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    Good job South. Happy to see it. It's always good to see those who preach that Conservatism means less Government, actually practice it.
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    This isn't less government. The government has approved medical marijuana. The only way there would be less government is if there was less regulation. Deciding to ban or accept something on the federal or state level makes bigger government.
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    It's small step. All I can say is it's about freaking time. Next, move on to the lawyers favorite source of revenue, our insane, lunatic, war on people who do drugs, drug laws.
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    Obviously, you have no clue how government operates. Law can nothing to do with reality. A governmental body could pass a law saying PI equals 22/7, which is easier to remember than 3.14159.......... It wouldn't change the actual ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius, but it would be the law.
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    More states will allow Marijuana and eventually it will be legal throughout the country. In my opinion the sooner this happens the better. I am not nor ever will be a user with the exception of medical need.
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    "I am not nor ever will be a user with the exception of medical need. "
    And it shouldn't really matter. Why you support it, is your own reason. I'm really sick of people who oppose legalization (and therefore support Big Government), labeling supporters as junkies. Its ridiculous at best.
    I'm glad it helps your medical needs, but in my opinion you don't need to explain yourself my friend. You support having the government step back and get out of people's lives. You support Liberty.
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    Meh, I tried it in my teenage college years. All it did was make me sleepy, hungry, and paranoid.

    I said I could do all that on my own, without an aid, so it wasn't for me lol.
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    This is not the way to go. They need to simply legalize the product allowing for the oils to be used for this purpose with a doctor's supervision. Legalization would mean simply you could do anything you wanted with the plant, grow it, smoke it, sell it, make brownies, whatever you want. They would allow people with seizure disorders to reap the benefits while leaving others that could benefit, cronic pain, glaucoma, etc, on the outside. It is time for total legalization.
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    Marijuana is a forum of hemp and it also can be used in many ways. It has twice as much fiber as cotton does uses half as much water and doesn't need to be sprayed with chemicals. Also it can be used as bio fuel is carbon negative and only needs minimal refining. With further research it could do for the world what George Washington Carver did with the peanut. So all the bi products from marijuana really could be put to good use besides for medicine . It has many many uses
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    I know there are a lot of conservatives who support it.... but for some reason the only one that ever comes to mind is Willie Nelson. You could seriously list off millions right now, that are okay with it, but as soon as I'm done reading it, and someone says it again, I'll just be thinking to myself "That damn Willie Nelson is at it again."
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    Yes, I caught that, too. It bothers me that Politix often words their headlines in a manner intended to inflame the "sides."

    In this case, the bogus assumption is that "red states" are prone to be against decriminalization of any sort. Colorado isn't exactly blue, and they've decriminalized it completely. And they're making boatloads of money off of it. Even a red state knows green when they see it. ;)
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    @Denizen_Kate yep. I guess it's a pretty small world some folks live in lol. I think the thought is to paint the other side in a way that allows for criticism and them sell that image relentlessly to all who'll buy it.
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    @Slowmo - Fox News does that all the time for the right wingers, and MSNBC does it for the left wingers. Those of us somewhere in between extremes get dizzy at times.
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    A southern tradition. For several decades Ole Miss was the only place in the country where marijuana was grown legally. Guvmint had a contract with them to produce the evil weed for whoever wished to do research and tests. Kept many generations of white mice and monkeys happily stoned.
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    I think that gubmint stuff was pretty bunk weed. At least that was the rumour back in 1987 when I quit after smoking pot for 17 years. However, not all "for government research only" drugs are the 1970's I once got hold of a small bottle of 100% pure LSD in solution that had a nice "Merck Laboratories" label on it........whew, was that "use one-drop per dose" stuff potent and pure........
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    Kentucky farmers need hemp as a replacement for tobacco
    Hemp seeds are high in protein. the stalk can be use for
    paper and cloth. Yes, I hope it gets legal here in Kentucky.
    For more than just the oil.
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    I bought a hemp shirt last time I was in San Francisco, couple years back. It felt and seemed like any other shirt, and I try to wear only wear 100% cotton clothes because everything else itches me. Still, it was a little tough dealing with all the hip pretentiousness in that part of the ultra-trendy City. I really like North Beach and Chinatown, and there's incredible museums, churches, and historical stuff to see and experience in San Francisco, but like most native-born Calfornians, I avoid going to S.F. if at all possible.
    Paying for parking? Weird one-way streets everywhere and horrendous traffic? Paying 2x as much for everything?$3500 per month for a studio apartment? No thanks!

    I like the real world much better.
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    More paper can be made from a acre of hemp than an acre of trees
    We can save the forest for what they were meant for clean air & habitat.

    Love SF. My sister lives there.
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    Good news, but not my state :( now the rest of the south needs to get on board, as does all the states and the federal gov't, it should be legal period, but especially medically, we should never deny the suffering anything that can relieve that suffering, no one should suffer in agony and pain, no one.
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    @Denizen_Kate .....I think they estimate by the end of the year they will make 600 mil. In tax revenue
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    "... oil derived from pot that has medical benefits..."
    I smell 'Big Pharma' looking for a foothold...then, control... don't let it happen...

    Take the government out of the equation.
    It does not belong...
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    They left out a big one! Arkansas! Last election we lost medical marijuana 51% to 49%. It will be on the ballot again in November. Through a huge concerted effort to educate the older generations throughout the state, we have the votes this time! Recreational can be addressed after we get medical marijuana passed, though I will not be doing any of what I have done to get medical marijuana passed. I'll let the recreational users take that on. Once it's on the ballot I will vote in favor, but it is not my cause. What medical marijuana can do to help members of my own family made that my cause.
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    Passing out free spleefs at all the voting precincts didn't sway the vote in Arkanas? Dang!
    Those NORML guys must have been sleeping on the job...
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    Passing out "spleefs" at all the voting precincts? What we have been doing since the last elections is makes your remark laughable! We have a very large older population that always votes. That we only lost by that minuscule was pretty good for the first try. We lived and we learned! We have been working very hard across the entire state; one on one and speaking to groups showing them the proof they need to know that medical marijuana is an extremely valuable medications for many conditions. After Dr. Sanjay Gupta did his special show on CNN, we started showing that along with the credible medical information we had and to break the old misinformation about marijuana that generation was given during the Reagan years with the "Just say no." campaign. A lot of the older generations still believe what they were told about marijuana back then and what they saw with the hippies that wasn't just marijuana, but LSD they took along with smoking marijuana. My 77 year old mother still believed all of that before I educated her with real scientific and medical research concerning medical marijuana. Now she and all of her friends are going to vote yes, where last time they voted no. By the count we already have the votes, but we will not stop until the next election!
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    Notice that these are all promoting the oil, and not the smokable product.

    These conservative legislatures are trying to head off the free use of marijuana, and see this as the way to do it.

    That won't work if the Florida initiative passes, it's says something very different.

    "A Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative is an initiative that will appear on the November 4, 2014, ballot in the state of Florida as a citizen initiated state constitutional amendment.

    If enacted this measure would allow for the cultivation, purchase, possession and use of medical cannabis to treat certain medical conditions when recommended by a physician. "
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    What would be the big deal if marijuana were legal for recreational use? It is a scam that this plant is illegal. It never should have been .
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    Section 11 question "e" of the ATF 4473 Firearms Transaction Record.
    e. Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

    Get a Medical Marijuana Card, Lose Your Second Amendment Rights

    ATF to Pot Smokers: No Guns for You

    After it's legal in most all states then the ATF will begin disarming everyone with a pot card.
    Who's that pounding on your door? Give up your guns, you're not allowed to have them anymore.
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    You'd think that Kentucky would have led the fight to make dope legal. R.J. Reynolds and all the other Tobacco Corporations has the ready acreage, the technology, the infrastructure, and the processing equipment to make buying a carton of green bud happen virtually overnight. I would imagine they've been planning for years to jump on this market, and push all the small growers out of business ASAP.
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    This was up for a vote in Georgia but they thought giving splicers to hunters and allowing guns in churches was more important. That's what you get with a total republican regime. Whacky crap. Georgia already had the most liberal gun laws in the country.
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