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    Having watched these shenanigans since 1990, I have seen ONE sign that best represents the sentiments of, what I would consider to be, Real Christians.

    Simply put the sign read:

    Luke 23:34 "Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do."

    Beyond that, I continue with the original Topeka plan...

    ...Ignore Ignorance.

    The WBC and their sad hate filled message thrives on notoriety.

    Take that away...and they will disappear...
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    ...true that, but at the same time the Left leaning media eats it them a chance to make all Christians look like hate filled idiots which plays well into taking God out of everything agenda...but then again, if God looks like Westboro puts out there even I wouldn't be one either, but I know better.
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    @BravoJuliet - My friend...You and I both know that the "media" is out to make money...and pain and chaos sells.

    You and I also know that there are truths out there which remain whether spoken or not.

    As a non-Christian...but with many, many Christian friends...I know the difference.

    So does "the media".

    Let them lie...and be content in the knowledge of truth.

    The paradox of the late Mr. Phelps being a hate filled Christian and a Democrat is much too much for the media to comprehend...

    ...on any level.
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    Yea, Mr. Phelps...sad for him really, but also ironically crazy in another way, he showed well how a fool can be on both sides of a fence at!
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    King James Bible, Mathew 5:39
    But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    Funny church, this WBC. They don't know what to do with a message like that!
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    From the article: ""I don't even know what they're saying," Westboro Baptist Chuch member Steve Drain said."

    Um... apparently he doesn't understand the concept of sympathy. That explains everything.
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    Well, the man abandoned his own daughter out on the street with nothing and told her she was non-existent to him because she began to question the Church's teachings. Also, he wasn't a family member raised in it. He JOINED. Yeah, he willingly raised that same daughter in that environment.

    I'd say he is unstable at best.
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    This is what real Christians do-teach love instead of hate. I believe if you are going to stir up a pile of shit, you ought to be made to lick the spoon.
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    If one will sup with the Devil , one should have a long spoon. Remember what Christ said of those who are of this world ? meaning if you like the things of the world you are not one of His. If you agree and support what the world does you do not Love Christ, here is an example. society now condones and supports Same Sex Marriage. Do you support and condone that immoral conduct ? if you do then you need to read what Christ said about those in His Word. it is not good .
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    I saw a pastor's message on the big message board in front of a church that said "Forgive your enemies ... it messes with their heads." I've always like that.:)
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    It was an EXCELLENT way to show the hateful buzzard, and his fellow carrion birds, what Christianity really is all about.
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    Fred now will realize that God loves us all but not our sin.

    In fact, we should love homosexuals by lovingly helping them turn from their habits.
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    Do you like the "Sorry for Your Loss" sign? was indeed fitting.
    We need to halt these religious battles.

    In America, some folks still do not know this.
    Our founders set a country up to have religious freedom.
    This actually means that we are free to believe as we see fit.
    Our country wasn't set up as a one size fits all kind of thing.

    Also...with that being said, We aren't supposed to persecute one another either.
    This is certainly why, You should keep your religious beliefs or non beliefs to your self.
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    No , my friend, not as you see fit, but as God commands us . after all he created us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. if we aren't going to do that . then eternity looks pretty bleak for you in that Lake .
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    better people than me. what's right is to forgive & love your enemies.....right republicans? that's what the bible says.(I meant anyone but gay people.)
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