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    Does wearing a short skirt encourage rape, too? That attitude should go over well with a teen aged girl raped by football players.... Why is the school blaming a victim for choosing to express himself in the way he chooses? The school is in the wrong here, for encouraging bullying by excusing it.
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    Yes, blame the person that pokes the bear. the bear is nature whose behavior is natural, known. dont shoot the bear.
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    You are correct.

    The school is REvictimizing the victim. And they are doing nothing about the bullying.

    They think they are doing something about the bullying but the only thing they are doing is removing the potential target of the bully.

    Removing the people whom they think the bully would target??? How is that dealing with bullying?

    That school administrator is backwards.
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    Of course wearing a short skirt doesn't encourage rape but, an example if I may.

    I have a neighbor,,,, young, cute, friendly. She knows she's cute, obviously. She enjoys wearing somewhat revealing clothing. I being a healthy heterosexual male, even though I'm attached and have made definite plans to remain that way have no problems window shopping. I look. I also see a regular flow of young gentleman coming and going. When they go she is with them and they are seldom gone long. An hour or so tops on the most part.

    What is my first thought? Well, she doesn't appear to be gainfully employed unless the employment is in the oldest job in the world which is prostitution. She however may very well be a college student since she's around that age and mom and dad are footing her bills.

    I dunno. All I know is what I see is a young attractive girl wearing revealing clothing that has an above average amount of gentleman callers.

    Does that mean she deserves to be raped? Of course not. But her actions does put thoughts into a persons mind,,,,,, and my wife agrees with me.

    The kid the article is about and how this relates...... We were all young at one time. There have always been bullies. There have always been effeminate boys. Bullies will always attack effeminate boys. Is it right? No, of course not. But we're also dealing with kids whose minds are still developing.

    Utopia nor Xanadu exists and never will. In order to fit in someone has to change and to expect the rest of the world to change in order to accommodate one person is a bit ridiculous, especially when we're dealing with kids.

    Banning a back pack is within the rights of a school system since it would fall within the realm of dress code.

    My kids went to school where the only backpacks allowed were clear see through backpacks. The drug and weapons problems disappeared.
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    Look at it from the school's point of view. It is probably obviously a very girly backpack for the school to stop him from carrying it.
    Imagine a boy wearing a dress/skirt (scottish) to school. It may be OK elsewhere but in ANY school in the US he will be laughed at all the way home. Can you blame kids for being kids?
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    I think there are better ways of solving the bullying problem than putting the blame on the victim. It appears school administration is too lazy to deal with the real issue. It should raise serious concern as to how the school would deal with a more aggressive form of bullying.
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    The schools is scared of the bully's parents! LOL Spineless administrators.
    Teach tolerance but ignore the intolerant.
    No wonder kids are confused as hell now-a-days.
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    @richstacy while I agree she's partially responsible, the child is also a victim of not only the bullies but an inept administration.
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    @YouSickenMe if that boy likes my little pony he should be able to use it in school and if my son wanted that book bag he would have it its not OK to tell a child they can't like something because other children don't and they are rude brats that pick on what's different
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    The school is taking the easy way out. Mommy, however, needs a reality check. Her son is gonna catch hell forever from his peers and no anti-bullying policy is going to change that.
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    Actually, it's quite trendy right now for young boys to be into MLP. You and the principle need to do a reality check and realize that bullying is bullying, no matter what it's about.
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    Like I said, no policy is going to change the fact that his peers are going to give him hell. It appears, not saying it is so, but it appears, that his mother recognizes he may be gay and the wise thing overall is to pull him from public school and home school.
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    @LeonardSmith As I know you are correct, this problem isn't going to go away, I disagree the parent (where is the dad in this?) should homeschool the boy. He's going to have to deal with the real world eventually, it may be better to send him to martial arts classes to learn self-defense. The grim reality of life is there are those among us seeking to cause harm. Our only options are to be a victim or to fight back.

    I taught my kids to fight back. Of course, the first steps to self-defense are situational awareness and avoidance, but when those fail the ONLY rule is to prevail. My motto was, when the s*** hits the fan, be the fan.

    Give a kid the mindset to defend themselves and they will go through life bravely. They will dress as they wish, date who they wish and do as they wish....all American ideals of freedom and liberty. But we all know freedom is not free, sometime you must earn it, sometimes you must fight for it.

    Give them the mindset that might is right and they go through life scared, timid and unhappy.

    Why tip toe through life only to arrive safely at death?
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    Knowing teachers I would say that no it isn't trendy. Was it right to treat him that way? No. However, clearly from the reaction of peers it is not a trendy thing now.
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    Looks like this particular school administration has decided the cure for bullying in the school is to rid the school of anyone or anything that the riff-raff elects to home in on. I think administrators should be fired for failure to do their jobs.
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    Exactly. They're pushing their jobs off on someone else down the road. Like the city or county, perhaps, who might end up hosting these bullies for an indefinite period for more serious bullying as adults, after they've been given free passes by those who think like this school.
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    The school administrators have taught the bullies that they are right, how he dressed justified their violence. That's not the lesson I'd want them to be teaching.
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    It's interesting to note that if this very same boy wore a dress to school and self-identified himself as a girl he'd have and army of school teachers and administrators protecting him. The bullies would be vanquished and sent for counseling.
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    Actually, I think that the inference from the school is that he DESERVES to be bullied because his actions (liking the backpack) might be a sign of homosexuality, since he likes something commonly liked by girls. Of course, that is nonsense - my best friend loved Raggedy Ann as a kid and he has 5 kids and never had a gay thought in his life.

    But bullying is wrong, regardless of the reason. The school's response is moronic at best and discriminatory at worst. It sends the message that being different is a bad thing and should be hidden. When the bullies find out about the response, it just emboldens them to press on and to victimize others.
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    I agree with all your point of views. However, put yourself in the shoes of the majority of school children. Are you going to dictate to them how they should or should not react to EVERYTHING they see? If you are a boy and wear a dress to school, obviously kids will poke fun at you. If they didn't it would be abnormal! Is that bullying? If THAT is classified as bullying, we will breed a generation of sterile pansies!
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    @Kaio That is exactly what we are doing. According to political correctness, and the 'everybody is a victim' crowd, nobody should ever suffer any form of hardship or adjusting to reality whatsoever. There are always going to be bullies and teasing. Better the kids should learn to deal with reality.
    "There is no strength where there is no struggle."
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    @Kaio So kids need something to be arbitrarily cruel about, or else they're "sterile pansies"?

    Only a couple generations ago, young white people would actually smile and pose in photographs of themselves throwing food at African-Americans. It was so common that your "abnormality" argument applies, and in a sense, would be true: to NOT engage in that bullying was so unusual as to be "abnormal". And any white person who defended black people was accused of all kinds of "perverse sympathies", like (horrors!) wanting to be romantically involved with one.

    Of course, the problems faced by non-gender-conformists may not be as bad as those faced by people of color in the Civil Rights era, but my point is that your same awful logic applies, and it's just as pointlessly endorsing of hate,
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    This is ridiculous. I am even more shocked by this turn of events given Asheville/Buncome County's reputation as a mecca for liberal debauchery. I guess tolerance is preached, but not practiced by some people.
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    It's progressive liberals, the only thing one can be certain is they will always be illogical and oh so infamously tolerant.....
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    Smart idea. Let blame the victim for bullying and not the actual bully. Hey, while we're at it. Let's ban girls from having any backpacks that have hotwheel cars or video games on them. Because it s popular with guys.

    People should be able to express themselves however they want. A backpack doesn't have a gender. Anyone can wear them.
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    "One of her suggestions was to hide it," Noreen Bruce said. "She said that if you have something like this you're asking for trouble." Later, the principal called and told her to keep the backpack at home.

    Bruce didn't agree: "I said,'You're missing the picture here. You're telling him that it's OK for them to make fun of him."
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    Teachers and principals and others 40 years ago (when I was this age and was repeatedly and viciously bullied notwithstanding my LACK of anything like a MLP bag) were COMPLETELY CLUELESS about bullying then. It's horribly sad to see that today's teachers and principals are EQUALLY CLUELESS. It is NEVER the victim's fault. It is ALWAYS the bully's fault. Schools AND PARENTS need to stop the victim-blaming and the bully-enabling "boys will be boys" BS, and just start taking the bullies aside and telling them "This is unacceptable, and we're moving YOU to a different school, where we'll try to get it through your skull that we will have NO tolerance for what you've been doing." Period. End of story.(What the heck do university Education faculties teach future teachers about bullying, anyways? Either they're not teaching them anything, or whatever they are teaching them is CRAP.)
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    Another melodramatic headline. She wasn't forced to homeschool the kid, that would suggest he was kicked out of the school. She also wasn't forced to buy a 9 year old boy a little sissy backpack.
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    Are you suggesting that an American can't express themselves as they wish?? When exactly did we give up our freedom and liberty to only conform to a singular presentation of ourselves?

    But you are correct, she isn't being forced to homeschool. But she does need to teach the boy about self-defense, he's gonna need it. Now or later, almost all of us end up wishing we knew more self-defense. He doesn't have to stop carrying his bag, he needs to stop the bullies. A good pop upside the head usually works.
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    @Uncle Si
    Absolutely correct. The one at fault here is the totally witless mother, who deliberately subjected this little kid to derision which will probably warp him for life..
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    Are you blind? What if the kid was attached to his fuzzy blanket, like Linus? Would you encourage him to carry it to school, then expect 9 year old kids to not make fun of him? This mom is raising a little sissy, then using it to get attention for herself. Why don't you visit their Facebook page and 'like' them like all the other liberal idiots? LOL
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    Male Child + My Little Pony = Trouble!

    If you want your son to be picked on and made fun of .... hell, dress them up like a little girl instead ... I'm sure that will draw everyone's attention ... good or bad =)

    This is just a feeble attempt at a lawsuit .... nothing more ... nothing less ... I've seen this tactic several times over! It won't work .... hopefully ... and commonsense will prevail!
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    Stop blaming the victim and try keeping up on trends. MLP is totally popular with boys, too. Oh, and BTW, this has nothing to do with gender identity.
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    @Nikkinala No it is not. I don't care what weird b.s. you come up with, he should not own a My Little Pony backpack. The parents are 100 % to blame here for allowing this.
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    @Nikkinala Sorry, I don't buy into that "trendy" BS =)

    It is what it is ... and My Little Pony is a little girls cartoon .... plane and simple .... always has been ... and always will be!

    No self-respecting parent should or would allow their son to watch that crap.
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    @YouSickenMe He should own whatever he wants, that's what Freedom is. Those bullies and that administration are enemies of Freedom.
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    @whysocertain sure ... you can own whatever you want ... it's a free country ... just don't complain when you suffer the consequences of your actions!

    People don't have to accept abnormal behavior and they have that same freedom to exercise that right by voicing their opposition =)
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    This is so dumb. The kid should be allowed to carry any backpack he wants. That being said, kids can be mean, cruel little shits, and I'm sure he WAS teased for carrying a My Little Pony backpack. Shit happens. Personally, if any of my three boys wanted to carry a pack like this (or a lunch box or anything else that's considered "girlie"), I'd say no. If they want to play with the toys at home, more power to them. But knowingly buying your kid a backpack like this and not having the common sense to realize that he's going to get his ass kicked more than likely is just bad parenting.
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    No, the headline is NOT correct. She was not forced to home school him. She made that decision herself. It was dumb of the school to say he couldnt use the backpack there, but that was the rule set, so she had the choice of obeying it or not. She chose not, but she was not forced to home school him.
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    She was forced to by the administration refusing to do anything about the bullying. Do you really think a backpack change would've changed anything?
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    We all know kids can be cruel and teasing is everywhere in elementary and middle schools. I wouldn't have purchased the back pack for a boy to begin with. I would have explained to my son that the backpack would cause him to be teased and told him to pick something else. If he wants my little pony stuff at home, that's fine. Why this woman doesn't just get the boy another backpack I do not understand. It can't be about money because homeschooling materials are not free.
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    School is wrong...if there is bullying taking place, the school should punish the bully, not the recipient of the bullying (by making him hid the backpack)...
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    So the school system is saying that it refuses to guarantee the safety of it's students, and refuses to teach that bullying is wrong. It also want to teach that only conformity is acceptable.

    Are they Russian moles?
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    So if a 16 year old boy drives a purple car, one his mother used to drive but she got a new one. This boy gets picked on and bullied over driving this purple car. The schools best answer would be 1. Paint the car 2. Get a different car 3. Ride the bus or 4. Please refrain from driving car to school so boy does not get bullied. The school is wrong here plain and simple.
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    The only just solution to this situation would be to implement a new school rule. Every child should have a plain colored back pack. Mesh or see through. If this boy loses freedom of expression so should everyone else. Step further. Uniforms. Since this people can't govern their own actions then implement a dress code.
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    There was a school that the students tried to institute a dress code as in uniforms. Seems the aclu took it to court. And won the case against the dress code.
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    It seems there is never a problem until the victim becomes the aggressor. It's shameful that they wouldn't try to be more proactive. @Caelmia
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