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    Because too many in Idiot America just know what they know. The veracity of what they know is proven because they hear it everywhere, at full volume and with incessant repetition. Such "truth" isn't even subject to questioning let alone being revised on the basis of evidence.
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    @ematzke - Unfortunately too many people don't want to be confused with the facts because their minds are already made up! Please spend the time and verify each of the statements, and please use more than one source!
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    well stated.

    If you give a man a fish he eats for one day.
    If you teach a man to fish he eats for a life time.
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    When the rich are having record profits while paying people less and taking their pensions and benefits away, I think it is pretty easy to see why they poor are getting poorer. Good paying jobs have gone overseas because of globalization and the corporations ability to profit from slave wage labor. We now have mostly low paying jobs while the CEO still enjoys millions in pay and bonuses. There are too many people and not enough jobs.
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    Unfortunately, this is one of corporate's America favorite hot button to push...the cultural divide....the only class war going on in America is between the lower and middle class...the middle class blames the poor for all their woes...meanwhile the upper class is robbing them blind....the middles class better wake up...because they are rapidly becoming the lower's like that old poem...

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
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    @happyhedon You figured out! The Class war in the USA is the top attacking the rest. It was just like that in the South after the Civil war. Keep the focus on those getting $35 so they won't notice those getting $800+
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    @Frosty45 - Now now Frosty, you can't pick on those poor put upon wealthy folks. Why, doing that is worse than Kristsallnacht! Worse than what the Nazis did to the Jews! We need to work to understand those multi-million and billionaires. All they want to do is go along and get along while creating jobs for all us peons out here. Nothing that pays TOO much, but jobs nonetheless.(where's that darned sarcasm font?)
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    @KSEubanks Right you are. the wealthy suffer while welfare provides the good life to the unworthy. I don't know why I worked when I could have done so much better living off the dole.
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    It's sad that so many Americans can't see the things you've talked about here. They are so busy pointing fingers, laying blame, stuck like glue to their political party....and they are simply can't see the big picture.

    Yes, the middle class IS becoming the lower class because the upper class has become like a vacuum, sucking the life's blood from us. It's fine to be rich, I have no problem with it, but too much money is leaving the United States and too much is being hoarded. When money doesn't circulate, when it's not working through the economy, then the middle class definitely suffers.
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    The biggest thing I saw when I was younger was kids having kids. Having a kid before you have a career is a not a good move. It pretty much screws both you and the kid.
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    But remember, when you're young YOUR love is special and unique and nothing will matter. Love is all you need...the fact that love doesn't pay the bills unless you and your spouse do couples porn doesn't matter.
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    @Real4WheelDrv oh im sorry, your spouse/live in bed buddy/drunken poorly planned lay/FWB/et al. How insensitive of me not to include every possible permutation.
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    My sweetie and I were reflecting the other day. She said she wouldn't have married my if I had a dead end job. That's one of the things I liked about her.
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    @Thunderchicken Wow! At least she was truthful about what she really cares about.....I ain't sayin she's a gold digger....but she ain't messin with no broke ----------
    I always thought that was a funny song but so true of alot of women.
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    Yes, there are a LOT of misconceptions about the poor and poverty. But whoever put this list together is also a bit clueless. It doesn't really matter if a baby-daddy is present daily, if he lives off what the matriarch of the home brings in and he is just sticking around for the daily nookie and sponging off her income. Presence doesn't put food on the table. "You Can't Eat Atmosphere" to quote the old Horn & Hardart Cafes - ah memories! ; I don't believe that any rational elderly person is eating Fancy Feast Cat Food, or any other cat food. Those of us who own cats know better. You can buy a generic can of chunk light tuna packed in water weighing 5 oz. for approximately .69 cents per, in Walmarts throughout the land. Compare THAT to .59 cents for a 2 oz. can of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, not to mention that the generic chunk light tuna offers way MORE PROTEIN, AND 2 1/2 TIMES the AMOUNT OF REAL TUNA (with some soy, if you read the label), and NO TAXES which add from 3-4 cents to the can of cat food, and I dare you to read the label on a can of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers or regular, lol. I'm not making fun of the problem. Poverty is a REAL and SERIOUS problem, I'm just saying whoever put this list together is just as clueless as those the list maker says are clueless. I AM shocked that in the Peoples' Paradise that is New York City, that so many thousands of children are homeless. I DID already know that 'Corporate Welfare' and overpaying for defense items are the real reason that we are in such trouble, ALONG WITH 'Pork Barrel Spending' by both parties, and wasteful studies. We are throwing money away by paying $12,500. for a $2,500 helicopter oil drain pan; $435. for a hammer the government can buy from Home Depot for $15.; and by paying select universities and college money to study why people fall in love or what drives some fruit flies to homosexuality! It's not a single thing- it's all of these things put together- and I do agree that assistance to the poor is the LEAST of the drains on budgets. I posted a link/story about the money the US Government grants the Palestinian Authority so that the Palestinian Authority can pay MILLIONS to TERRORISTS imprisoned in Israel for acts of terrorism. A billion here, a billion there and it all amounts to real money being squandered!
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    @Poltal @ZipYourLip 1) The media, YOUR MEDIA (CBS, NBC, ABC) would not have reported that Red States GIVE MORE to charities, AL CHARITIES than Blue States do, if it weren't true. I don't know WHAT criteria they use, but I am guessing since much of the blood-sucking, high-on-the-hog living capitalist/latifundists are Democrats, and live in Blue States (except for forever-empoverished New Mexico, where people like Robert Redford, Sam Donaldson, Ted Turner and others have vacation homes, lol) they MEAN a HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF THEIR EARNINGS is donated to charity in Red States than in Blue States. You also have to take into account, if you are speaking numerically, the people in Red States DON'T LIVE stacked on top of one another the way they do in Blue States, meaning, we have more open space and fewer residents. We also do not have CORPORATE EMPLOYERS, like Blue States do, that STRONG ARM their employees into contributing to the CEO's favorite charity- I had some of those under Bill Clinton and the preferred charity was the United Way. People in RED STATES DO GIVE MORE PERCENTAGE WISE OF THEIR EARNINGS THAN PEOPLE IN BLUE STATES AND THEY DO SO WILLINGLY, NOT BECAUSE THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS STRONG ARM THEM INTO 'GIVING'. You guys also have the 'Curve Busters' like George Soros, Mike Bloomberg, and 7 out of the 10 richest Congress members in the Beltway. (Capitals for emphasis) Red States are WAY more generous willingly, as a percentage of their lower incomes, than Blue States are. I stand by that.
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    @GedankPol @Poltal @zipyourlip And for gosh sakes, DO NOT FORGET that the BIGGEST DRAINS ON RED STATES are those SOLID BLUE INNER CITIES, i.e. Memphs, Atlanta, etc. which though in a Red State are solidly or overwhelmingly BLUE and in receipt of tremendous amounts of government entitlements. Finally, LOOK AT THIS MAP and realize that 1) it is put out by the Washington Post, so you can't use your favorite tactic of saying it's from a right-wing source and 2) CLEARLY SHOWS JUST HOW MUCH LAND THE US GOVERNMENT HOLDS/OWNS IN THE RED STATES. Land which needs to be maintained, patrolled, and in which Forest Fires CONSTANTLY NEED TO BE FOUGHT- Forest Fires alone are a HUGE DRAIN on the national budget each year. Also DO NOT FORGET THE HUGE NUMBER OF MILITARY RETIREES, SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS THAT ELECT TO RETIRE IN RED STATES ,rather than the polluted, overcrowded Blue States, and you'll come away with a clearer and fairer picture rather than the caricature many of you are trying to portray of Red States. Government Lands in the USA see the link:
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    New Mexico... blue state state state state state Washington... blue state..... What was your point again, I'm missing something.
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    @GedankPol LOl, Thats quite a little tizzy you had there! Quite entertaining too!

    Stop whining about the media, Its not the media's fault that conservatives are hateful. Red states give more overall, but its nearly ALL to their own Church, which isnt really charity as its self serving! there is no getting around that. Conservatives give to their churches, because they think it makes up for being horrible Christians the other 6 days of the week!

    Aside from their OWN churches, conservatives give almost nothing!
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    @zipyourlip That was just conservative word vomit! I made her mad, and when you make a conservative mad they absolutely cannot stay on point. Every thought that comes to their mind is immediately expunged in a tirade of anger.

    Its quite fun to watch!
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    Your point is very well made. Unfortunately we have a separation of church and state. If we still had the 10 Commandments in the classroom and followed other basic Biblical tenants, instead of having a War on Christianity, my guess is America would be in a much better place. Then we could post Luke 6:37 everywhere.
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    @vbm1 it takes having the Commandments in the classroom to follow Bible doctrine for you? So lemme get this straight. The word of God Himself, only is relevant when it's in certain circumstances? That seems.... Convenient.
    My guess is, most Christians are cherry pickers and only follow scripture they choose. The rest of the Bible is ignored. Actually, that's not a guess, that's reality. I was just mocking your post.
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    @Fishbone345 I work hard to follow all of the Bible, but alas I fail all too often. Ironically though you have been the one to "cherry pick" from the Bible. No mocking intended.
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    @vbm1 Ever notice when someone says "no mocking..." Or "no offense.." that it's just an excuse for their mockery or offensive content? Yah, me too.
    Keep up that judgement of me though, doin a good job of following your gods word!! I'm sure he'll forgive you though, you guys made him forgiving too.
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    @Fishbone345 I've noticed you can say just about anything you want about someone if you follow it with "God bless his heart".

    She is dumber than a box of rocks...God bless her heart.

    Go ahead, try it with any insult! LOL
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    1) Agreed. Single moms are not the problem. The Left's championing of single-parenthood, regardless of the gender of the single parent are part of the problem. Championing single-parenthood and the "it takes a village" collectivist mentality is part of the problem.

    2) They didn't distinguish how many saw their child everyday and those who saw their child once a week. I'm going to use Occum's Razor and say that most of that 60%... meaning 40% don;t even see their child once a week... are more like the once-a-week type and not the daily type. Seeing your child once a week is not being a parent.

    3) Correct. Absent parents, regardless of race or gender, are part of the problem.

    4) Correct. They're trapped in the dependency cycle and discouraged. That can manifest itself as something that looks like laziness.

    5) Correct. But you're better off than the people caught up in the dependency cycle and the incentive to improve one's own station in life through one's own industry is still there.

    6) True as well. Get a degree in a major that ends in "studies" and you're going to have trouble paying those loans back or finding a job that requires saying, "Do you want fries with that." People with engineering degrees and other degrees that are in high demand don't do wuite well for themselves.

    7) Correct. The dependency cycle as it exists today and has existed since Johnson's Great Society started it exacerbates poverty. It doesn't help end it or even reduce it.

    8) The summary provided by the National Women's Law Center (Wonder if they and their study is biased?) that Mother Jones cites doesn't provide a baseline for that 31%. It provides no information of any help. For example, if the baseline risk of something is 1 in 1 million, and doing something doubles that risk... the risk becomes 2 in 1 million.

    9) Correct. Many are not drunks but rather addicted to other drugs or suffereing from mental illness.

    10) Bullshit. What Mother Jones is doing is referring to TANF only and ignoring the explosion in number of people on SSI Disability... not because they're disabled... but because they have given up looking for work and have a plausible excuse that the disability lawyers can use to profit from getting them a disability check for the rest of their live...replacing welfare which republicans reformed into "Welfare to Work"

    The problem is the dependency cycle. All of the above are just symptoms.
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    And the root of the problem is Progressive collectivism which promotes anything that will increase dependency of all Americans regardless of race, gender or class on an all powerful government.
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    I don't usually bother to correct typos but #6 is bothering me it should read...

    6) True as well. Get a degree in a major that ends in "studies" and you're going to have trouble paying those loans back or finding a job that doesn't require saying, "Do you want fries with that." People with engineering degrees and other degrees that are in high demand do quite well for themselves and don't have that problem.
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    I just noticed that Mother Jones and Greg Zeman didn't include FAILING SCHOOLS in their list. That's a HUGE problem and they are a direct result of too many and too much government as well as the teachers unions.

    Waiting For Superman
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    If you can watch Waiting for Superman and not be a supporter of School Choice... There's something wrong with you.
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    Bob..... on a roll correct on all points. I adore MotherJones as a reference.....LOL May as well use 80's era Pravda.
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    Shows where the real prioities in this country are. I'm sick and tired of "conservatives" lying about poverty so that the very rich can have a few more pennies of tax-cuts or corporate "goodies!" It is immoral!
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    A little anecdote:
    Had an employee work for me for about 6 years. Toward the end and the reason he finally got fired was because he got addicted to chrystal meth, became an incompetent who missed a lot of work.
    Finally after 2 years of UE. He went to a mental health clinic, told them he was depressed --viola, he now collects disability to the tune of about $800/month.
    What does he do with his $800/month check? Buys more meth. He is living under a bridge south of town right now -just talked to him a few days ago.

    I tried to get him off drugs and do give him work now and then. But he won't accept full time employment because he doesn't want to lose his check -- he gots to have that check.

    And yes he does have a few kids he doesn't support and doesn't see.
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    That is one person, not every poor person. It is a shame he got addicted to meth but maybe he does have clinical depression. It is very debilitating, you have no idea what it feels like and it isn't easy to cure. It is also something that has highs and lows. Sometimes you may feel better but then it can take a nosedive real fast and it leaves you feeling suicidal and not knowing what to do. He is probably self medicating because he doesn't know how to feel better. They psych drugs they try to prescribe sometime make you feel worse. All I am saying is you shouldn't judge him and think he doesn't deserve disability. I do think he should try to seek help and treatment because living under a bridge isn't a very good life either.
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    @Darkdreamer you do realize though that there are many who choose to live on the fly. We have many that like their life traveling in the north west here. Going from town to town up and down the coast.
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    @ahsum99ss Ok.... and what is wrong with that if that is how they want to live? I was speaking of a specific case that Slayer mentioned though. If I was young I could see wanting to travel around the country, staying different places for a while before moving on. You would get to see alot of the country that way. What is wrong with that?
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    @dances-weebles Yea it sounds like fun, I once saw a young guy on TV that does that, you would get to experience so much. I think that is more important than working yourself to death for years just to live while making corporations filthy rich off your work.
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    since we are talking truths about poverty in the usa...
    1. america's poorest housholds have on average two flat screen tv's and three game systems, cable and produce 15 gallons of trash per day...

    2. homelessness doesnt NOT equal "poor" it equals MENTAL problems..

    3. single parenthood almost always equals lower quality of living standard than two income homes..

    I could go on, get the point..
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    TV's, nice cars, video games... It might be because the "poorest families" weren't always poor. Many had good paying jobs, then were laid off, and had to take a much lower-paying job. As for trash, cheap food (Processed food) is in packaging where expensive food (fresh) has less packaging.

    And cell phone are more essential than land lines these days... can't do job hunting without a phone.

    Homelessness = poor + mental problems
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    You' are correct, as usual, the "Poor" in America are so much more well off than the poor of other countries that there is little comparison.
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    @DogLady_1 yeah maybe not... there are literally generations of people who have hundred dollar tennis shoes designed by the latest slam dunk king in the NBA....
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    For one when i was young my mother was single. my parents got a divorce when i was 4. We had no cable, no tv a lot of times. Only 2 times in my life my mother had a vehicle so we walked miles to where we needed to go. food? well box mac and cheese, hot dogs, tomato soup, pasta and whatever was cheap. Unhealthy cr**. She worked her arse off and was not home much because she worked a lot. Lazy she wasn't. Homeless and mental problems? Granted a lot of them have them who are people to dictate who has mental problems just because they do not do well in a world of rules they are forced to live in because others think they are more important and deserve all land while others can't even buy any if they went to work. really! Just because someone has a well paid job means they are worthy of a place to call home more than someone else? Let us not forget the system is man made in the first place and does not work for everyone like most things. We are a part of nature. Not human control. So yes there are people who are poor because of the environment and the system does not work for them. Also people should not have to have assistant from anything to live. They should be able to live off their own labors off their land if they need too. To many regs provent that. hell you can't even fish with out a license. Great way to have control of the public. Put them on a forced money system. And drones out there encourage it and cut down those who choose not to participate. They really should not ask for welfare. it is just another form of government control.
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    Wow, there is so much spin in this article it makes one dizzy. I think this article is the biggest lie about poverty. I know libs don't like facts, logic and reality, but let's try some.
    1. According to the Census, 41.3% of those in poverty lived in a family headed up by a single female - no husband present. Compare that to 7.9% of those in poverty living in a married couple family. 22% of those in poverty are in a single dad household.
    2. Seeing one's child daily, weekly or whatever isn't the issue. Absent dads = not living in the same household. See #1 above.
    3. Same issue as #2. According to the Census, the poverty rate for non-Hispanic whites was 9.7%. For blacks it was 27.2%. For Asians it was 11.7. For Hispanics it was 25.6%
    4. Interesting that the author suddenly goes back to 2004. But using his own words, if 60% of those on food stamps had at least one working adult, then 40% of those on food stamps had zero working adults.
    5. Two people making minimum wage working 30 hours a week make over $24k. Which is above poverty level. And two people who don't have the ability to make more than minimum wage shouldn't have kids - they cost a lot of money. And yes, being poor in New York city or Los Angeles is even harder. So move to where there are more jobs and it is less expensive to live.
    6. Most of those were by choice or age. Someone right out of college can easily start at less than $25K in Obama's economy. Pastors, social workers, etc. have lots of education but don't make much. Same with 1st year teachers. Of those 1.1 million, how many were still there in 5 years or had been there for 5 years and not by choice?
    7. We will never win the war on poverty for a number of reasons. One of which is that we change the definition of poverty. Today's household in poverty was middle class when I grew up. Go to a 3rd world country to get a true definition of poverty.
    8. Poverty is measured by income. My 80+ year old mother makes very little income so she is by definition in poverty. But she has a house worth $500K which is paid for. Her expenses are minimal and she has a large bank account. But she is "poor." Yes there are some but the measures are messed up because income isn't the same as wealth.
    9. Interesting because the phrase is wrong. It should be "drunk street people are homeless."
    10. Much of the spending on welfare is at the state level. But the real issue is that as the article does seem to point out, the billions we spend don't seem to make a difference.

    Where is the lie that as we've increased our spending we've reduced poverty? I guess that isn't a lie, so if spending more money doesn't do any good, why should we keep spending so much money. Wouldn't it be better to fix poverty where it can be fixed and admit where it can't and deal with reality rather than fantasy? Except of course that won't buy votes.
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    We've barely kept up with inflation, much less made any serious spending towards poverty. Meanwhile we've increased war spending 10x in the last 30 years alone. I can tell you one thing, increasing spending on war is obviously not helping poverty.
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    1. Notice the wording. Throughout their childrens first 5 years. So maybe she had a daddy for a day or two but by the standard they use that eliminates her from the statistic. Note also that it refers to being in a relationship with the father. That does not equate to a father being present. So still an issue.
    2. They seem to think that 60% of dads see at least one of their kids daily. Not my idea of a good thing. How about the rest of his kids? How about all the time? Why is one time per week some how good to these people?
    3. Again a play on words. Amoung men that don't live with their children. But how many don't live with their children? It is again a ploy by insinuating that the idea is racist.
    4. So oe adult in 60% of households on food stamps had a job. This is not satisfactory. If both are able to work why not both?
    5.The other thing they don't mention is that even if you are at that level you can still get assistance. Also in those areas they talk about the wage is higher so they would have to compare the wages in that specific area to make this credible. For instance the cost of living in North Dakota is high right now because of the oil boom so that may be one of their areas, but the problem is that they are paying $18.00 an hour to start at McDonalds.
    6. This could show a couple things. One is the cheapening of a Bachelors because there are so many more holding them and also that many are getting Degrees in areas that really don't have a job for them.
    7. Government Regulation has stiffled the free market so the jobs are not there. Putting more money into Government handouts will only prolong the problem. Jobs will get the economy going.
    8. Still many women rely entirely on their husbands income and if they haven't planned well when he dies she is in big trouble. This is changing as more women have their own jobs and income now so it should slow down in the future but now there are still many elderly that were from one income households.
    9 There are lots of people that are homeless and some of them are street drunks. Problem is that they are the ones people see every day so therfor the perception.
    10. They show the amount for food stamps, 1 program, compared to all Corporate sibsidies not a real good comparison. They also fail to mention that in the case of the subsidies those same companies put lots of money back into the economy ion the form of Taxes and job creation. So again a bit slanted.
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    The first statistic regarding single moms... trying to put a positive spin on the fact that 65% of low income single moms do not or never did have the father of the child around for the 0-5 yrs old of the child... umm why are you trying to put a positive spin on that? its bad.
    Regarding Absentee Dads - even if you 'see' your kid regularly that doesn't mean you spend any time with them or actually engage with them on life issues. so that means nothing.
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    As far as I see this is a very one sided study or report. People on the street corners begging for money with a cardboard sign "Will work for ~~~~~~~~~~>" At one time the guy put his sign under a rock went around the corner and got into a new car and drove off. Some of these people have been doing this for years. I was at a stop light one afternoon and this dude came over with a bucket of dirty water to wash my windshield. I told him NO but he jumped on my hood. Well, he got the ride of his life. I'll bet you he will know me the next time I say NO!!!!!!!!!!
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    Everyone hates being solicited by folks who aren't wanted........but using a vehicle as a weapon? Okay........whatever floats yer boat.
  • #436
    What did you expect? You think I should have kissed that Jacka$$ for bending my hood and getting dirty water on it? I gave him a chance and he refused to stop. You on the other hand probably would have PISSED IN YOUR PANTS!!!!!!!!!!
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    Did you read the statistic before jumping on it? It says specifically FOOD STAMPS, not welfare.
  • #411
    TRy reading the actual words, instead of injecting your mindless bias into a post.
    Food Stamps ratio is 0.47%........not all "welfare" programs.
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    How sad these facts don't matter to the Teapublican/GOP. So I urge every one who can help to donate to your local food bank even if you live in a well off area you will be surprised how many of your neighbors depend on the food bank.
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    Most Americans are responding to what they are observing and not necessarily to what is being said. I think that the welfare departments and social workers create more problems than they solve through disincentives, stipends related to adult family members present (so the father has to leave to get more), and housing issues.
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    It's a good thing mother jones has no agenda. They're an unbiased source of information.

    Yeah, right.
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    Through war spending and crony capitalism (aka lobbying) while giving tax breaks to those who don't need it.
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