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    I cant count the number of times I saw the hanging and burning of Bush in effigy during his presidency BUT it was a normal thing to do then, along with the persons right to free speech. Now its a bad thing? Has the wind shifted directions?
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    Another fine example of why this Country is going to hell in a hand basket weaved of Irony. God must really be disappointed with the idiot this man has become.
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    FFS-, how did you come to that screwed up conclusion? I mean seriously. Conservatism and Christianity is almost synonymous. Doubt it? I'd like to invite you to the Church I attend and you will see many conservative and charitable Christians.
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    Another nut, they come in all shapes /sizes, religions and non-religions.
    There's a whole lot of crazy going on!!!
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    I disagree with what the pastor did, however, I believe someone made a wishful movie about George Bush being assassinated.

    Didn't hear much about it in the MSM.

    At any rate, this guy is a lousy representative of what a pastor should be.
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    well think about it all. from Bush to recent president, umm yea,, stop and think about things. and it only going to get worse. when liberals took over look at the results.
    And yes, GOD is pissed.
    but nothing we can do now is their. for all is falling into place.
    well, best of luck to all and all we can do now is pray for the bes.t
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    I've never heard of a "legal industry". What is that? I doubt this man is part of any organized religion. Organized religion would reflect the catholic industry with its own "little country and hierarchy". Not a man expressing his political views in a somewhat unorthodox way in a backwoods town.
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    so the hangings of bush episodes; to numerous to count; were the proof the atheist were destroying our country. Tax Hollywood and boos the economy.
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    to each his own and this should be protected under free speech laws!
    if you libs can burn flags, then people can do this.
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    It might help I'd the MSM would quit giving Jones coverage while passing up more news worthy stories, like any little girl who's ever lost a kitten in a tree for example. Poor kitten.
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    Exactly. If they'd quit talking about him, nobody would give him the time of day. But this news is what sells, sadly, instead of what people need to be worried about.
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    They sure gave a lot of coverage to the bush effigy burnings. It was almost a political movement; they even made a movie about the assassination of George Bush and there was no calls for an investigation. Just shows how biased the liberal news media really is.
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