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    Oh you can safely bet that this is beyond just California also. people need to stand up and demand accountability for all of this.
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    i thought about this in regard to scandal sheets, but I think it might also be used in this case. What if someone with either the time or money or both, turned the tables on the snoopers. The technology is available to average citizens to shadow just about anyone.

    Why the celebrities, with all their resources---the ones who don't use them to keep in the public eye like George Clooney---don't do it to the paparazzi and the staff and ownership of newspapers and blogs like the New York Post or one of Murdoch's other properties I don't know. Cops have a lot to hide, just like everyone else, so what if their little nooky session with the hot waitress was posted online for everyone, including their wives to see, do you think they'd get the message?

    I think fighting fire with fire is a far better solution than whining about it or depending on a Rube Goldberg legal system to do anything but continue to allow lawyers to use it as their private welfare system.
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    @marine1 We have been in slavery every sent's the Federal reserve was created in 1913 it is just getting worse. Our rights are slowly being taken every day people are starting to wake up and see it buy it is to late. By the time you spend a dollar that you have worked for 56 percent of it is taxes. By the end of this year it will be about 68 percent now what is free about that. They want you to think your free so you will just keep giving them more for your freedom.
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    While great in theory if you did this I her suddenly you would be pulled over with a gun or some drugs suddenly found in your car!
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    You can blame this on the democrats, but the report says that the surveillance was happening even before 2009. Which means The Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is a republican was in control of the state. Just saying.
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    I'll blame it on the Democrats today. Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has been governor for how long now? California's legislature has been predominantly Democrat for how long now? And what have they done about it?

    It is no coincidence that while Democrat Barack Obama is President, the NSA and other surveillance agencies massively increase their domestic spying, and at the same time, Democrat California is allowing increased spying upon it's citizens.

    Democrats are nothing more than totalitarians who lie about being totalitarians.
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    @TigerLandSC Ah, Kalifornia!'Stingray'- a valuable new tool allowing cops to stalk their wives and girlfriends during their shifts. Kalifornia! lol Another popular one is those license reading systems. It allows rogue cops to get full information on strikingly attractive women they'd like to date, lol Kalifornia!
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    Let me think, hmmmmmmmm
    Weren't Bush/Cheney in the White House for the inception of the Patriot Act? Last I checked, they were, and still are, Republican.
    That's what you get when you vote "D" or "R."
    It makes no difference, government is going to stomp all over us until we stomp back.
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    Every day in a little way we find out how much closer to what was described in the book 1984. Tyranny reigns.
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    "How it acquired the device remains a mystery"
    You really don't think ALL of those billions/trillions of stimulus money went into politician, corporate and banker pockets, do ya?
    Some of it actually bought things for our militarized police force.
    And a candy bar or two..........
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    @stepped_in_it absolutely because they're the first one to tell you that their job is not to protect you..... but they will serve you if a judge orders it.
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    Perhaps this has little to do with politics. Police officials are on a career mission creep. The "war on Terrorism", which has netted almost nothing in terms of domestic terrorism cases, was like a blank search warrant already signed. As long as you can use "terrorism" as a reason you can get away with almost anything. But who watches these watchmen?

    In Medieval England there was a similar witchhunt against "Athiests," except that an atheist was anyone who didn't accept the prevailing religion -- all others were heresy. Never mind that Catholicism and Protestantism were 98% alike, the differences were enough to cause people to kill. These atheists were regarded as very dangerous, likely to engage in all sorts of plots and acts of violence, but most of their behavior was occasioned by the fact of their persecution. Anyone can be made "dangerous" by enough suspicion.

    In addition to the obvious terrorist suspects in America, meaning militant Muslims, there is another kind that is of special interest to progressive political interests: white people. These are the "preppers," Tea Party members, Tea Party sympathizers, possible suspected Tea Party enablers, anyone who believes in the Second Amendment, gun owners, possible gun owners, and so on. Much of the domestic surveillance capability we are seeing building up is to keep track of these potential subversives in anticipation of some kind of resistance by conservative ("reactionary") elements in our society who champion values, opinions and beliefs that were mainstream in the Reagan era.

    In a sense it's a generational gap gone crazy - bolstered by demographic changes - but in another it's plain old-fashion police-state suppression only this time with technology on steroids and the capacity to pry into the most private areas of our existence.

    All of us, of all races and religions, need to be very, very worried. Sooner or later it could be turned against you.
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    I'm sure this sort of abuse is not limited to California. I'm also sure that it will continue no matter which party happens to have the majority at the time. The police will always be looking for ways to expand their power and it's up to us to set limits. Good for the ACLU for going uncovering this!
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    They all share blame. Some for pushing it.. others for not bothering to enforce the laws properly..or at all...
    Can you say police state..?
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    The lawyers rejoice, more drug cases, more money, more rights violations for-profit, the law enforcement rejoice, more drugs to resale, more salaries supplemented, the culture of corruption continues.
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    The US is the greatest propagandists in all of history by far, the Nazi's had nothing on us, our gov't (not DC) uses smoke and mirror tactics in order to confuse and control the populace better than any other before, it's sad so many are blind, uninformed and/or indoctrinated, but I have to give credit to the masters on this one, rather than blaming the masses, our gov't is good at what they do, however, that is not a compliment...
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    The war has already begun and has been being fought in the streets for many years. That's still no excuse for a police state, but it will happen.
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    I live in Alameda county........and we have a few folks talking about this ready.
    Since this area is the "smartest" population per capita in the country, due to its multiple research facilities, it will be interesting to see what the local public decides to do and whether or not to take action.
    I'm waiting for ALL police to turn on their "instant license plate/driver recognition" software that immediately sounds an alarm if a vehicle with lapsed registration, no insurance, or no licensed driver comes within 500 yards of a squad car. The days of playing "black and white fever" and ducking into the next driveway or constantly checking the rearview are coming to an end..........what fun is that gonna be??????? Freakin' wet blanket police!!!! Takin' the fun out of EVERYTHING.
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    StingRays belong to a class of device made by Florida-based Harris Corporation that imitates part of the cellular infrastructure, causing nearby phones to connect to it.

    Blocked by a Supreme Court decision from using GPS tracking devices without a warrant, federal investigators and other law enforcement agencies are turning to a new, more powerful and more threatening technology in their bid to spy more freely on those they suspect of drug crimes.
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