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    You'd been even more shocked to find how high their prices rise once they run everyone of out-of-business!

    You'd be shocked to find out how many CEO's they have and that one in particular makes 1000+% more than the regular employees.

    Let them raise their prices even more ... that will make it even easier for the local businesses to compete with them since they buy American and Wal-Mart imports!

    Prices don't have to go up .... just cut all the fat out at the top and your can afford to pay your employees a living wage without raising prices ... simple as that.

    I love when people use this bullshit excuse of prices going up if their forced to pay their employees all the while they are looting the company hence the reason they aren't paying their employees in the first place.

    Nice try ... but that lame excuse for treating people like slaves doesn't hold water!
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    Just another example of "trickle down" economics ... the rich get richer and the poor are forced to sacrifice their wages or jobs to make that happen ... pathetic that this scam in even allowed to go on!
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    Why do you think that you have the right to insert yourself into the dealings between and employer and employee.

    That money you want to blithely give to the employees doesn't belong to them. They have been paid. It belongs to the shareholders who have risked their savings to make the company possible.
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    Of course the management of a company cares more for their stockholders. It is what they are required by law to do. It is called a fiduciary relationship.
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    My position on this would be that anyone working and has to collect SNAP, the government should send the company the bill covering that cost plus admin fees, weather it be Walmart, McDonald's or anyone else. Why should the tax payer subsidize a company's profits?
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    They don't have to collect anything. I worked for minimum wage during college and never collected a single cent from people that work for a living. If I met someone and had ten kids while working for nothing I guess I could have, but that would have been.... stupid beyond belief. Maybe people that don't actually need the money are collecting it and blowing it? Unless that money goes directly into payroll you are not subsidizing the corporation in any way. Just the people.
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    @KentuckyJim I notice that you don't claim to still make minimum wage or that you could actually live on it.
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    Walmart made $17,000,000,000 in profit last year in 2013. Not their best year. They could easily pay their workers $15 per hour, and still give the other 70% of profits to shareholders.
    No price hikes necessary-just stop paying workers slave wages and reward them for driving incredible profits, as they deserve.
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    Show's you have never ran a business before thanks.

    Profits are used to buy new trucks, new equipment.
    That puts more folks to work.
    If companies didnt make profits their business's would collapse.
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    Don't try to play with the adults. WalMart' profits went to shareholders. The Walmart growth plan and capital goods procurement, including devaluation and investment, is just another balance sheet expense, before profits.
    Try Accounting 101 before you ready, fire, aim.
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    @Vance1 Um, heck no. If profits went to buy new trucks and equipment, then they wouldn't be profits. Basic capital costs of publicly-traded corporations come out before profits. All profits are banked by the corporation, some of which then go to the shareholders via dividends. Depending on the corporation (Apple being a notable exception), if they have a large amount of cash on hand, they typically raise dividends, or else they acquire another company.
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    Walmart positions and fast food positions were never meant to be jobs to support a family on.
    Th only people I have ever known to be on food stamps were close family and friends who used them while going back to community or state college in order to get a degree so they could have a job in business or healthcare(nurse) profession. They didn't stop trying and just demand above market wages for a crappy job.
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    What makes you think the cashiers and other Walmart workers have stopped trying to better their lives? What makes you think anyone CHOOSES a career in fast food making minimum wage? Yes, those jobs used to be for the young still living with parents and the seniors supplementing their meager retirement incomes, but since 2008 jobs have become so scarce that even these pitiful excuses for employment are seen as "better than nothing."

    The point here is that if Walmart paid their workers enough to keep them above the poverty line, it would save us, the taxpayers, hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Same goes for McDonalds and other "fast food" craphouses.
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    @Food4thoughts Using the example in the video, a Walmart cashier is an ENTRY LEVEL job that was never meant to be the primary income source for anyone. That holds true for any UNSKILLED, ENTRY LEVEL, retail job.
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    180,000,000 in the work force. Now take out these unacceptable entry level jobs, take out access to birth control, take out access to food-stamps.

    Now step into reality and give me a solution for what a good chunk of these people are left to do other than rely on entry level position and government subsidies to survive.
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    @Denizen_Kate ok let's assume that you are correct in that the demographics that take these jobs has changed. That still doesn't mean anything. The jobs are still the same jobs. Which are
    -no/low skill needed jobs
    -workers that can be easily replaced because of little training.
    Therefore, no matter if this sounds harsh or not it is true. The market wages set by the demand for those types of workers is low because their are so many avaliable. High quantity= low wage.
    It's simple supply and demand.
    Also let's say we did raise it. It wouldn't end there. Then the next level up would demand raises and the level above them would do the same and so on all the way up to the very top. Now that would take out a big chunck of money and then that would raise prices significantly and then the poor would be just as poor but at just at a different wage.
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    Wal-Mart has soooo gone down hill since Sam Walton passed.
    Typical of when a founder dies and the spoiled, greedy brats assume the helm. The silver spoon crooks probably never broke a sweat in their lives.
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    The old guys like Sam Walton are what made American Capitalism great. Businessmen who worked hard and made moral decisions that furthered the well-being of their employees without being forced to do so by the government.

    Then there were guys like Henry Ford, who without government regulation, voluntarily chose to pay his employees not only a living wage, but enough to buy one of the vehicles they made.

    What happened to the old capitalists???
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    @DyingBreed The old capitalists realized they could recruit quality employees and keep them by paying them more, and that would make them more money. The new capitalists realize that government has been breeding people of no value for multiple generations, and they employ them, and still care about making more money. Nothing has changed accept that the government has interfered, and because it has, the people want to attack their employers, yet have no grounds to attack them on. If the Waltons were to close every Walmart in the world today (they could), the cost to the taxpayer would be shocking compared to what it supposedly is now for people who don't know how to budget their money or plan parenthood and demand money from people who work for a living to support their stupidity. I'd like to see a video on the cost to the tax payer if every minimum wage job just dissapeared tomorrow.
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    Unfortunately, the offspring of the old capitalists are spoiled, greedy lazy! They never had to work and look down their noses at those of us who do.
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    Sam was an honest, proud man who loved America. Absolutely everything in his store was made in America. He would be disgusted with what his children have become.
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    @DyingBreed Greed is in human nature. For every benevolent boss, there are four who are the exact opposite. In Ford's day, they were referred to as Robber Barons, and they are the reason that regulation was enacted in the first place.
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    So what else is new? As a grocery store cashier between the ages of 16 and 18, I recall what prices of food were back then, and what they are now. Up, up, up is the trend- "Always" like the folks at Wall-of-China-Mart would say, lol.
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    However , You have folks now expecting to make a minimum wage job a life long career now a days.
    People have lost the will to move up in their career.
    They are ok with just getting by these days...Hell they can always get something for nothing from the socialist government these days, so why should they try harder to become successful folks.
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    Food is actually cheaper now, adjusted to inflation, than it was back then. It's also lower quality given modern agribusiness techniques. It's also far less local and seasonal because of that and importation, but who needs watermelons in February anyhow? WalFart is a parallel to that, offering imported goods that are both senses of the word.
    Now if you want a couple of things that have gone up and up, far outstripping inflation, there's real estate and health care costs.
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    Welcome to the Obama Economy...flipping burgers is a career and being the cashier is every ones aspiration and two part time jobs under 30hrs becomes the norm.
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    @Vance1 - People have most certainly not "lost the will to move up in their career." The openings just aren't there right now.

    Sheesh, you condemn what you see as the chronically unemployed "welfare mother" for not working, and yet condemn her for working a minimum wage job and trying to get off welfare and food stamps through her employment. A person just can't win with you, can they?
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    @BravoJuliet The "Obama Economy" has been going on for at least 30 years, and was being planned even before that. I just need to know, for the sake of intelligent discussion, if you really believe this sort of drivel that your reapeat.
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    Because of a concentrated 30 year attack on minimum wage and its workers. People now actually believe minimum wage was created for high school students when it was actually created to set a minimum living wage for a household.
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    Oh I knew all of that already, I'm just glad somebody else said it. I wanted to put those uncomfortable facts out there so that people might realize that higher minimum wage is a sustainable option, and in fact would stimulate the economy, because the low-income people would have more money to spend on goods and services.
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    This is one part of the class war that some people are earnestly trying to convince you doesn't exist.

    Those same people are the ones who want to gut govt aid programs, cut business regulation, and allow the unlimited accumulation of wealth.

    How stupid are we?
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    Wait and you will see Walmart replacing most of their lower level employees with automated machines, give raises to the remaining employees because they will have more responsibilities. Some Walmart employees may actually earn what they are paid. But I doubt if many at the lowest levels do.

    Besides if those people were dissatisfied they could quit and look for another job.
    But the only people really complaining about Walmart are not the employees but the Unions that want to unionize them.
    Well the unions ruined the Auto industry, now they might as well try to ruin the retail industry.
    Watch Amazon take over most of the business that Walmart does if the unions succeed.
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    @Poltal Walmart employs almost 1.5 million people. Yep there are some that are unhappy. But it is now April. If the government found something wrong it would have acted.
    Notice how the complaints are union led.
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    @fraps that's what unions are for. Wm clearly won't address individual complaints.

    I will never understand the thinking that corporations can do no wrong
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    @Poltal Wonder why the unions are not in theprivate sector much but mostly in government. The unions have bbeen trying to get in Walmart for years and have gotten nowhere. When VW built a plant here they welcomed the UAW. The employees refused to vote them in. I am not quite so corporation as you think but I am absolutely anti union. Most of them are thugs.
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    No because it is not collective, the price increase would apply to singular products and brands. Its how they've done it forever now. The entire monetary systems of the world, each one of them is subject to involuntary inflation due to population and consumption. This is just business as usual.
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    @sevenSecrets Not to mention the fact that these type of price increases, named phantom increases because the consumer doent notice it, actually make more money for the entire retail circuit...from manufacturing up. Retailers have been doing these things under our noses since..well forever now, we are only paying attention to this because of the sensationalist media.
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    HUH, You know what. I am willing to pay an extra penny for my mac and cheese to provide people with decent wages! It seems a fair..and CHRISTIAN...thing to do!
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    Yes, every 100 dollar item in Walmart will now cost 101.40. The shock and horror of it all. That big new 52 inch television that was gonna cost you 1000 dollars will now cost you 1014 dollars. Oh the humanity. Better to just keep using tax payer dollars to subsidize their employees paychecks and keep their workers in a life of debt. Because that's what happens when you live check to check. Things can fall behind. One good illness can wipe out everything. Then we'll be providing them with a place to live in a homeless shelter as well.
    1.4% is a small price to pay to raise the standard of living for that large a group of people in this country. I'd say we could make it back in the taxes we spend on this issue, but let's be honest, those taxes will just go somewhere else. Probably a congressman needs the river by his house dredged again.
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    No I wont be shocked...Someone has to pay for it.
    It doesnt go up for free.
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    @Vance1 No vance, ive been independently studying price economics for a year and a half now. Its simple statistics, the math kind of it. And this is also backed by economists nation wide, and the wage increases of the turn of the didnt care about them when someone else was in office did you?
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    when ever wages go up...prices go up...its actually a simple concept.
    Most folks do understand it.
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    Will the Great Unwashed American Public continue to bumble and fumble their way through their insignificant, consumer lives, or will they grow testicles and take action.

    A good start would be if they decided to look at the reality of life, and not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by the 1% who would have you believe that their sucking on your titties is a divine right and The American Way.
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    Oh, how I wish this would happen, but I'm afraid we're a society lost to consumerism. This is why so many people are up to their eyeballs in debt and why we are owned lock, stock and barrel, by big business. We just can't seem to curb our appetite for stuff.
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    One-point-four (1.4%) percent is piddly, indeed; a buck-seventy extra for the odd microwave oven and seven bucks here and there for a flat-screen TV is hardly a big deal, especially when it could save taxpayers eighteen billion ($18,000,000,000.00) dollars in yearly welfare costs.
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    They wouldn't have to increase prices at all, just cut a little of the CEO's ridiculous pay and bonuses and they could afford it easily. They don't want to because why do they care when they benefit from the foodstamps their workers receive.
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    @LonePalm So us taxpayers who pay for the food stamps and healthcare coverage Walmart's employees receive because WalMart refuses to pay them a living wage shouldn't say anything while they make record billions in profits and pay the CEO millions? I bet you are against social programs but you are all for subsidizing successful, profitable corporations. It is my money and every other taxpayer's money that subsidizes the wages of WalMart employees so I would say we have every right to be angry when they make billions and claim they can't pay living wages.
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    @LonePalm ...the taxes I pay is MY MONEY, I don't want MY MONEY to pay for food stamps for underpaid workers. I don't want MY MONEY subsidizing millionaires.
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    Bill Maher on Walmart:

    "50 years ago, America's biggest employer was General Motors, where workers made the modern equivalent of $50 dollars an hour. Today, America's biggest employer is Walmart, where the average wage is $8 dollars an hour. Which means you can share a room in a transient hotel with a drifter who cuts his toenails with a machete.(audience laughter)

    And Walmart released their annual report this month, and in it was the fact that most of what Walmart sells is food. And most of their customers need food stamps to pay for it. Meanwhile, Walmart's owners are so absurdly rich that one of them, Alice Walton, spent over a billion dollars building an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, 500 miles away from the nearest person who ever would want to look at art.

    And she said about it, "For years I've been thinking about what we can do as a family that can really make a difference." How about giving your employees a raise, you deluded nitwit?"
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    Think how much MORE profit they could make if people didn't actively hate them for their shady business practices.
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    Wal- mart 2013 profit 17.7 Billion
    Top 5 Executive salary $62.6 Million
    Stock Price (4/7) 77.16
    Annual dividend 1.92 / share
    Last split March 1999

    WMT can definitely afford to increase their employee's wages to a decent level. Their execs
    get millions in stock options and bonuses. They exercise their options whenever the need
    to buy another Yacht or Mansion. The Wal-Mart Family's net worth is $170 Billion.
    Give me a break people, give the employees a decent wage....
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    Corporations exist to make money for their owners and stock holders. They are not social welfare agencies. You can always donate to charitable organizations to help those who need it.
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    Wal-Mart is not making didley for its stockholders.$1.92 per share annually is nothing compared to what the owners and execs are making. I said nothing about donations?
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    @CharlieFeather Same argument was used to promote slavery too... If walmart refuses to raise their wages as the #1 employer in our country then it is up to us to do it through a minimum wage hike.
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    @AceLuby … Your communistic/socialistic solutions have never worked and have always brought more misery than happiness. Your communistic beliefs are, in fact, a doctrine of slavery. You are just opposed to private slavery, as your are opposed to private enterprise, You seem to have no problem with state slavery and seem to embrace it.

    Unless you work for Walmart, what Walmart does is none of your business. Mind your own business! Do-gooder, busybodies like you have done enough damage.
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    when I was in high school (early 80's) I worked a grocery store job. At that time one without experience went into the grocery store as a bagger at minimum wage and if things went well would move into a higher wage position like cashier or shelf stocker, both of those positions paid well enough to make a lower middle class living. Then came the Walmart and Lowes, the grocery store, department store, hardware store, and lumber yard all went and folks are now stuck with Walmart and Lowes low pay and lousy/no benefits. I have not shopped at walmart for over 4 years and lowes about 2.
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    I desperately try not to shop there, but there are times when you need something you can't get anywhere else. I'm not sure why Wal-mart is so popular. Their prices are not longer cheap. I get far better bargains at my grocery store than Wal-mart.
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    @PayThatCEO I am fortunate enough that I can drive 12-14 miles to shop at a locally owned grocery store, hardware store, pet store, etc. and you're correct, the prices are competitive and the quality of the produce and locally butchered meats is far superior to Wally world. Do Walmart meats still have that nasty chemical brine taste?
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    I refuse to buy meat at Wal-mart. I can get less expensive and better meat at Kroger or Publix.

    The only reason people shop at Wal-mart super centers is so they can buy clothes and other crap they don't need.
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    A brilliant little video clearly demonstration what a blood sucker Wall mart is on the public dollar along wit big oil and a number of other 1% ers.Employees, public or private spend to support the nations economy--they also pay taxes. If President Obama and his Democrats are as big socialist as some right wingers claim, they would tax Wal mart back on every employee who need to be receiving food stamps.
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    No, this is no government matter at all. Employees should organize themselves to muster more negotiating power.
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    If Wal-Mart didn't represent everything wrong with American capitalism, I would shop there. Until they clean up their act, I won't give them a penny.
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    If we would quit supporting trash like Rich Mitch McConnell that says congress needs a raise because they don't make enough, we would not have this problem. He will make $14,500 / month for the rest of his life for a piss poor job he has sucked the tax payers dry since January 3 1985. There is way too much waste and abuse from the upper elite and the poor get punished for it. Also quit sending hard earned tax money to other countries until we can support our country. Let's also get the homeless into those shelters for their protection. When we get the criminals out of office and focus on the country's needs, it would be a good start to get us out of the hole we have let these arrogant crooks put us in.
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    Sorry about that. They all are crooks. I must have read the story about Moran and saw the post about Mitch. I guess I just couldn't believe they want more money and have it made as it is. It is frustrating to see someone whom doesn't work get paid so much from those that barely make it. Thanks for the correction.
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