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    The Russian people must be smarter than a big population of American's...they know a stupid arrogant narcissistic lying asshole when they see one. Getting really bad for Obama, eh?
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    I was wondering when it could be our turn.....

    Obamacare care is not welcome in my house, neither is his IRS Gestapo, NSA spies, progressive liberal media propaganda political officers or any of his muslim terrorist buds.....

    On that note:#5 is ironic and pretty darn smart because we all know:

    a passge in Barack Obama's book Dreams From My Father talking about where a young Obama actually ate dog meat.

    So I'd like to add: President Hussein Obama can't get within a thousand miles of our dogs.....
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    You have him right! I think something needs to happen, but we don't have a President! until we do, we are in over our head. I think that to be so far in the hole, it had to be planned! I think our complete failure is Obama's plan
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    I have the feeling that the tin foil hats you wear will probably be enough of a deterrent to Obama or anyone coming close to your place.......most folks know crazy when they see it..........even at 500yds through a scope.
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    Some russians do. So do some americans. I'll listen to these guys about as much as I'll listen to facebook updates from the tea party.
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    I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet.

    Rodney Dangerfield
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    @Slowmo No respect! Does obama understand that respect is something earned? obama has earned no respect. If he ever had any to begin with it's mostly gone now. He hasn't even earned a capital o.
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    It seems like Russian and American citizens alike can agree on how ridiculous and blown out of proportion this whole pissing contest between Obama and Putin has become. Both governments putting these nonsensical sanctions on each other is comical.
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    i know quite a few russians here on visa's. they love the idea of free enterprise & small government that this country was built on.(they know american history better than many of us.) they view obama as weak & moving towards socialism. they don't understand why 'we' are giving away our power to the government. when you view what is happening to our country through their eyes, it's even more scary.
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    Amusing story. What's more amusing is someone must be complaining that three colors on the poll map is either too far right or too far left.
    More choices = less map color discrimination:)
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    They know this unknown Obama guy is an absolute joke.
    Most folks now wished they had known more about him before the election
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    But he's charismatic, dresses well, is handsome, has a lot of good ideas, can relate to kids, looks like an entertainer, has cool friends,[is] cool.

    Never trust a president who can sing but can't dance.
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    Umm, all I get out of it is that literal translations are seldom grammatically correct or make much sense. Seems, I think, the Russian population who is totally in LOVE with Putin's Russian world view, that they are doing something similar to our "Freedom Fries" that we promoted once. Whatever, I wish them all well. They have to live there.
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    Well, he makes them feel 'powerful' again. It's like that guy or woman, who when we were young, filled our ears full of sweet little nothings, and our heads and hearts full of often empty dreams. Russians miss being the 'big kid on the block'.'Ras' Putin restores those images of their youth and vitality once more. The same thing happens to rich old men when they run into an Anna Nicole Smith type (may she rest in peace-what a hunk of woman she was when she wasn't all painted-up!)
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    @GedankPol Funny, one of my good friends and I had this exact same conversation over dinner the other night, except it was about some, not so good looking, short, rich guy in his 60's gushing about his almost 40 girlfriend who just so happened to need someone to help her open her own spa business (he's doing it)- we're pretty sure it wasn't his personality (we know him) or looks that "caught her" and allowed him to "have the best sex of his life" now [speaking of personality - ewwwww! TMI]. LOL - some things never change, after all I'm sure (sarcasm alert) that The Donald would have wooed and won his latest wife if all he did was pump gas at a filling station.
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    @Tralee I was sighing over the photo homeless Mom with 2 kids pictured in that 10 misconceptions about the poor towards the end of the story. Sigh. What a great instant family they would make, and how beautiful and regal she looks even in her dire straits. I wish I could rescue her and her kids! lol but seriously!!!
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    @Tralee PS Bad form of the guy to speak of intimate things. When G-d, the Universe, etc. gives us such a wonderful Lover, we thank Him/It and just wear a constant smile on our faces, and a spring in our step. No call to cheapen a relationship by discussing intimate things. I've often been criticized by idiot guys who made the comment "what do you see in her".(the greatest love of my life was 5'4" inches and weighed 187 lbs.) G-d knows, and the person whom we Love knows. Those are the only ones that need to know, lol. Tralee, I have such little respect for people like Donald Trump, John Derek, etc. They treat marriages/women like cars/leases. It's obvious they don't really fall in Love. They just want an attractive woman as an 'accessory' to compliment their status and lifestyle. Feh! Proverbs 3:15, Proverbs 31:10.
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    apparently they didn't read his book... or the sign would have read Obama is not welcome to eat this delicious dog.

    it's all in good fun.... you know like the 11 year old son of the Arab leader who mocked Obama openly... I wonder who's next? maybe the tribesmen of New Guinea , who although they are dealing with a major outbreak of ebola.. and probably 90 percent of them will die from it... I could just see the signs they would have .. MICHELLE OBAMA KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BAT SOUP... and ... WE MAY EAT RATS AND MONKEYS , BUT AT LEAST PEOPLE TAKE US SERIOUSLY!
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    LOL. They're very funny. Whether I'm cooking at home, or going out to dinner, 'Russian' is not even a blip on my radar, lol. I'm still searching for that ultimate Povitica `a la Germano-Gaelic, rather than the Slavic version. I'm told there is such a deliciously mystical, sweet little dish somewhere in the vast culinary wasteland that is Albuquerque.
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    Once upon a time,
    I had a friend in need.
    Russian women
    We're his friend , indeed.

    He desired a bride
    From overseas.
    Never, ever fearing disease

    @GedankPol , I always thought
    It was weird
    When his bride
    Arrived with full faced beard.
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    pretty cool, shows how little impact obama is having that the average Russian. You know they probably sell millions of these here in the US, many of us don't want him around either.
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    It's funny at the surface yet when digging deeper it's quite disturbing.
    It's shows Putin is not a lone rouge maniac, it only confirms what we known all along, the people are with and when a nation stands behind its leader they can tough out almost any sanction.
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    Good. We shouldn't be involved. We are already far too involved by funding and supporting a nazi regime takeover of the Ukraine.....
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    These signs are kinda humorous but it belies a rising Nationalism in Russia that... well... fits right in with the thought that Putin is following the Hitler MO.
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    Putin's youth movement provides a sinister backdrop to Russia's protests
    Huge investment in Nashi by the Kremlin looks like money well spent as thousands of state-backed vigilantes stifle dissent

    Putin Is Reviving a Stalinist Fitness Program to Whip Russians Into Shape

    Vladimir Putin tells Russian mothers to have three children
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    @BobSmith -- So long as that nationalism is defined as taking pride in the fact that our bold experiment has resulted in more prosperity and freedom for more people across the globe than at anytime in human history... defined as being a nation that stands against oppression and took giant steps to address our own faults in that regard... I can get behind that kind of nationalism.

    And you're right about a "nationalism" that started to form around the Obama cult of personality similar to other examples from history... Boy am I glad that didn't come to fruition.
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    Was he sharing his login? After all, there are only a certain amount of people named Barrack Obama after all....hopefully just one.
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