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    Would you like to see Ohio Gov. John Kasich seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination?

    At this stage, I'd like to see as many choices as possible get their message out.
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    I'm firmly in the Rand Paul camp right now, but he deserves a solid look if he decides to run. I'm also a big fan of Scott Walker.

    Here's a recent NYT article about Walker that the NYT buried on page A-14 of their paper and buried in the bowels of their website so they could say they covered how Scott Walker led Wisconsin from near bankruptcy to a budget surplus... No need to click on the link if you don't want to... I cut and pasted the entire article.

    Wisconsin: Assembly Passes Governor’s Tax-Cut Plan

    "The Wisconsin Assembly has passed Gov. Scott Walker’s $504 million tax-cut plan. The chamber approved the bill on Tuesday by a vote of 61 to 35. The Senate passed it earlier this month. Assembly approval sends the bill on to Mr. Walker for his signature. The governor wants to use a portion of the state’s projected $977 million surplus to pay for cuts in property and income taxes. He introduced a bill in January that would send $406 million to technical colleges to reduce their property tax hit and cut income taxes by $98 million by reducing the lowest bracket to 4 percent from 4.4 percent. The end result would be a $131 reduction a median home’s tax bill this December and $46 in annual income tax savings for the average worker."

    Those of you who doubt that the NYT isn;t biased anywhere else than their op-ed page... That's one of the ways they do it. Good news about republicans gets buried... Negative news gets front page. It's the opposite for news about democrats.
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    I'm okay with rand Paul economically, but he's got to come closer to the middle on social issues if he really wants a shot. With that being said, that is what both parties should be looking for, which would be best for the country, in my opinion.
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    Meh, money isn't everything. I need to know MORE about this dude before I give him an endorsement. So far I DON'T like him. I don't like the "union busting"

    That being said having a balanced budget is good. Howevere I'd like to know where he stands on key issues that concern me.

    NYT bias? Bias is not always the issue in journalism. We all have biases. The trick is not letting the bias control the story. More specifically being truthful with your audience. Did they bury the story? Maybe? But they did run it, and it IS truthful. That COUNTS more than where the story ran. IMO
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    @Now_What -- He is. He's the only one who wants to "agree to disagree" on social issues. He's also has no love for the Crony Capitalists/Oligarchs. I'm convinced that his attempts to prove that are what's making the Big Money GOP donors go after him.

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    @Now_What I agree. On paper most republicans semm fine. But then they all start to talk about thing other than money and reveal their thoughts on social issues and lose me most of the time.
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    @Now_What -- In addition, while he's unapologetic about being pro-life, his position on gay marriage is "let the states decide." I'm convinced that he understands the discrimination that prohibition of gay marriage constitutes and he's toeing the line for political purposes.

    Think about it. He's not only Ron Paul's son which means that individual liberty and equal rights is something he's been taught since childhood, but also... He's not much older than me. He grew up in parallel with the gay rights movement.

    I'm convinced that Rand Paul is a libertarian who has to deal with the republican party since there is little room for proponents of individual liberty in the party of Group Identity Politics... Collectivist politics.
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    "He left the House in 2001 and took a job as managing director of financial giant Lehman Brothers."
    No thanks! He's part of the problem. And he's anti-labor.
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    We have two nationwide issues that most GOP candidates not only refuse to even talk about but refuse to address, and those are our lunatic, harmful, corruption building block drug laws and outsourcing/illegals, which are pretty much the same thing and both costs us dearly as a country and harm the working class, which runs the country, supports the poor, the government, and keeps the rich laid back. We only have one candidate right now at the front of this and that is Paul. Ohio has been backwards for years on both illegals and locking people up for profit.
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    Kasich, like most GOP contenders are god's gift to the 1%.

    Let's start taxing some SHORT-TERM investment instruments like the INCOME they are, and see what a remarkably better country we all live in.

    Not only would it help pay for fixing some of our dilapidated infrastructure, but help shift investments to more secure LONG-TERM benefits and gains.

    Capitalist markets are for INVESTING, not GAMBLING. If people want to gamble, there are plenty of casinos to accommodate them, we should let them gamble with our economy.
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    The GOP had an opportunity to nominate a strong, conservative, pragmatic, logical, and reasonable candidate the last time around. Whatever happened to John Huntsman? I think I could have cast a vote for him if given the opportunity. Kasich is not in the same league, IMHO.
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    What I know about this douche bag would make the hair stand up on your arms stand on end!

    Hell no, I'd rather see Obama run again than ever see Kasich in the Oval Office!

    His corruption knows no bounds!
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    I want to see how he does as governor before taking a position on him now. He does look good, but has not shown any effective executive skills yet. We have suffered to much with a president that had none and did not develop any either.
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    The reason I prefer Governors to Congressmen is that Governors have actually run something and made decisions while in Government. They have a record good or bad to run on that in my mind is why they make better Presidents.
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    Disagree...unions do not serve a purpose anymore...with the number of Federal laws, regulations, departments overseeing labor, unions are just a money pit of the average blue collar worker...
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    Every last one of those laws and regulations would be repealed if anti-union people had their way.
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    Unions especially government employee unions should be dissolved . They are nothing more than campaign collectors for the deomcratic party. They are even more corrupt than CEOs . Bust the unions.
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    But he'd be facing a formidable entrenched Beltway establishment married to both labor unions and Wall Street. The real focus on America's problems should be on state family courts, local urban planning, and scrapping the social engineering legacy that enabled an alternative poverty class lifestyle for 50 years and counting.
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    Career positions are not the way. We need someone who has been a business owner, knows what's going on and wants to go back to our roots.
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    I doubt Ben Carson will even run...he has not really shown an interest at this time...Rand Paul is too anti-government to get elected President...
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    I want to see every competent conservative with a track record that doesn't veer off into teapartyland run for president.
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    It`s not that we have become a nation of moochers, It`s that the moochers have realized the power of the ballot box. Their ability to plunder the pockets of the producers can be achieved by one touch on a touch screen. They take comfort knowing if they fail there will be no consequences...The Government will be their to support them.
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    Don't know enough about him to make an informed decision. On the surface he sounds good would have to learn more.
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