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    It's kind of hard to decide which is a bigger threat to liberty at this point; the CIA or Feinstein and her cohorts.
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    Get rid of her and the cohorts first because most of them have over all been protecting the likes of these bureaucracies...then reign in these agencies and their bureaucrats.
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    Funny thing is a true enemy of the Constitution and liberty such as Dianne is exactly who should be targeted by the the CIA and NSA if they are to exist.
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    @BravoJuliet The government is run by super bureaucrats whose loyalty is questionable at best. Somehow, I don't feel protected or served.
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    53 years ago after the CIA sponsored Bay of Pigs attempted invasion of Cuba failed miserably, JFK fired the top 3 CIA officials and vowed to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. Then he went to Dallas. Nothing has changed. The CIA is a law unto itself. This should not exist in a free society.
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    "If the CIA is able to thwart an active investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee, then there is no oversight of the intelligence branches, and then we truly have a lawless entity within the government, and one that operates almost entirely in the shadows."

    Very true... Treason. Tyranny. Corruption. Despotism. Statism. Oligarchy.

    "The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home." --James Madison

    Dear Congress: It would take no time at all for you to REPEAL THE PATRIOT ACT! Dismantle the NSA domestic spy program, and fire anyone involved with it, and remove their privileges to work for any other gov't entity... they are tainted and cannot be trusted to reform themselves.
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    The CIA hasn't ever really been "answerable" to anyone since its inception. America's "congressional oversight" power always appears toothless, regardless of the issue. We get smoke and mirrors and false outrage when it is politically expedient, but no actual enforceable reforms.
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    It would be nice to finally change that though...they had the benefit of all those "cold war" years where we were all told they needed to operate that way and we accepted it out of fear of a nuclear war and the need to spy on our enemies.
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    Sen Feinstein says she has the votes to approve release of the Panetta report and will go for a vote this week.
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    Yes sir now that they see this effects not just others but themselves as well maybe they'll move with a quickness. One can only hope.
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    I think unwarranted phone taps...and spying on any US citizen is wrong...but, in the case of almost seems like poetic justice
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    Thank you for the link! It is too bad that it took infringements on Congress's privacy, rather than to those of citizens, to galvanize Congress into action.
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    @GedankPol -- Agreed. But boy am I thankful that the CIA targeted Congress. It turned a witch-hunt of the Bush Administration into a defense of the 4th Amendment.
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    Last time, I checked the CIA depends on the senate for funding to operate. Since it is against the law for the CIA to undertake action on American soil, the Senate , if the are capable of doing more than talking, should with hold CIA funding until the problem is corrected.
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    How about we see some prosecutions take place at some high levels for the blatant disregard for the law and Constitution.
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    Yes, indeed. the Senate can de-fund the Patriot Act, FISA and the NSA domestic spying program... then REPEAL THE WHOLE DAMN THING!
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    It's time to reign in the NSA, IRS, EPA, CIA and more...these agencies go around freely doing whatever the hell they want to any American citizen they want without regulation of law or legislator and have only gotten worse under our Big Government Dimocrat hypocrites...still got to love the hypocrisy of the gun grabbing Feindstine here though!
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    You can start be realizing this is bipartisan. Just take a look at who all claims the activities of CIA, FBI, NSA, etc are necessary.

    the head chef there should be the first to veto the Patriot Act when it comes up for renewal.
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    Since day one of the C.I.A'S creation they have been overthrowing Governments, Killing World Leaders, Drugging American Citizens, readig their mail

    No matter what congress does the C.I.A will do whats it's wants to.
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    The question asked reminds me of a line from an old song by The Band appropriately named "When You Awake", and I quote: "..........For you were meant to grow old and never know....."
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    Do I have this right? Feinstein defends the NSA's spying on American Citizens, but condemns the CIA for spying on her and her staff? Is this really considered a flip-flop on her part?

    The NSA and the CIA are far from the same thing. The NSA has been given a thumbs up from congress via the Patriot Act, NDAA, and from the judicial branch via FISA. The CIA's mandate is to spy on other countries, and they are not supposed to turn inward and spy on anything as domestic as a U.S. senator and her staff.

    So, if I have this right, her real gripe should be that if the CIA wants to spy on her and her staff, they should be enlisting the NSA to do that "dirty work" for them, right?
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    most Americans are more concerned with Wednesday nights primetime television lineup... I disagree I don't think either Americans or our enemies need to know what's done in our name.. unless and until it actually being done to you
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    Lets start with who changed the Benghazi Talking Points and lets have a thorough review of the e-mail traffic between the white house and the now retired former deputy director of the CIA.
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    I don't need to know in detail the terrible things the CIA has done! and
    I don't want to, these are horrible things and no one should ask to see
    the bloody laundry behind the scenes. We are talking about genocide
    and crimes against humanity and interference in the foreign affairs of
    other people countries, I know what they do on our behalf and these
    will not stop just because we demand to know it.
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    why has it taken the senate so long to wake up.
    See its always been about power and control.
    Now they are finding out that power and control has no limits.
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