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    Catherine Norton Breman, president of the school's board of directors, defended the dress code. She said it "was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school's students. Under this policy, shaved heads are not permitted."

    and who gave Catherine Norton Breman, president of the school's board of directors this extreme power?
    also , Is she paid our tax payer dollars?
    If so...She needs to go now!!!
    These radical school board folks need to get tossed by You the Parents.
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    She's what you get with a bunch of Liberal Dimowit union teachers as leaders...see how bad they screwed up government and Detroit, right?
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    I think not only should they suspend that so called woman but then allow the girl to shve her head as a stipulation for her return....
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    Is that avatar you have pointing at yourself a cry for help, or are you just happy to see me? Either way..........I have concerns for your safety.
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    Thanks for your concern.
    It's an 1858 Remington .44 caliber black powder cap & ball, beautiful gun.
    They're a hoot to shoot and can be owned by restricted persons with a felony as they're not considered a firearm by the Feds, no NICs check required.
    Just picked up my second one a few days ago at the World's Foremost Outfitter for $180 plus tax. Now if I could just find a left side holster for it I could wear them both.
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    Zero tolerance means zero tolerance for all, no excuses excepted and no exceptions for anyone.
    By that same logic the 11 year old bald girl with cancer should have been suspended as well.
    This plainly demonstrates how zero tolerance fails. They made an exception for one that did not apply to others. They broke their own rules. They failed by their own logic.
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    I wonder if they did?

    But if they go by their own rules - having "cancer" would fall into the "extraordinary circumstances" that they have pushed as part of the "rule".

    Sooo...more than likely, the 11YO probably didn't.
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    When my oldest son went to second grade his new teacher informed us that if a student lost a pencil, even if it accidentally fell on the floor, she would take it away and the child would be forced to "buy" it back. I got down on his level, took his sweet face in my hands and said, "If your teacher STEALS your pencil, tell me. Do not buy it back. That's called bullying and you will NOT be bullied by a teacher. I will take care of her." Her logic was that it would teach them to take care of their things and the extra money would be used for field trips. He never had to re-buy a pencil. There are lots of great teachers and schools out there, but something is truly amiss in our nation today.
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    Its nice to see other parents stand up for there children to teachers who are wrong. Just because they are in a place of power doesn't give them the right to do things like this.
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    When my oldest daughter was in the 5th grade,there was a solar eclipse due one day.I had a set of welder glasses that I gave to her to safely view the eclipse.That teacher took the glasses,told the entire class to forget about viewing the event.When my daughter got home,she told me what the teacher done.I immediately drove to the school,BLOCKING the teacher's vehicle and I had a deputy sheriff with me.The teacher was informed that she either cough up the glasses or be arrested for Felony theft over $100.Needless to say,I got the glasses back.I also filed a complaint at the school board over this.The Teacher was fired and left the area in a hurry.Turned out she was one of the anti-science so called Christian Fundamentalists.
    Bullying a school child by a teacher ,no matter what their so called logic is,is unacceptable.Here that is something that has ZERO tolerance.
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    I wish my parents had stood up for me many years ago when I was beaten up by a 7th grade PE teacher. Back then no one stood up for the rights of children. The principal and my parents simply had me moved to another PE class. That incident left me with the feeling that I could be physically abused and no one would care.
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    @PayThatCEO I was a football player until I was run over by a guy in a new Cadillac.The PE teacher,who was abusing students trying that on some of us and paid the price for it.He was found 1 Sunday morning on an old auger mine road beat to within a inch of his life.Needless to say,after a long stay in the ICU,he decided to resign.
    The year after that,my now late father,who was a cop,found out that this guy had a current warrant from another state for abusing students.He got caught not long after that and served a long stretch in prison.

    I have a good idea who and what did it to the jackass(Not any of the students),but let's just say justice was served.
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    Growing up, I had a friend who went to a Catholic high school that had uniforms and a dress code that included a prohibition on boys having hair that went below the collar.

    He was a guitarist in a heavy metal band. The school made an exception for him and he was allowed to have long hair as long as he put it up during the school day.

    My how times have changed since I was young.
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    We are so much more "tolerant" now. Right Progressives?

    Someone should shoot Catherine Norton Breman with their finger or pop tart. That'd learn her.
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    @Bobolinsky Funny though how you here stories like this and automatically think "damn liberals!" and I hear the same story and automatically think "Damn conservatives!".
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    When I was in High school,one of my friends came down with cancer and she lost her hair due to the chemotherapy.The whole school(M.C.Napier High School,Hazard Ky now closed) got their heads shaved,myself included.Not a word was said by school officials,who noticed the reason why.
    The school officials used plain old common sense then.Why is that so hard to do now?
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    @GeekHillbilly Since when was common sense all that common? or sense? Dimwits one and all for failing to support a child going through a life threatening disease and her very good friend!
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    My brother-in-law cut his hair off to make my sister feel a little better when she was going through chemo. There is nothing that man could ever do to make me upset with him since. NOTHING!
    Bless Kamryn and those of like spirit.
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    Just when I think that zero tolerance policies in our schools couldn't get any worse, along comes another day.

    I'm beginning to think that we should bring back the public stocks, or tarring and feathering to punish this kind of stupidity.
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    ! are on the money!!!!! At what point do we have "Zero Tolerance" with our schools!!! Lost a golden opportunity to foster a child's kindness and support a child with cancer through a very difficult time. How callus and uncaring.
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    zero tolerance in the work place is one thing (right or wrong whatever) but to teach our kids this kind of horse poo? one of my daughters went through hell in middle school and even had a teacher who stuck her hands in my daughters front pants pockets because another girl said she stole her ipod and money...not only that but it was in front of the whole class...when I confronted the principle NOTHING was done...NOTHING
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    @Vance1 The parents have every right to take their precious little moppet out of that school and put it in another school. They don't get to run the school.
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    @disabldnotdead .. thats when I would have shoved my fist in her face, infront of the entire office, and said, see how do you like it, then I would have slapped a defamation suit on her ugly ass faster than she could spell "school"... You must have the patience of a Saint.. Noone would ever stick there hands in my childs pocket, no one!
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    Actually I went to the superintendent of schools for my county and his comments were..."well I can talk to them but technically I cannot do anything"...I was floored...thinkin in the back of my mind REALLY what do you get paid for again?
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    I'm not sure if it's the political correct and zero tolerance that's the problem or just the imbeciles enforcing the rules.
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    How could "political correctness" have anything to do with this suspension? Unless of course "political correctness" has a new definition, which really it does every single time anyone uses it in conversation...
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    @InTheDark Political correctness is an ideology that has it's own concept of behavior. Zero tolerance is an operative offshoot that elicits action for any violation either real or implied. Any violation of the "rules" requires programmed response. Common sense is not in play.
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    @CVX How does political correctness fit into this situation, then? What makes the suspension a response that's motivated by political correctness?
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    I did a search for Caprock Academy on Google and found this ......

    What is Caprock
    Caprock Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school. Charter schools are one of the options Colorado offers families under the Schools of Choice statutes.

    Therefore, public funding with tax dollars.
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    This girl has already been allowed back in school. I would like to think those in charge saw the error of their ways, but I doubt it, they probably just caved in to all the bad press.
    Why can't these zombies judge each case on it's merits?
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    @cpeter133 Under most circumstances I would agree. In fact I think all schools should have a dress code and rules against piercings , tattoos, weird hair-dos, etc.
    But this girl was doing something heroic, not just trying to get attention by being 'different.'
    Her mom should have explained the situation BEFORE allowing her to shave her head, but that didn't happen and the girl shouldn't be punished for doing what she thought was right, IMHO.
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    I agree; and the visceral reaction by folks is understandable..........but EVERY rule that serves society inevitably has some unintended consequence.........and an unintended victim. It's called "Life", and sometimes, Life just ain't fair..........
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    Let's not forget that the real victim here is an 11 year old girl with cancer. That sucks, and trivializes all the rest.
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    Wow! What a precious friend and all around good person Kamryn is. I think Catherine Norton Breman should be very proud, thankful and honored to have such an awesome student at her school. Who knows, maybe some of Kamryn's wonderful qualities will rub off on some of the bullies and brats there. It seems to me she could really teach kids and adults a thing or two. This world needs a lot more people like Kamryn.
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    When did a hair cut become part of the dress code? If a boy shaves his head, will he get suspended too? Or is Catherine Norton Breman a person who loves to use double standards?

    What an idiotic action.

    As a cancer survivor - I praise Kamryn - way to go girl!!
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    My step brother in Dallas wasn't allowed to grow his hair/shave his head or grow facial hair out in school either. That was around 8 years back.
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    There are many, many ways outside of promoting anarchy and flouting school rules to actively and genuinely offer support to a child cancer victim.

    But, of course, that isn't REALLY the intent or purpose of a lot of the folks here ginning up their manufactured rage; those fine folks are attempting to make a political statement out of a tiny little unintended consequence of the same rules the parents at the school probably supported and overwhelmingly want in place at the school in question.

    Why are folks so desparate to point fingers and find some way, no matter how inane, to support their hatred of those outside their particular worldview?

    Stub your toe on the curb while crossing the street downtown?
    Ah, blame those asshole liberals who successfully passed a Citywide Infrastructure Repair Bill in your town.

    Get a speeding ticket in a School Zone? Ah, blame those conservative asshats who insisted that your local P.D. start enforcing local traffic laws that came under scrutiny after that group of kids was mowed down by a drunk last year in your city.

    Never, not ever, consider that rules have consequences, and that sometimes those consequences fall on YOU.

    I'm beginning to have to accept that a lot of folks just never have developed any skill to or acumen to negotiate and "deal" with all the little things in life that prove that "Life isn't fair." It used to be that most parents had parenting skills in America. Now anytime little Johnny or Jane gets caught up in a minor little conflict between reality and how we "wish" things are, they blame the teacher or the school or the Principal.

    That's the "easier, softer way" that you hear a lot of people decrying as the path we've taken to a failing America, and the main cause for the societal meltdown of our American culture........a culture of strong self-reliance and personal accountability.

    Well, except when it's YOUR kid, and a cancer patient is involved. Then we throw out the book and start defaming people.
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    Can you think for yourself? Can you control yourself? Are you an adult? Are you of fairly sound mind and intelligence? Do you think most other people are the same?

    If you answered yes, then we don't need even a fraction of the laws and rules that have a stranglehold on us. Rules and laws are designed to control people and make them think they can't think for themselves. What better way to dumb people down then tell them "you need us to set rules and consequences for you because we know what's best for you."
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    OK........I agree with the "common sense" you are speaking to. But, as much as it sucks when rules and laws collide with common sense, following the law or requirements is still what you have to do.........while vehemently lobbying/demonstrating/complai ning etc. to get the "dumb" laws changed or tossed out. Unfortunately, just flouting the law only works at a very low level, and only for a while.........until the consequences catch up to you, and then you are doubly-fukked..........once for not following the inane, stupid, ridiculous law, and second for getting busted for not following the aforementioned law.
    Jaywalking laws are kind of dumb, but getting a jaywalking ticket is REALLY dumb.
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    What's even dumber is when, as a society and as individuals, we allow ourselves to essentially become children to those who think they know what's best for us. It's one of the ways we give up control to governments all to happy to control us.
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    We had a fund raiser in school for a gal that had cancer, we asked teachers to volunteer to have their head shaved, not only did we have six teachers but we also had the principle volunteer as well not to mention all the students that did it to, hey losing your hair back then was a big deal, it was the early 80's. We sold raffle tickets to the big event and collected around $7k to help her parents pay for medical bills that the insurance wouldn't cover.

    It's a sad day when we make rules that prevent us from being humble human beings.
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    I like to still hear this kind of story where they go out of their way to help....that is the schools I would want my kids attending...
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    this is a shame. kids do that all the time even into high school. what better way to make a girl fit in when her hair falls out than a bunch of her friends step up and have their own done
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    Oh these schools are full of shit. Pop-tart guns, stopping kids from killing themselves.... and supporting kids with cancer are offensives one can be suspended for? WTF.
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