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    Throughout history - countries have noticed when their neighbors were massing for war against them - our country is building up for a war within our borders - and obviously it is not to guard our borders or go after the five or six foreign extremists that pop up every once in a blue moon - police now have an aggressive military mindset and work like a military unit covering each other against the enemy - the American people - as they are being trained to do by the DHS
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    @Sam-T-Jones - Been going on since 1997... So, basically, every president (and member of congress) would like nothing better.
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    we the people are more than ready for any scumbag in the white house to declare martial law. ARMED AND READY.
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    @GBuelow Yes we are ready, But the government after martial law is claimed, Well, They will come in and blow your house up with a tank killing you and your family. Just look at Waco Texas.
    I hate to say it but we the people don't have a chance when they come after us with tanks and armed Black Hawk helicopters..
    But yes we are ready as we can be.
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    A disturbing trend indeed! Anyone on the fence or other side of this question needs to wake up and smell the coffee so to say...
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    I love and respect our men and women serving in the US Armed Forces. I wouldn't dignify MANY police departments by calling them 'militarized' (especially Albuquerque P.D.) . I would say 'The Nazification of our Police Departments', not militarization.
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    Nazification. That's a very good way of describing it. What worries me the most is that police departments nationwide are being trained and equipped the same way under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security. That will make it very easy to nationalize the police under DHS authority.
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    It is happening. But I was referring to a formal national police force, a "Civilian National Security Force"....“just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”

    We are on the way and it should scare the bejeezus out of every American.
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    Yes they have become to militarized. They now look at every citizen as a probable criminal. I wouldn't call a cop for anything unless I absolutely had to. I try to stay away from them as much as possible. I would suggest everyone do that.
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    @happyhedon That's true, you can't do much of anything anymore. If you wanted to take a walk after midnight and they saw you out they would think you were up to something and would probably stop you and question you especially if you looked a certain way.
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    Restricting citizens rights to own firearms - Home Land Security stock piling millions of bullets and Thousands of banned fire arms - armored vehicles being delivered to your local police - are we preparing for an invasion of America or rebellion from within -
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    The overuse of Swat teams and military tactics in law enforcement is the same as the police and courts being overused in school discipline.

    In the schools is has meant that kids get arrested for infraction they used to get suspended for and kids who used to get no discipline or just a talking to are getting suspended.

    The same thing is happening with the police. The Swat Team is being sent in where the non SWAT police used to knock on the door forcefully and shout "Police!"

    And where the police used to take an Andy Griffith approach they are now forcefully knocking on the door and shouting "Police!"

    They are also using deadly force more often even though we have plenty of new non-lethal weapons that could be used... Like in these situations...
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    When they spend small fortunes on these units, they will use them more often to justify the budget. Thus the need for larger budgets. Perpetuating a cycle of spending.
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    @wild_turkey6 -- And that's how government works. Along with that is how government agencies make sure they leave nothing left of this years budget lest they get less money next year.
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    @wild_turkey6 ... Which is a problem within itself. These magistrates see money in the bank and think they have to spend it on something.... How about common sense and intelligence? Oh, yeah. Never mind.
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    Oh, THIS fits right in there! It's by Albuquerque's very own 'Serial Poet', from 'Dear Detective Fuhrman" (1997).

    "....We love deploying SWAT teams
    more than gettin' strange!
    We find it more arousin'
    than practice at the range!

    "A greater thrill there cannot be
    than peering through an A.R.T.
    and then get paid for 3 days off
    all at taxpayer court-es-y!".
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    I'm only concerned when those SWAT members are released on what should be a normal, routine arrest.......which is a A LOT.
    And actually I'm more concerned with the military acquired actions of the normal, street beat cop. Apparently it has been instilled in them to separate the law abiding from the criminal's by shooting all and letting the corner decide later........
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    See my above comment. They use them more often to justify their existence. Now they are getting surplus MRAPs.
    Hell yes I'm concerned.
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    I was a St. Louis City Police officer during the 80's and 90's. When I was in the academy one instructor told us "never think it's us against them, because there are a hell of a lot more of them than us". We were told to never allow a separatist or elitist attitude cloud our reasoning. In other words, "cops against the world". We were there to SERVE the public. During large events such as celebrations, demonstrations and riots, it was hard to NOT look at the public as the enemy, especially when they were looking at us that way. We had to rely and depend on each other for our very survival much like soldiers in combat. But at the end of the day we just wanted to make sure peace was restored and to go home to our own families. SWAT teams were the "special forces" of the police department. We did some training with them. I could see the elitist attitude beginning to form among the members. A lot of them even looked at US as outsiders. Now days the young guys coming into the job are being indoctrinated with flawed logic in the academy towards the public. Many are of the belief ONLY the police have the right to posses arms. SWAT teams have no business handling routine police work. How hard is it to contain ANYONE in a 1500 square foot home if there are issues? If the guy is armed and actively shooting, you clear the area, surround the home and wait him out. If there are hostages, as a last resort, you send in SWAT. ahsum99ss is right. They are preparing for martial law where we ALL are the enemy.
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    The only question left is will the populace rise up and put more libertarian people in power or continue to let big god of liberal worshippers continue taking away freedoms and rights.
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    It's scary how militarized the Police are it's more scary to to see how accepting citizens are of the fact.
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    Police for the most part have always been a paramilitary organization. However, IMO, this administration has gone to the extreme in arming civilian agencies, such as the IRS, etc. Not to mention the increase of hardware for homeland security, which translates into hand held rocket launchers, armored vehicles and billions of rounds of ammo. Could it be their expecting trouble here on Main Street, USA with their increasing freedom robbing policies and dictatorial aspirations??

    "It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed."
    Vladimir Lenin
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    I have absolutely no doubt that our government is preparing for an armed revolution as a result of government oppression and flagrant violation of our basic Constitutional rights. Our government is illegally spying on everyone, assassinating American citizens, employing torture, illegal renditions to overseas CIA hidden facilities, indefinite detention without due process, IRS targeting of political opponents, etc. etc. FEMA has build hundreds of prison camps just waiting to be filled. The Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled 1.5 billion rounds of man killer ammunition, thousands of automatic weapons, armored personnel carriers and generally prepared for a civil war. Our local police now look and act like full blown military units kicking down doors and murdering civilians, with our court system backing them to the hilt. Get ready, get armed and stockpile supplies. If you don't, you won't last a week when the s+ht hits the fan. I'm ready, are you?
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    Exactly why we all need to stop the erosion of the Bill of Rights, especially 2A. In fact, I would like to see a new federal law that would make it illegal for police to own any weapon not available to the general public. Also, we need more enforcement of the principal that any use of force by police is bound by the same rules as self defense for citizens,
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    Why is the Pentagon equipping our police forces with combat vehicles and weapons of war? Why are all Americans presumed enemies of the state and terror suspects? Why are our communities being treated as war zones? Why have police budgets doubled in the past decade all the while crime has been going down? Why are there hundreds of SWAT raids every day in this country?

    Cops who sign up for such missions are anti-American, anti-liberty, and anti-Constitution.

    If you see police abuse of power, report it and record it. Silence is consent.
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    I think that the blame can not be assigned to the "Pentagon" for making the equipment available, but the leader that forces that direction. We also can not blame the "police officers" assigned to SWAT teams, many of which have that as the only advancement direction. We can however, make it absolutely clear that we want new leaders and a change in direction. Police officers need to know that following an unlawful order is not an excuse for unlawful actions. This trend and 2A both need to be on the minds of every citizen when they vote in November.
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    @TexTopCat - Of course the Pentagon didn't do this on their own...

    Program 1330 was authorized with a 68-31 vote in the Senate (with bipartisan support) and a 228-194 vote (split perfectly along party lines with the Republicans in the majority) in the House.

    Congress did this, not the Pentagon. I wasn't blaming them... I blame our congress for this!
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    I don't know, on one hand I don't like seeing special units sitting around on the taxpayer dollar."if you got em ..use them" I guess applies. but, their actions while being used are over the top.
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    Our local police are pretty incompetent, small town. Unfortunately at least one idiot was hired by the state patrol. Bad move.
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