all worked together and negotiated issues. Sometimes it was difficult, but they all met at the White House for a scotch with the Gipper afterwards. Today, Ted Cruz and company spew division. If the tea party wants to break away, have at it. You will lose.
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    Well, I am really not a Tea Partier, I am a Libertarian. So which this puts me left of right, and right of left. Not extreme.
    I discriminate against no one who I debate with. R or D.
    I have spoken to many self proclaimed "Conservatives/Republican s", and been called a Liberal.
    I have spoken to many self proclaimed "Liberals/Democrats" , and been called a right wing nut job, like you not in so many words, did.
    So I really don't think "my opposition" really knows what I am and stand for. Because they both consider me "the extreme other".
    I know what I am, but to sum me up personally/politically is Thomas Jefferson. I have never disagreed with one thing the man said or felt. I can not say that same thing about any other Founding Father or statesmen before 1900 and politician after 1900, except for about 90% of Ron Paul, give or take a few percentage points. But the Tea Party is no Ron Paul.
    I never said the reason why I left, and why so many thousands that I know on Facebook who are the same as me, that is our reason.
    Traditional Republican values must go and return to June 21, 1788.
    We younger people question the government like our founders did. We just don't go with the flow, bow our heads to the government , and say yes Sir. We read, we learn. You guys say in front the TV. "The TV Generation". Then you guys got remote control in the early 80's with your Zenith TV. Oh boy!!!!!

    But personally, I don't care how you lean, but don't try and steal my freedom or liberty with your "interpretation" of things, example: the Constitution or the Bible. Because my interpretation might be different, and I have the right to have the freedom to choose and determinate MY life, I choose what ever substances to put into MY body or not! What to do on MY property, as long as it does not PHYSICALLY harm another creature of the Lord Jehovah.
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    Your "Lord Jehovah" finale is ethically fine by me even though, religiously, I find it politically irrelevant to Jefferson's philosophy. Don't know nor do I care where you reside on our country's increasingly bizarre political spectrum but, rest assured, to the cynical political puppet masters, poll takers, and spin doctors... you and others of your earnest ilk pose a most worrisome threat. It's not so much that they want to sway us... no, these a-political professional herders merely need to numb us; guide the lowing populace - using Pavlovian CNN/MSNBC/Fox/ABC/NBC/CBS-rese arched buzz-phrases - into their respective stock pens. Hang tough wherever you are!
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    I got no issue with anything you said.......but regardless of whether a person is on the Left, Right, or Middle.........until we return to a political system that eliminates all money outside of individual contributions........a system that has all 3 sects of ideology willing to work together and actually produce law and exhibit leadership, and a system that ISN'T a one-Party solution.......we will not have equitable representation and positive growth in America.
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    come to the independent party, couple more years of the extreme left and the extreme right and we will have a majority in the moderate middle indy party.
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    I second that. Re-register as an Independent. We're still pretty small.......but lately, we poop bigger than the GOP. It's a start. When we get too big for our britches folks will move on to something ele that isn't so despoiled by Big Corporate America.
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    there are voters who register independent but there is no "independent party." they have no conventions, no candidates and no principles. Yet they are indispensable and no party can win with out attracting a majority of independent voters. the middle ground you seek is occupied NOW by moderate Republicans who offer a reasonable alternative between the Pelosi, Reid Obama leftists and the Tea Party rightwingnuts.
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