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    The long term ramifications of such a move remain to be seen. I believe it would be in our best interest to retain control.

    Surely, other nations don't have our best interest at heart.
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    We've already lost internet freedom. We gave the internet to the giant communication corporations to self regulate. The freedom is already gone. It was sold to the highest bidder months ago because a party didn't want to vote on net neutrality. We already gave away the internet. This is a non sequitur.
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    No, but they sure are interested in sharing our wealth globally. I see fees in the future, lots of them. Obama isn't the only socialist or social/democrat interested in redistribution.
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    I'm worried about internet freedom with or without the US in control...but...yeah, this stuff kinda sounds like part of a new world order...and that ain't good
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    The internet will now be as effectively monitored and controlled by a world wide organization as the United Nations in trying to "keep the peace" in this world.

    How many wars and conflicts has this world had since 1945?
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    This will not turn out well. This'll be handed over to a government who restricts freedom of speech. It also be handed over to an organization that believes in taxation of the Internet. So every time you go to your favorite website you'll be taxed. Also put a restriction on conservative speech. Mark my words on that one. Time to make sure my onion router is working
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    It will also put a restriction on religious speech. Many of the countries dying to get control of the net view any religious content that is non-muslim as a crime.
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    I never knew how powerful our freedom of speech was until I ran across a reddit thread asking "What is the greatets thing yoir country has to offer?" A person from Ireland commented that freedom of speech was America's greatest gift. That they had never been to another country where you could say anything you want and most times, with little recourse. Dozens of other people from other countries chimed in, praising the US for their freedom of speech, that they knew people who had been arrested just for showing annoyance with a politician. It took that thread to make me realize, we are lucky to have that freedom of speech. So how do we, as Americans, voice our resistance to this idea thoroughly?
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    Contact your existing legislators. Get involved with the current crop of new legislators. Find out where this stands in their priority list.

    As when the SOPA article came out a couple months ago, I said this may be the greatest challenge of this generation. This goes hand in hand.

    And as an aside - the fact that Mr. Obama is allowing this to happen is so disgusting. It is so deplorable that it is almost hard to believe.
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    @Firestorm Almost hard to believe and very difficult to accept. It's also mind boggling to think that his supporters, the few that are left, can stand by this! How do they not see that our freedom is being handed off to other, not-so-free nations?
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    When you get down to it, all they can control is the .com .org. I see no reason, why another "internet" couldn't be created using other extensions. Turn the existing over to the UN and let them have at it. Currently most folks have little or no dealing with ICANN, you go to a hosting service, apply for your name, pay a nominal annual fee and go from there. The frightening part is this is the first time the UN has the ability to raise money. In the past, they have been beholden to member nations, and what ever they can scam from US school children via UNICEF.
    The Constitution is truly a great document, and the men who crafted it were Divinely inspired. Can you imagine a similar document created by any Congress in the 20th
    Century, or how 'bout "we have to pass it so you can find out what's in it?"
    See we can find common ground!!!
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    Lets see. Who's in charge of the country right now? Obama-that's right. And what have you been losing every day since he was elected? Freedom-that's right!
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    MadAmerican-----I have said from day one that Obama is a " Wolf " is " Sheep's " clothing. The only think he has going for him is his gift of gab. He would be great working at a carnival.
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    @Cincinnatus ---Can you actually believe anything the government or any of it's agencies say ? My answer is no. They can say one thing and mean something totally different.
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    "My answer is no. "

    My answer is yes, at least until politicians get involved.

    But they do communicate in bureaucratese, and it's difficult to decipher.
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    Hehehe...Al's been busy trying to redeem "Gore Bull Warnings" reputation to worry about the internet right now...LOL!
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    My greatest fear is that people like you will be calling the shots.
    "Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." — Harry S. Truman
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    It was not that long ago that the internet even existed.Today it is a way for the world to find the truth in matters governments may not like.Considered by many around the world , Americas greatest constitutional right and export to the world being its freedom of speech.Now imagine in the future that the oversight of the internet is controlled by nations that limit free speech,or only allow their views to be obtained?Think that could never happen?Not that long ago the internet was created by Americans to connect the world.Will the next to oversee the net do the same ?This administration is making yet another huge mistake in what it is willing to give up.Go figure?
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    A mistake is something that is an oversight or miscalculation. I would venture to say he's not miscalculating this at all. Obama is well aware of the implications of his actions at this point. He simply doesn't wish to do the right thing. His world is upside down on right and wrong. I've said before, he is one of the most evil creatures to ever reside in our White House and in a position of power.
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    @Cincinnatus You have NO idea! Here in the South, we don't hide our crazy. We embrace it, bring out for all to see and enjoy. And if someone has a problem with our crazy, we "politely" ask them to leave. Bless your heart....we're just like you, only prettier.
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    It's sheer stupidity to give it up like this and not so much for the freedom of speech issue here as it is the taxation issues...but then again "stupid as hell" is what Obama and his votes has given America!
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    Our freedom suffers under government control.

    We can't take a domestic flight without being felt-up by questionable individuals.
    We can't choose our own health insurance.
    We can't choose what our children eat at school.
    We can't express our religious beliefs outside our house of worship.
    The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution is now regulated.
    The 4th Amendment of the US Constitution is now regulated.
    The 5th Amendment of the US Constitution is now regulated.
    The 6th Amendment of the US Constitution is now regulated.

    Our government doesn't secure the blessings of liberty. It regulates freedom.
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    You can always move to a place where those things are not.

    You do have a choice, right?

    Or is it that America is a lot more than just words on paper?

    In the least - we, as Americans and presuming you are an American as well, get a choice. Many coutries in this world don't.

    Do you like being censored?
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    @ZosoRocks move? Why should we be forced out of our country? Our government is radically changing our constitution. Government exists to serve we the people, not rule over the people. The ones who should move are the ones who desire to be peasants of government.
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    Well it appears that the poster (and now you) seemt o have some anomosity towards the government.

    If the internet is moved to an "under control" aspect of foreigners, then censorship will probably be more inclined to take affect.....much more than it is now. America doesn't do it at teh same level as those other countries, so you are right, why move?

    In a nutshell, you either accept the rules being played out, or do something about it - move out of the country, run for a public office that will have an impact on those changes, or do nothing and accept it.

    Bitching about it will not do anything except frustrate and stress the person.

    Like I said - we all have choices.
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    @ZosoRocks " In a nutshell, you either accept the rules being played out, or do something about it - move out of the country, run for a public office that will have an impact on those changes, or do nothing and accept it."

    Was that a quote from Hitler?
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    I don't understand the WHY of this whole thing. Why give it away? Isn't it working just fine as it is? Maybe we need to look at the saying "If it ain't broke - don't fix it!".
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    This rogue president has done every thing except run up a white flag in surrender to these other countries, All they have to do is come in and conquer the American citizens and that might no be to easy to do.
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    Why does/should ANY country "control" the internet........besides the fact that control of freedom controls the populace.
    The internet today..........water/air/food tomorrow.
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    They shouldn't, BUT it is an illusion to think it is possible for a government/country to NOT have control (at least to an extent) over it. Since there must be a steward, there is still no one more qualified than the US.
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    Why is Obama so hell bent on giving away control? Are we oppressing people through internet control? Anyone who believes that China won't is a fool, because they already do.
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    Given that the internet is part of our defense strategy, it would be insane to give control of it to anyone outside our borders.
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    Only an Idiot in charge, would relinquish our control over the Internet. WOW, the people running things in this country are a real joke AND detriment to our well being. God Help Us!
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    US Internet should remain in US control. This is more of the world control that libs just love.
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    Internet Freedom is an illusion.
    Internet Freedom is not the purpose of the Internet.

    What little control the US retains over the Internet has little to do with Freedom,
    a lot more to do with functionality.

    You may want your Freedom via the Internet - but, first it has to work.

    As the US languishes control and management, the result will be loss of function (delivered services and reliability).
    As is, the internet can be damn quirky at times.

    If China, Russia, N. Korea - move to dominate control of basic functions, we will see features and URLs come and go at will.

    Bottom Line:
    If the United States wants to keep the Internet working, it had better retain as much control as it can for as long as it can.
    Once lost, we won't get it back.
    Once lost, we shall lots of access and functionality disappear.
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    I Completely agree with you, once the control of the internet passes into international/ United Nations type control, the freedom of the internet will be lost to this countries citizens and their voices of protests against government abuse of powers will be silenced.
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