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    For Pete's Sake -- keep the preachers behind the pulpit and the politicians behind a podium.

    And I say that despite the fact I agree more often with this Pope than many of his predecessors.
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    And who'll be picking up the security tab for this little drop-by? Oh, that's right.....MY tax dollars.

    Stay home, Frannie; you're a socialist advocate in a capitalist den of thieves.
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    American tax dollars DO NOT pay for His Holliness the Vadican pays for all trips hotels security meals etc....
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    @Ammie Wrong. Frannie has his own personal security detail (the Swiss Guard), but everything else is charged to the visiting country.
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    Benedict visited the UK in 2010 at a cost to English taxpayers of a little over eighteen million ($18,000,000.00) dollars.
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    @twinertia with Pope Francis things are extremely different I know all about the Swiss Guard they are the security that protect Vady City and the Pope, things are different. Are you Catholic? I am this Pope is the reason I returned after Pope John Paul II died I did not like Pope Benny at all I went three weeks in a row after he was elected I didn't like his stupid ideas.
    Vatican City is a communist country they answer to their own system. 99% of ppl don't know that
    Pope Francis takes no money takes the guard with him and pays his way. He has said its time that the church steps up and pays it's own way so he pays his way with funds from the treasurer and pays for it himself. I was baptized at St Peters Vacilia I was taken there at age 7 I was one of a few girls taken there and taught Caddy & Demonology 7 girls are taught and trained in Demonology exorcism so I pretty well know all ends and outs if the church.
    PLZ stop calling Pope Francis "Frannie" he's a man chosen by God to lead ppl to Jesus. The Lord God says the words the Rev. Jesus past the word on. No more messages PLZ I'm at the local E.R. My mum is dying and I don't need any more crap right now. PLZ thank you
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    @Ammie Let me see if I get this: YOU can shorten the names of Popes you don't like (see: "Benny" in your first paragraph), but I shouldn't do the same? Nothing like entitled hypocrisy, is there?

    You might've been a major help to the country of Brazil back in July of 2013. Frannie's visit caused riots when it was found out what their government spent trying to secure the event (somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty-two million [$52,000,000.00] dollars). CBS News reported that Brazil's Federal Police were in charge of the pope's security, and their army secured the pasture where their mass was held. If it were more widely known that Frannie was picking up the tab, those riots could've been avoided entirely. Shame on the Catholic PR Machine for not getting the word out faster and better.

    Sad to hear of your Mom's predicament, but your lessons in flights of fancy have no more bearing on her situation than they do of the rightful criticisms involving the catholic church.
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    @ahsum99ss Swell. Then Boehner and Pelosi are Catholic until Pope Pancho excommunicates them. Perhaps he'll do that when he comes.
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    Maybe, I think. Those two will never see heaven !!!!
    Oh never mind, I thought you said beheaded. I will leave these visual images of beheading to @gregzeman. That's his specialty. Lol!
    Guys and gals, be careful. There's some really bad pizza from dominos out there.
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    Decapitation was traditionally considered the most humane form of capital punishment, perfected by the French with the invention of the guillotine. Perfect cut every time! Surely preferable to the myriad of hideous execution methods imposed during witch hunts or the Spanish Inquisition
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    Good attitude. Whether one is Catholic or not, agrees with Pope Pancho or not, what he has to say is of import if for no other reason than that it influences a substantial fraction of the world's populace.
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    I agree. I also think he will admonish both sides of the aisle. I want to see that! Our congress on both sides of the aisle need someone that will metaphorically kick them in the rear! By what I've read about and seen and heard of this Pope, he will have knowledge of our current government and will tell them exactly what he thinks about it! Including our president. Who else but the Pope can do that? I writing not as a democrat or a republican, but as an individual that has seen our own government act horribly.
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    America gets a visit from a guy who'll remind them God isn't spelled M-O-N-E-Y.
    "A pox on both houses!"
    GOP members will be sporting their crucifixes, just "in case" he's right.........
    After he leaves, we'll hear the Right condemning him, and calling his humility a "weakness".
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    what a funny opinion, this guy runs the richest criminal organization in the world. just because he dresses poor you are fooled?
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    Religion of any type belongs in individual's mind, heart and body. It is not for public consumption, or grand parades tro focus on one religion. If the pope goes before congress then every religious leader should be allowed the same place, even if they are enemies of Democracy, the Republic and American ideals. We are a bunch of milksops!!
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    How many other foreign leaders have had the opportunity to address our "elected" officials directly?
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    neither ! OK now I want all the druid, church hating, atheist, separation of church and state to speak up so I can for the 1st time in my life support their opinion. The richest, largest criminal mafia in the world does not belong in front of our congress!
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    After I voted.....each total column was 33 percent.....that is 666....if you add 3 plus 3 in each column.....fascinating.....eer ie.....
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    @WolfgangEli mentioned it again.....from the land of must not even DARE speak but in whispers unless.....wait is that.....Golem.....or.....Dami en.....
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    I hope he brings a gal. of bleach to bathe with afterwards. He'll damn sure need it after he gets out of the room of sewer rats!
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    The last thing we need is antichrist bergoglio the great whore fornicating with the kings and emperors in this country. Amnesty Johnny wants to shove his mackerel snapping ways down everyone's throats. Jorge needs to clear the pedophiles out of his church before he tries to influence the US.
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    The Dem media has been distorting his statements. But his positions are firmly set in dogma and won't change much. That's considered a good thing to some, and not so good to others.
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    In the words of our current/resident pope, Who is He to judge...

    This is the best pope to ever have address congress.
    He is a supreme relativist.
    Pro-Homo, Anti-rich... the demoncrats have found their living god.

    Sadly and unfortunately, now that they have a priest that they can believe in - They still haven't got a prayer.

    I hope no one hurts themselves with all self congratulatory back slapping.

    The pope and the Obamasiah seem to be on the same page.
    If you like your sin, you can keep your sin.
    If you like your priest, you can keep your priest (unless we have to put him in the papal protection program)

    Both want to take the focus on their short comings and fascinate the media with the bright shiny object of persecuting independent foke.(or, any one successful enough to be independent)
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    What's he going to talk about the cheating, lying the adultery the name calling. Without these topics doesn't seem like theres much he can tell them.
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