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    Someone needs to listen to their old man .... wise beyond his years!

    .... and those in favor of an EU (Western) takeover or should I say exploitation ... just take one look at Greece and tell me how Ukraine would be better off?

    The U.S. war mongers are just mad because they couldn't start a war in Syria so now their trying to pick another fight somewhere else ... wakeup people .... get a clue ... war and stealing from other countries is big business!
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    BTW ... no Ukrainian should take advice from an American since they actually had the guts to overthrow their corrupt government unlike the hypocrites giving out advice on how to run their country =)
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    Ron Paul has a point. One I expressed myself on this forum a few times as to the nature of the "fair elections at the point of a gun by an occupying force" We have no morale leverage as what they did is just a far more effective version of what we ourselves did in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    All that aside, we still can't sit around and do nothing. Just because the we had some scumbags start two wars that were totally unjustified and overthrew two goverments and turned those countries into absolute hell holes because some guys from a completely different country attacked us does not mean we should sit by and let Russia annex another portion of one of it's neighbors.(Again, as they did the same to Georgia under George W)
    So I understand what Ron Paul is saying. I just don't think sitting around allowing it to happen is the correct choice. That's the same choice that we made when the Germans invaded Poland and look how well that turned out.
    So yeah, we're a nation of hypocrites but that's what the founding fathers always intended anyway.
    As for Rand Paul, he's just blowing in the wind trying to find a position that polls well.
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    Ron Paul tells the truth which is why he never had a chance. I loved him in the debates on foreign policy and shows we are hypocrites in everything. This moral superiority complex we have comes from no reality. I don't agree with Ron Paul domestic policies as they would only work if this was 1920 again.
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    I knew it would be this way before Ron even left Congress. Rand associates more closely with the Tea Party than the party of Liberty.
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    @Center Unfortunately, you are correct. Honesty in our government is no more. I am sure Washington, Franklin and Thomas would love to lift the lids of their caskets and slap around today's government.
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    Unlike is father, it seems Rand will say whatever he thinks it will take to be elected president regardless of whether or not it is consistent with his principles.

    one more reason not to vote for him.
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    Rand Paul is NOT a Libertarian icon. If anything, his stances are more closely related to the Tea Party.
    Ron is a true Libertarian in his stances.
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    If those citizens want to be Russian, then who the hell are we to tell Russia to not take them in???? Has everyone forgotten how many small countries, clear on the other side of the earth from us, that we have invaded 'in the name of democracy??' We need to keep our nose out of everybody else's business and STRAIGHTEN THIS COUNTRY OUT FIRST!
    Ron Paul is a very smart individual,,,,,,, I voted for him how many of you voted for 'Obum-a'? Let me ask this question. How many of you REGRET voting for 'the Bomb-a' instead of Paul??
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    As a constituent of Rand Paul, I see the shallow knowledge on a daily basis. Aqua Buddha Paul is an embarrassment to those he represents. If Kentucky law allows it, he should be recalled. I wish he'd be desperate to search for a clue.
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    No fan of either one but in this case I agree with Ron. What business is it of the US what happens with Russia? After all, the USSR was illegally dissolved against the will of 75% of Soviet population.
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    I like Ron Paul...he may be off on some of his ideas, but it was amazing how the younger population took to him during the primaries before the 2012 election...I honestly believe he could have beaten Obama...but the Republican establishment just couldn't handle his views...
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    I worry about further encroachment By Russia and a harm to citizens they overrun.I despise the military operations against sovereign states regardless of their political persuasion, but I believe RON- is ultimately wiser and more reliable than his ambitious son. Mr PAul sr. would make a great president. You missed the boat GOP.
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    The US was involved with the opposition in Ukraine.

    The US sanctions can only cause problems for the EU and the US by further flaming the situation.

    What happened to “respect the vote” or does it only apply where the US wants it to apply.

    President Obama says Ukraine has a right to self-determination but Crimea does not. Lack of consistency undermines legitimacy of President Obama’s announced sanctions.

    Rand Paul needs to wake up on this one.
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    Why is it not OK for Russia to this when we did the exact same thing when we "acquired" Texas and California from Mexico?
    Russia had a naval base in Crimea. It does NOT want to invade Ukraine. It just wants Crimea. The Ukraine was joining the EU which would have complicated the situation.
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    Rand Paul is simply trying to appeal to Republican primary voters in 2016. That's why his rhetoric has been "all over the map"; he's throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks.
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    The administrators and counselor who bought into discrimination should be fired. They are a disgrace to the teaching profession and counseling. As one who taught Counseling Theory, if this were a student of mine they would be booted from the entire program and a letter sent to the state to make certain they could never get a license including to be a poodle walker.
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    83% of the population voted to join Russia. We need to step back and mind our own business. The people made their choice loud and clear.
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