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    @Wafflecone well bush didn't have the right to use it in the first place either. But two wrongs don't make a right.
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    @Wafflecone Labor department regulations are not an unconstitutional executive order. Bush did NOT 'use the same power to take overtime away from millions'.
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    So where were you then, bright-eyed boy?

    Were you quiet because your daddy liked the reduction under Bush?
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    @Wafflecone - You should have read the article - nowhere does it state that President Bush took overtime pay from anyone. What it DOES say is that the labor department firmed up the rules a bit. They left intact the salaried basis test - no change.

    This is what did change - "The second criteria, called the "salary-level" test, has been amended. In order to be exempt from overtime, the new rules require that employees earn a minimum salary of $455 a week, or $23,660 a year. That's triple the prior minimum salary of $155 a week, or $8,060 a year." In other words MORE people were now allowed to get time and a half than before.

    The "Rich" who the left hate so much got this: "White-collar employees who earn more than $100,000 a year are automatically exempt from overtime pay under the new law." That should make you happy, they CAN'T get overtime.

    And finally this part was tightened up: "Under federal law, a worker whose job is deemed "administrative," "professional" or "executive" in nature does not qualify for overtime. The categories themselves won't change. Instead, the new rules aim to clarify the type of work that qualifies as administrative, professional and executive."

    So, next time read the article. I just proved you wrong and all I had to do was go to the link YOU provided and read it.
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    @fscott777 Of course I do. I also know that a person's time is valuable. We only get so much of it in this life. Working 60 hours or 40 with no difference in compensation is just simply wrong. I also understand that on occasion the salaried worker may work 32 hours and still be compensated as if 40 had been worked, as rarely as that may be.

    On balance being a salaried employee only works to the benefit of the employer who can work the employee to the bone. If salaried employees generally are compensated higher than hourly workers, that could be better served at a higher hourly rate.
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    what if I want to work, say .. 4 10 hour days instead of 5 8 hour days? Should I be paid "overtime" for the extra two hours each day, even though I am getting an extra day off every week?
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    He does not have the Constitutional right to do this. He is violating his oath of office and so is every elected official that allows him to get by with this. He knows he is breaking the law. This is an frantic attempt to keep the Democrats in control of the Senate next year.
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    There is no law being broken whatsoever, however, this correction to employer abuse is long overdue. Clearly you neither understand workplace employment law or which powers the President has, which have been used by Presidents for 240 years.
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    @boombatic @vws

    And what happens if you lose big over ACA, shutting down the government over it, refusing to increase minimum wage, being the most do nothing congress ever.. And then there is the Senate, holding up the president's nominations just cause you could.. I think if the dems go on the attack you could lose big.. it seem to me that 2014 is for the democrats to lose, cause it's the only way you can win. That and all those gerrymandered districts.
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    Here we go again -- more Socialist intervention--

    "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to
    catch it yourself." - Benjamin Franklin

    Anecdotal -- "Income inequality."

    Our group today is made up of a Bird, a monkey, a Penguin, an Elephant, a Goldfish, a Seal and a Wolf.
    And for a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam: Please climb that tree over there....

    Furthermore, the Core principals of 'Socialism/Communism' is Class warfare, Envy, Redistribution of wealth and Income inacquoity....

    "The core principles of Marxist Communist Socialism, is that the true nature of property and capital (held by private individuals) is, in its foundation, the right of the society, and the state has the power and ability to confiscate that wealth if it wishes, to take from one who has earned it and give to another who hasn't; and the power to legislate laws for the confiscation of that wealth (which would include taxes) for whatever purposes the state sees fit (to actualize "Social Justice"), and for it to confiscate idle wealth that people are sitting on, for redistribution." The Communist Manifesto" of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

    At an October 19, 1998 conference at Loyola University, "Barack Obama spoke against "propaganda" that said government doesn't work and the need to "pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution." Here's the full Audio of that Speech by Obama-- #!

    "We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." Adolf Hitler, in his speech, May 1, 1927

    Get the picture?
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    Well said..... the Democrat party has been closet socialists for decades & finally they believe they have grown their welfare dependent voter base to numbers capable of winning elections as they continue coming out of the closet. Democrats still refuse to admit they are would be socialists but Obama is so blatantly a Big Government control fanatics, that they believe we are at a point in history where they can start showing their true colors without fear of losing elections. It is truly frightening how easily Americans are willing to give up their freedoms for free handouts.
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    was it "Socialist Intervention" when President Bush's Labor Dpt. changed the over time rules to exclude more than 6 million salary workers?!
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    Isn't it funny that all those quotes are from extreme radical socialist/communists, and yet, the Democratic Party fully endorses those views.
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    @Wafflecone yes, it was. Nobody accused bush of being conservative. He was was nothing but democrat lite.
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    Once again demonstrates how underqualified he is. Knows nothing of business, economics, military, global politics, he just keeps showing the world how we were all fools to elect him and reelect him.
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    Yes, what a terrible person to think about those lower middle class americans who constantly get screwed over. Doesn't he know how this will impact RICH people? Geesh!
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    You aren't wrong, but your perspective is too limited.

    The middle class has been getting thoroughly screwed since about 1962.
    No matter which party predominated.

    And this is why... isode/the-deep-state-hiding-in -plain-sight/

    No plot or scheme to control the world, just business.
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    Just because he is willing and able to stand up to the radical right wing tea party and the Koch brothers anti-middle class agenda does not make him underqualified. It makes him a qualified middle class hero and a true american patriot.
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    I wonder how Democrats would like it if a future President started making laws that forced our businesses to pay no overtime. Can you mindless Socialists understand freedom? Can your simple indoctrinated minds grasp that with freedom comes the ability to run your business as you see fit. Yes there will be wonderful generous companies who pay more with better benefits & there will be companies who pay less. It's called freedom, & the free market will decide which companies grow their business or attract workers. If you don't like what some company pays you, quit & go somewhere else or start your own company if you think it's so easy.
    Our Government is completely broken. It is 17 trillion in debt & Democrats refuse to cut spending across the board. They are like spoiled kids who do not care the ramifications of their policies. They only live in the world of getting elected, not what is best for our nation. How dare they tell our businesses, who balance their budgets every day, to run their companies as our Government sees fit. THE ARROGANCE!
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    "I wonder how Democrats would like it if a future President started making laws that forced our businesses to pay no overtime. "
    Like Bush did? Do a little reading, and you won't sound so silly.
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    @Cincinnatus Bush allowed companies the freedom to choose to pay overtime or choose not to. Ignore your lies.
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    Let's not pretend that anyone wants to cut spending across the board. It's not only a very stupid idea economically, but everyone has a program or two they think should be off the table.
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    I would think by now the only business group that might be stunned or shocked by Obama's anti-capitalist leaning would be the seven year old who just opened her lemonade stand yesterday.
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    Mr. Obama is just buying a few votes at the expense of losing more jobs. He doesn't care, what he cares about is not losing the Senate in Nov. That's all. From all I have read and heard most companies will simply forbid overtime - sorry folks, no more putting in a few extra hours to prove your worth, to show the powers that be that you're a team player worth more than you earn now. In effect he's unionized a lot more people. Work your specified hours and go home - no going over and above your paygrade to advance yourself. Nope, Mr. Obama needs a few voters pushing the D lever in November. Too bad about the ones who will lose their jobs, no problem, he'll just send them some unemployment, a food stamp card and a few other freebies to tide them over, all they have to do is vote D.
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    I support the idea but not the way he's going about it.

    Many fast food joints work their managers 60+ HRS/WK with no OT. IMO that's wrong.

    As for his executive actions on the and other matters, BULLSHIT!! We have a legislature for a reason. Obama has tried to cut them out of several matters that they should be involved in. Basically Obama is circumventing congress toward his idea of what America should be. Congress needs to take their (our) power back.
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    Yup. I worked at a software company that had as many people as possible on salary, then they'd literally work people 24 hours a day for as much as three days straight if a deadline was on. People would be unconscious on the floor for twenty minute naps, then back at it. Any overtime for that? Hell no. I really resented it because it was so unnecessary -- we weren't curing cancer or anything.

    As for how Obama is handling it? I have to ponder and look into whether this is or is not within the powers of his office -- but I certainly know why he's doing it this way. Republican politicians have spent six years being The Party of No Solutions (or worse, The Party of Horrible Solutions) and if our nation and economy is going to improve, someone's got to do *something.*
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    @Thunderchicken Depends on whether the proposed solutions are reasonable. And I did say I was going to look into whether experts say the president does legally have the power to do this.
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    Either way it sets a dangerous precedent. Should the Repubs regain power in `16, and use it the way Obama has it will likely cause all sorts of turmoil.
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    The legislature, especially the House, by it's own actions or lack, has created a huge power vacuum.
    By doing nothing, they have made it possible for the Pres to do a lot by himself.
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    The fool in chief is driven by his ingrained socialist ideology that litter the ash heaps of history. He has absolutely no understanding of economics or how businesses flourish. Once again, corporations/businesses will close ranks -- eliminating the possibility of overtime, effecting new-hires, increasing more part time work and sending more work off-shore.

    Stultus est sicut stultus facit!!!
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    He has to do something to buy votes. His constant lies about his "caring" for the middle class, while doing everything in his power to eliminate them and make them dependent.
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    The fool is starting to flex his muscles, after several years of trying to work with congress failed to produce anything of value.
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    Yes, how terrible that this president undoes the very thing the last one did via the same mechanism.
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    Hmmm so are those of us in the VA system who work extra hours going to get overtime pay? Right now the most we can get is comp time and good luck getting to use it before it expires in 12 months. Overtime pay isn't authorized.
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    Well I lost 40 hours of comp time in November due to not being allowed to use it before a year was up thanks to our department being so short staffed. Supervisor would not approve my requested time off and comp time cannot be cashed out like annual leave.
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    Why are the rules allowed to favor one side or the other between employer and employee? What happened to you is just wrong. Why can't we fix these types of injustices?
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    Well we even have a union and this is a common practice. Of course of you work as a provider in the VA you also get denied vacations a lot and have to ask for leave 45 days in advance of when you want it or most likely it will be denied even if you don't have patients on your schedule for the dates you're requesting off. If you're administrative you can just take a day off almost anytime you damn well feel like it. It's that way in the private sector too in healthcare. Administrative people get the breaks and providers get the whip.
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    IF you are being misclassified by your employer as Salary/exempt when your work type and responsibilities deem you should be Salary/non-exempt, yes!

    Read up on the requirements for Salary/exempt status (means no OT pay)
    I('m paraphrasing below, from memory-check it out yourself...)
    -must be a manager with subordinates reporting to you, with hire/fire authority
    -must work at least 75% of your daily hours on "authority-level decisions", NOT doing the same work as your coworker hourly workers
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    Why do we accept government dictators nosing into any private business affairs. Obama
    cannot do the job as president why does he think he can do other's jobs.
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    "This came as a shot out of the blue,"

    That means they didn't get their lobbyists on it in time.


    "...will force employers to look for ways to cover these increased costs..."

    Like they haven't been dedicated to reducing personnel in favor of automation for years...
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    This is a problem that should have been addressed long ago....just because you call someone a supervisor and pay them fifty cents more an hour...shouldn't mean you can work them like a dog...personally, I think everyone working more than 40 hours a week....should be compensated for the extra time....I've work lots of jobs where I needed to be there 50+ hours some weeks...but...on slower weeks...I should have been comped for that time
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    In IT I've worked 100+ hour weeks before. Still get paid my salary. SO glad I moved to a job that hates anyone working more than 45 hours a week.
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    That's one of the favorite scams of the fast food industry in particular. Place "supervisor" or "assistant manager" on somebody's job title, give them a minimal salary increase and minimal to know actual management authority, and work them 60 hours a week with no overtime.
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    It's a good plan. My corporation started giving out "titles" to employees rather than pay overtime. They made these poor suckers work 80+ hours a week with no overtime because they......had a title and were considered "low level management" and salaried. It was amazing how many gullible people fell into that trap, it was sad in an amusing sort of way though.
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    Too many businesses give supervisory TITLES to squeeze more out of production workers without rightful overtime pay.
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