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    Who do you think is going to own those private drones, her liberal supporters? I think she can see herself running for her life and the Amazon drone fires its rockets at her, and from what I can tell, she isn't a very fast runner.
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    Hey Feinstein, it's only bad when YOU have the drone pointed at YOU, not us.
    "FAA officials say rules to address the special safety challenges associated with unmanned aircraft need to be in place before they can share the sky with manned aircraft."
    And drones have been around how long?
    And an RC controlled aircraft ONLY becomes "unmanned" when you attach a camera to it.
    I will say, I do agree with @Zazziness on this one. Treat a camera, remote controlled "drone" as if it's someones eyes........Because it is.
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    i agree totally with your first statement regarding feinstein, but you are incorrect on the rc statement. giving an rc plane or quadcopter a camera does not make it unmanned, it makes it an first person video rc. automated takeoff and landing, as well as self controlled flight differentiates an rc craft from an unmanned one. sorry for the correction but there is a lot of misinformation about this subject.
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    @itsnotatumah Welp, presently USA drones are not truly autonomous. The reason for the need for drone pilots. It's being researched to make drones autonomous but they haven't made it 100% YET. At least, not that I know. They most likely do have them, since the military doesn't inform people until they have a better technology.
    Attaching a camera AND flying that RC strictly by that camera makes it a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), also referred to as a drone. Autonomous means we program it to go, view (or bomb) a certain coordinate(s) and send it on it's way.
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    I agree. And Senators Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, Barbara Boxer, should be among the very first drones to be regulated!!! lol
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    Wow, Diane has three bullets in her magazine - gun control, Cia spying on pols and now drone control - a multitalented leftist!
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    I'd say we should have stricter regulations for law enforcement use, otherwise treat them like a person's "eyes" which means if they'd be a peeping tom if they saw it in person, they're a peeping tom if they see it with their drone camera.
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    @Medicinebow - yes, but cameras are common components on all drones and can be legally regulated as Zazz suggests, as if they were eyes. She may be on to something there.
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    @Frosty45 Could be the millions of dollars her insider schemes that she and her husband have accumulated since she's been in power.
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    If it's legal for the government to violate the fourth amendment, it's legal for private citizens. Suck on that Cryptkeeper Feinstein.
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    First they need to turn them on Congress and K street, then make it public, so they know from personal experience what they are doing.
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    I wish they didn't exist. Americans are on a down hill slide of slowly losing more rights and freedoms. Privacy?
    Americans,killing brown skinned Muslims all over the world and creating more people who hate us.
    Drones are evil.
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    As opposed to man planted bombs or planes flying into buildings killing people of all colors & religions ron?
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    we shouldn't even be using drones in this country.... Dianne Feinstein needs to be regulated... I wonder if anybody's checked her expiration date lately she's gotta be almost done
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    We shouldn't be using drones on anyone. Obama has tripled the use of drones and all we've done is kill and maim people, including women and children, who's only crime was to be attending a wedding party in a high Taliban area, no wonder these people hate us. The Constitution only allows us to DEFEND ourselves, and not to blow up innocent people who have done nothing.
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    @abqblondie2 no we should be using drones on terrorists because it saves our troops from having to go in after them.... we shouldn't be using our drones against our civilian population that is a violation of our Constitution our Constitution has nothing to do with terrorists overseas...
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    You use military targets, or we become barbarians like Muslims. You should be ashamed. We are not blood thirsty barbarians.
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    Republicans had their chance in '12 to replace Feinstein, too old and out of touch with Calif, but refused to offer anything but a sacrificial candidate. I still voted for her opponent, what's-her-name, and I don't often vote R. We're stuck with the old bag for another 5 years.
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    @Denizen_Kate umm-hmmm.
    Me too. Unfortunately , only Iraqis and afghanis have clearance from their governments to shoot at American drones.
    I will tell you though, if I see one outside my window in my yard, its history. No matter who it belongs to or what local ordinance( no discharge of firearms in the city) I break.
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    And someone PLEASE tell that skank to brush her nasty teeth and see an orthodontist, even if it is the citizen that pays for her dental. Would be worth it. Bad nuff to have to see her "Skeletor" face
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    I wish people would stop using the word drone. Drones are armed aircraft flown outside the United States. UAV are remote control toys that usually have cameras and with 2-4 lbs with no weapons
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