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    Personally, I'd do away with NASA altogether and leave it in the hands of the private sector where results & progress are expected much quicker because it's not being done at the expensive of the taxpayer.
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    The problem with that, and its the very reason NASA was set up in the first place, is Scientific discovery has little to no Commercial Value. Yes, Commercial value comes out of the Technology needed to make the discoveries, but SpaceX, for example isn't going to spend $150 million to study a Comet. This is way it has to be done by the Government, the don't need profit oriented, Commercial reason to do such things.

    You might be against spending your tax dollars on Science, you have that right, some don't want it spent on Social Services, and even others don't want it spent on the Military. Its a 5000 year old debate. However a large percentage of the Population wants their tax dollars spent on these things, so that's the impasse.
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    @SolCal That money WILL be spent once there is reason (profit/compliance motive) to i.e. deep space mining. There's a reason private sector scientists are usually happier than government ones, because businesses (most of the time) take good care of people who get results. No results, chances are you're fired, which allows fresh perspectives to tackle existing problems.
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    @Real4WheelDrv I guess if you completely ignore that most of our technogical breakthroughs happened in the public sector...
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    I certainly hope so because as soon as we get rid of this asshole in the White House we should change the NASA space program back from its new role as Muslim outreach to space exploration by Americans for Americans.

    ..... Muslim outreach...smfh
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    Everything he does is traitorous and dangerous. Yea, Dems, elect another foreign raised community organizer who has never built anything in his entire life and has zero skills.
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    The only increase in racial tension I'm aware of is among people who wouldn't be satisfying with anything a black president did. Save the American auto industry - he should have let it fail!
    Save the banking industry - who needs it!
    Pass affordable health care, currently covering over seven mlillion, bad idea, big.fiasco, wtc, etc, etc!
    Oh, oh, almost forgot - stabilize the faultering economy brought about by his republican predecessors. BAD, BAD, BAD president!
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    Don't know enough to say. I've always found it fascinating that Nasa' in Hebrew means:'Travel'; 'Journey','Move'. And as part of its insignia there is that Upper-Case 'Lamda' which is a facsimile of a water molecule- so did some geed incorporate the Hebrew word for 'Journey'/'Travel' and the symbol for a molecule of water as a way of saying 'a journey in search of waters above the firmament?. If you notice, it's the same symbol used on the sides of Israel fighting vehicles since 1948, and the same as on American fighting desert vehicles, since the 1st Gulf War, which is said to be 'The Shield of David upon which the Great Name of G-d containing 72 letters-a combination of holy names.....was engraved and which helped him win all his wars" ( from "The Messianic Idea in Judaism and Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality", by Professor Gershom Scholem, Professor Emeritus, University of Jerusalem, Schocken Books, NY, 1971, P. 265 @politixgreg @gregzeman
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    Typo as usual: "So did some GEEK incorporate....." "..Israeli fighting vehicles...." and the character for 'close parenthesis',).
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    I find it sad that our country has to beg for a ride to space from Russians.
    Shameful for our Country.
    Just another step toward America as a 3rd world country.
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    @Denizen_Kate Lack of funding OR more expensive (pound for pound) to run those shuttles?
    My brother worked on the shuttle program and was one of the last to get layed off. According to him, it was the pound for pound expense. We just did not plan for a replacement, which was not this admins fault.
    <by the way, my brother did just fine. 20 yr major in the AF. 25 yrs at Rockwell. He retired well off....>
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    Obama promised all those people at NASA that they wouldnt lose their jobs.
    Guess what? That was another Obama lie.
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    Russia will probably refuse to let Americans on any more of their space ships. Putin holds all the cards, knows it, and knows that there is nothing we can do about it. Every time Obama does anything Putin does not like the retaliation is immense. Like McD closes 3 stores in Crimea. Putin kicks 400 McDonald stores out of Russia.
    Wake up you sleeping idiots. Get Obama out of office early next year. Do it by not voting a for a single Democrat for the Senate or House. If that miracle happens Obama will be out of office by next April. If that happens we will be able to say good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    I will make a subtle distinction here. The three stores in Crimea were corporate owned and not franchised. I would think a franchisee would be much more corrupt and sympathetic to government. You know. Kind of like over here.
    Ain't shit gunna happen unless McDonald's decides to pull out of Russia.
    I still like to refer to them as the USSR. That's what they are but spellcheck doesn't know what that is today.
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    Highly unlikely. Something that folks like you fail to understand is the Mentality of Scientists and Educators. They,(We) don't really care about Politics or have over-zealous National pride. All we want is to progress Science and Learn. This is why Russia and the U.S. have always shared Scientific Knowledge (that didn't have Military elements) with each other from the Cold war up into today, that is because these organizations are filled with Scientists, as opposed to Nationalistic Party members. We will always work together to accomplish the goal of Science in spite of what happens Politically with the Nationalistic arms of the Human races. We just simply, don't care who's putting the Scientists into Space, as long as its being done.

    However, because of this view, we are labeled as Liberals, Communists, Traitors, Obamabots or whatever Anti-Nationalistic insult you want to throw in there, but again, in the end we don't care. We are going to continue to advance Science despite what you political folks throw at us.

    Because of this, we are labeled as Liberals, Communists, Traitors,
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    @SolCal the one problem with your diatribe is that if Putin says no American on our Russian rocket you scientists are not going to overrule that.
    I can only guess at how Putin will choose to humiliate Obama again in the eyes of the world. So far he has accomplished that every time he tried. Even though you Ivory Tower types think you are in control.
    I am married to one of your ilk. As a student her University did not let her leave acted her BA. It carried her through her PHD. Then she got the most prestigious post doc position after that. A two year stint turned into ten. Eventually she settled down as a tenured professor in a life convenient university.
    I watch in amazement as she knows that O starts out doing something just perfectly like the red line in the sand at the edge of the ocean. Then won't discuss the resulting total failure.
    The difference? Putin the Tzar has the instinct and power while Obama the PROFESSOR always has his head in the clouds.
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    It would be nice to get back to space exploration and not preaching the gospel of global climate change. These folks aught to know that a theory that every change proves is not a theory its religion. If the orbital models worked as well at the climate model we'd never have gotten anyone into orbit.
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    Yeah, because comparing a fairly unchanging orbit to a climate that we are continuously changing due to the massive amount of burning of fossil fuels is really equivalent... smh...
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    Crisis in Ukraine: the way out of the crisis. Arayik Sargsyan, Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics.
    And who was not profitable to provide such a powerful economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok. You can certainly guess that against the Union of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with the EU has always made to the United States, England, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, China and Kazakhstan. Yes that Kazakhstan, as a vassal of the British geopolitical "empire" has become the way of the connection of three East Slavic states with the EU (

    May 29 in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) Russian and Belarusian posing together with Kazakhstan Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC). Russia this your step refused to create closer ties with the EU integration and becomes a purely Asian country. Only the fact that the "EAEC" by the Muslim population is more than 24% of the total population, we can say that with its cultural and religious world, this union is transformed into a Christian-Muslim education. Britain, mouth Kazakh President on June 6 in the Turkish town of Bodrum, at the summit of Turkic and 5 Asian countries invited Turkey to join the "EAEC". And sooner or later it will happen. In this case, "EAEC" the number of Muslims will be more than 117 million people, or 61% of the total population "EAEC". This means that the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) in a few years will be the most powerful organization of the Muslim world, with the participation of Russia and Belarus. This process will get rid Europe of its "age-old puzzle" - Turkey's admission to the EU and Russia will become a Muslim country East (including demographic growth of the Muslim population).
    Decreasing each other in eastern Ukraine, Russian Orthodox Ukrainians, creating a wall of hatred and eternal enmity between Russia and Ukraine, pushing Russia into the arms of the Muslim East, with its further conversion of raw materials appendage of China.
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    For liberation of the Crimea Vladimir Putin should appropriate a rank of the Hero of Russia. Arayik Sargsyan, academician, Honourable consul of Macedonia in Armenia. For a referendum in the Crimea, world "fighters for democracy" - the USA and EU began to punish people for their fight for democracy and for freedom. Here not only Anglo-Saxon norms of "double standards" work, but it is their philosophy of life on the business most that. Any oddly people who obviously to an event in the Crimea not especially that differed the devotion and love for the country as a whole got to the first "the sanctions list" Congress of the USA.. If to separate from the sanctions list of the USA of such persons as Madam Mizulina, the commander of Alexander Vitko's Black Sea fleet, commanders Anatoly Sidorov and Alexander Galkin's districts and (the Chief of GRU) Igorya Serguna, in the American list there are people whom on Crimean to "Freedom wave" Special Services of the USA opened the representatives in establishment of Russia. Still it isn't clear who actually stood behind the FC decision on "an unbinding of hands" to Putin to begin war in Ukraine...? users/annabut/comments/
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    NASA's biggest threat is NASA and the quicker they come to terms with Congress the sooner they'll have a chance at getting back in the game. Way NASA currently works it should be privatized.
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    The implication is baseless. The writer totally ignored the private manned space flight industry already carrying payloads for NASA, such as SpaceX. Those flights are also capable and planning for manned flights. We don't need the Russians.
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    @BobSmith - Threatened how? In what way? Anyone besides NASA? I'm trying to get you to do a little research, Bob. It's good for the brain.
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    It's time to put our own space agency back to work for America again...screw the Muslim outreach bull of the dumbest things ever and a great shame that we allowed this to happen to the program who first put men on the moon. Now what dip shit wanted to make NASA a Muslim outreach program and let Russia take America to space...what an ass hat!
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    That's the second comment here about a Muslim outreach program on the part of NASA. Do you have a link to more information on that? I've not heard of this particular NASA program.
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    @BravoJuliet Re-read your article. Its an outreach to all Entities involved with Science. The mandate says nothing about "reaching out" specifically to Muslims. Its reaching out to anyone that want to be reached in the name of Science and Muslims are Included.
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    I don't care about any damned outreach by "rocket scientists"...period! Let the organizations that do outreach, do outreach and lets get America back in space!
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    @SolCal - you apparently did not read far enough.

    "One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and engineering — science, math and engineering."

    Sounds very much like Obama has redirected NASA's mission.
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    Obama wanted NASA to become a form of Muslim outreach. NASA needs to take a backseat and about 20 years. This President, and most likely the next one, won't want to spend money on NASA.
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    @RedFloppyShoes - Thanks for the link.

    As Charles Bolden stated, Obama asked him to do three things:

    "One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and engineering — science, math and engineering."

    Where's the downside to that? If it moves the Muslim cultures away from religious fanaticism and into the modern scientific and technological era, wouldn't that be a good thing for the entire world?
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    I couldn't imagine when Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were together at the Yalta conference......them even considering the concept that in sixty five years we would be debating if Russia should have control over Yalta
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    People who enter the space program are known to care less about political ties. In fact if NASA stayed with Roscosmos it would make the political ties between our nations stronger. In light of the political/military situation in Russia I believe that working together with Russia's space program would just be the best thing for humanity.
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    America shouldn`t have had to rely on the Russians in the first place. Our country should`ve already built a moonbase and a marsbase by now as well as exploring the asteroid belt and exploiting the resources found there. But thanks to the liberal and conservative cults, America is mired in trillions of dollars of debt, our infrastructure is in horrible shape, our schools are a joke, our borders have been overrun by hordes of illegal aliens, our government has become the world`s largest brothel, etc. As much as I LOVE science and space exploration, this country has a HUGE mess caused by the left and right wingnut freaks to clean up first.
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