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    the fact is the United States is the country that developed the Internet and we rightfully control it.... until Obama comes along, and since he has such a hard on against the country and how unfair it is to to have someone in control of it..... so he decides to give it up to the world community... because it is mind he thinks he's a community organizer still.... he does nothing with the intent of protecting the United States citizen.... now to the question do you think Vladimir Putin can be trusted to run the Internet? have you read a fu**ing paper in the last couple of weeks?
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    He IS still a community organizer - that's the problem. That's really the only thing he knows how to do and it includes being a bully, harassing business, coercing compliance and when all else fails, well just do what you want and sign an executive order.
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    @Tralee exactly and thats just what he's doing to the American people on a global front he's rolling over and putting his ass in the air
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    Sorry your guys lost basking but that's the way Democrtic Republics work. They one with the most votes win and the losers get to try again at the next election. 4 years for President, 6 years for Senator, and 2 years for Representatives.
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    As much as I distrust our own government here...I trust other governments even less, and I think it's foolish as hell for us to give up what we have and were most responsible for developing!
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    @CaryNickel You mean carter turned it over to the country we leased it to right? I guess Carter didn't want to be a Putin.
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    @Frosty45 No. I mean Carter gave away a valuable national asset that belonged to the American taxpayer, just as Obama is doing with the internet. Democrats are good at giving away other people's money and property.
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    That was being negotiated for at least two decades before Carter. And it is on their land and we had 25 years of co running of the canal and it wasn't officially all theirs until 1999..
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    I believe that giving control of the internet to an international body would be an act of treason.

    @gregzeman This was written by a professional writer. Notice the headline asks "CAN WE TRUST PUTIN TO RUN THE INTERNET?" Nowhere in the story does Putin come up as being put in charge of the Internet.
    Obviously you should get in touch with Peter Roff of One American News Network and teach him that his headline is wrong and why. Clearly you are more expert than he is on this topic. It was one of your main criticisms about Reason Magazine having Dildo in the headline and not mentioning it in the story.
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    The internet is the embodiment of the 1st amendment and natural right of free speech.
    With that said, I'm surprised that the World Wide Web has survived over 40 years.
    Our overlords must be slipping..........
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    @stepped_in_it said:
    ▌ I'm surprised that the World Wide Web has survived over 40 years.

    You went to the Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee School of Higher Learning, didn't you?:)

    ▌ Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, an internet-based
    ▌ hypermedia initiative for global information sharing while at
    ▌ CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory,►in 1989◄.
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    @Kimber_TLE "You went to the Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee School of Higher Learning, didn't you?"
    Sorry, did my math wrong. Started in 1969 instead of '89.
    Don't type until you drink a full cup of joe....
    Thank you math police.
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    @stepped_in_it Yeah, it happens! Most people think the Internet and the WWW are the same thing. And even though WE know better, sometimes we speak without thinking, eh? It's kind-of like saying "C++ is an Object Oriented Language" when we know better!:):):)
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    @Kimber_TLE Well, I should have known better. I was one of the 1st private users of the WWW when it became easier to access in '95 (AOL "You've got mail") and EBAY (in '01).
    Dial up sure sucked..........
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    @stepped_in_it I worked for the Department of Defense (1980-1998). I speak Gopher! And usenet! And MOSAIC. And drill-down, text-based Yahoo!:)(Programming since 1970: I helped create the Y2K problem - "job security").
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    Don't overlook the history, that the internet was part of our war strategy.

    It would be pretty stupid to give control of that robust communications system to any foreign power.
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    Can We Trust Putin to Run the Internet? The answer is no! the question should now be "Can we trust Obama" to run anything?
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    But, I do trust, VA-ROOOM! VA-ROOOM Harley-Davidson 'groupie' Papa Putin to keep the UNITED SNAKES (US/NATO) out of his region of influence in Eastern Europe and with a little more 'joint work' with the Chinese - outta the North China sea, too!
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    Why on earth we give away something we essentially created and that remains free of interference, as in China, is beyond me. Is Obama so ashamed of his own country that he doesn't want anything good attached to it? What is he thinking? OR - Is the man using his brain at all?
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    Well, the Great Satan has his own (((rap))) sheet with millions of dead innocent civiian's (((scattered))) all over the world to confirm (vouch 4?) his trecherous genocidal behavior - that keeps getting worse into the new millineum, huh Pilgrims?
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    Unfortunately the difference between Putin the wolf and Obama the chicken couldn't be more apparent than recent world events. We will never be liked and we now we are not feared at all which means every tyrant in the world will be testing us. We can thank our current President for this state of affairs along with the fact that our economy is in deep trouble because of his actions.
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    As far as "freedom of speach" etc the US governement is no different than anyother "thug in charge". We need to figure out a way to get all governements off our backs.
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    Oh great, now the UN is going to become the UN. Just what the world needs, another boondoggle that gets nothing done.
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    I guess the UN will always be the UN, so I would replace the first one to read the Internet. My typos and brain farts are becoming mind boggling.
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    We can trust Putin as far as we can trust Obama. Which is to say we can't trust either of them AT ALL!

    With that said America should stay in control of the internet.
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    Using the words trust and Putin, or for than matter, UN , in a sentence only makes sense if Jay Leno is making a joke in a monolog. In case Mr. Obama is reading, yes, we DID build it and it should stay ours!
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    A yes...lets turn over control of the internet to teh UN, or China or Russia by proxy. Two countries that have a long history of transparancy and humanitarianism. An internet that this country developed and basically gave away for free and works perfectly fine.

    God...this country is going down the drain and Obama and the Progressives are pulling the chain.
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    Transparacy and humanitarianism?!!!
    The NSA/CIA/Pentagon's 'assets?'
    U-think so, huh Pilgrim?
    Sir Wikileaks/Assanage and Sir Snowden would bear to differ with your (((distorted)) V5.0 of the US-Gamorrah/Gestapo-Stazi/NSA- CIA AmeriKKKa the world is getting to'No' more and more frequently.
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    @DSalcido Hey...for how bad we may be.....we still have the moral high ground over the UN, Russia and China. Do you think that Russia and China are not doing teh same things that we got caught doing?
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    But, everytime you royally FU it's in the headlines Bubba.
    Hell, even the Taliban and Karzai have refused to deal with the US/NATO low life 'baby killers' anymore.'
    Al-Maliki hates you because the Great Satan murdered 1.4m Iraqi's and the because of the US atrocities in Fallujah and Haditha - two just name 2.
    Hebollah hates you because you arm the Jewish terrorists.
    Putin hates ypu because you keep **ucking 'round in his region of influence.
    The Chinesse hate you for sticking UR nose in the North China sea where they have 'ruled' for 5,000 years and you hate URselves because you haven't won a war since WW II!
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    Well progressive liberals selling out our freedoms again huh?

    International law? Bulldung. The Constitution trumps international law. If one pushes "international law" over Russia and Crimea two sovereign countries doing everything legal then international law can be used to disarm and anul the 2nd Amendment and the 1st Amendment.....

    Remember this.....

    We'll all just have the be like Neo on the Matrix.....
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    It certainly should not be Putin. May be Obama can organize the community of nations in the UN. He is reckless with the future of our country.
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