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    @Cincinnatus While I agree with your sentiment, there were a lot of things used in the 1800's as medicine that shouldn't have been...
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    @DyingBreed Don't get me wrong I'm %100 for legalization. But just to play devils advocate. In the 1800's Mercury was used medicinally as well and phrenology was considered a medical science.
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    @raindropsonros Phrenology is making a comeback... though with actual science behind it now ;-)

    Turns out the shape of the back of the skull has a great deal to do with your ability to see and interpret what you see quickly and accurately. There are other discoveries in this field as well, such as certain head shapes being more prone to incarceration.
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    It's taken years and generations to rid the mind of the propaganda of "Reefer Madness".
    Happy to see some/most are now using their OWN mind......
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    Proof of the danger of government overreach. Prohibition does not work. Personal voluntary actions that do not directly harm a second party should always be legal. There should be no victimless crime. For a crime to exist one must have a victim.

    Our government as refused to consider or concede that marijuana has medical application.
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    Nothing new, so WTF is this still an issue four decades later? As a kid a couple of neighbors came down with cancer. Docs recommended MJ during chemo, off the record of course, when posession of any quantity was still a bustable misdemeanor anywhere and a felony in many places. Quite touching to see dad's buddy, a WWII Marine vet, crew cut and still well-built, go off to score weed in hippie town for his ill wife.
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    It would have helped a friend of mine, he had cancer and was wasting away. By the time he found out that marijuana increased his appetite it was too late. Yes it was the cancer that killed him but if during his 9 months of chemo the doc's had told him to try pot for his lack of appetite, who knows what could have been. His weight was down 80 lbs when he died, little more than a skeleton. And no pot would not have saved his life, but his quality of life could have improved.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. That is a terrible way to go. There is no legitimate reason for the government to tell your friend that he couldn't use it, at least for the pain.

    And from a human rights perspective, the government has no right to tell him he couldn't.
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    @DyingBreed This was back in the 70's different times back then with the war on drugs and all. His wife was going nuts but we finally convinced her to try some pot, I even went out and got him some, by then it was too late to do much good. She said she did notice a marked improvement in his appetite and attitude but by then he was reduced to sipping soup through a straw, he couldn't take solid food at all. Yeah wasting away is a side effect of chemo that could help some so why not use it. Wasting actually has a name that I did not know, it's called cachexia. Sad but life goes on.
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    @DyingBreed • If you are in pain, especially chronic pain, it should be up to you and your Dr. to decide and agree on what type of pain relief would work best. Instead, the government is so worried about your well being, it decides to tell Dr.s that they may be charged criminally if they prescribe opiates or cannabis liberally (they don't want you to abuse them). So instead some people have to rely on OTC drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen which in the long term destroys the liver, kidneys and heart. Or you can legally purchase ethyl alcohol by the gallon everyday. I am not in chronic pain but have seen those who are. Without the proper drugs and care, their life is not worth living. I think drug laws are stupid and have the opposite effect of their purpose and I agree with you completely.
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    I'm OK with medical marijuana.

    Recreational, the decision needs to be left fully to the states, although I don't know for sure if I would support it in my state but probably so.
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    That would help. This way people who are against it can simply go to a state that doesn't allow it. And people who approve of it can go to states that allow it.
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    @bounzer Certainly. Then if it worked well in states where it was legal for a few years, perhaps more would follow. If it didn't, there wouldn't be much reason for that to happen.
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    One of my favorite flowers to grow in the garden is foxglove, which can be used to poison someone. I also grow old fashioned poppies, which is where you get opium. Both of these plants are perfectly legal, but for some stupid reason, pot, which has never killed anyone, will get you locked up. I can't believe this makes sense to anyone.
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    I can tell you this from personal painful experience its got to be better then the wink wink doctor drug dealers we got now.
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    I got to thinking (I know, not good...) and it seems to me that its illegal for me (and you) to work as a doctor without all the training. Well then, why is DC "playing" doctor without being doctors? If its illegal for us, then it should be illegal for them too. Only my doctor can know what is best for me. When did a f**king buro-rat in DC know better than a real doctor?
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    Well mm has medicinal uses!! I, myself have experimented with the oil, I had amazing results!! So yes, especially for cancer patients. It literally goes in the blood stream seeking cancer cells and destroying them! Amazing! And this can be done in the privacy of your home, without going to those painful chemo sessions! It's illegal here, but if this changes, I will definitely be in on it!! I had a large mole on my back for years, rubbed the oil, it disappeared! Could not believe!
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    Marijuana has been around and in use more than a 1000 years , we as a western culture are just now seeing the light and about 60 years late. The DEA laws need to be reformed because they are outdated.
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    @Denizen_Kate that was partly tongue in cheek Kate. You do often find that people bringing it up and pushing the agenda are potheads just about all the time though.
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    @sociald - got my own tongue in my own cheek, hence the winky face. And I know you're right, because I'm one of them there potheads myself, according to many of the regulars here.
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    @Denizen_Kate Yea I got ya. It was just funny to see two pot articles from the same person on the same day. I had a brief period of pot use in college but it wasn't really for me. oddly enough I like the smell of the plant but don't like the smell of the burnt product.
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    @sociald - I used to work with a guy who insisted on being the one to open a fresh can of ground coffee because he loved the smell so much ... but he didn't like to drink it.

    Medical use is legal where I live, and since last July I've managed to wean myself off four prescription medications. Three to go ...
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    Prohibition of drugs is *only* a technic to give markets to criminals. Once a drug is illegal, you can sell it to all ages, at the corner of all streets, without quality, nor price, control. I have stopped to believe that prohibition has any concern with health. It is all about black money and control. All the statistics confirms that once a drug is illegal, its consumption is multiplied by a huge factor. Legalize cannabis, because it is *good* medication. Legalize the dangerous drugs, because it is the only way to control them and protect the kids.
    Prohibition is utterly successful ... for the bandits, and international mafias.
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    With almost one million licensed MD s in this country I find it irresponsible reporting to suggest 1200 doctors surveyed is a shift in the medical fields opinion
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    Seeing how many of them have less than a year of pharmacology, alot of them couldn't change a light bulb without their staff, I don't have much faith in our MODERN medical system. Trusting our government to do the right thing for the people will never happen either. Too many elite wanting Mo money supplied by the working class.
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    Ok, Ok I give up, we as a society will be more alert, able to defend ourselves if attacked and be more productive and competitive with the rest of the world in commerce if everyone smoke dope.. We need everyone to be on the mary jane to really be healthy. We would not even need the "Affordable Care Act". Again this is not only about medicinal use.
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    It's mind sets like that that gave it a bad name to start not including the Billionaires that want more money. I feel that the usage will go down because it is no longer a challenge not to get caught. Big money and big gov are what is wrong with the picture in more than just the cannabis field.
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    @Locutus I agree with you. The problem with big government is not the politicians, but the people who vote for them. As far as billionaires, they are also in direct proportion to big government. Neither of them cause me to vote for them nor smoke dope. I have other weaknesses.
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    Doctors have taken a beating as of late.

    Once upon a time, doctors were well respected - with unchallenged opinions.

    Today, doctors are well on their way to being about as well respected as bankers and investment brokers.

    It turns out that informed medical opinions aren't what they used to be.
    One scientific study after another - flip-flop on salt, sugar, carbs, etc.
    Then there are all those endorsed and prescribed medications that have that nasty side effect of killing us. Not to mention, the addictive nature of most prescribed pain killers, which the doctor's blame on patient defects and misuse.
    Then there is doctor + pharmaceutical company + hospital / either price fixing and/or kickbacks.
    Not to mention, the cooked books involving double and triple billing on medical insurance.

    So - now, the medical intelligentsia is going pro-pot.

    why not?

    May be it works.
    Maybe not.
    Rest assured, those medical professionals have figured out yet another way to rake in a piece of the action.
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    Hi,maybe in the not to distant past people would work hard and play hard,regardless of the government,they couldn't destroy all the plants an seeds, which is what they tried to do,sorry to many green thumbs out there,isn't there,an I sit on the fence in regards to that herb,it's just so...singular like one plant who cares ?
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