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    I don't know the statistics on the effectiveness of PSAs. They don't seem to work for drugs. I think it is far too tempting for teens to drive and not respond to a text. I hope I am wrong.
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    Have you seen those ads that show drug user mugshots as they get arrested several times over the course of a few years? Those, I think, would be effective if they made them into commercials. Very awakening to the realities.
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    @Slowmo - that depends on the drug, doesn't it? You're right that there is a very visible progression with, for example, heavy meth users over time, but not all drugs have that effect.
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    @Slowmo Yes! Tell a teenager that smoking will kill them and they stare at you, like you are an idiot (because teenagers are invincible and will never die). Tell a teenage girl that smoking causes wrinkles and you get her attention.
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    Here in CA texting while driving is illegal so is talking on your cell without a hands free device but no one gives a ship, they do it anyway. That commercial isn't going to do a damn thing to stop it because everyone thinks it's never going to happen to them. I think texting while driving should carry the same penalties as DUI, big friggen fine, points on your driving record, your insurance rates goes up. I can honestly say I have never texted while driving and all three of my vehicles automatically connect to blue tooth and are hands free. I actually hate having a cell phone and vary rarely even text at all or talk on the phone.
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    Um ... three vehicles?

    I just have the one, Blue Tooth equipped, but even hands free talking is a distraction when driving in city traffic.
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    @Denizen_Kate yeah I know, we have my wife's BMW, I have big dodge 3500 to haul my 5th wheel or boat, it stays parked most of the year and then I have a 2007 VW rabbit that is my daily driver, good gas mileage.
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    @Denizen_Kate yeah I agree with you on the hands free is still a distraction, there is nothing so important that I have to talk on the phone in the car.
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    ! Um ... three vehicles?
    I think everyone should have 3 vehicles. The motorcycle you ride everyday, the backup motorcycle for when the one breaks down. And a truck for picking up your broke down Harley off the side of the road! It makes perfect sense to me.
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    @oldsolder I'm so glad my teenager will not text or even talk while driving. Like me, he observes people and situations, and we've seen too many dumb asses driving and talking or texting on their phones.

    The worst was following a semi on Rt 73 in NJ headed towards Philly. The truck was weaving, so I passed him...and the guy was texting! My son just said "Oh my God, you aren't going to believe what this asshole is doing!"

    Unless you have some crazed lunatic on your tail, pull off the road and use the phone.

    I swear people can't live without these things! HOW did they live before we had cell phones! Oh, the horror! How primitive!
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    Although it may save a life or two, only strict enforcement will make even that little happen.

    Last year I was following a light truck on the motorway which was having difficulties in keeping to one lane, constantly drifting over the road markings into the center lane and/or the hard shoulder (emergency/breakdown lane). After a while I became quite concerned that the driver might be in some sort of trouble so I accelerated a little and drew along side him. I was totally incensed to see that he was steering with his elbows while texting with both hands! Although I shot on ahead there were no police cars evident until I got to my destination well into the next town, by which time he'd had too many opportunities to head off onto another road.

    However there's at least as much danger from idiots using their mobile phones while driving - even at very low speeds. Some time back I witnessed a woman having a serious argument with someone while parked up at the roadside. Without halting her tirade she started the car and attempted to drive off by alternately stamping on the throttle and brake pedals. When she saw that I was watching she lowered her window and screamed at me "What the **** are you looking at?" and accelerated away in a cloud of burning rubber. As this was on a normal town center shopping street there were innocent pedestrians around, any of whom could have ended up under her car.

    And that's not even considering the dangers of having small children in the back of cars with mothers (usually) turning around to chastise them verbally - or even physically on occasions.

    If you're driving then you should only be aware of what's outside the car. Unless it's on fire inside then nothing else matters!
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    I really liked your post. When I was 15 and learning to drive, the automobile was explained to me in the same way guns were. I grew up in a hunting family. That car, my father told me, is 3000 pounds. If that car hits another human being, that person will be dead. You don't want to kill anyone, do you?

    I know it sounds overly simplistic, but my fathers words have been with me for all of these years. I know that a large part of my road awareness comes from being a biker, but my fathers words have never left me. Do parents still instruct their children like that?
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    The ad is something else. Not as good as the British one that was done a few years back, but I think it's pretty effective nonetheless.
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    Yeah, I think I know the one you are referring to. The girl texting was injured but survived. Her friends and people in the other cars died, including a baby. One little girl kept begging het parents to "wake up."
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    I can only hope that people pay attention here.
    I see people using their phones all the time in traffic.
    How absolutely stupid!!! what the hell is so f'en important!!!
    Leave the phone alone until you stop and park...Period
    Save some lives...Do not be stupid!!!
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    Nope. Won't do a damn thing but put more scary images in their parent's heads...and mommy and daddy can't be there to babysit all the time so a fat lotta good that'll do.

    Don't y'all remember those days?When you were young and it wouldn't happen to you cause you were gonna live forever?

    Waste of ad money and space. Take their fucking cell phones away.
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    @Chofu67 i agree with your statement, texting IS done by all ages & both genders ( i cant believe all the little old ladies i catch doing it!) btw, that commercial was all teens, including the driver.
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    @Chofu67 The ad is expressly directed at teens. The car was all teenagers. But yes, even adults are idiots at times.
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    The people who text and drive know it is dangerous and illegal, they just don't think anything bad will happen to them. You can show them PSA after PSA and it will not change their behavior.
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    Maybe it will. If this add saves even one single carload of teens, it will have been well worth the money to produce it.
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    i agree with something that robin williams said on this subject:

    'texting while driving is like trying to masturbate while juggling. either way you've got too many balls in the air.'
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    Even though it seems like a brutal event; this will only be effective if people see the true outcome after the accident. Show the broken bodies, gore , what the paramedics do on-site, and the reaction of their families.
    I also wish talking on the phone were against the law in every state. Every day I see idiot drivers still sitting at a light that has just turned green, or blowing through a stop sign, or stopping when they did not need to, and not paying attention because they are too stupid to talk and think at the same time.
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    Cell Phones have GPS. Therefore they can determine the speed of a car. Why not just disable texting on the phone when the car is moving. Over 5 MPH the text feature is locked out. Simple solution to a big problem.
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    I text when I'm running and I run at over 5 mph. Maybe 10 or 15 mph I can see, but for some people, 5 mph is a brisk walk. The worst you're going to do if you're texting while walking is walk into a parking meter.
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    Why just texting? TALKING is distracted driving. And research shows listening to a passenger talking on a cellphone may be even MORE dangerous.

    For example, " A 2005 IIHS study of drivers in Western Australia found cellphone users (both hands-free and hand-held) 4 times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. "

    Only 2.5 people out of 100 are capable of multi-tasking the other 97.5 people talking on their cell phones are out to kill you:

    Our 12-watt brains aren't designed for multi-tasking!
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    @jaymek if your texting while walking your too dumb to be in public,,my son has a tablet and i made it real clear that if i caught him walking while surfing he loses his tablet for a week ,1st offense after that the tablet gets recycled
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    @MongoAPillager I'm sorry you're unable to multitask. Although, if you're going to call me dumb, you should probably at least use proper grammar and spelling. Additionally, "surfing" refers to being on the internet, which is not necessary for texting. I don't go on the internet when I'm walking around, as that requires too much attention for me. I will text or sometimes read on my phone while I'm walking.
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    @Kimber_TLE MASTURBATING is considered distracted driving, too! Outlaw it now!
    --Mothers Against Dickrubbing Drivers (MADD)!
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    I hope this does work. This is the reality of texting...and it's not just teens! I see more adults doing it than teens...even truck drivers.
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    With the average attention span of the teens nowadays they will adjust their driving for maybe 10 minutes then text their friends and ask them if the saw that video.
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    People see and hear the same things about drinking and driving - we still lose WAY too many people due to drunk driving. The texters just don't care, or don't think it will happen to them. I watched a young girl almost rear-end someone at a light because she was texting and didn't realize the car in front had slowed. Looked TOTALLY drained from that near-miss. But a block later, she was texting again... :-(
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    Those that still text while driving after seeing this deserve what they get. I just feel sorry for the others that die or are injured because of the drivers stupidity.
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    I would hope so.

    For many years I drove professionally. If DRUNK DRIVING is illegal, why isn't TEXTING OR TALKING ON A CELL PHONE while driving illegal? People doing that drive EXACTLY like a DRUNK DRIVER! Even today if I see someone doing that while driving they get called a lot of names. Lady and gentleman aren't two of them.
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    In my state of WV texting and talking while driving are both illegal. They only passed these laws after several teenagers died while texting and driving. If they need to use their phone that bad they can pull over for a minute and use it. It is stupid to risk their life and others lives just to text or talk on the phone.
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    It's illegal for teenagers to do that here. I would say, however, that it isn't only teenagers who text and use cell phones while driving. It should be illegal for anyone.
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    @gammler It is illegal for anyone to do it, I just meant that they didn't recognize it as a problem until several teenagers died while texting and driving.
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    I 'd like to say yes but eventually it will be forgotten. Perhaps if some texters actually stopped texting and watched the ad they make be a bit careful while texting but I don't think they would ever it up.
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