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    This will not end well. I expect you will see a modification it repeal of this law in the near future. The time for a citizen to object to law enforcement is on the court room, not on a dark street during a traffic stop or a warrant. Right now this par says Welcome to the Wild West! The police will kill a few in self defense or the other way around and there will be a public outcry. Until then its open season, I wish law enforcement some Happy Hunting.
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    This not going to end well. Militia and bunker nuts are going to be pot shotting any cop that happens to step on their property. Intentional or not. I'm pro gun to the max. But I'm not pro stupid.
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    I can see angry or drunk suspects misinterpreting or abusing this law and killing a cop who just happens to be knocking on the door.
    I can also see more civilians being killed by armed police. Just because a citizen "thinks" he has the legal right to shoot at police, it doesn't mean the police won't shoot back.
    Parroting another a previous comment: "This isn't going to end well!"
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    It basically says if they enter your home without your permission or a warrant, then they're obviously operation outside of their jurisdiction. Then they become "armed intruders." Its meant to prevent cops from abusing their power and forces them to either play by ´╗┐the rules or risk getting shot.
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    So if a police officer just came by and knocked on your door, then you have the right to just shoot them dead? Yeah, this new law is going to create more problems. I feel bad for officers now.
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    What's the difference between a cop shooting unarmed individual or someone trying protect their home? There are bad cops and bad people who aren't cops. It's easy to say what you won't do when you're not faced with that reality. I suppose we'll just have to see how it unfolds.
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    I understand that all cops are not good or have the best intentions. You as a community can't demonize all police. When a crime occurs and the Police doesn't come, then the public will say " Where is the Police".
    It's like damn if you do and damn if you don't. I think that all the police in that state should only work where they are wanted and see what's gonna happen.
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    Trespassing itself is a non-violent crime. If the person reasonably feels their life or that of others present is threatened then I agree they should be allowed to shoot but a person shouldn't be met with lethal force if they are not threatening you.
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    are you serious. Seriously. like we don't have enough war going on. This is going to cause problems everywhere through out the united states. Helloo people, even allowing this law to passed is like justifying murder all together. Murder is murder no how you paint it. Black or white, it is murder. ya know how to solve that problem, get rid of guns period. we don't need guns at all in this world. their are other means of hunting for food. but you think that this is going to solve anything no. getting rid of guns isn't going to stop killing either. because there are other things those use to kill.
    Well like once said and said again, May Jesus saves us all.
    Indians may think that they were the first settlers and all, umm no. think again. Adam and Eve were the first humans ever put on this earth people. dang, what is next.
    Oh Lord Jesus, keep those safe that are of you.
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    How do you discern in the heat of the moment whether the police are there illegally? This is an argument for the courtroom after the fact. If you are right, then you will most likely be receiving a huge payout. If you choose to "defend" yourself and you are right, that check will most likely be made out to your spouse or closest relative. Does it really sound worth it?
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    I would rather see it taken in a different direction. 1st) throw out this law 2nd) create one that allows people to get off totally if the are entered unlawfully. 3rd) create penaltys toff officers who do enter property unlawfully.

    This keeps cops from getting shot
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