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    This particular form is mostly prescribed to the dying...the SOB wants to take the little bit of peace before they leave away, and at that point what's it going to matter?
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    No you dont. They cant give em out quicker. Went to my doctor two weeks ago for a couple broken toes (block fell of scaffolding and i didnt have my steel toes on that day), mfer tried to prescribe me percacet 15's! i threw the script away and just hit some tylenol.
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    @BravoJuliet I know people who've had painkiller prescriptions filled continuously for months. People need to stop being blind to the pharma industry pumping these drugs out through doctor dealers.
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    @sevenSecrets it's people who abuse drugs, not big pharma. These drugs serve a legitimate purpose. Big pharma doesn't deal them, criminals and druggies do.
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    . First of all, out of all the extended release opiate pain medicines on the market, Hydrocodone, the main ingredient in Zohydro, is the LEAST POTENT milligram for milligram. This can easily be verified by looking at an opiate conversion chart, such as here: . I found it shocking to read so many articles, many of which were commented on by doctors, that failed to use proper drug comparisons. Oxycodone is almost twice as strong as hydrocodone, which means Zohydro is a much weaker substitute for oxycodone (which is already on the market). The anti-Zohydro groups need to pay attention and understand the significance of this truth. Every Zohydro prescription will take the place of a more potent opiate. Wouldn't doctors want to start patients that need opiate therapy on the least potent med first? Another potent opiate, generic oxymorphone is widely available without abuse-deterrent features and much, much cheaper than Zohydro. Oxymorphone is approximately twice as potent as oxycodone. It is more lipophilic than morphine, allowing for a faster onset of action. It is available as an injection and as oral formulations: immediate-release (Opana) and sustained-release (Opana ER). Because it has a longer half-life than morphine, hydromorphone, and oxycodone, the immediate-release product may be dosed at longer intervals (up to every six hours).
    According to USA Today, Opana overtook oxycontin as the painkiller most abused in the U.S. I would assume that the activists who are protesting Zohydro would protest these much more potent drugs before complaining about Zohydro.
    Read about Opiate medications here from US PHARMACIST:
    So why are people like Sen Manchin of West Virginia trying so hard to get Zohydro off the market? Let's see, The political charge against Zohydro is currently led by Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVA), who is the father of Heather Manchin Bresch. Ms. Bresch is the CEO of Mylan (MYL), which coincidentally manufactures generic hydrocodone - a direct competitor to Zohydro. Is this not a conflict worthy of our attention? Mylan Pharmaceuticals also happens to be Manchin's #2 campaign contributor! Source:
    Mylan sells Hydrocodone/APAP, ONE OF THEIR TOP SELLERS, and would lose significant market share to Zohydro. A United States Senator has significant political pull, notice how no other opiate (especially hydrocodone/APAP!) was under scrutiny even though some like Fentanyl are mixed with heroin and is 300 times more potent than hydrocodone? Mylan makes those opiate medications! Also Purdue makes $600MILLION per quarter from OxyContin and would lose major market share to Zohydro. Purdue makes political contributions, funds patient advocacy groups and hires teams of medical professionals as consultants. What about Zohydro? No one mentioned that Zogenix provides a locking pill bottle, an extremely inexpensive medicine safe ($15), and a subscription to Pain Patient Magazine (includes tips how to manage pain, safeguard medications, monitor medicine intake, etc). How many other drug companies include items like these with their opiate prescriptions? NONE! So by taking this off the market, these officials, reporters, crusaders, etc would rather have pain patients such as MYSELF take more potent medicines that don't include items to safeguard my prescription? After reading all the FACTS above, and checking them out yourself, why do you think the real reason certain individuals want Zohydro, the least potent extended release opiate that includes ways to safeguard the medicine, off the market?
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    Another thing... Recently, TYLENOL (Acetaminophen) had it's safe dosage per 24 hours REDUCED by 50%!! This as more evidence of liver damage is emerging. Agree 100%, HYDROCODONE is an order of magnitude weaker than OXY, MSContin (morphine) etc.,
    but the pain doctors were routinely prescribing daily doses that would now far surpass the new acceptable Acetaminophen limits. Bet they also get a fresh patent too, Ya think?
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    Great point. The amount of Hydroconone a preson can take is limited by the addition of Acetaminophen to the tablets. People in severe pain are faced with making a decision between liver damage and pain relief. A pure form of Hydrocodone removes the risk of liver damage.
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    From someone who lives in pain, I have a hard time voting it down but um all for stricter controlsnon it so it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, like someone whose using it for recreation.
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    I'm sick and tired of these politicians trying to score cheap points by doing things like this. These types of drugs should be prescribed MORE often for people in pain. Stephen Lynch and other politicians like him have created an environment where doctors are afraid to treat their patients properly for fear that they'll be accused of being pill pushers.
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    its really strange how the govt stopped most doctors from prescribing schedule 2 norcotics so one has to go to a "pain management"" doctor for help..

    a frined of mine is in that shape.. he is on medicare but his doctor wont give him pain meds so he has to go to a pain management doctgor who doesnt take medicare for help at the cost to him of 150 dollar bribe evert 3 months
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    I think it's more a sad commentary on our society as a whole that a drug company has to find ways to keep some dumbass from crushing up an extended release pill and snorting it/shooting it.
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    I loved being in Ohio as anything that was a narcotic I could not prescribe. I was happy about that. The doctors had to prescribe opiates.

    Prescription pill abuse and meth have destroyed the area I grew up in. What's scarier is now they are all going to heroine for their highs since they can't afford the pills and the doctors are trying to not prescribe narcotics as much for pain so it's a dangerous situation.
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    Although it has been 30 years since I bought any "chiva"'s probably way cheaper than paying for a Oxy/Hydro/Opana/whatever rules in America, so you can hardly blame folks for pinching pennies.........
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    SOME people actually NEED the medication..believe it or not! So, STOP punishing the Majority for the ignorant minority in this country. This minority rules, P.C. garbage needs to stop yesterday! PLEASE PROSECUTE LAW BREAKERS ONLY and leave the rest of us the hell alone.
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    There are some people who could not function, nor have a life worth living without these strong pain killers. Now the DEA have doctors scared to death of being charged or brought before the board for over prescribing, same with pharmacists. Pills will eventually loose popularity among the recreational users eventually, just like coke, crack, acid and the rest when a better, more cool drug comes along.
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    Somehow, I knew it was going to be a Left Winger as soon as I saw the word 'Ban', and surprise, surprise, it is/was. If we ban everything with the potential for abuse......we may as well hook us all up to machines `a la 'The Matrix' and let Left Wing Plutocrats suckle on our bodily fluids until we were too old and dried up to keep around.
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    Both parties are corrupt to their very core. That isn't a left vs. right issue, it's a corporate money in politics and news reporting issue.
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    It's the Republican Hal Rodgers and his Unite coalition in the hills of Kentucky that’s raising the most stink about this medication.
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    The headline should be "Lawmaker wants to torture chronic pain patients" because that is the result of banning Zohydro. Through no fault of our own, millions of people suffer from chronic pain and require medication to live a quasi-normal life. Hydrocodone is the only opioid that works well for me, but politicians want to punish people like me because others voluntarily and illegally abuse opioid medications.

    Zohydro's strongest dose 50mg as an extended release medication, while oxycodone and morphine ER go up to 160mg and 200mg per dose, respectively. Since it is weaker, why is Zohydro singled out?

    In the case of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, it is about money and corruption. Manchin's daughter is Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Inc., a rival pharmaceutical company that makes many different generic pain opioid medications that come in much stronger dosages (Opana, MS Contin, etc.). Mylan was the second largest contributor to Manchin's campaign committee with $127,500.

    The other problem, is that abuse-deterrent technology doesn't work. The FDA has only approved one (OxyContin), but you can easily bypass tamper-resistance by searching online. FDA Commissioner Hamburg even testified as much a couple of weeks ago.
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    "The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." Ayn Rand
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    Another "this lawmaker wants" article, following "that lawmaker" wants. I don't give a ratsass what a lawmaker wants. I want to hear "this lawmaker's constituents want!"
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    These politicians are thinking noble but stupid. Just because some people abuse drugs they are going to make a minor drug like Vicodin a type II which will require old people with pain make a doctors visit every 30 days. I have to drive a 60 mile round trip just to see my doctor. I have been taking Vicodin for several years in lieu of very dangerous back operation which could or could not help my pain. I am 74 years old my wife and I are careful about taking drugs. Type II drug will not only cost me a lot more in gas and co-pay as it will cost Medicare more too. It's stupid and short sighted. If bad doctors proscribe drugs to bad people they are the ones who should be punished not us innocent bystanders.
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    You might want to revisit the back surgery option as they have made so many improvements in that area. Many are minimally invasive at best that used to be horrid. Outcomes have also dramatically improve. Of course it all depends on just what the back issue is but it's always good to revisit options as procedures improve in methods and outcomes.
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    Was just there again the middle of last year. The Neurosurgeon indicated that she "had a lot of toys" she could put down their but the recovery could be 2-3 years and there was no guarantee of reduction of pain. So I'm thinking why go through all that and still be on pain pills in the end I could be in the same boat. The Vicodin 3 times a day lets me get by and do a lot of the things I need to do. If it gets really worse surgery is always another option but right now the last option for me.
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    Thank you so very much for mentioning the bad Dr's, who are prescribing meds to people who do not need them!!! The Dr's are the ones who should be held responsible for the illegal drug sales, Please Do Not Punish the innocent person who truly has pain that is severe and is just needing a pain tablet to help them have a somewhat normal existence!
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    There will always be drug addicts. Banning a painkiller that can help pain patients is immoral. Restricting its use, on the other hand, is OK. Like making it available only via a prescription from a pain specialist. But an outright ban is nuts!
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    what these idiots dont understand is that simply passing a ban law on some meds will do nothing to stop criminals from obtaining them..... drug dealers will simply buy them in another country and have illegals pack them acriosss the border

    like guns you cant stop criminals from obtaining what they want..
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    If the pill works better to relieve extreme pain it should be available. Now that it has been made someone else can make a close equivalent for the black market. To outlaw an effective drug because there is a potential of abuse is insane. It should be available at least in places where it is more likely to be useful like hospital emergency rooms and for post surgical treatment. I can see some case for not allowing it to be sold at pharmacies except those associated directly with a hospital.
    I think the people who want to outlaw this drug should be denied its use along with all of their family members.
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    That's great...prevent people in excruciating pain from getting some relief. Zohydro has already been classified as a restrictive Schedule II drug. When I asked my oral surgeon for an oxycodone formulation (a Schedule II drug), he said he didn't even have the paperwork necessary to prescribe that level of pain killer (I'm in California). Fine, regulate Zohydro. But, don't keep it from suffering people. You want to prevent substance abuse? Ban alcohol.
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    Do you even know true pain people? Yes we have some but if you were to look at the true number vs those that are drug seeking... This medication can kill with just a couple pills. As an ER nurse- this medication is more harmful. I would like to see this limited to cancer patients that need pain relief But it will be patients that demand this medication that are the problem. You can thank them- since they are looking into changing the labeling for norco. My own PCP does not give scripts for Norco due to the abuse We pull Rx records and find some pts that have had 1200 pills prescribes in 8 month time periods.
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    There are diseases that are genetic, that are MORE painful than cancer. This is the kind of blanket statement that cause people like me to become DEAD before we have to go. Please be careful about choosing who is and who isn't deserving of mercy. The politicians aren't, that's for sure.
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    @Tilden but you need to realize that it is the general public that has made it harder for legit people. Blanket statement- not made- experience? Yes. Start telling the general public to take OTC meds and leave that true pain meds for those that need it. We have become a nation of wimps. We see people coming infor narcotics for strep throat. Yes strep hurts. But seriously???
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    @maggiesmom Point taken…that is where the "gatekeepers" in medicine come-in. They are busy running from insurance companies, pushing pins into voodoo dolls labeled "thankless patients..".
    The system of healthcare in-general is crumbling. The individual who is sick and he who treats them is being crushed in favor of fascist medicine-corporate/state run medicine. All I am sure of is nothing is "fair" about any of it.
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    Punishing people who are in pain bc people who are not in pain take pills to feel good is unfair... Yeah, pills kill more people every day of the year more than any other fourm of death but this legislation is misguided.
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    I think more people die from the 2 legal drugs.. tobacco and alcohol,, take into account the drunk drivers and spousal abuse, child abuse caused by a deranged alcoholic.
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    Most states have implemented a tracking system that monitors the number and types of prescription narcotics that and individual has filled. They are also working at cross state cooperation to remove that method of thwarting the system. That is a much better way of tracking abuse than working about the anti tampering formula. Do not prevent a potentially helpful med from getting to the people in need because some losers attempt to abuse the drug.
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    While reading this, my thinking was just like BravoJuliet's. Why else would "Zohydro (be) approved without safeguards to make it tamper-resistant?"

    This is the same side of the political divide (democrats) that has the crowd that likes assisted-suicide. It's almost like want to keep pain levels high so that medical costs for the terminally ill can be reduced because more people would choose to end their life early.

    I know that's a cynical way to look at this but when Obama chose Cass Sunstein as his Regulatory Czar... the guy overseeing regulation for the entire Executive Branch...

    Obama Regulatory Czar Backs Off Call for Gov't to Attach Lower Value to Older People

    Cass Sunstein Wants to Nudge Us ;

    ... And Obama's comment to a lady asking about her elderly mother that "Maybe this isn't going to help. maybe you're better off, uh, not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller."

    ... And HHS Secretary Sebellius who in reference to a girl who met the size requirements for an adult lung but not the age requirement said in explaining why she denied a waiver, "Someone lives, and someone dies."

    ... I can't help but be cynical.
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    There's also the little thing of the mechanism in the doubly-ironically named *Patient Protection* and *Affordable Care* Act called the "Independent Payment Advisory Board" (IPAB) that is charged with finding ways to save the government money it spends on healthcare.

    It sounds remarkably similar to what the Left's favorite punching bag predicted would be in Edselcare aka Obamacare aka PPACA.

    She had to predict that it would be in there because we weren't allowed to see what's in it before we passed it. She wasn't able to point to IPAB as a mechanism in the doubly-ironically named *Patient Protection* and *Affordable Care* Act called the "Independent Payment Advisory Board" (IPAB) that is charged with finding ways to save the government money it spends on healthcare. So she took the liberty of naming that mechanism herself and decided that "death panel" was an appropriate label since that is what telling an elderly woman to take a painkiller instead of getting a pacemaker is exactly what such a mechanism would do.

    Sarah Palin,‘Death Panels’ and ‘Obamacare’

    The Washington Post's Fact CHecker does a good job of spinning IPAB as something else but they did what lots of people do and impute their own best-case meaning to what Progressives say like "Progress." When most of us think of "progress" we think of "boldly moving into the future" but when Progressives say "Progress" they mean "Progress Forward towards Socialism"
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    @Bobolinsky Marxism and socialism are very different. Most 1st world countries are social- capitalist republics.
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    "... And Obama's comment to a lady asking about her elderly mother that "Maybe this isn't going to help. maybe you're better off, uh, not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller."" - Bad comment. Bad comment.

    Whether you want to admit or not there comes a time when no matter what you do the patient is going to die. A RESPONSIBLE doctor is going to tell you that and not subject your loved one to unnecessary surgery and pain. AN IRRESPONSIBLE doctor is going to say - sure thing I'll do the surgery, pay off my Mercedes and your mom can suffer post-op stress and pain for 3 month while she dies a slow death never really getting over the surgery that shouldn't have been in the first place. I've been there.
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