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    BIG OIL......That's why.
    Is there any more proof needed that BIG corporations have bought our whole political system. Lock, stock and barrel.
    If a standard electric car is so.........?
    What will our idiots, big oil bioches due when they "see" this?
    "Thorium Laser Electric Car"
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    You can tell they have already seen it. "but is is really a good idea?" That's the last part of the subtitle but they didn't mention anything in the article of it being a bad idea they just wanted to plot doubt in the readers mind about it.
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    The most ironic part about this is it is doing exactly what they claim the left is doing, picking winners and losers. I guess if you support winners who are already winning so they can't lose it's different than supporting new technology to bring more competition.
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    @SmarterThanYou well that car is not what is being banned. it is this companies ride that has been. And if Leno Likes it and does a burn out at the end, I wouldn't have any issues. 300 miles on a tank of gas is sadly the norm, should be much closer to 900 +++ with the technology we have.
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    My company was lucky enough to bid for, win the contract, and then build the battery enclosure for the two-seater, and is now making parts for the sedan. After we had delivered the first 50 or so BE's, Tesla brought three coupes to the company and offered anyone who wanted a test drive.....Many line employees, mostly the guys out in the shop who make the actual parts, got a rare experience, and our CEO and senior managers tried to make it a day to recognize the workforce. As Tesla brings their pricepoints down over the next 2-3 years and extends range to 300-400 miles of real driving per charge, it could really grab moderate income buyers. As a Tesla supplier helping with the DFM on the future vehicles, we see the prototype designs of the 3rd and 4th and 5th iterations that will hit the market 2015 - 2018.........and Tesla looks to be staying ahead of the competition curve.
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    There is now an open competition between Nevada, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, which are call vying for a new battery manufacturing facility for Tesla cars. It is said that it will hire 6,500 employees and so competition is stiff. I would guess Nevada would be the first choice due to its closeness to the California Tesla facility and its lower level of sleaze compared to New Mexico and its government/police departments.
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    Unfortunately one of the only things I understand keeping them afloat is their licensing revenue for their battery system as it is years above everyone else's. Ignorant regulations like these don't help. We have a Tesla dealership in one of our malls, and they have a series of charging stations in the parking garage. Great product!! I hope they can overcome this BS.

    And very cool that you get to be an integral part!
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    @GedankPol Funny they are competing for that and then deny the people there from buying one. Typical buracrats They consume more resources and produce nothing of any value.
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    When you hear talk of govts picking the economic winners and losers, this is what they mean.

    In this case, its conservatives in state govts, which adds a little irony.

    If established businesses are able to protect themselves from change and competition, then soon we will be incapable of change.

    Economic evolution produces losers, and that necessary process should not be subverted by the undue influence of money on politics.
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    @Cincinnatus says:
    ▌Economic evolution produces losers, and that necessary process
    ▌should not be subverted by the undue influence of money on politics.

    So that means you don't support the president, when on May 26, 2010 he said:
    ▌But thanks to loans through the Department of Energy, which helped
    ▌provide Tesla motors with the financial wherewithal to expand, that
    ▌shuttered plant is soon going to reopen. And once again -- once
    ▌again, it will be a symbol of promise, an example of what’s
    ▌possible here in America.

    Or did I read your statement incorrectly?
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    And just for the fun of it, can you figure out why those two statements are not contradictory?
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    @Cincinnatus So you don't think the government should play favorites with funding, but it's ok for the president to give Tesla $465 million dollars? Even when the president Himself quips:

    ▌But for the average person who has to drive 50 miles to work and
    ▌can’t afford to buy the Tesla --(laughter)-- it’s hammering them.

    Why would the government give $465 million of OUR tax dollars to a company that builds cars We the Average People can't afford? Yes, I know... it's part of the presidents "Alternative Energy" program. But how much impact is it going to have on our environment when it affects only a few, elite, privileged people? Wouldn't paying for a few Windmills (they cost about $3 million each for 2 mega Watts) be money better spent?(Note: not that I'm "for" windmills 100%, they also have negative impacts on the environment and those who are forced to live near them).

    I agree with you: either a company makes it on its own, or it should be allowed to fail. Another good example would be... Government Motors.
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    I think it's obvious to all of us, big oil has too many political bi+(#€$.
    Big oil is standing firmly in the way of Tesla.
    A friend of mine builds these osmosis thing-a-ma-bobs that increases both mileage and horse power. A lot of techs build them and work to improve them. There's a whole click of them online. They can't legally sell them because big oil owns the patents. Every time someone invents and patents something practical that cuts oil consumption, big oil buys the patents and kills the projects.
    G.M. had a winner in the early 90's with the EV1, then suddenly killed it. Electric auto technology has been here for decades, but stifled.
    Big oil needs to be seized by the government and run as a non-profit. That is done in other countries. In Venezuela, gasoline is 18¢ per gallon! Maybe a bit more now.
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    This is exactly what libertarians have been saying for forty years. The reason the economy struggles is the excessive meddling from a government that whores itself out to the highest bidder. If we would stop electing the entrenched incumbents of both parties who continue to tweak regulations and the tax code to benefit themselves and their buddies and elect people who would say no to government interference, our woes would largely go away. No one has the courage to vote that way though. "I'd rather vote for a corrupt cronyist Republican because at least he's better than a damn Democrat!" and vice versa.
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    If the U.S. governments NHTSA, and any other federal agency like EPA doesn't have a problem with Tesla cars, why would anyone else? Only the very rich will be able to afford these cars anyway. If they are safe enough to drive across state lines throughout the USA, why shouldn't they be sold unimpeded throughout every state in the USA? It doesn't make much sense to me. There are other things which present a much more serious potential threat to the health of Americans, i.e., hazardous wastes being transported on trains, nuclear waste/radioactive materials being transported by semi tractor trailer by DoE 'Couriers' daily, etc.
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    Where do you take the car for service if there is no dealer? There has been a lot of resistance to new automakers, the Hudson, forced out by the big three and they used the government to do it, but there is a place for dealers.
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    Well, if you own a Bugatti Veyron, for example, you're required to send your wheels to France for a replacement set of tyres (and if you spell it "tires" they'll laugh at you!). For a mere $50,000 you'll get a new set of tyres, but it'll cost you $70,000 if you want them mounted.

    Bugatti also requires you to change the wheels every third set - and they'll set you back about $69,000 for a set of four.

    And yet, people actually BUY them!

    And if you'd been paying attention, you could have bought Simon Cowell's "certified used Bugatti Veyron" for only $1,375,000!
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    People answered, but that is still a good question. There are not very many authorities on this, as it is not a traditional engine. If you are really curious, i would suggest calling them and asking. I would be curious. I know someone who had owned two. I could ask him. It's a great question for Tesla specifically. The cool part, though, is that they don't have as many problems because they DON'T have a traditional motor.
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    I'm glad that Chevy (as much as I love ford) is finally introducing a compact diesel pickup. I always wondered why it took since 1983 when ford did it for this to happen again. With less regulations there might have been a small automaker out there that offered this product alone for the last 30 years and developed it into something awesome. I don't think forcing new auto makers out of the market is the right thing to do. If we had 20 of them during the recession the bailouts wouldn't have been that big of a deal.
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    Cool looking car, if people want to buy it they should be able to. Personally I can't imagine spending so much money on a car that can only go 265 miles per charge.
    I wish them well though, in their fight with the dealerships. That's a special interest group that really needs breaking up. Let manufacturers set up their own distributors and everyone, except the thieving dealers, will benifit.
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    Big government impeding business with regulation, red tape and union chronyism.

    Hhhhmmm. Those k-raezee Tea Party people have been bitchin about the same thing over the last two administrations.

    Imagine that....
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    This is not Ford, GM and the oil companies doing this, it is the dealerships, which are separate companies from the auto companies. They realize that their service would become pretty much useless, if you could buy a car, any car not just a Tesla, direct from the manufacturer. The quick internet pricing of cars has already hurt the dealerships seriously by reducing their on the spot, emotional marketing techniques that go back a 100 years. Now a computer savvy female can come into a dealership and tell the salesman exactly what she will pay for his product, giving him a mere $100 for filling out the forms instead of the 10% he used to get.
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    This is part of a much bigger picture which surrounds the denial of climate change. The fossil fuel industries which fund climate change denial also have a large stake in preventing the advancement in electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are a step toward the clean, renewable energy revolution which the fossil fuel industries so fear will cut into their profitability. An advanced, modern, smart electrical grid fed energy from many different local and regional power sources and distributed to where and when it is most needed is in our future. This will make massive use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, wave action etc. We could have had electric vehicles populating the road ways decades ago, if their progress had not been effectively stymied by opposition. Vested interest in the status quo are holding us back in both the addressing of global warming and the development of a clean energy revolution. The electric car is just one example.
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    I remember when global warming first became an issue, the Republicans told us not to worry about it because "science would save us." Science would bring us technologies to save us from global warming, so we didn't need to slow job growth or tackle the problem back then.

    Well now science has brought us technology, and what happens?
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    Cars aren't the only products that have to sell through retail. A great dress company does to. You can view their dresses online, but ultimately you have to buy them through authorized retail stores. Why stifle a new American made car company? Our old American car companies are not meeting a demand for cars like Tesla. And if the federal system is not bad enough, states are banning the brand? That is not how our consumerism is supposed to work in a free market. Reward middle men and increase the prices? Also a car so expensive cannot make enough cars to be represented in this way. They have no idea if the demand is high enough. My mother has her cars built to her specifications, but she has to go through a retailer to do so and pay all the extra costs associated by doing so. That's not right. She should be able to do this with the manufacturers, not the retailers. Foreign cars are going to keep making better cars for your money. That is why I have a Nissan Altima sitting in my driveway. Before it was a Mitsubishi Monterro. American cars couldn't give me all I have and had in these two cars for the same price. Same price is putting it mildly! There was a huge gap in the price! Stifling a new American car company is ridiculous when people are going to buy the prettiest and most loaded car from a foreign car company to get more bang for their buck! It's ridiculous!
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    I don't want conservatives anywhere near Tesla, especially after all their whining about Solaris. These guys practically worship big oil and (dying) coal, and have no understanding of why we should move from a capitalist centered power structure to a sustainable, affordable one. Please, please stay away Republicans. Tesla is doing just fine without you (partially thanks to Ford bailing them out-- where do you think they got ecoboost?).
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    The government gives money to the global Warming Hoax by the billions yet stifles this guy . This is an example of Socialism because the government decides what you can buy and who you buy it from. Crony capitalism Socialism or any thing else you can call it. The fact remains it is garbage. A free market will never be allowed by the monied interests. Libtards and repubs are the same both useless. This decision by christie proves he is in line with the man behind the curtain and will do as told and well hillary would be worse.
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    It's right-wing governors who are trying to stifle Tesla sales. But I guess it's no surprise that somebody who thinks global warming is a hoax would fail to notice that.
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    Um people Hello, this is what a Tesla S is.
    When it comes to Leno's comedy, I am not of fan of shouting the damn punchline. But Leno knows cars. I am assuming he likes the car, at the end of the video he does a burn out which really is not all that easy with today gas powered rides, even if you disabled the damn traction control. Gov. Christie is a Pawn. About as effective as GW and that isn't a good thing. Electric cars are coming folks, OF all other auto makers, theirs are crap. This Tesla, I would be happy to have one, YET I really want to see how they survive a crash. Actually I want to see how well it can endure a damn Pot hole... A Michigan Pot Hole. the ones that can take a damn wheel off the spindle. Then a crash survivability test.
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