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    She is free to have her view points but others aren't. Is that the liberal way? We will never all agree nor we will all ever be the same.
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    @marine1 So a viewpoint that stoning someone is an acceptable appeals to you? It appeals to the Saudi's as well. I hear it's big in some of the rural areas of Pakistan as well.
    I'm right with you as long as we don't just stop with the gays and lesbians. If we're going to get all biblical with some rocks and people's skulls I want to be allowed to drag every single man out who has ever cheated on his wife or with someone else's wife. People talk about cleaning up the fatcats in DC. I imagine they'll be less than half of them left by the time I get done chucking some bricks at em.
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    Pastor James Manning quotes, just so you can get an idea of who this guy is....
    "Obama is a long legged Mack daddy!"
    "I believe Newt Gingrich's father was a liberal educated black man.... because Newts real name is Newton Leroy McPherson!"
    "I believe Romneys mother slept with a black sleeping car porter."
    "Black People aren't naturally gay, but the Europeans were pr acting homosexuality thousands of years ago and they've tricked our men!"

    This guy is.... kind of an ass.
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    He and the late pastor of Westborough (or however it's spelled) are probably brothers from another mother.
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    I believe I understand. So at my last family gathering I should've stoned my 70 year old mother for wearing a multi-fabric dress, or better yet as a child I would've been right to burn granny at the stake for having a vegetable garden with different crops on the same field? I'm a christian, not an idiot. We shouldn't take the good book so literally.
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    @Classified -@The_Gipper - The Sundry (or "chok") Laws are found in Deuteronomy 21 and 22 and also in Leviticus 19... There are no "punishments" from God that go along with violating most of them... so "burning granny at the stake" for sowing two different seeds together is NOT in the Bible. Sowing two different seeds together can make one plant choke out the other and create a bad crop because some plants need more water/sun than others...

    So Sundry Laws have natural consequences, not God's wrath and vengeance, like mandated stonings!

    Not wearing clothes made of with wool and linen woven together is symbolic of the gifts that led to Abel's murder by his brother Cain. Abel gave God a gift of Wool, which is what God asked for, and Cain gave a gift of Linen, which God did not ask for.

    Also, Linen and Wool are on the opposite ends of the textile gamut... They are difficult to weave together, and one risks the curly wool stretching and breaking the brittle linen strands when under stress. The fabric warps over time...

    People cannot take archaic writings out of context, linguistically or culturally, and think they know what the Bible means...
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    Why cant people accept the fact that not eveyone HAS to accept homosexuality? This is not communist Russia, or China! Everyone in America is entitled to their own beliefs and the constitution protects that. I understand being upset by statements churches make, but you can't hold onto what everyone says and actually take crazy bigots like that seriously. Get real, people.
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    What a great point! If only everyone would follow your point, think how much nicer people would be to each other.
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    Until some crazy bigot actually goes out and literally does what this bigot said. If a family member of yours was killed by rocks being thrown at them based on this guys vitriol would you take it serious then?
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    Sad to say, communist Russia has taken a moral stand against homosexuality and our own President has publicly rebuked them for it. I never thought I'd live to see the day when the commies became morally superior to the U.S.
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    @jaws4316 they aren't commies, but the anti gay movement came from here to Russia and Uganda. The people behind these laws are Southern evangelical groups that lost here and sent their hatred to Russia and Uganda. It is well documented along with fake scientists saying it is a choice. The fact you are behind kill the gays laws in 2009 toned down to life in prison is morally superior? I would say the gay community hate went through the roughest patch in the 80s and AIDS here, but we never said to jail them or execute them. Gays don't hurt or bother anyone. I think the act is gross, but what people do in their bedrooms is their right. Homosexuality will grow as the estrogen in our water is effecting fetuses. Amphibians are turning from male to female because of what is in the water. Most of the changes are medication like the pill and fertilizer getting into our food and water. It is a scientific fact that the more estrogen during human gestation for male fetuses and testosterone in female fetuses will indicate if they will be gay or not. Ever wonder why identical dna twins are almost always one gay and one straight? The straight twin gets the correct amount of hormones during development. Move to Russia and enjoy your hatred. I am sure it is lovely there
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    I don't hate anyone, nor am I for killing or jailing anyone for their sexual behavior. The law I was referring to is a law that Russia passed to stop the homosexuals from recruiting or proselytizing those under the age of 18. Meanwhile, we welcome "gay rights activists" into our elementary schools, and start teaching kids in Kindergarten that it's OK to be gay, and normal if Heather has two Mommies, or Johnny has two Dads. I would call their approach morally superior, because they are protecting their children from being brainwashed by "gay activists" while we are encouraging them to brainwash our children. You are correct in saying that what people do in their bedrooms is their own business, but the idea that Gays don't hurt or bother anyone is not true. It is only a mild annoyance that they have to have their "gay pride parades" and shove their lifestyle in our faces, and slightly more annoying that you can't watch an hour of television without some flaming queer in your face. But, active recruitment of our children is unacceptable and definitely harmful to society. And, homosexual behavior is most definitely a choice, just like any other sinful behavior. The most important piece of propaganda the queers want to sell us is that "we were born this way" because if that were true then speaking out against them would indeed be hatred and bigotry. A person most definitely cannot choose their race, gender, the color of their skin, or whether or not they are born with a physical disability, but sexual behavior is a choice and to believe otherwise is just plain ignorance.
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    "Jesus would stone homos"

    Ironic that scripture should come from a false prophet like Manning.

    "But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction."
    2 Peter 2:1
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    @GedankPol I agree, as John 3:17 (NIV) says: "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." Jesus likely would have warned her about sin and told her to repent. To be clear, the New Testament does state that homosexuality and lesbianism are sins that can get a person thrown into hell.(Romans 1:26-27, Galatians 5:19, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and 1 Timothy 1:9-10).
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    @CandleJack Correction. He did say to the woman accused of being an adulteress: Go home and sin no more, after he told the others: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
    Jesus was Jewish, and there was actually much less tolerance for homosexuality back then. Just go to Genesis 19 and see. And don't forget he didn't say he came to abolish the Law, but 'to fulfill it'. And in Matthew 24:37 he appears to say when he returns it will be just like in the days of Noah. So, if you believe in Jesus, you've got to believe there will be a reckoning for people who, given the chance to repent of their sins, did not do so. I'm not a Christian, and I know that, lol.
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    There are a lot of good ones and most religious people I've dealt with so far don't hate anyone, even "old grumpy atheist me". They just don't take me seriously when I say I'm atheist. The only major issue I came against is when my niece asked me, after my dad died recently, if I thought he was in heaven and why I didn't pray with everyone else at the funeral and at the dinner after. The look of horror on her parents and grandparents faces when they thought I was going to say something they didn't want her to hear was priceless. I might not believe anything they do but I'm not going to sabotage how they want to raise their children unless she ends up picketing funerals with the WBC.
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    The leader of the church is a nut case. People like this come in all colors, all political persuasions (liberal and conservative), and all religions (including many atheists).
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    There are a lot of great, wonderful religious people. You can tell who they are by asking how closely they follow all of the Bible. The ones who take an ambivalent view of its value are usually the good ones, because the Bible is a mostly terrible book that has little business influencing human behavior in the 21st century.
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    No, mainstream Christian belief is that we should hate sin, but love the sinner. It's just a few extreme legalistic morons who make us all look bad by preaching condemnation and hatred, instead of Grace and Redemption like Jesus said we should.
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    I love how this church In Harlem is spending its time hating on gay people, while they sit right in the middle of one of Americas most poor and crime ridden neighborhoods.

    Matthew 9:36
    "When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."

    That's exactly what these people do, make others feel harassed and helpless.
    God Bless tolerance and pray that it prevails.
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    Agreed. I think its disgusting that people are taxed on their income, basically the government OWNS their labor, and churches with millions upon millions of dollars (looking at you Mormons) get off without so much as a penny paid.
    And the people that support it? For the Middle Class my ass.
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    It will not change anyone's mind. Thank god we live in a country where stoning would be illegal and murder faces capital punishment. Otherwise the religious nuts would take over. Separation of church and state, freedom of religion, and everyone is equal. The perfect combination. Now if we can just follow these simple rules and get religion out of politics we'll all be happier.
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    I doubt that Jesus would stone anyone...but the bible does mention stoning children that disobey, stoning for people working on Sundays and stoning for, yeah these people that want to take the bible literally...would probably be walking around with pockets full of stones...if it wasn't for laws
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    Gays, Gays, Gays, Gays, they are the only people in this nation do't you know? What a shock. Yet one more article painting all Christians by the acts of a few. This article got both their bigotry toward Christians & their indoctrination of Gays in one article. Way to go. Why not put out all the rhetoric from activist Gays & the sickening things they would like to do & say to us all. Lets spot light those weirdo's in the Gay parades who dress like prostitutes & flaunt their weird sexual antics on all who are stupid enough to be on the streets when these idiots parade their disfunction for all to see. Nah, the left wing media only demonizes Christians & promotes Gay anything. The rest of us are just used as their piggy banks to fund their PC grabage.
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    She was just another person trying to get in the limelight.

    I read the sign as "Jesus would stone homos". I did not read, "We (Atlah) will stone homos". The church made a statement to what they believe Jesus would do, not what they would do. Therefore, knocking on their door asking to be stoned was idiocy and ignorant on the woman's part.

    I would have love for the guy at the door to toss her a joint and say "Here, go get stoned".
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    Supposedly, the goal of being christian is to be christ-like. Moreover, there is no evidence in the bible that jesus would have stoned anyone. Also, inciting violence passive-aggressively is still inciting violence.

    Imagine a church in alabama putting up a sign reading, "Jesus would hang (n-words.)" It too would be made much of, and for the same reasons.
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    I never indicated what's stated in the Bible or not. I simply stated my interpretation of the sign, which I believe to be accurate (my interpretation, not the facts of the sign's statement) and the girl was ignorant for asking and assuming it's what the church would do.
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    @Meanie No, it's ignorant for a bible-beating church to say something NOT in the bible, especially when it condones violence against a group of people. The KKK does the same thing.
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    I'm not arguing that point. I merely stated the sign and the act of the girl. All other issues are irrelevant.
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    As I recall, the ONLY person Jesus advocated stoning was himself, as a sbstitute target for Mary Magdalene.....isn't this the correct Scripture?

    Jesus never did advocate stoning anyone, and never would advocate stoning anyone........ever. Politix Christians, please correct me if I am wrong, Biblically speaking.

    Unless I am missing something historically recorded in the Bible about the man that is every Christian's Lord and Savior, Jesus never spoke about stoning again after His incidental original meeting and self-introduction and immediate intervention and advocacy for of a very bruised and battered Mary Magdelene.
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    WhoTF are you arguing with? There is no Jesus quote in my post, nor did anything I posted disagree with or misrepresent your literal Biblical reference. Ready, Fireth, Aimeth? The Biblical record describes Jesus as intervening and protecting Mary, standing up to the group of "stomers" in her stead and challenging the group of people to cast a stone his way, instead of her, with Him speaking the words you indicated. Direct your self-rightous, indignant tone and misplaced anger elsewhere, please.

    I have no idea what you are attempting to argue with me about, nor does it matter.
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    @Unfit2serve You are correct, Jesus would not condone the stoning of anyone. People have used the Bible for horrendous things, anti religious bigots love to point it out daily.
    Most Christians will use the Bible to guide their own lives, not their neighbors since Christianity is 100℅ voluntary.
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    I think that idea came from the fictional novel, The Da Vinci Code. There is no such story in the Bible... Mary Magdalene was not the women about to be stoned for adultery in John 8:1-11 ... and Jesus never offered himself to be stoned in someone's place... He was tortured, beaten and hung to death in everyone's place...

    Mary Magdalene was a demon-possessed woman that Jesus healed (Luke 8:2 and Mark 16:9) There is no scripture that indicates she was a prostitute.
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    Well, now that Westboro Baptist Church is on the decline, it looks like me may have a new contender for the worst vitriol-spouting church!... Idiots.
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    maybe she should head to a country where doing that is legal,walk up to one of those churches and dare them to do it there.

    by doing it here and drawing attention shows it was a nothing more than away to get attention.

    things like this should not make news.
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    Kinda the point. The only people hating on people is religion. The normal people don't give a shit if you are gay or straight. You are just a human to them.
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    @Starsplash that is not true. I wasn't indicting g religion. I was indicting ignorance, because ignorant people are the ones who hate on people.
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